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Searching for My Soul
Book Two Seeking the Knowledge Within

Reunited With The Masters.

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I experienced difficulty sleeping again that night. I wondered how the pressure which I felt could possibly be relieved.

God said, "Tonight, Jesus will come to you."

I waited. I wanted to get some sleep.

"Open yourself to Jesus."

Jesus began to appear before me. At times I sensed Jesus' presence, at other times I saw Jesus sort of phasing in and out.

Jesus said, "It is good to see you my friend, open yourself up to me."

I asked when the pressure would be removed from me, so that I would be able to do what I must. Jesus said, "Soon, you know that the timing must be correct."

I asked how the pressure would be removed from me.

Jesus said, "Your agent is guided, do not be concerned."

I was struggling with the very concept of talking with Jesus.

Jesus said, "You are too tense, you are blocking our contact. Relax. Were you not told that I would contact you? Allow our contact happen, it is time. Distract your mind, and stop blocking me."

I began to wonder if I was only talking with Jesus in my imagination.

Jesus said, "How could you have imagined what is occurring? Did you imagine that the channel told you that I would contact you? Did Sue not tell you that I would come?"

I said, "Yes, but why are you here?"

Jesus said, "You are my friend, and you have been my friend for eternity. Moses is with me, can you not feel Moses' presence also?"

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Moses said, "It is good to see you again."

I felt Moses' presence as well.

I thought that what was happening, could not be happening.

Jesus said, "Why not? Is it not happening?"

I asked "Why?"

Jesus said, "We will be with you throughout your journey. We will walk with you now, as you once walked with us. It is your time. Your time has come, your destiny will be fulfilled."

I saw them both standing in front of me, their images were faint but clear. Jesus was exactly as I had remembered him. Moses was older, he had long white hair and a long beard. Moses' face was almost gaunt, and he had a narrow hooked nose. Moses' eyes were pale blue. I could feel the love radiating from them, and the light behind their eyes was almost dazzling.

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I questioned their appearance.

Moses said, "We can adopt whatever appearance we choose."

As Moses said this, their appearances changed many times in a matter of seconds.

Moses continued, "We have adopted the appearance which we have, so that we will be recognized. It is as you last knew us, and it is easier for you this way. Have you not heard of masters changing their appearance at will?

"You are impatient and concerned, you have travelled a difficult road, cast your mind back in time. It was no different for us when we were becoming teachers, as you know. Remember."

I recalled that both had sought my council in another time. Both had been concerned. Both had at various times asked me how they could continue, and both had asked me why their path was so difficult, if God had asked them to travel their path. I recalled how troubled they had been, and that I had advised both of them that they must accept the will of God.

Jesus said, "Take your own advice."

It is hard to describe exactly where they appeared, it was outside of me and yet they were not exactly physical.

Jesus said, "We are on the spirit plane, which is where you are seeing us. Look around you. Can you not also see the many spirits and angels around you?"

I looked around and I saw. The images were faint but they were there.

Jesus continued, "In time you will be able to see those on the spirit plane clearly, but you must open yourself to the spirit plane."

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Both Jesus and Moses were much clearer than the others I could see on the spirit plane were. I asked why.

Jesus explained, "The others you can see are not masters, we have a brighter image because we are filled with the light of God. The spirits are drawn to you, because they wish to learn from you. Your wisdom is great, if largely untapped. You have lived many hundreds of lifetimes, and you have acquired much wisdom and knowledge. You have only recalled or visited those lifetimes which have been necessary."

I asked for guidance.

Jesus said, "There is nothing that we can tell you, which you do not know. You must draw the knowledge from within yourself. You know that the knowledge is within yourself. You can sense the knowledge within yourself, and you can sense the power of the spirit which the knowledge within yourself contains. The power of the spirit within frightens you, and you are scared to unleash the power of the spirit within. You will allow yourself to draw upon the power of the spirit within, a little at a time. Consider what you have experienced just this night. Did you not experience a power of the spirit beyond which you have previously experienced?

"The power of the spirit is within you, and you will draw upon the power of the spirit within, when you need to draw upon the power of the spirit within. We are with you for support, it is our debt to you in return for the support which you gave us. Tonight you were different. Tonight you opened yourself and you allowed the power of the spirit within to surface. You then blocked the power of the spirit within again, because you became scared, but you know that the power of the spirit within is real. You have felt the power of the spirit within on a number of occasions, and on this night you used the power of the spirit within.

