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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny



God said, "All must do as you have done and all can do as you have done. It is their choice. Not all were known in history, but some were. All were somebody, all are somebody and all will be somebody before they become who they are.

"It was you who needed to know who you were before you could become who you are. How many times did you ask, 'Why me?' and when I told you why you, you did not wish to believe or accept my explanation. You did accept my explanation because you knew that what I explained was so, you remembered. I answered your question when you were ready for the answer, or for an aspect of the answer.

"Relax, you know how everything will be. Your echoes tell you 'this cannot be, because it is too good', but you have accepted that everything will be, so pay your echoes no mind. You know that nothing is too good for you, and nothing is too good for any. That nothing is too good all must accept, as you have accepted."

I drove to the beach with my boys. I experienced the usual sense of power, although the power which I was now able to draw from the beach had increased. I sat on a rock and looked around me.

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God said, "Are these people not beautiful? How can the human form be anything other than joyous? How can those who look at the human form be perverted? Bodies were not created with clothes because clothes were not necessary. The body is beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed. Physical sensations are meant to be experienced.

"It is by covering the body and saying that it is bad to see naked bodies that many call the body evil. How can human bodies be evil? If people had not conditioned themselves to see this beauty as evil, if they had not said that experiencing physical sensations must be evil, there would be little rape, there would be little sex crime. It is the desire to experience doing evil, as it is called, which is the problem. Imagine if there was no mystery, no sin, just love. Where would the problem be? Can you not see the beauty in all, old and young? Male and female?"

I sat on the beach and I allowed myself to start removing my physical pains.

"Do you see how you can remove your physical ills? Do you think that your ability to remove your physical ills was left until now for you to discover, by accident?"

I lie against a rock and I regressed. I felt myself stretching out and unwinding. It was exhilarating to stretch out. I was a vine.

"Wait a minute." I said. "How can this be?"

"Did I say that all living things had a soul except plant life? Did I say that you had experienced all things except being a plant? Why do you find this memory surprising?"

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I looked around. As I focused on an individual I would know much about the individual. As I walked through crowds, I could sense people's real selves around them, but their inner thoughts did not seem to be getting through to me.

"You block their thoughts. If you did not, their thoughts would overwhelm you. You have always had the ability to sense others, which is why you have never enjoyed being in crowded places. Crowds overwhelmed you because you were receiving too much from others. However, you could not understand why you disliked crowds, because you did not understand what was occurring. Now that you are very receptive to others, you can control what you receive, close your ability down, and select to use your ability when necessary."

As I continued walking I would occasionally pass someone whom I would not want to be near, which was something else that I had experienced all of my life.

"There is darkness in them, they do not have good intent towards others, and you can sense their intent. You do not judge, but you do not wish their company. You know what they can do, you have experienced such dark intent."

On the way home I allowed God to direct me around the area. I felt very much at home.

"You feel at home because this is where you will live and work."

I found myself at the house I had been told I would live in.

"That will indeed be your house. Do you see that room, that is where you will work. Look at the characteristics of the house, you knew of this house even before I showed it to you."

I said, "It is difficult to believe."

"Nevertheless this is where you will live, that house will be your's."

I felt myself becoming tired.

"Of course you are tired. We have been in contact all day. Your vibrational rate is humming. Do not be concerned you will adjust. You are in my hands where you have placed yourself."

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When I arrived home, I asked God a simple question. God started to answer one way, and then God answered the other way. God's answer was wrong. I said, "Hang on God, how do you explain this?"

"You overruled me. You did not let me answer."

"I did not know that I could overrule your answer."

"You can."

"Okay, but how do I know that I have not been overruling you all along?"

"Because I would not allow you to do so with anything important. You have done everything that I have asked of you. Everything is as it is meant to be, and everything is on track. Have no fear, and no concern at all."

My discussions continued for a few more hours, ever deeper looking into aspects of my life, and seeing how seemingly unrelated events fitted together.

At times I sort of 'stuttered' trying to receive God's reply, which I could not understand this.

"Your vibrational rate is erratic. Your vibrational rate has been put under much stress by the sheer volume of dialogue during the previous few days. Your vibrational rate is stabilising, which is a part of the adjustment process."

We continued our discussions, and God explained some things which had changed.

"Hang on, we all have choices. You know what choices are to be made, but you do not control our choices. It is the choices which we are destined to make that allows you to bring souls together. I can understand this, but if this is so, how can there be changes?"

