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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane

Return To Solitude.

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The following morning, I would return to solitude. I was not pleased with the prospect, although I accepted that my return to solitude was necessary.

That morning I attended to business, but whenever I allowed myself to feel what was occurring I felt our pending separation very deeply. After Katerina left I was again in solitude in Paris. I certainly felt the experience on the earth plane. Spiritually we were together, and I felt Katerina with me constantly.

I allowed myself to enjoy Paris despite my solitude and my separation from Katerina. I strolled the streets of Paris until my flight that evening. Occasionally, I sat in a little café and enjoyed my surroundings. I reflected that despite my constant earth plane frustration, and despite never quite receiving the joy which I had been promised, I never gave up my journey. However, at times I wondered if I was crazy after all.

The positives which I drew from my trip were that I had provided guidance to Carlos, and I believed that I had provided the key to the awakening of Katerina's awareness. I had also changed my environment temporarily, and I had experienced the truth about soulmates.

I knew that any doubt which I'd had that Katerina was my soulmate had disappeared when I had smelled the scent of Katerina's perfume, which I had smelled so often in my home. However, in reality all that the scent of Katerina's perfume really confirmed, was that Katerina's spirit had been in my home.

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I had understood that it was possible for soulmates to be at different levels of awareness, and not be ready to reunite. I had now experienced, albeit unexpectedly that soulmates could be at different levels of awareness.

I had known that soulmates sometimes needed to wait for many lifetimes for one to increase their awareness sufficiently, but I had believed that Katerina and I, would both be sufficiently aware in this lifetime. Spiritually our contact was very strong.

The thing which struck me most with Katerina, was that I never felt that I did not belong, or that I had to be other than myself. I also noted how easily Katerina dropped her façade, and was herself with me.

That afternoon in Paris I found myself writing to Katerina. I had no idea of what I would say but when I finished my letter, I knew that our time of separation would be a time of reflection for Katerina, and an opportunity for Katerina to release her fear. However, whether Katerina accepted the opportunity to release her fear, or whether Katerina used the key which I had given her to unlock her awareness, would be a choice which only Katerina could make.

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During the previous evening, I had looked deep into Katerina's soul, and within Katerina's spirit. I had known beyond doubt that Katerina had spent much of her time on the planet, the physical plane with the red sun. A very beautiful planet with much dense green vegetation.

Now that I understood why Katerina and I needed to be separated, I was again at peace. I seldom rationalised any more. Whenever I did rationalise, I always reached the wrong conclusion. I did go deep into my soul, and return with the answer which I sought, an answer which was seldom rational.

The previous day when we had unsuccessfully applied for Katerina's visa, God had told me not to worry. I now understood why God had told me not to worry. Events had transpired to produce the best outcome, even though I could not see that the outcome was for the best, at the time.

I sat outside a café in Paris, unconcerned that I was again in solitude, and at peace with my surroundings. I was soaking in the beauty of the city. Spiritually, Katerina was with me.

I reflected on the relationships which I had experienced during this lifetime. I saw that each aspect of Katerina was incorporated within the experience which I had in each of my previous relationships. The parallels between the aspects of Katerina, and my previous relationships was a fascinating, and unexpected development.

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I continued to reflect as I sat waiting at Paris airport. It was still a time of many annoying difficulties, such as excess baggage charges. 'Annoying difficulties' had been the basis of my environment during my second meeting with Katerina. Many frustrations piled one on top of the other.

I considered what it was like to have a different outlook than most of the world. I knew that outwardly I was no different. I also knew that in reality I was not different, but inwardly I was very different. My view of the world was through the eyes of love and not fear. Every time that I allowed myself to view the world and the everyday events from the perspective of the higher plane, the real perspective, I was at peace. I was more than at peace. I removed what was blocking my view of the world, and the world immediately brightened. I still marvelled at the view of the world without fear. To me the sheer beauty of the world remained awesome.

For me there had been no magic formula. I had repeatedly experienced the illusion of the earth plane, and I had repeatedly allowed myself to see through the illusion of the earth plane.

I wanted to know how long I would need to endure the awareness process, and how often I would slip back and choose to experience the illusion, but I knew that I would continue to endure the awareness process, for as long as I chose to endure the awareness process.

  I would travel the long road. Even after I had rediscovered who I am, I had chosen to continually block all but the earth plane. The path which I had chosen, was the reason why I would be the example.

If everything went smoothly for me, if I understood everything before everything happened, I would not really experience everything happening. I was well aware that I needed to face continuing difficulties, so that those who chose to follow would continue their journey despite their difficulties, as I had continued my journey despite my difficulties.

I commenced travelling home and I was at peace in my solitude with no one sitting next to me. Spiritually Katerina and I were together. I felt a very strong connection between Katerina and myself. However, I did miss Katerina's physical presence, not in a negative way, but in a positive way.

As I sat writing my notes on the plane we were hit by turbulence and I found myself becoming frustrated. It seemed that every time I picked up my pen the turbulence started and when I realised the significance of this pattern, I smiled and relaxed.

I reflected that I had stated often in my writing that I am an example, not because I am special, but because I am an example. I say this not only for those who find a difficult path, but also for those who find an easy path. It is not necessary to make our path difficult, but I chose to make my path difficult, and because it was known that I would choose to make my path difficult, I was suitable to be the example.

  I was on an aeroplane, and I enjoyed a magnificent sunset which seemed to last for hours.

God said, "You have done very well."

I felt that God's words were very condescending.

However, God responded, "Maybe, but nevertheless you have done very well."

I knew that my letter to Katerina was incomplete. However, I maintained both my peace and my connection with spirit and higher planes. I felt very close to Katerina spiritually, and I communicated with Katerina spiritually.

What occurred next was unexpected, because I had forgotten until I reviewed my notes that the experience had occurred previously. Katerina responded to me clearly, and we had a brief discussion on the spiritual level.

God said, "Why so unexpected? You know that a spiritual connection is both possible and very real."

I replied, "Yes, but Katerina is unaware."

"Consciously Katerina is unaware, but spiritually Katerina is aware, and Katerina's awareness is increasing because of your physical contact. The key to Katerina becoming consciously aware is contained within your letter to her.

"Do not be concerned. I told you that you and Katerina would be together and experience joy. So you will. In the meantime you need to be a little patient and you need to continue your work."

  I found myself wondering if I had created some sort of alternate personality.

"You know better than that. How much of what I have said to you has been confirmed in the various messages which you have subsequently read from other teachers? Your role or a part of your role is to bring parts of their teachings together. You have accomplished much, but there remains much to be done. Many on the earth plane have requested guidance and understanding, which is why guidance and understanding is being provided through your work, and the work of others."

Suddenly I found myself very weary, which always occurred when I maintained a high vibrational rate to allow communication with the higher plane.

"You were aware that this conversation would occur sometime prior to the event. You were expecting me to communicate. You now know when we are going to communicate, and as such you should prepare for the event and not become weary.

"All that has occurred has been necessary, and you are aware of many of the reasons for what has occurred. You will become aware of other reasons for what has occurred in time. You know that you must allow everything to be, and that you will not be permitted to be aware of anything which would affect the course of events. Everything has occurred exactly as everything was meant to occur, and the choices which you have made, are the choices which were foreseen. It could be no different."

  As my flight progressed I again found myself having a spiritual discussion with Katerina. My magnificent red sunset continued, and the reds of the sunset grew deeper.

I had been searching for the moment when I would fulfil my destiny not realising that with every breath which I took, I was in fact fulfilling my destiny.

As the plane crossed the world, my red sunset turned into an orange sunrise. A new day had dawned.

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