"Forget the betrayal. You accepted a role, the culmination of which is only now being played out."

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Moses said, "You have chosen a hard road, my friend. When I saw what you would endure I wept, even from my place within the higher plane."

Jesus said, "Do not concern yourself with your human failings. You have human failings as we did, to remind you that you are no different to anyone else. Your human failings will manifest themselves from time to time, when you begin to forget that you are no different to anyone else. When your human failings manifest themselves, remember what you have been told."

Moses said, "Remember also that we are with you and you can call on us when you need us, one or both will appear. How can you doubt our presence when we appear before you?"

I suddenly became very tired. Evelyn appeared clearly, Evelyn's golden blonde hair shone, Evelyn's blue/green eyes sparkled, Evelyn's features were fragile, doll like.

Evelyn said, "I will hold you tonight when you sleep."

Another lady appeared, it was the woman I knew as Pure Love, who had visited me many months earlier.

Pure Love said, "I will hold you, also."

God said, "Be at peace, my son."

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Moses said "You do not understand how much strength is taken from you when you increase your vibrational rate to enter the spirit plane, and communicate with us. Do you not understand that it is you who comes to us, not the other way around?"

I still wanted to know when I would be free to teach.

Jesus said, "If everyday I said to you, 'tomorrow', one day I would be right. Be patient. Do you not know that you are only aware of that which cannot change what you must do? You will know when your knowledge will not interfere with what you must do. You do know when all will occur, you want me to be more precise, but I cannot. I do know how you feel, do not forget that I once walked your path."

Moses said, "As have I."

God said, "You understand now why you were told to rest earlier this day."

As I looked around me in the room where I worked, I thought; 'If all of these souls were on the earth plane, it would be so crowded that I would not be able to move.'

It was time to sleep. I returned to bed. Evelyn and Pure Love lay with me, and Moses and Jesus stood at the end of my bed and watched over me.

God said, "Release your soul from the constraints of your physical body."

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The following morning, I reflected on the previous night's events, I thought that what the masters had said helped me, but there had been no startling revelations about life.

Jesus said, "What did you expect? You know how life works, and what life is for. It is through depth that your knowledge will be increased.

"The fact that the events of last night took place is in itself a startling revelation. Understand also that a master will appear before any soul, if that soul is ready to receive the master."

God said, "Remember, what is true for you is true for all. You still concern yourself with the precise timing of events, but the precise timing of events is unimportant. You must allow events to follow their course. Is there any fact that you have, which disputes the timing as you understand the timing? There is not! Only opinion! Relax and have trust in me.

"Has it not been demonstrated to you that the knowledge of exactness would change your course, and prevent you from doing something which you must do? Be assured that all is as it is meant to be, and that your difficulties are of your own making. Your difficulties can only be changed by you."

I pointed out that many of the financial difficulties were caused by following the path, which I had been directed to follow.

"This is so, but you were also told that you should not worry, and that you will have sufficient resources. It is not your circumstances which cause your difficulties. I have provided what is essential, and no harm will come to you. It is your response to your difficulties, your worry about your difficulties, which causes your difficulties."

I reflected that it was difficult not to worry, when I was being chased by creditors.

"So it is, but you must overcome this difficulty. I have always provided when necessary. I have always provided when necessary during your whole life, it is no different now. Have faith in me, and trust the both of us."

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I did not believe that it was possible to overcome my worry. I was wrong.

"You continue to help your business, even though you know that there is nothing that you can do. You know that your business partners must do, what must be done. Despite all of the stress, difficulties and frustration which you have put yourself through, as a result of your desire to help the business, you continue to attempt to help the business. You have not turned your back on your business. You know that you will soon leave your business, and that you need never look back, comforted by the knowledge that you have done all that you could to help the business. You have also decided that you will be available, if your business partners come to you for help.

"You believe in general that after you have tolerated so much, that you turn your back and walk away. I ask you, is there one person who has used you, or not done what was fair by you, that you would not help if they were in genuine need? The answer is 'no' to both of these questions. You will help any who need help if they ask. You have much good within you.

