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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane


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"How many circles are we provided with? How many times are we given a new opportunity to break the circle?"

"Many. Each time that a set of circumstances, or a created environment if you prefer, are not used to become aware of who a soul is not, the experience is repeated. A soul will experience an aspect of who they are not, until they become aware that they are not, this aspect of who they are not. It is important that souls know that they are not each aspect of who they are not, so each time that a soul experiences the same aspect of who they are not, the experience is deeper, and more powerful until the soul becomes aware that they are experiencing, who they are not."

"So the circle continues?"

"Yes. Have you not experienced the circle in your own life? Have you not also witnessed the circle in the lives of those who have elected to walk with you, even for a moment?"

"All have their circles?"

"Yes. All are the same, but all circles are different. Those who wish to see the circles must not look to me, or look to you. Those who wish to see the circles must look to their own lives, because it is within their own life, that they will find their own circles."

"So those searching for what they have chosen to experience in a given lifetime, will find what they have chosen to experience within their own lifetime?"

"Yes. All answers can be found within."

"So it is never too late to break the circle?"

"No, but each time that a circle is repeated, the circle is a little bigger, and a little more difficult to break. It is far easier for souls to maintain a straight path."

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"But to take the straight road is usually the hard option."

"No, the straight road only seems like the hard option. The straight road is really the easy option. Listen to your instinct and your path is easy, although your path may not always seem easy."

"So each difficulty which we face is a step towards our correct path?"

"Every thing that a soul faces is a step towards their correct path, even if the step leads them away from their correct path."

"But difficulties help us to experience who we are not."

"Each difficulty is created to provide circumstances to experience who a soul is not, and what is real."

"Has the separation of Katerina and I, been partly to experience the strength of our connection?"

"Your separation has many purposes, some of which you have discovered. The strength of your connection is far greater than you now realise on the earth plane level, but in time you will understand the strength of your connection."

"We are all connected, and we all have God within. However, it is difficult to remember or accept that all have God within at times, especially when someone does wrong by us."

"Firstly, the concept of a soul doing wrong by another is not so. The concept of right and wrong does not exist. All experience is simply a matter of two souls choosing to experience something, which is convenient to be experienced together.

"If one soul has chosen to experience being murdered or having sex forced upon them, and the other has chosen to experience murdering someone, or forcing themselves upon someone it is convenient to have their paths cross.

"The circumstances are not important. How one responds to every experience is important, what awareness is gained from each experience is important. One must experience being a victim, to become aware that they are not a victim, but they can allow themselves to experience being a victim if they chose. The soul's intention is to experience being a victim, so they become aware that they are not a victim, as they travel their path to knowing who they are. The same principle applies for the murderer or the rapist, who experience so that they will become aware that they are not a murderer or a rapist."

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"Will not both experience the opposite, in the form of karma?"

"Karma in the concept of punishment is not correct. The concept of karma is correct, but karma is that experience is a two sided coin. Karma is not punishment, as is often supposed."

"This concept of experience will be difficult for people to accept."

"Yes but the concept of experience is nonetheless real. If all respond to all that happens by way of pure love, then all will quickly become pure love, which is who they are."

"So the more quickly that we become pure love, the easier our path will be?"

"Becoming pure love is the purpose for gaining experience. There is no other purpose for gaining experience. I am pure love. It is responding with pure love, and therefore responding with me which will make the path easier."

"So we get back to the basic concept of responding to all events with pure love?"

"Yes, respond to all with pure love and one will become pure love. I am pure love. So by definition one must respond with God and one will become God."

"But are we not already God?"

"Yes, but souls attached to the earth plane are more than God. Souls attached to the earth plane have much attached to them. It is these attachments, these fears and insecurities which must be removed, to allow souls to become pure love."

"Sounds simple."

"Yes and becoming pure love is simple. However, becoming pure love is made difficult by a soul's reluctance to release their attachments such as fears and insecurities. Thus experience is created. Souls experience fears and insecurities, to become aware that they are not their fears and insecurities."

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"Is becoming who we are something that can occur in a lifetime, any lifetime?"

"Yes and becoming pure love has been achieved in one lifetime, but most souls need many lifetimes to become who they are. Frequently a soul becomes stuck on one issue, such as being a victim, so they experience being a victim lifetime after lifetime, until they become aware that they are not a victim."

"Why is becoming pure love necessary?"

"Imagine for just one moment souls becoming God, and being unaware of pure love. Imagine a God with the power to create and destroy being consumed by fears and insecurities? Frightening, isn't it? That is what all souls attached to the physical planes are. That is why it is necessary that souls attached to the physical planes are not aware that they are God. A drop of God which is the ocean of God."

