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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Six Putting The Pieces Together

Setting The Scene


The following morning I did not have the answer to my question. Mostly the issues where I was given 'incorrect' information related to timing, or to matters of no consequence. The timing was unimportant, and as for the other matters, why bother? I knew only that I had enough issues where I was given 'incorrect' information to keep me doubting or more accurately questioning. Maybe that was the sole purpose of the issues where I was given 'incorrect' information.

I reflected on my inability to complete my review of Understanding Who I Am. I felt very strongly that there was an answer which I needed contained within the few pages that I would review next, and that I was not meant to have that answer at that point in time. However, it was possible that I did not have the right question and that I would only be able to recommence my review when I knew the question that needed an answer.

I did find it amazing that I could have the answer to the question of existence, but I did not have the answers to the questions of my own life. I did know that I would spend some time 'writing' full time before using my resources to establish a spiritual centre. What I did not know, was how and when I would establish a spiritual centre. I accepted that how and when I would establish a spiritual centre were of no consequence in the scheme of things, but how and when were important to me.

Maybe how and when should not have been important to me, and for a time how and when had not been important to me, but each time that how and when had not been important to me, I had been provided with timing from one source or another which made the how and when questions important. It was apparent that I needed to allow how and when a level of importance if only to demonstrate as part of the example, that how and when were unimportant.

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  It was noticeable that the timing that God had provided had been accurate, until three months earlier when Jane 2's influence on my life had begun to become noticeable, which was significant in itself.

I was reminded of a previous message from God, "You will take every wrong turn, every dead end and every detour." God's advice may have been correct, nevertheless 'how and when' increased in importance as my difficulties continued to build.

Despite my questions, I was soaring as I soaked in the beauty of the world. My body had been lightly fluttering since the previous night as my vibrational rate increased, after my body had adjusted during the previous few days.

I realised that the beauty of the world had been increasing during the previous few days. I had long ago passed the point where the increase in beauty of the world surprised me. Nevertheless, the glow following the rain had certainly been something to behold.

I had noticed for some time was that Katerina's ability to lift my spirit was continually increasing, which I should not have found surprising, but I did.

I kept an open mind as to how my difficulties would be resolved, but every time that I thought that I had found an alternative solution to my difficulties to that which I had been continually given, the alternative solution to my difficulties turned out to be nothing more than a dead end. I may not have embraced the solution to my difficulties that I had been repeatedly given, but I was surprised that the solution to my difficulties had not eventuated yet. I was instantly reminded of the repeated message which was now more than a year old. "It will happen suddenly and quietly."

I searched my soul. I had no doubt, not one, that the solution to my difficulties would present itself. If I was honest with myself, I would admit that for a long time I'd had no doubt within my soul that the solution to my difficulties would present itself. Whatever doubt I had from an earth plane perspective, existed only because the solution to my difficulties had not presented itself at this point.

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Following Jane 2's departure from my life, my contact with Katerina's spirit was continuing to increase. Katerina and I were again able to have conversations between our spirits.

It was a quiet day, a few little things went 'wrong', but nothing important. Mostly just enough to annoy me. I still seemed to be surrounded by delays, at the office I cruised smoothly and easily through the day.

My car was getting a little old. If I upgraded my car whilst I was still attached to the business, I could change the lease, despite my financial difficulties. As I began to look into the possibility of upgrading my car, I wondered if I was taking a step into my new world.

After a quiet night, I slept well. I did seem to be sleeping better and I felt much more relaxed since Jane 2 had left.

My questions remained unanswered, and I could not recommence my review. I had not heard from my literary agent for several weeks. I determined to give her one more day, and then I would ask what was happening.

God said, "Your agent has not started yet."

My overall sense of well being had returned almost immediately following the departure of Jane 2. The return of my overall sense of well being had been sudden and I had struggled to put my finger on exactly what that had changed. It was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, but nothing had changed in my life, other than the departure of Jane 2.

I sent a note to my agent. Her response was, "I haven't gotten around to it yet." Which was what God had told me.

