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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny

Q & A II

  "I have noticed that there are times when I seem to close myself down, and exist entirely on the earth plane."

"Yes, you exist entirely on the earth plane when you know that your abilities are not required. You choose not to know what you are capable of knowing, because you are aware that there is nothing to be gained from such knowledge."

"I have noticed that although I want to help all people, I seem to be satisfied with providing whatever guidance I am required to provide, and no more."

"Yes, you have gone through stages of awareness. Initially your character drew you to help people. Now you have experienced that it is unimportant whether you provide help. You know that if those whom you choose to help are not destined to accept your help, you cannot provide help, no matter how hard you try. You have learned that you are sometimes required to deliver a message and you deliver your message, regardless of whether your message is received or accepted. You know that those whom you have a message for, have already chosen to experience receiving your message, or not receiving your message. You know that that those you have a message for, have also chosen whether to accept your message, or not accept your message. You have experienced that you cannot influence anybody's choice even though you may be aware of the experience which they are seeking. You know that it is not your place to attempt to alter what any have chosen to experience, even though you may know what result they have chosen to experience."

"If I am to become a master, am I supposed to abstain from all things?"

"No. You are even now becoming a master, and you will continue to experience becoming a master, until you experience being a master. You have to experience all things, and these things you have yet to experience. You are not supposed to do anything except allow everything to be. If we return the to Ten Commandments, as they are named you do not have to stop wanting to complete the process. As you complete the process you do not want anything, because you know that you can create anything you desire. Therefore you have created everything that you desire so you want nothing. You do not want what someone else has, and you do not steal because you have everything that you desire through creating whatever you desire. Thou shalt not…. is not a promise that you make to God. Thou shalt not…. is a promise that God makes to you."

"Why is my conscious self still fighting for control?"

"Your conscious self has not fully experienced giving control to your higher self. You are now experiencing consciously giving control to your higher self. A struggle within yourself to give control to your higher self is part of that experience. Your conscious self will not change what is happening. The choice has been made. All that is occurring is that you are experiencing the result of your choice."


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"Sometimes I do things in a routine order, and other times I cannot follow a routine."

"You have been conditioned that you must have a routine, you must sleep at certain times, eat at certain times, work at certain times and so on. You are now experiencing that a routine is not necessary. In fact a routine is ridiculous. How does one gain different experience by doing the same things at the same time most days? You have experienced having a routine, and now you must experience not having a routine. Each must do what they feel, and then move on to do something else, so that they gain maximum experience."

"What am I supposed to achieve in respect of my teaching role?"

"You are not supposed to achieve anything. There are no goals, no quotas, nothing that you will be measured by. You have chosen to deliver a message to those who have chosen, or will choose to receive your message. Many have asked God; 'What is the truth?' 'How do I find God?' God has answered each who has asked, but many are having difficulty receiving the answers to their questions, because they are looking in the wrong place. You have chosen to deliver a collective message, to all who seek an answer."

"The answer is within, so why do I provide this message? Why would people look to my message, instead of looking within?"

"Your message is only saying, 'look within'. If I hired every billboard or advertising sign in the world and said 'look within', the message would be lost. If when I came to you on the island I had told you all that you have now become aware of, you could not have accepted what I told you. We have established this. You needed to take one step at a time. Throughout your journey you were provided with different keys from many different sources which unlocked a little more of the awareness that you were seeking. All you are doing is providing keys to souls' awareness at each level of awareness. Souls will choose to receive the keys, which they are ready to receive."


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"If souls read my work, and see my example will they need any other keys?"

"Absolutely, the keys will continue to be provided from various sources, messages from other souls, books, movies, songs, anything. Your work will supplement those keys. Your work is only required because enough souls have requested the truth for the request for truth to become a collective request. You are answering that request, or if you prefer, answering their prayers."

"So this is just a matter of convenient timing, and without this collective prayer, my work would be unnecessary."

"You chose to experience being a teacher, and many chose to seek guidance. It was known that both events would occur now because all choices are foreseen. It was a convenient destiny to have you experience, what you have chosen to experience, at the time when many have chosen to experience the beginning of their quest for truth."

"So it is not answers that people will find within my work, but keys?"

"Yes, but more than keys. Your work will give confidence and comfort that what they seek is possible, and can be achieved from where they are, wherever that may be."

"I know that confidence and comfort can only be found within."

"Yes, but you have experienced that all answers are within. So you tell others that you have experienced that all answers are within, and they see that you have experienced that all answers are within. Your example will inspire others to experience that all answers are within for themselves."


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"Wouldn't it be easier to tell those who want to know, exactly what I have done, each thing that I have done in order, so that all may do exactly what I did?"

"Such an approach would allow those who chose to experience what you have experienced, but such an approach would not allow them to experience what they need to experience, for themselves. Their path is different than your path. It is only the principle which is the same."

"Path is an interesting term, but 'path' is not exactly correct. Nor are some other terms which we have used in this book."