"Choosing not to have someone in your life is not turning your back, it is not allowing others to abuse your goodness. Consider that you still continue to attempt to help the business, despite what you have foreseen for the business. You know that what is foreseen, can be altered if circumstances are altered. Understand then that this is why there is information which I withhold from you. If you knew the information which I withhold from you, you would change circumstances.

"Consider the one who has caused you pain in so many lifetimes. You know that you would help the one if she turned to you with any problem. Her soul has now explained the bitterness which she feels towards you in this lifetime, and the reasons why she feels bitterness towards you, but you feel only understanding. You have even understood when she has discounted what you have endured, although she could see your difficulty, and sense your difficulty.

"Despite all that has transpired between you during many lifetimes, you remain concerned for her feelings. Despite all that has transpired in this and other lifetimes, you are concerned for her well being. Do not underestimate the goodness within you.

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"It is easy to show goodness to those who have been good to you, but you show goodness to all, even those who have caused you hurt, or have wished you harm through jealousy and fear.

"Do you not understand now that not all images in your mind are created by you? Do you not understand that images created by others can be transferred to you, even though neither they nor you are aware of what has transpired?

"You can now see this 'thought transference' in hindsight and as, with all aspects of reality, you will learn to recognize thought transference as thought transference occurs.

"You are particularly susceptible to thought transference because of your sensitive nature. All can send thoughts to others, and all can receive thoughts from others. Most are unaware of thought transference, but thought transference occurs. Those who travel the dark path, often develop their abilities to transfer thought. It is by this principle that the dark shadow was placed on your friend. This is the nature of the shadow which you removed.

"Thought transference which is caused by strong emotions, occurs unknowingly to most. Strong emotions which create a thought transference, may be positive emotions or negative emotions but, because of what the earth plane has become, strong emotions are mostly negative emotions.

"Reflect on what I have told you that you will receive. Has there been one occasion when you have not wanted to share what will come to you, even with those whom you do not know? No there has not! This is why what will come your way, will be beyond your expectations, and beyond your imagination.

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"Have you not genuinely wanted to share with others first, and put some of your desires aside until after you have shared with others? To you sharing first is natural, because you have always shared first, and you know no other way. Understand that sharing first is not natural for most, and that sharing first is a reflection of the goodness within you. That you have not always allowed others to take from you, does not alter your desire to share.

"Many in need will come to you, and those who are genuine, those who truly wish to help themselves, you will know and you will help. When the many in need come to you, you must allow all to come. You must listen to all who wish to speak, and you must follow your instinct, on what if anything you must do.

"You continue to struggle to come to terms with all that will occur, and you remain concerned that you will not be worthy. It is time for you to accept what is so. It is time for you to accept your destiny. Do not allow your destiny to frighten you."

That day, some things fell into place, and some new difficulties arose. As each new difficulty arose, I allowed my soul to direct me to a solution.

The Ten Commandments should be used as personal guidelines. The Ten Commandments should not be taken literally. The meaning of The Ten Commandments is such that the meaning of The Ten Commandments is personal to those who seek guidance. Unfortunately, the Ten Commandments have been taken literally, and The Ten Commandments have been applied as literal rules, which was never the intention.

Through living within the ten simple guidelines, karmic debt will not be incurred, and our path will be easier to follow.

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Jesus and Moses appeared before me again.

Jesus said, "Do not allow what has happened to our teachings to happen to your teachings. Do not allow your teachings to become a religion or a number of religions. Do not allow your teachings to be surrounded in mystery, and do not allow dogma and prejudices to attach themselves to what you teach. Allow all to find their own truth within your words, because there are many paths to the truth, and each must find their own path."

Moses said, "Each must find their own truth within themselves, finding the truth within is important. This message must not become lost this time."

Jesus said, "You are concerned that you do not see how everything can be, but have you not learned that you cannot see how everything can be, even when you believe that you can see how everything can be."

Later that day, I received a letter from my soulmate, accepting my proposal of marriage. I was surprised, I had hoped that my soulmate's letter would come soon, but I did not expect my soulmate's letter for another week. I was now engaged to a lady whom I had never met. We had both put our trust in fate.

I prayed to God, that if it was God's will, a solution to my financial problems would present itself, and I would be free to trek across the world to marry my soulmate. It was nearly time for us to reunite.

