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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny

Q & A X


"Why do I still have moments of frustration? Why do I not just flow and have everything go smoothly?"

"You choose your moments of frustration for the purpose of experience. Everything does go smoothly. Some things are different than you would like, but all is a smooth experience, if you allow all experience to be smooth. It is you who are not smooth, not the experience."

"On the subject of cloning, why bother? Why not allow the concept of birth control to be overturned?"

"The development of cloning was foreseen, as was the development of birth control. It was convenient to allow these events to coincide."

"Won't the concept of cloning work against my message?"

"Not at all. The concept of cloning will discount your message to those who choose to look externally, but they would discount your message anyway. Those who choose to look within, will find the truth, not within your words, but within themselves."

"Then why are my words necessary?"

"Your words are a product of your example. It is your example which will provide the key for those who choose to look within."

"Often when I write there are ants crawling across the page, why is this?"

"All souls seek the truth, regardless of their current physical form."


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"I have been thinking about being told that I would be 'known as Jesus is known'. I am concerned about the implications of this statement, perhaps we should not include such statements within the books."

"Do not be concerned. There will be those who have missed the point and believe you are saying you are special like Jesus was special. You are a teacher like Jesus, and many others who were teachers. The point is that Jesus was not special. Jesus was like all, special in the context that all are special, but not more special. Simply Jesus chose to be a teacher."

"Why are some souls required to be teachers?"

"Understand that souls are not required to do anything, in the sense that I demand anything of souls. Some souls choose to be a teacher, as you have done. That is all."


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"Why are people sent in a certain direction, or are led to believe certain information which is not quite correct?"

"All are led to the path which they must be on. You have experienced being led from the perspective of not knowing the outcome, and also the perspective of knowing the outcome. Remember, that much interaction has been planned as a convenient way of providing needed experience. Sometimes a shared experience requires that something is delayed, or pushed to enable the souls involved, to reach the point where they need to be, to experience what they have chosen to experience. That is all."

"So sometimes we are sent in a certain direction, only to experience something?"

"Everything that you do, is to experience something. The only reason you do anything, is to gain experience."

"When a future is foreseen, the future can be altered if a warning is heeded or not heeded, but our decisions are foreseen, so altering the future through heeding a warning, seems to contradict itself."

"That guidance will be sought is foreseen, that advice will be heeded or not heeded is also foreseen. All is choice. That choices are known, and that the experience which is sought is known, does not change the fact that all is choice."

"So all of my choices are known, and the end result is known."

"All soul's choices are known. All results of those choices are known, which is how souls can be brought together, when two or more souls seek a complimentary experience."


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"So the whole time that I was exploring the summit was known, and what I was to experience was known."

"Yes, the chapter's title gave you the clue to the answer which you could not find. Exploring needed to be done, as exploring was done. If you had been guided, you would not be exploring. You needed to be free of guidance, so that you could truly explore."

"I was not prepared for much of what I found when I was exploring the summit."

"You were prepared exactly for what you would find when you explored the summit. Much of what you discovered was no different from what you had previously experienced. You were prepared, because you saw everything for what everything was, and you treated everything accordingly, without my guidance."

"You once explained that negativity clings to souls while on either the earth or spirit plane. Does negativity cling to souls from the higher plane, who have returned to another plane for a reason?"

"No. As I have explained, the vibrational rate of souls from the higher plane is only lowered slightly. This higher vibrational rate deflects negativity."

"Why have we included much of our personal conversations in what has been written?"

"To demonstrate the nature of a soul's communication with God. To show that personal aspects of one's character, as well as the nature of existence can be found within."


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"You mention that people who have assisted me will be rewarded, and I have certainly people who have assisted me be rewarded. Why?"

"Your real point is that you know that existence does not work that way. You know that I do not provide rewards as such, and you know that all is choice. You are correct. The choices which others would make were foreseen. It was known who would be free to assist you, and it was known who would choose to assist you, in one way or another. The other choices of those who would assist you, were also known. Bringing those who would assist you together with you, was a matter of convenience. That their choices were such to fit in with what you have chosen to experience was convenient. Mostly, it was choosing to assist you, and listening to what you have to say, that allowed those who chose to assist you, to make wiser conscious choices."

"There have been many times when people have delivered a message, or said something which has allowed me to address a specific issue, which I was struggling with. When I have asked these people why they have said this or that, they have not known."

"You know the answer to this question. You know that their soul acts in consultation with your soul, to deliver a message or provide guidance."


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"You have said that a few souls have experienced all in one lifetime. When I consider all of the things that I have experienced, I do not see how experiencing all in one lifetime is possible."

"Firstly, experiencing all in one lifetime is possible. Much experience can be gained through travelling the spirit plane, but for most travelling the spirit plane is not enough. What is being sought is awareness, and understanding of who you are, which is obtained through being aware of who you are not. Mostly it is experience which provides awareness of who you are not. Also, you are only considering one part of the soul. Do not overlook the other part of the soul. Whilst one part of a soul experiences one human lifetime, the other part of a soul could be experiencing many lifetimes as animals, birds, fish, insects or plants."

"So everything that we do, is to assist us to become aware of who we are?"

"Yes, all are part of God, and therefore all are pure love. Pure love is what must be experienced."


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