"If we did not deliver our message on a basis which has a point of reference, or many points of reference, on the earth plane, our message would be lost because few would associate with our message."

"I seem to have had many lifetimes, and drawn on so few."

"You have drawn on your experiences from previous lifetimes, which you needed to draw on, when you needed to draw on them, and you will continue to do so."

"When I draw on my past lifetimes, I see that there were things which I did that have sent people along a path which they have struggled to alter."

"No, another's path is not your responsibility. That they would make their choices was foreseen. That you would make your choices was foreseen. You were placed together, only as a matter of convenience."


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"When I became enlightened on the island in such a short time, why did I not stay enlightened, and have awareness fed to me piece by piece?"

"Because you would not have experienced becoming aware, becoming complete and fulfilling your destiny. You could have done none of these things without experiencing doing them. Without the experience of doing, your experiences would not have been complete."

"So I created an environment in which I would experience becoming aware, becoming complete and fulfilling my destiny?"

"You created an environment so that you could experience becoming aware, becoming complete and fulfilling your destiny, from within an average earth plane existence, because you had already chosen to be the example."

"Why are we completing this question and answer experience?"

"Because you are allowing your awareness to grow at the pace at which you are ready to allow your awareness to grow, and the questions which you ask determine the level on which you are ready to receive answers."

"I seem to ask some questions more than once, although framed differently."

"Yes, you seek clarification and expansion."

"Are my questions and answers important to others?"

"In respect of your specific questions, only in that the answers will fill in some gaps within your experience, as your experience has been recorded. The principle is that all will experience a time, or times when they question their higher self, as they become aware."


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"I have been allowing you to dictate my eating habits, but you allow me to eat what I choose, and to over eat at times."

"Yes, firstly you are balancing your diet, which is most important for you to experience maximum physical energy on the earth plane. Secondly you are experiencing that there is no right, or wrong thing to eat. Thirdly you are experiencing that some things which you thought that you enjoyed, you really do not enjoy, because you are now aware of their true nature. You are now experiencing those things which you thought that you enjoyed, from a point of awareness of their true nature."

"Why not just tell me what I should not do?"

"Because you would experience listening to me and no more, which would limit your experience. I am telling you what to do and you listen, so you experience listening, but you also experience that I know what you need to experience."

"So I experience regardless of whether I enjoy the result."

"That you enjoy the result of an experience is irrelevant. The experience is what is relevant. You are experiencing the principle, as well as the result."

"It seems that my own experience at this time is to listen to you, regardless of what I want to do."

"Yes, this is correct. What I tell you to do is unimportant. That you experience listening to your higher self in everything, is important."


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"Tell me about time. There are some who say that time does not exist, and that all things are occurring at one time."

As I was writing, the reflections from Evelyn's crystals were dancing in front of the page.

"Time exists on the earth plane, and time is real in respect to the earth plane which is linear in nature. Time exists also on the spirit plane, but time has no meaning on the spirit plane, because time is really an illusion. Time does not exist on the higher plane, because time is not real. The true nature of all that is, is circular and those on the higher plane can move to any point, or all points on the circle, so for those on the higher plane, all things are happening at once. Those on the higher plane, can choose one event or all events as they so desire."

"Why do I find myself drawn to wear my jewellery again?"

"Specific minerals conduct specific energy, which is part of the design of the earth plane to provide all that is needed. It so happens that gold conducts love. Do you think that gold was chosen as the symbol of love in union by accident? Do you think somebody woke up one day and decided that it would be nice if gold symbolised love? No, gold was chosen because gold conducts love energy. If you look at your own experience, you were drawn to gold because you have experienced all, and you knew that love was the only reality. You gave yourself a conscious motive of your jewellery being a symbol of your success, but in reality it was gold's conductive nature which you sought. Remember that you have a golden aura, which is the aura of love, the aura of a master, which you are becoming."

"Why then did I discontinue my desire to wear my jewellery?"

"You needed to experience your true motive for wearing your jewellery. So you let go of your desire to symbolise your success, and stopped wearing your jewellery. To fully experience the release of your desire to symbolise your success, you attempted to sell your jewellery, so that you would experience that your jewellery was unimportant to you from a materialistic viewpoint. Having completed that experience, you now experience your true motive for wearing gold, which conducts love to you, and from you. That is why you could not sell your jewellery."

"That makes sense, but it sounds a little like justification to me."

"No, it is explanation. Why would you need to justify anything, even to yourself? Do you see how it was known you would ask this question? You genuinely attempted to dispose of your jewellery, so that you would have already experienced that the explanation, is not justification."


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"There are some who have suggested that I go through phases, and have referred to me as 'Brian Mark IX', or whatever."

"You are experiencing, as you experience different things you change from the perception of others. What they see is you experiencing different things on your way to becoming who you truly are, which you can only become when you have experienced all. Those who do not change, have chosen to experience the same thing over and over. Those who do not take risk, have chosen not to experience taking risk.

"No, you do not need to voice, or even think your questions. You have chosen to voice your questions now, to assist with your work, that is all."

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