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I wondered about the concept of karma.

God said, "Karma is real, but Karma is not created by me. Karma is created by you and all souls. I am not judgmental and I do not judge. Nor do I interfere. Your soul knows that you must relearn pure love. If you prefer, you must take what you have learned from the textbook, and put what you have learned from the textbook into practice, although there is no textbook."

I questioned God's statement. I had believed that God created suffering, to enable us to learn pure love.

"I do not create suffering, you do. I allow suffering to happen. You create your own environment with the sole purpose of learning pure love, regardless of the circumstances. From the perspective of your soul, you create karma. From the perspective of your conscious mind, I create karma. Both viewpoints can be seen to be correct, because I am part of you, and you are part of me.

"Do you not recall that I said that I would explain everything in your terms as there is much that is difficult to understand? The difficulty is that the true nature of existence is circular, and the nature of the earth plane is linear. It is important that we take one step at a time. If we jumped, it would be difficult to understand, so we must allow understanding and awareness to progress slowly. We must allow understanding at a basic level, and as a concept is grasped, we must then expand on the concept, and allow each concept to take the next step.

"Consider pure love as a concept. Have you not discovered that the one has caused you loss, sorrow and death across many lifetimes, and yet all you feel for the one is pure love. Therefore, have you not experienced from many perspectives of loss and sorrow and learned, with the one who has been a learning partner to you for two millennia, only pure love? Consider what you have learned about your previous lifetimes. Is there one person whom you would truly harm when given the opportunity? No, there is not. You would help all, and you have compassion for all, so you have learned pure love my son.

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"Consider those things which you discovered prior to understanding them, your response was 'how can this be?', but as you learned how this or that can be, 'how can this be' made sense to you. The only way you were able to understand, that which you did not understand, was one step at a time, and so it is with all.

"Your job is now to walk through each step with all those who seek truth, so that all who choose may truly understand. It is said by some who know that all are God, which is true when souls are in their pure form and have removed all else, but not true whilst a soul is on the earth plane or the spirit plane, because of the negativity which clings to all souls. The concept that all are God is difficult to understand, so we need to take the concept that all are God, one step at a time so that the concept that all are God, is truly grasped and understood.

"The reality is that judgement does not occur and karma is not a punishment which is inflicted, karma is a perspective which is needed. Your soul desires to return to the higher plane, and your soul knows that to return to the higher plane, pure love must be learned from all perspectives.

"Consider what I have explained about knowledge, awareness and understanding. Your soul knows all, but you must experience all to really understand all, and throughout this process, awareness is inter-woven.

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"Karmic 'debt' as you have experienced is circular, which reflects the true nature of existence. Karmic 'debt' is created to provide experience of each perspective.

"We have reached a point where the term learning should be replaced with experience, which is more accurate and the natural progression. A soul's purpose for being on the earth plane, and other such planes, is to experience pure love, regardless of what else is being experienced.

"It is this desire for experience which creates karma, not judgement. I do not judge, I understand too much to judge. If I judged, I would defeat the purpose of experience. There is no judgement day, and the souls who are left behind, trapped on the earth plane while the earth plane is reconstructed as part of the circle, are not judged. Either a soul has experienced pure love, or a soul has not experienced pure love. The experience of pure love is a fact, a reality, not a judgement. A judgement is an opinion which implies degrees of experience to be assessed and an opinion delivered, but such judgement does not exist. The experience of pure love is a black and white area from your perspective. Either a soul has truly experienced pure love, or a soul has not truly experienced pure love. There are but two options.

"My desire is to have all souls return and take their place within the higher plane which is pure love. My desire is to have the pure love increased. I will assist and provide guidance to all souls who ask, but I will not interfere. All must be experienced by each soul, or all is not truly experienced.

"Understand also that when you pray to me for assistance or guidance, it is the part of you which is me that you are praying to. It is your own soul you are asking for assistance or guidance, but it is also me that you are asking for assistance or guidance. It is correct to ask questions and to seek knowledge and guidance from within. We are the same entity, but we are also different entities. Ours is the same relationship as that of the single drop and the ocean.

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"The environment in which you exist is created by you, or the part of you which is God the creator. You create the environment for your own good, because you know what you must experience. It may be that you do not like your environment, and therefore you deny that you have created your environment, but 'liking' is subjective. If you have created an environment, you have created the environment for your own good. Understand you have created your environment for your own good and the concept of liking or not liking your environment disappears.