My change of car seemed to be going extremely smoothly with everything falling into place. It appeared that I would place an order within a few days of contemplating a change of car.

That evening, I knew that I needed to 'buy' another two weeks. I would start the following day.

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The following morning, my unanswered questions remained unanswered. A difficulty in respect of my new car arose and the depth of my financial difficulties increased. However, I felt none of what occurred. I did not know what I should do. I had stalled for six months, and I could only continue to stall.

I was not worried. I knew that everything would work out. If I did not have a responsibility to my family, I would have walked away, but walking away was not an option, so all that I could do was wait.

If I did not go ahead with the change of car on the basis I had been investigating and if my difficulties were resolved within the next two weeks, I would very quickly be able to receive a car through an alternative method. My investigation and selection of a new car had at least prepared me to move quickly, if I needed to.

As the day progressed, the problem that I had experienced with the car funding appeared to be no more than a hiccup.

I received a message from my agent who indicated that she was not sure when she would be able to get to my work. I began to wonder if my choice of that particular agent had been subject to Jane 2's influence.

I was able to stall some of my creditors for another two weeks, and for a while it seemed as if I had some breathing space. However, it was immediately apparent that the financial situation between myself and the business was reaching a point where it needed to be resolved for taxation purposes. I was at a loss to know what I would do.

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In hindsight, I could see that all that had occurred was that the mix of the pressure on me had been adjusted to ensure that I felt that my difficulties. As I eliminated or more accurately stalled one difficulty, another difficulty would take its place. After my difficulties had achieved their goal, my difficulties would again fade into the background until needed.

It certainly seemed as if my promised salvation was the only possible way out of my difficulties, but my promised salvation seemed as far away at that point in time, as my promised salvation had seemed close at other points in time.

I knew that all of the worrying in the world would not assist me at all. Therefore, I chose not to worry. I did however desperately want the pressure to be relieved.

I had known for some time that all would seem lost and then all would come together at the last minute. I had felt that all had seemed lost in a number of occasions previously, but I had been given some more time.

It now seemed that I was out of time, other than a week or two at the most. My financial situation did seem to be a lost cause. I wondered if I had been ignoring my difficulties hoping that they would go away. However, I had never expected my difficulties to 'go away', I had expected that my difficulties would be resolved. I had only expected that my difficulties would be resolved, because I had been told to expect that my difficulties would be resolved.

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Strangely, despite reaching a point where my financial difficulties were a lost cause, I never lost my inner knowledge that everything would be all right. In the circumstances this seemed to be an unrealistic position to take, but I did know that everything would be all right.

As the day progressed the issues regarding my change of car began to run extremely smoothly again.

It did not matter what I attempted, I always seemed to be left with the fact that my difficulties could only be resolved by an outside event, a catalyst, a missing link which was still missing.

I continued to run short of time. If a solution to my difficulties did not eventuate within the two weeks I had bought, I would have no choice but to attempt to come to some sort of arrangement with my creditors, which would at least protect my children's home. My financial difficulties were so deep that I could not see how I would be able to even begin to think about repaying my friends or the business.

The other difficulty was that I did not have sufficient funds for Katerina's air fare, or to find us a home. Even if I did find us a home I would not be able to retrieve our furniture from storage.

If I was to find a solution myself, it would take me around five years to extract myself from my financial mess. If Katerina obtained her visa as soon as seemed likely, I would only have a limited period of time for her to enter Australia.

The only possible solution to my difficulties was an outside event, without an outside event the best I could hope for was to somehow satisfy my commercial creditors to save my children's home. I knew that many considered that I had been irresponsible, which was ironic because it was only my sense of responsibility which prevented me from walking away.

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The fact that my difficulties had increased to this point and continued to increase amazed me, because I had not believed that I could have possibly endured my difficulties for so long. The truth is that I had endured difficulties for longer periods in this lifetime, not to mention my existence, but it was the intensity applied by the concentration of my experiences that had made me believe that I would not have been able to endure my difficulties for as long as I had endured my difficulties. I was concerned that I had repeatedly discussed my difficulties in my later books, but as soon as I had this thought, I knew that my enduring difficulties were a part of the example.