"Are you suggesting that I am the all powerful God who can create anything except flexibility?"

My discussions with God continued into the night. I was given another message to pass on to Nancy.

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The following morning, I was doing something and I thought; 'I got nothing out of that'.

God said, "You did. You just do not know this yet. Every moment of every day each gains something. You must learn to become aware of all, not just aware of what stares you in the face."

I continued adjusting. I continued my constant dialogue with God. I continued poking and prodding and understanding exactly what I had to do, or more accurately what I had chosen to do.

I had been told not to review my notes for two days, and I had done as instructed. That morning, I was struggling with a point and I picked up my notes and began reviewing them. The very first paragraph contained the answer which I was seeking.

God said, "Now, that is a coincidence.

"All become masters. It is those who have been teachers who become known as masters, which is a convenience. It is useful to allow continued teaching by the same masters.

"Let us revisit the Holy Trinity concept. I have already explained how the Holy Trinity concept works in respect of reincarnation. In respect of your godliness, your 'father' is the part of you which is God, your higher self, your super consciousness, the creator. Your 'son' is your lower self, your conscious, the created. Therefore the son, or the daughter, if you prefer. Your 'holy spirit' is your subconscious, your spirit self between the creator and the created.

"The Trinity is a very simple term which can be used to describe the circular nature of all that is. The Trinity can be used to describe reincarnation. The Trinity also describes and categorises the three planes of existence. The physical plane, the spirit plane and the higher plane.

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"Vibrational rate is like a frequency, the lower the vibrational rate becomes the more physical the existence. As the vibrational rate or frequency increases, communication is possible with the spirit plane, and as the vibrational rate further increases, the higher plane is reached. This is exactly what has happened to you.

"You will recall that I have explained that your conscious mind is physical. Your conscious mind belongs on the physical plane, and your conscious mind ceases to exist with the body. All that you have experienced you retain as you cross into the spirit plane which is governed by the subconscious mind. When you again take on physical existence, your vibrational rate lowers and direct communication with the subconscious is again lost, but communication can be regained by increasing your vibrational rate. Your higher self, your super consciousness is that which is attached to the higher plane. Your higher self is the part of you which is God. This is how God is within all, and how all are within God.

"Your higher self knows all, but your higher self does not understand, until your higher self experiences, so your higher self creates the physical lifetime after lifetime, to gain experience. The spirit plane is a means of finalizing matters so that karmic debt which will not be needed can be cleared. The spirit plane is a time of rest, and a time of review before becoming a physical existence again.

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"If one applies this simple Trinity to all things, one will see the basic truth in all religions, and in all beliefs, regardless of how the concept is addressed or presented. It is through finding this basic truth which is within all, because the Trinity is within all, that you can see what I have said previously. All religions contain the truth, but none are the truth.

"Even those who have chosen a dark path see the basic truth of the Trinity, but have chosen to use the basic truth of the Trinity in dark ways.

"Regardless of what religion, science or philosophy is applied, the Trinity is constant. Forget the many ways that the Trinity is dressed. Forget how many labels the Trinity has been given. If one is to argue that one description is better than the other description, the point has been missed. Mostly the Trinity is dressed and accepted in whatever form suits the beliefs of the individual, but the principle is the same. Even those that would dispute a spirit plane, but accept a subconscious mind have by definition accepted the spirit plane, although they have chosen, which is where the higher self comes into play, to believe that the spirit plane does not exist.

"Remember the story of the homeless man. Remove the brand, the tattoo, the label, and see only the truth.

"Do you see how you have previously slept and were then wide awake, but after we continue our discussions for just an hour or so you become tired? This is because your vibrational rate still needs to be adjusted. The frequency is not finely tuned. In effect, you are using much energy to sift the communication from the interference, but when you adjust your vibrational rate, when you have finely tuned your vibrational rate, the effect will not be felt. Consider a radio, you have found the right band, but you are not quite finely tuned to the station yet.

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"You still see your higher self and God as separate entities, but before your journey is over you will understand that we are the same entity."

I travelled to the higher plane.

I watched the wind and rain dismantle a mountain. Piece by piece, grain by grain. The elements then carried that mountain to another place and rebuilt the mountain. I had witnessed both the beginning and the end of that mountain. It had taken minutes to witness the event, and millions of years for the event to occur. Time had no meaning.

