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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny



"What exactly is enlightenment?"

"Enlightenment is very much an overused term. Enlightenment simply means that the light within has been allowed to shine through, and the world is seen in its full beauty. Enlightenment does not require one to be in phase, or for one's trinity to be in operation."

"I feel that 'ascend' is not quite an accurate term."

"You are correct. Ascend is a convenient term for those on the earth plane. After experience has been gained and a soul again becomes one with the trinity, there is no need to incarnate in physical form again. Although most who have achieved this oneness with all, can incarnate at will to assist another to gain experience. If we revisit our raindrops once more, we see that a drop can be evaporated from the ocean and deposited inland if necessary."

"The first time that Jesus spoke to me was different from the times when Jesus has visited me, why?"

"The first time Jesus spoke to you from the higher plane. When Jesus and others subsequently visited you, they did so from the spirit plane."

"What was really happening on those occasions when I felt my soul leave me?"

"You simply needed to experience your awareness, and the application of your awareness. Anything that occurs can only be truly experienced on the earth plane, or some such physical plane. Experience is the physical plane's reason for being."


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"I take it you are able to give me precise timing, and you are able to allow me to give timing to Katerina and others, because you foresaw where my choices would lead me every step of the way."

"That is correct. Even when faced with choices, even when you made incorrect choices, I knew exactly where you would be at any given moment including this moment. In fact, together we created the environment of the delays and frustration, because we knew what choices you would make. You did not consciously know what choices you would make, because if you did consciously know what choices you would make, your choices would not be conscious choices. Remember, the choices are conscious, or the choices are not choices, and without choices experience is not real. The earth plane must seem real when matters need to be experienced. That is why you are, at times, consumed by the apparent reality of a plane which you know is illusion."

"Why have I reviewed my life and my previous lifetimes, so often?"

"With each new awareness, you draw on your experience to better understand the application of that awareness."

"When a soul splits and a new soul is created, are common memories retained?"

"Yes, soul splitting is not dissimilar to your science fiction concept of cloning. Up until the point where the soul splits, they are the same identity, with the same experiences. After the soul splits, they become separate identities and each go in their own direction gaining their own experiences, in whichever order they chose. Sometimes they gain experience together, often experiencing the different sides of the same coin."


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"Why is it necessary to have more teachers now, couldn't Moses, Jesus, Buddha or one of the other teachers do what I am doing?"

"A teacher can only teach what his students are ready to learn. So the teachers could only deliver a message which reflected the experience of many who had sought the message. Your message reflects the experience that those who have now sought the message, have requested."

"Sometimes I dream of things which do not come to pass."

"Amongst their many uses, dreams are sometimes used as a manifestation of unrealistic fears. Unrealistic fears are fears of something which one is concerned about, but something which will not come into reality. Therefore, unrealistic fears are experienced through dreams."

"So dreams have many uses?"

"Yes, dreams are a useful tool for a wide variety of issues from foretelling or warning, to past life memories, and living or experiencing unrealistic fears."


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