It was important that my difficulties continued to increase long after I had reached the point where I believed that I could not continue. It was important that my difficulties continued to increase, until all seemed lost. It was important that I found myself in a hole so deep, that I could not get out of the hole without assistance. It was important that I maintained my faith, despite my difficulties. It was important that I retained my connection with the higher plane and that I continued to see the beauty of the world, regardless of how difficult my environment became. It was important that I continued to be worry free, and that I did not look for someone to blame. It was important that I had questioned the reality of my experiences over and over again. It was important that I always returned to what I knew within all parts of my trinity, that everything would be all right. It was important that I provided an example for souls to draw on.

However, it is not important that I like being an example, which is just as well because I did not like being an example. I retained my sense of well being which had returned after Jane 2 had left me.

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My literary agent wanted some more information and a synopsis for each book, which would force me to review my books one more time, and could be the 'real' reason why my literary agent had asked for the additional information.

It seemed that it was not quite time for my books to be published, but I still questioned my choice of literary agent, because of Jane 2's influence on my life at the time when I had chosen the literary agent. My literary agent's request made it clear that my books would not be a part of any immediate solution to my difficulties. In fact, every time that a potential solution to my difficulties presented itself, it immediately became apparent that the potential solution to my difficulties was not really a solution to my difficulties.

God said, "She is to be your agent. Other than this point you have understood correctly. Have no concern, you difficulties will soon be over."

I knew that God was correct, but God's assurance did not excite me. I had heard God's assurances all before. The external solution my difficulties would be provided when it was appropriate in the terms of the example. I had little choice other than to wait patiently for the external solution my difficulties to eventuate.

Despite God's comments regarding my agent, I sought some information about the publisher who had been suggested to me by a lady who had also been in the Jesus lifetime. The publisher had in fact published the books by the man who had once been John the Baptist. The only thing that surprised me was that I had not sought this information when I had first been given the publisher's name.

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Momentum seemed to be growing around me. However, other than making another connection and taking half a step which my or may not be connected to the future, the only short term development in respect of my books was that I would commence writing three more books, or more accurately discover that I had commenced writing three more books.

It was a quiet day. Everything that I did went amazingly smoothly. The arrangements for my new car were finalised. I would collect my new car after completing a few formalities during the following week.

After the ease with which the day unfolded, it seemed that everything would continue to go smoothly, returning to the time before Jane 2 began influencing me. Unfortunately it was not to be. The Australian embassy in Moscow was closed that day. I received a 'standard' reply from the publisher. I found it surprising that other than the first introductory book, that I did not seem to be able to get anybody to read my works.

It appeared that the pattern would continue. Everything would run smoothly with the occasional 'hiccup'.

For several days, a spirit had been asking me nuisance type questions. I had done my best to see passed the questions and seek confirmation from my soul. The spirit was another lost spirit. He told me his name was Fred, but I very much doubted that his name was really Fred. Having a lost spirit around me after so recently assisting Jane 2 to move on was, as far as I was concerned, ridiculous. I cannot say that I minded helping spirits to move on, but I would have preferred that the spirits did not make a nuisance of themselves. I realised I had communicated with 'Fred' several months earlier and that Jane 2 had been blocking Fred's contact with me. I wondered how many more spirits Jane 2 had been blocking.

I said, "Fred, go to the light."

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I had learned how to recognise the influence of 'lost' spirits very quickly, and look passed the spirit into my soul.

It was another quiet day. Little things continued to go smoothly and I allowed myself to relax. I had noted with interest that the 'warnings' I had been receiving whenever there was a reference to Paris had ceased following Jane 2's departure. It was events such as this which confirmed that my experiences were real.

I found that I had a question for God about the many societies which had ruled for centuries and then disappeared.

God said, "When a specific society or a way of life no longer needs to be experienced, its purpose for existence is complete. All societies are created by the collective choice of those within the society. When the collective choice ceases, there is no means to maintain the society and the society therefore ceases. It is by this principle that the fear based society will end, and the love based society will be chosen to replace it."