"The spirit plane, the middle plane, the subconscious, whatever it may be labelled, is the bridge between the physical existence or the lower self, and the true existence, or the higher self. The spirit plane which is the plane between the other two planes, is the very bridge to your soul which you discovered. We have described much of your journey as a physical journey up a mountain so that all could follow, and so we needed a physical bridge. This bridge is only another description of the spirit plane, where all experience, unresolved and resolved is stored.

"The timing of your message is such that this is when many souls are clearly seeking the truth, and it is this collective request that I now answer with your message.

"Knowing all things I knew that you would reach this point at a time when sufficient numbers would make this request, and so it served my purpose for you to carry this message. Time does exist only within the earth plane as you know, so because you would reach this point when the questions were being asked, providing these answers became your destiny. Although your destiny is linked to the linear time, your destiny is circular in nature.

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"Do you see the importance of the timing of these events? You knew that the timing was important, but you were not aware of why the timing was important. Everything has been as everything is meant to be, and you have done what you were destined to do, when you were destined to do it. That I was aware of your choices, and the choices of all, allowed what was your destiny, to become your destiny. Circular."

I was tired, so I rested. Firstly my soul visited my soulmate via the spirit plane for a while. Still on the spirit plane, I drew a spiritual healer to me who applied some herbs to my soul and invigorated me.

God said, "Did I not tell you that all things were possible. Why would you not be able to send your spirit to the spirit plane to find a healer to invigorate you, and recharge your energy?"

I realised that the reason why the pace of my journey had picked up was that I was now able to provide my own keys to my awareness. Occasionally, God arranged for another to provide a key to my awareness when a particular point was needed to be made, but for the most part I provided my own keys to my awareness.

God had provided me with some specific timing in respect of certain events which would occur. As it eventuated these certain events did not occur exactly as God had said, or exactly in the way in which I had anticipated that they would occur, which is more to the point. The result of this experience was to cause me some more difficulties in the future, because I had not clearly understood what was meant by 'placing myself in God's hands'.

Another thing which God had told me, was that I had much to do before I went away. I knew that God was correct, and I knew that I would do all that needed to be done.

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I was beginning to know aspects of other's destinies, and the decisions or choices which others would make. I began to think that I could make their lifetimes easier, by letting them know what I knew.

God said, "You know better than that. You would influence their choices and you cannot influence the choices of others. If you did not know that you cannot influence the choices of others, you would not have been permitted to become aware of other's destinies."

I continued to review my notes. I now understood that I had not been able to type directly, because typing my notes was a form of review. I needed to write my notes, and then type my notes when it was time to review my notes, and to gain a better understanding. At this time I did not know that I would review my notes over and over again.

I asked God to further explain the concept of flexibility, because I saw some conflict in the concept of flexibility.

"If two or whatever number of people need to experience something that interrelates, it is in the best interest of all that they experience together. Sometimes it is necessary to slow one person down, or speed one person up so that the timing is synchronised. I do not affect choices. Choices must be made by individuals, but sometimes it is opportune to allow souls to experience together. To adjust timing by a fraction has no bearing on their choice, or the outcome of their choices. If it did, another way would be found to provide the chosen experience.

"Consider what is known as the 'learning curve'. Your learning curve is no different. Although it would be better described as an awareness/experience curve. You are nearing the peak of your curve after which your line will plateau as you complete your awareness/experience throughout your lifetime.

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"This century on your earth plane has been most interesting. As the disease of artificial fulfilment has taken hold, artificial fulfilment nears the point where artificial fulfilment will consume itself. Much has been done to remove free will. Consider that removal of free will was attempted by force instigated by those known as the Third Reich. The attempt failed. Removal of free will was then attempted by fear instigated by those known as the Communist Block. This attempt also failed. Removal of free will is now being attempted by subterfuge by those known as the Western World, and this attempt to remove free will, will also fail. The one thing which cannot be removed is free will, because I have given free will to all, and I am within all, so free will must be retained by all, even if they choose not to exercise free will. By so choosing, they are in fact exercising free will.

"The attempt to remove free will is an indication of the desperation of artificial fulfilment, which is fighting for survival, but the removal of free will, is a battle which artificial fulfilment cannot win. By choosing to attempt to remove free will, those consumed by artificial fulfilment have already lost. There is no concern here, freedom of choice, or free will cannot be legislated out of being, even under the guise of protecting people against themselves. What is there to protect? Protect people from experiencing what they must experience? Even the attempt to remove free will is experience for those who are attempting to remove freedom of choice, and for those who have chosen to endure the attempt to remove free will. So the battle has immediately defeated what it is trying to achieve, and achieved what it is trying to defeat.

