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Searching for My Soul
Book Two Seeking the Knowledge Within

Home Run.

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God said, "You have done well. You did not desperately seek answers but you allowed your instinct to lead you to what you needed to find. You have entrusted your soul to me, and all will be well. You have no more fear, so have no more fear."

I attended to some tasks which I had been delaying because I found them difficult. The tasks were suddenly easy and took only minutes.

I considered what I had seen as my burden. I realized that my burden could have been worse. The significant point was that my burden had been as difficult as my burden could be, without adversely affecting those around me. The burden was mine and my burden did not belong to others.

God said, "Do you think that the timing of your review of your notes is coincidence? Did you not learn from your previous experience, that the review too was planned? Remember, all has been planned from the start.

"Do you think that you would have commenced your journey, if it was not your destiny to complete your journey? Relax, everything is as everything should be, and now you truly know that everything is as everything should be.

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"You must remove the standards of others and society from yourself completely, and you must learn to accept what you know to be so. Many of your desires are memories. You have lived so many lifetimes, that you should discount nothing.

"Remember, it does not matter what happens. Sometimes you are meant to experience something, and sometimes you are meant to not experience something. It matters not which, so do not concern yourself with which. Remember, everything is exactly as everything is meant to be. Know that everything always exactly as everything is meant to be.

"It is correct that you can only be happy within yourself, but it is equally correct that all are incomplete, which is what drives the desire for a relationship.

"How many times do you need to experience that something is not the way, before you stop looking for that something? If you need an experience, the experience will come to you. Do you see how this works now? You look for something, so you can experience not finding that something. You look for something without success, until you have sufficient experience not to look for that something. Do you understand?

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"Look at that man. Do you see him as he truly is, even through his sunglasses? Do not let your ability frighten you. You now have the ability to see all as they truly are. Your ability to see all as they truly are, has been awakened."

Two people walked passed me, each time I knew whether they were happy or sad, and I knew their hopes and concerns. Each time that a person passed me, even for a second, I knew whether they were happy or sad, and I knew their hopes and concerns.

"Do you see how your ability to see all as they truly are works? Do you see what you can do? Have no fear, you will use your ability to see all as they truly are, wisely. You have always had this ability to see all as they truly are. You were aware of your ability to see all as they truly are, but you suppressed your ability to see all as they truly are.

"Do not be concerned if you forget something. You will be reminded, but the reminder will not be a hard experience, just a subtle reminder.

"Consider that you have determined how you will help those in need. You have determined not to give money, but to show others how practical, real help is. You know that much money will not reach its destination, and you know that practical help will reach those in need, providing the tools that are necessary for those in need to help themselves, if they so choose.

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"The same principle applies to individuals who face a challenge. You have determined that you will provide guidance and resources to allow those who choose to face their challenge, and to overcome the challenge themselves.

"Do you not see the importance of this work, and the wisdom which you have shown in discerning the best way to do this work, without altering the path, or removing the choice from those whom you are drawn to help? I tell you, this is honourable work on my behalf, and I would not withhold the resources to allow you to do such work.

"You will be led to where you are needed, and those who are in need will seek you. Many will follow your example, and this will place them on the correct road. Fear not, you know that you are up to this task, and you know that you are worthy of this task.

"It will not be easy, and you will require much commitment to complete your task, but you will not be alone. Know that I will guide you, and the masters will support you. Your soulmate, who you have correctly identified, will bring you joy, and show you the courage to go on.

"Be at peace now, all is falling into place and all will be well. It has been a long period that you have been alone, but you have had much to do.

"Let go of all fear. Fear has now gone, and all that you feel is an echo of fear's existence.

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"Remember, from whence you came."

A soul, floating freely in the universe, resting, being part of the vast ocean of existence, draws on the wisdom of God within. The message was simple, "It is time."

The soul splits, and a new soul is created from the existing soul. This new soul slowly floats away from its creator. The new soul floats as part of all existence. There is great peace and great love within the new soul, and all around and within every other soul. The peace and love does not begin, and the peace and love does not end. The peace and love just is.

The soul floats for an age, time has no meaning. Linear existence is not yet experienced. Everything just is, and no explanation is necessary or requested.

The soul separates, and the two parts of the soul drift away, knowing that they will be reunited and knowing no fear, because fear does not exist.

The soul is drawn to the physical plane, which I would come to know as Red Planet, and enters a body as the physical body is newly forming. The soul experiences the wonder of the physical body as the physical body is being born.

The new body looks around and feels its body, its fingers, its eyes from which to see, and the soul marvels because this is a different perspective. This is an experience, the first experience.

The soul does not realize how quickly the soul will forget what the soul knows, and the journey to experience begins. That first experience was many, many thousands of years ago. That first experience is difficult to remember, and that first experience is not relevant.

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I had begun my circle, and now I was very close to completing my circle, and once more becoming a part of all.

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