I had not had any questions since God had told me that the questions were complete. However, occasionally I would seek a little confirmation, or guidance in respect of an observation.

I 'stumbled' across a little more information that I would need for my new world. In fact, I had continually been given little pieces of the puzzle for some time which highlighted the fact that when it was time to step into my new world, I would be able to move quickly. I knew that everything would happen so suddenly that I would need to move quickly.

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  Acquiring a new car, it could fit into a number of the possible scenarios which I had considered likely. I was attempting to remain open and flexible but there seemed to be only one possible solution to my difficulties, with the options subject to the extent of the solution to my difficulties.

It seemed that timing which I had been given, once again unsolicited by me, would be out. No doubt when everything fell into place the delays would again make sense. In the meantime the delays continued to defy my understanding, other than in the broadest terms.

I meditated for some time that night, but I did not have any specific questions and I received no answers. I was relaxed and confident that my difficulties would soon be resolved. I had no earth plane basis for believing that my difficulties would soon be resolved, only my faith in God and my inner knowledge which was effectively the same thing.

The next morning, I again slept late. I was a little confused by the hiccup with the publisher, because of the circumstances which had led me to the publisher.

There was a spirit with me, but I did not know who it was and what it wanted. By way of clarification, I was constantly surrounded by spirits. Mostly I looked passed the spirits, but if I chose I would look at the spirits. I could also look passed the spirits and at a later time recall the spirits if I chose. Occasionally, I would have a spirit 'with' me. Effectively, when a spirit was 'with' me, the spirit would enter my physical body. The spirit would not take my physical body over, because I suspected that I was too strong to allow a spirit take over my physical body, but the spirit would enter my physical body.

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This experience prompted another question in respect of multiple personalities. I wondered if spirits entering our bodies would explain multiple personalities.

God responded, "Multiple personalities can be the result of a spirit(s) entering someone's body, but mostly 'multiple personalities' is caused by drawing on previous 'personalities' from previous incarnations of the soul in question. Souls draw on previous 'personalities' when their current personality cannot cope with their chosen experiences. Previous personalities are drawn from the subconscious or spirit plane where memories are stored. The soul is attempting to draw on a personality which can cope with their experiences. Sometimes one personality will be sufficient, but often a number of past personalities are required. Different personalities deal with different aspects of the environment which the soul has been unable to cope with.

"All past life memories are contained within the spirit plane, so it could be determined that all souls have multiple personalities. All souls draw on their previous personalities and their past life experiences when needed, but typically drawing on past life personalities and experience is done below the 'surface'. Drawing on past life experiences is often described as 'dreams' or 'imagination', which as you know are two terms used to consistently explain a reality which is not understood. It is suggested that one has multiple personalities when drawing on previous personalities occurs on the physical plane rather than the spirit plane, or if one prefers, on the surface instead of below the surface.

"If we discount the extreme cases, the reality is that most souls will draw on a previous personality to 'deal with' a specific situation, which is sometimes referred to as acting 'out of character'. Mostly souls are unaware that they have drawn on a previous personality, but if souls choose to consider their own lifetimes, they will be able to see, in hindsight, when they have drawn on a previous personality.

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"As you know, the key to seeing the reality of existence, is to be open and allow yourself to see the reality of existence. Reality is that simple, but existing within the mirrored illusion of the earth plane can make it difficult to see the reality beyond the mirror. The mirror effect of the earth plane, means that most of what one encounters is in reverse, which is a good place for souls to start as a point of reference; much of what souls see as reality is in reverse.

"You are correct in that we have said this before, but this guidance is worth repeating."

Nancy passed on a message which could very well explain the hiccup with the publisher, and also why I had finally been drawn to put the pieces of the puzzle in relation to the publisher together, shortly after God had maintained that I would be represented by the agent.

It was another quiet day which went very smoothly. I rested a lot and I went to bed early with some tablets to ensure that I slept.