"Do you see now that you review your notes during this period of adjustment, so that you will experience that which you were told has in fact come to pass? This confirmation helps your adjustment. Did you think that the order in which I spoke, or the timing in which events occurred was coincidence?"

What I did not understand until I completed my final review, was that there were many times during my journey when I needed to adjust as my awareness increased. Each time that an adjustment was necessary, I would review my notes once more, which would assist in my adjustment.

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"Why do you think that the insights were given first? It was so that you would understand the principles and be prepared for what was to come. Do you think that the insights were completed, when the insights were completed by accident, or do you see now how the insights have fitted into the design?

"Do you recall that you were told that you would undergo training? Has this training not occurred?"

I rested and meditated. I allowed a white light of peace to wash over me, and I opened up my conscious self even wider.

"You have often lost sight of reality to experience how easy it is to lose sight of reality. Now you will retain your sight of reality to experience how easy it is to retain sight of reality.

"Have no fear of the future. Did I not tell you that your path would remain the same, but your journey would be much easier?

"Do you not recall that the two things which you knew would signify the end of your old world, you desperately wanted to complete, but you could not complete. You have now completed those two things. You knew what the completion of those two things would signify, which is why you wanted to complete those two things.

"The solitude which you now create is no different to the solitude which caused you so much despair. The difference is that you are now aware that you have created an environment of solitude, and why you have created an environment of solitude.

"A great peace is descending over you and around you. People see the peace which descends around you, but are unaware of exactly what has occurred. They will become aware of the peace surrounding you, as your peace grows.

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"You will no longer suffer depression or despair, because you have experienced all that you have needed to experience of depression or despair. There is nothing for you to gain by experiencing depression or despair again, so you will not create an environment of depression or despair again.

"You are now experiencing that each coin has two sides, each sword has two edges. You have experienced the side which you needed to experience to wake you up, to rekindle your awareness, and to allow you to find your way home. Remember, you have been welcomed back. You will experience what you have been welcomed back to, when you find your way back. What use would you be as an example if there was nothing at the end of your journey? How would such an example inspire people to make the choice, to find their way home? Your words will inspire people to make the choice, to find their way home.

"You fear that by having fears, you will not find your way home, but you have already found your way home. How else could you have been welcomed back? I have told you that your fears are merely echoes, and as with all else that I have told you, what I have explained will now be experienced.

"Do not think that matters will be delayed again because of your echoes, matters will not be delayed and everything is already in train. Is not what has occurred in the previous few days experience of this?

"Do not be concerned. How else do we show that the echoes of fear can be so powerful they feel like fear, if you do not experience powerful echoes of fear? Slow down, be aware of all that is around you, and you will experience that your fears are no more than echoes

"Do you not realise that you now see the circle, not the line? Your circle still has pieces missing and each day you see a little more of the circle, as you are ready to see a little more of the circle. Your lifetime will complete the circle, but now you see the circle as a circle, and not just as a line.

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"How would you have reacted if just three months ago I had told you that you were once a vine? You will understand and recall many experiences which you have had during your existence before this lifetime is over, but you will understand your experiences and recall your experiences only as and when you are ready to recall your experiences. You will complete the circle, it cannot be stopped, because you have made the choice to complete the circle.

"To make the choice which you have made, you needed to be so aware that you knew that once made, the choice which you have made could not be stopped. You will not stop the result of your choice, nor will you attempt to avoid those experiences which you have chosen. Such is the nature of the choice which you have made."

I continued to do whatever God told me to do, even when I did not understand why I was doing whatever it was that I had been told to do, or when I thought that I was wasting my time doing whatever it was God that had told me to do. God was always right.

There were times when events occurred contrary to my expectations. Each time, God said, "Remember, listen to exactly what I say. Did I not tell you that there would be subtle reminders?"

There were times when I disputed what had been said and each time God would lead me step by step through each facet of the circumstances. As all of the facets or pieces fitted together, I said, "Well, that is all very convenient."

God responded, "What else would you expect?

"Understand that your words are not the only path to the higher plane, and that there will be many who find their way without the guidance contained within your words. Many will embrace your words, in this lifetime and in subsequent lifetimes. It is these you have written for, and not yourself.

"Your words are not essential, but your words will assist those who seek guidance. Many are seeking guidance, that is why you write now.