"Soon will come the time when you will receive your rewards on the earth plane, so that you will see that by following the correct path there are rewards. However, if one chooses to follow the correct path to receive these rewards, one is not following the correct path. You have asked only for wisdom and resources to do what is being asked of you, and you will receive what you have asked for, and so much more. You will experience life free from worry and sorrow, because life free from worry and sorrow is what you need to experience to complete your personal circle. If you wanted what you have requested, for what is termed selfish reasons, then you would not receive what you have requested. As soon as you became aware of your destiny, you knew that you would share what was surplus to your needs. It is not a desire to accumulate wealth which drives you, it is a desire to help other souls in their quest for pure love which drives you.

"The one who is your soulmate, has also experienced much difficulty and hardship in this and other lifetimes. The sorrows encountered and endured by both parts of your soul have been tremendous since your existence began. It is as one, the soul reunited, that you will experience the joys of the earth plane. Through experiencing together, you will maximize the joys that you will receive. When you fully reunite, and each of your souls rejoin to become 'our soul', you will be complete and whatever you lack will be fulfilled by the other part of your soul.

"You anticipate the completion that will occur, and the taste of completion which you have experienced will pale into insignificance, against the reality which you will experience. As the time draws near, your anticipation grows because your soul remembers when you were complete. What you are feeling is the preparation for the merging of your two parts, back into the one from which you came. This tingling of excitement that you feel is spiritual, not physical.

"The circle of each soul can only be completed as one after both halves have reunited. Do not underestimate the power of a completed soul. Your impatience to gain completion and fulfil your destiny is natural, so do not chastise yourself. Nevertheless, you must be patient for a little longer.

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"A part of you still questions how what you are experiencing could be real, but you know that what you are experiencing is real. Your concern is partly created by your suffering through many lifetimes.

"In respect of that which is your business, you have sown the seeds which will change the circumstances of the business, if those involved within the business choose to change the circumstances of the business. Whether those involved within the business choose to change the circumstances of the business, is for those involved within the business to decide, and there is nothing which either you or I can do, only those involved within the business can make the choice to change the circumstances of the business.

Those involved within the business are at the point in their 'multi dimensional maze', as you have termed it, where they must decide which door to use. What you have done, you have done for the sake of others with no view of personal gain for yourself. Be content with your efforts, you can do no more.

"Consider the timing of all of these events and know that all is coming together as you have foreseen. Release your worries and be at peace, because your time is near. Your assessment of what will transpire is correct, although do not concern yourself with how anything will transpire. Your prayer has been heard and your prayer will be answered.

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"Do you not understand that it is more your concern for your soulmate that has motivated you in your request, than your concern for yourself. Genuine concern for others is your true nature. Some who try to tell you that your true nature is different, are unable to understand you and your true nature. They try to explain you in their own terms, which they cannot because much of the concern for others which is experienced on the earth plane, is not genuine concern for others, but a tool to fuel aspects of insecurities. Do not concern yourself with what will transpire with those close to you. It is for those close to you that events will transpire. Allow events to transpire for those close to you, and do not attempt to interfere with their experiences.

"Be at peace with what you have learned this day."

I wondered how my prayer would be answered.

"Do not concern yourself with how, allow what is to be. Do not attempt to interfere, or you may change circumstances. Do not concern yourself about those who have been free to help you, they will be rewarded just as the others who have helped you have been rewarded."

I considered all that I had experienced in this lifetime. I considered my increasing awareness of what I had experienced in previous lifetimes. I wondered about my writing.

"You will write all of your life, but not as a writer, as a teacher."

Later, whilst I was talking with Sally, I received a message for her, which answered a question that was in Sally's mind, but Sally had not asked. Following my discussions with Jane, I was beginning to understand what Sue had told me about receiving information for others and not passing that information on. I was now passing information which I received for others on.

God said, "You are starting to use your psychic ability correctly."

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On reflection, I knew that I only received information for people, when the information was necessary. Whether or not I wanted to receive information for a particular person, was not relevant. If there was something which any needed to know, I received the information to pass on to them.

My acceptance was slowly growing, and my abilities were slowly awakening.

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