The following morning, I awoke early. It was the day I had told my largest commercial creditor that I would be able to resolve my difficulties. I had my largest commercial creditor that I would be able to resolve my difficulties to buy time, but after I had terminated the conversation, God had confirmed that I would be able to resolve my difficulties on this day. I had no choice but to ring my largest commercial creditor that afternoon. I could only hope something would happen to resolve my difficulties that day.

I needed to ring Jane. Based on what God had said I had hoped that I could repay Jane before this day, but it was not meant to be. I could not accept that it was right that Jane would be adversely affected by my journey.


Rainbow bar

  As for my other commercial creditors I had eight days of the period I had stalled for remaining. In respect of the business issues and the financial position of my company I had managed to by-pass addressing the issues for a few days, but I did not know how much longer I would be able to do so.

I did not know why I continually mentioned my financial difficulties, although much depended upon my financial difficulties being resolved. The solution to my financial difficulties was the one aspect of my new world that was missing. When the solution my financial difficulties arrived, everything else would fall in place. My life was like a puzzle, a picture being constructed and the missing piece would complete the construction.

God said, "You are highlighting your difficulties, both the extent and the duration as a part of the example."

I felt that I could recommence my review of Understanding Who I Am. I glanced at the pages in front of me, I had discontinued my revue around the time that Jane 2's influence had taken hold.

Throughout my difficulties, I had never stopped belonging. I may have struggled to maintain my old world where I did not belong, but I did belong within my new world, and within existence, which was something that I had felt only fleetingly since the moment that I had betrayed Jesus.

I had begun to recommence my review of Understanding Who I Am. I noted with interest that I was not reliving my experiences. However, there were some unanswered questions that were highlighted.

The unanswered questions related only to my path and some broken promises to me, personally. I was comfortable with the answers I had received about our existence. The only confusion that remained within me was in respect of my own life.

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There had been more than enough 'confirmation' of my experiences to remove my doubt, and just enough broken promises to ensure that my doubt remained. I questioned the need to ensure that my doubt remained. Why not just tell me that my journey would go on without the promises of 'soon'?

In fairness, I suspected that without the promises of soon I would not have been able to continue my journey. I had to acknowledge that there had not been any harm caused by the delays I had experienced.

A few days earlier, I had been walking in the city and I had felt that my aura was about to explode from the restraints that were holding my aura in tight around my physical body. I knew that the constraint of my aura was artificial, and I knew that having my aura restrained meant that I was not quiet ready, but I did not know why.

I knew as I had known for some time that my new world was close. My new world was now so close that my new world surrounded me. I was having difficulty describing how close my new world was. My new world was so close that I was staggered that I could not touch my new world, feel my new world, and experience my new world. I would not have believed that my new world could possibly be this close without me being able to simply step into my new world, but that was exactly what I was experiencing. No doubt as a part of the example that I had chosen to be.

If I put aside my personal disappointment, I was reminded that I would take every wrong turn, every detour and every dead end. I could accept that I had been warned, however the lengths to which I had been given assistance to take every wrong turn, every detour and every dead end amazed me. For example; the presence of Jane 2 had been blocked from my conscious awareness for so long. As soon as Jane 2's presence had been made known to me, I recognised that I had been aware of Jane 2's presence from the moment that she had attached herself to me. However, I was not aware that I knew that Jane 2 was with me.

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I realised that I finally accepted something that God had alluded to on many occasions in respect of the business. I had believed that I needed to repay the business for their support, when in fact the business was repaying my support.

As I now considered all that I was achieving within the business, whilst I was awaiting a solution to my difficulties, I realised that I was passing on knowledge and establishing an aspect of the business which was in effect a parting gift to Marie, and my way of saying goodbye and closing a very old circle which had seen us share experiences for at least three thousand years.

I knew that circles must be complete for souls to move on, and the circles which had been my old world were almost complete. I knew that my former business partner accepted that his business was being dragged down by two individuals, but he remained unable to make the hard decision which needed to be made. A choice that he and he alone could make.

As for me, I had more than enough writing to do. If only my writing could support me, or I could support myself until my writing supported me.