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"Do not be concerned about being tied to the earth plane, not all on the earth plane is difficult. There are pleasures to be experienced on the earth plane, and you are yet to experience some of these pleasures."

God had suggested that I do a specific amount of typing that day and I attempted to do the amount of typing which I had been told to do, but God had also told me to slow down. Initially I thought that if God had told me to do a specific amount of typing, I would do a specific amount of typing that day. Later, I realised that because of other tasks which required my attention, I was not going to complete the specific amount of typing which God had told me to do. I thought; 'Hang on a moment, I will not do this amount of typing'.

"No, you were never going to complete the specific amount of typing, that I asked you to complete. I needed you to experience. When I ask you to do something, you want to know…. How long? How much? How far? When? Why? Is it not enough that I tell you to do something, and then I tell you to do something else? Relax, rest now. Understand that by listening to me, you are listening to your higher self. Forget detail, if you need detail you will have detail. Allow yourself to experience, and have no fear. Have I not said that your hard experiences are finished?

"You are experiencing the benefits of doing what I say, and the folly of not doing what I say. Listening to me, is listening to your higher self. Your experiences are not difficult to endure, more subtle reminders. Is this clear?"

God gave me some information which I disputed. God's information did not seem right. God's information did not feel right. An event which God told me would occur, I knew would not occur. I disputed God's information, but God effectively told me to shut up.

"Now sleep."

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Before I slept, I had some more questions. "Are you angry with me?"


"Are you frustrated with me?"

"No. Do you know how sometimes when you try to make your sons understand a point, you talk sternly, but you are not really frustrated or angry? That is how it is.

"You need to experience the need to listen to exactly what I say. Do what I have told you and follow my instructions. Is this understood? Now you need to rest."

I rested, in fact I slept and when I awoke I immediately thought; 'How can this be happening? How could God be talking to me in this way?'

God responded, "Your concern is understandable, but your concern is an echo. It would be wrong if you did not have this concern."

God then repeated what God had told me would occur, and what I knew would not occur.

The event did not occur. The interesting point, as far as I was concerned was that I had never accepted that the event would occur, even though I had been told to trust God, which threw me. How could God lie, or perhaps mislead me?

God said, "Did I cause any harm? I did not. Did I not demonstrate that not one thing that has occurred during your journey, has harmed somebody else? So we are agreed, there was no harm done. Okay, tell me what was contained in your notes that you reviewed this day, which applied to this experience?"

I recalled immediately; 'to trust my instinct above all else.' I said, "Yes, but this is different. This time you, God, told me."

"Where do you think the misleading information came from previously? Did I not tell you a few days ago that I had arranged something misleading to test you? Understand what I am saying, if something is to be, you know that it will be. You may not know the how, or the why, but you know that something will be. Do you see the difference?"


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I happened to speak with Anne, we mostly discussed Anne. I had not planned on talking with Anne about what I had just experienced, but I told Anne a little. Anne said, "Well, if you learned this time, you won't be given the lesson again." It was not something which Anne would normally have said to me, and Anne's words hit me with the impact of a sledgehammer, right between the eyes, ouch.

I was instructed to read one page of a book. The message was clear. It seemed that every time that something occurred to cause doubt, four coincidences occurred to demonstrate reality.

God said, "You have created a new reality, by believing what you have created to be so, by seeing what you have created, by drawing what you have created to you. You know what you have created is so. You were given this message more than a year ago, and on two other occasions by your father. Do you recall? Well, you may have thought that you wanted something different, but you knew better and you heeded the message. Now you have created what is to be.

"Having created what is to be, you know beyond doubt what is to be. Do not look for alternative ways for everything to happen. If you look for alternative ways for everything to happen you are wasting your time, and you know this."

I became a little concerned. I asked, "Have I changed what will occur?"

"You have not changed what will occur. You cannot change what will occur. You have created what will occur. That you do not see how what you have created will occur in your desired time frame, is irrelevant. You know that what you have created will occur, and I have confirmed what will occur."

"How do I know that you are not leading me astray to teach me something else?"

"You know, you always know.

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"Do you think that I created today's experience myself? We created today's experience together, because we knew what you needed to experience. That is why you always know, because you have created the experience yourself.

"Remember, if in doubt search your soul and you will know. It is the same for all people.

"The same principle applied to the amount of typing which you would do today. You knew that you would not do all of the typing that I had said you would do. We were giving you an experience, which you needed."