"Souls know that they are God, so why is experience necessary?"

"Souls know that they are God, but souls are not truly aware that they are God, so souls must experience that they are God, to become aware that they are God. Souls experience who they are not, and become aware of who they are not, and through a process of elimination, souls become aware of who they are."

"So all I am doing is experiencing who I am not."

"Always, but at your level of awareness, you are also experiencing who you are."

"This sounds complicated."

"No, you are experiencing that with your level of awareness you are not special. You are experiencing that circumstances of the earth plane are still difficult, if you choose to see the circumstances of the earth plane as difficult. You are experiencing that whilst on the earth plane humanity is retained."

  "Why is the message which I am delivering so much deeper than the message which some of the teachers of long ago delivered?"

"Long ago is a concept of the physical planes. Many souls have sought a deeper understanding, and through you and others, I am now providing a deeper explanation."

"Your last statement, and many of your answers refer to God, yourself, as a separate entity."

"Referring to God as a separate entity is your choice. Referring to God as a separate entity is also necessary for those who seek knowledge to have a point of reference. We have established the point that each drop of the ocean is a part of the ocean. I am God, the drop that is you. I am God the drop that is another. I am God the drops which collectively make up the ocean."

"Much is said about Jesus dying for our sins, but sin only exists in our minds. Why was this aspect of Jesus' teaching life included and apparently important?"

"Prior to Jesus it was believed that souls could only return to heaven if they did not sin. This was obviously not so because sin is not a reality. What is considered sin is only experience. Those seeking the truth at the time saw that sin is experience, but for those who were not ready to see that sin is experience, it was established that all sin is forgiven. This allowed souls to concentrate on their positive experience, and to discontinue focusing on their negative experience.

"It is said that Jesus was without sin, and Jesus was without sin, because sin is an illusion. Those who created the myth used this to demonstrate that Jesus was the son of God, and therefore different. Jesus is a son of God and therefore the same. The truth is contained within Jesus' teachings for those who care to look passed the myth. You yourself know that Jesus did sin in the terms of what is incorrectly accepted as sin. This fact is contained within the teachings if Jesus, if one chooses to look passed the myth."

  "So are we saying that we may do what we please and not sin?"

"Sin does not exist. There is only experience. However the laws of cause and effect have been created and maintained to provide balance to the universe. If a soul chooses to experience an action, they will also experience the effects of that action. Cause and effect is a part of gaining new experience."

"Sometimes I seem to float, to observe life and I know that the earth plane is an illusion. At other times, I am firmly anchored to the earth plane. Why is this?"

"When you seem to float, as you describe the experience, you are being your true self. You can see the correlation between when you seem to float, and when you are in phase. At other times, you are out of phase and firmly attached to the earth plane. Both experiences are necessary and both experiences are a part of the example which we have created. Consider a child learning to ride a pushbike. Sometimes the child is balanced and riding is easy, but at other times the child cannot get their balance, and they continue to fall. You are like this child, and all are like this child. All must learn how to come into phase, and all must learn how to maintain the phase."

"So you are saying that slipping in and out of phase is a part of the example?"

"Yes, everything that you experience is a part of the example. It is time for souls who seek to clearly understand, to remove the myths which have been built upon the truth, and to see the truth clearly. As souls follow their path, many will face doubts, as you have faced doubts. Doubts are necessary because doubts lead to questions, and questions lead to answers. The answers in turn lead to awareness and understanding."

  "It is said that the body is a temple of God, and that the body should be treated as such. I think we need to explain this."

"For many years, it was believed that God only existed within temples erected for this purpose, and the analogy of the body being a temple was provided to demonstrate that God existed within all. This analogy has been taken literally by some, and they have held that the body should be worshiped. However, God does not wish to be worshiped and God does not require temples of any nature. People who create temples in the name of God, create temples for themselves not for God, even if the temple which they create is their own body."

"Are you saying that the creation of temples is wrong?"

"No, the creation of temples is not wrong, but the creation of temples is not necessary. God is not found only in temples and churches. God is found within. God exists within temples and churches because God exists everywhere. God is also found in bars and brothels, to provide perspective to this explanation."


"I notice that whenever I regain my phasing and my trinity is in synchronisation, I find some way to remove the phasing."

"You remove the phasing because you know that it is not time for your phasing to become permanent. If your phasing were to become permanent prematurely, you would distort the example. You will know when it is time to maintain your trinity permanently."

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