The thoughts, feelings, concerns and confusion experienced by a master during his journey had now been well and truly documented, and could be drawn on by any who chose to do so on their path to awareness. It was clear that I had provided the answers to many questions within my writing and that the answers contained within this text were as broad and numerous as the questions which would be asked.

I did not know how much time it would take for me to step into my new world. I knew only that I had received enough confirmation to remove any doubt, and that I retained enough doubt to keep me grounded.

Despite my frustration with the delays that seemed never ending, I maintained my faith by acknowledging that God had not let me down. All that I needed to do now, was to continue waiting and allow the solution to my difficulties to present itself.

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I thought about the questions that Jane 2 had caused me to ask. Jane 2's presence certainly explained many of my questions, especially the questions which had related to Katerina.

Despite all that I had experienced I found it surprising that I had only been able to recommence my review that day, and that what I reviewed confirmed most of what I had written immediately prior to recommencing my review.

I reflected on the many times when I had experienced an environment of closure. Each time that I had experienced an environment of closure, I had known that I was but one step away from my new world, but each time I had not taken that step or I had stepped in the wrong direction, only to complete a circle and again stand poised to take the step into my new world. I hoped that this time I would step in the right direction, but taking a 'wrong' step so often, had drained my confidence. I did note that each time I had stepped in the wrong direction, the circle which led back to my new world had been a little smaller.

Another thing that became clear was that every time I had stood poised in front of my new world a step in the 'right' direction would have meant that the promise from God and occasionally from Jesus would have been kept. This was significant in that it demonstrated that it was clearly my decision that the promise was not kept, even if my decision had been influenced by Jane 2. What this did not explain was that God had foreseen that I would step in the wrong direction, and had made the promise anyway. However, now that I could see the pattern I was aware that it was I who had repeatedly stepped in the wrong direction whenever I reached the threshold of my new world, and without God's promise as the common denominator, I seriously doubted if I would have been able to see the pattern.

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The point was that I again stood on my path at the point where my old world which had all but crumbled, met my new world which did not have substance, and I again had a choice to make. This time I was not influenced by Jane 2, and this time I was aware that I needed to make a choice. I did know that my awareness of my need to make a choice did not necessarily make my choice a conscious choice, but if my choice was a conscious choice I would choose to enter my new world.

All that was left now was for me to make my choice. I suddenly saw how desperate Jane 2 had been to prevent me from entering my new world. Jane 2 had known that as soon as I entered my new world I would no longer need her and she had felt that she'd needed me. Now that Jane 2 had gone to the light, we both knew that it was time for me to move on.

The day continued quite smoothly with many little things falling into place. I was even given another book concept to add to my growing list.

Suddenly my difficulties hit me very hard. I was out of time, others were being affected by my journey, and I felt that I would explode. I tried to blame God, but I was not sincere in my effort to blame God. I knew that I did not deserve to have my old world crumble without my new world to support me.

I was floundering and desperate. My old world was well and truly crumbling beneath my feet. I tried to tell myself all that I had experienced was not real, but that did not work either. I knew that my experiences were real.

I desperately screamed for help, but I was at a loss as to where I should turn. I struggled to keep my footing as my path collapsed under my feet. I wanted to walk away from my old world and from my destiny. I'd had more than enough several months earlier and I had again reached a point where I did not know how I could continue my journey.

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There was no sign of any solution to my difficulties. I would have liked to be able to do something, anything, but there was nothing for me to do.

There was a spirit around me, and I certainly did not appreciate its presence.

Despite having every nerve screaming at me I knew deep within me that everything would work out. I was unreasonably confident from an earth plane perspective that I had nothing to worry about.

My nerves screamed for barely an hour before my body started fluttering with my increasing vibrational rate.

I had eight days to make a payment to my major creditor, before they commenced legal action. My business wanted the financial matters in respect of my own company addressed within a week, and another of my creditors was already in the process of commencing action.

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I called the Australian embassy in Moscow. I was not at all surprised by the outcome, which was exactly as I had expected, Katerina’s visa had been approved.

The pressure was certainly on and the scene was well and truly set.

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