At the time, I had believed that my lesson was that I always know what was so, but my real lesson was that I created my own environment.

"You will recall that I told you that you would make every mistake possible, take every detour, and every dead end so that those who choose to follow know to keep going even if they make mistakes, follow detours, or reach dead ends. Have I told you that you will discontinue to make mistakes, follow detours, or reach dead ends? No! I have told you that your experiences would not be difficult. I have told you that your experiences would be more like subtle reminders. You know this to be true."

I again questioned if 'God' who spoke with me was really the devil 'setting me up'.

"Look at that woman over there. Do you agree that she is attractive? If I was the devil would I not say, 'You are a God, she should be your's, take her it is all right.'? If I gave such an instruction you would not do as I instructed. However, you do recall that you have raped many times. One lifetime long ago as a soldier you raped many, all females who you encountered.

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"You have also been raped many times, in addition to your lifetime with the one you call Anne. Do you remember when you were a whore and you lay with all who came for but a fraction of a penny? You certainly experienced much in that lifetime, because there was nothing you would not do.

"If I said to you that you once existed as a weed for just ten weeks, before you were pulled out and starved you would know that what I said was true, because even now you can recall that existence."

I continued my discussions with God until I slept, and I restarted my discussions with God when I awoke. Mostly the discussions related to understanding and confirmation. I was struggling a little with the events of the previous evening.

God said, "Trust only what you know to be true. Is that not something which Sue also told you, or more accurately something which I told you through Sue? You have experienced the need to trust only what is true in respect of when a message is delivered by other people. In fact you effectively did this, although you were unsure and sought guidance, but you knew the truth deep down.

"You then needed to experience the same principle when the information came directly from God. If I can utilise the services of others, and you can utilise the services of others to provide an experience, why can't we create an experience without involving others?

"Did I say that you will enjoy all experiences which you receive from God? No. I said that you create your own experience, and you have created your own experience, with my help or with the help of your higher self as I have explained.

"I did say that your experiences would be but a reminder, and that was all the experience was. Besides, can you not see that you never did believe the information that I gave you? You never did trust the information that I gave you. You suggested over and over that the experience was a test.

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"You did know that what I told you was not so, as you know what is so. Test is not a good word. It was an experience to remind you and to show you that you do indeed know what is going to happen. The experience conveniently gave you the understanding that when you have created a reality, an alternative, a 'Plan B', is not required. Do you understand?

"Do not be concerned that you still focus on that God and your higher self are separate entities. God and your higher self are individual entities, but God and your higher self are also the same entity. You know that as soon as those on the earth plane are told they are God, they become lost because the concept that all are God is difficult to understand. Consider how the concept that all are God has progressed since you began recording your journey, and how your understanding of God has developed. It is a natural progression that all will find within themselves."

I was a spider, I had encountered a female and I knew we would mate. I did not want to mate, I knew that the female would kill me. I somehow knew that it would only be my body that died, and that my body would be used for nourishment. So I submitted to the ordeal. After all, there were worse ways to die.

I recognised the female spider and I thought; "No, this cannot be."

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God said, "Why not? Did I say that souls only reincarnated together as people?"

I responded, "No, but someone, a Christian person, once said to me; 'How can everyone be God? These people even say that a dog is God, so they are saying that you are no better than a dog.'"

"By what arrogance do any presume to be better than a dog?"

I was a dog, a female. I had just given birth to puppies, nine of them. I was exhausted, but I washed my puppies. I felt a great love within me for my puppies.

I said, "People will think…"

But God interrupted, "What does it matter what people think? You know. You also know that they will one day know. Whether it is on this world in this time, or in fifty thousand years in the next time, or even on another world, one day they will know."

"Yes, but a spider and a dog?"

"I have explained to you that you have experienced all things. Did I say that you have experienced all things except for a spider or a dog? No, I said that you have experienced all things.

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"You are an old soul, you have the wisdom that comes from much, very much experience. Do you recall that I told you that you would draw from memories of lifetimes as you needed them? So these two lifetimes suited our purposes this morning, as your weed lifetime suited our purpose last evening. They were your memories. You felt what they felt because you were once that spider, and you were once that dog. You will draw on any memory that you need, when you need the memory, even if you only needed to experience the memory to know that the memory exists.

"Being able to do draw on memories as needed is part of your adjustment, and recalling your memories will become easier, and more natural for you as you tune into your own frequency and become one with yourself."

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