Truth of Reality Part Two

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11.1 We control our own lives. God knows what each of us will do, and so do we, but we have to experience each step of our journey for ourselves. We have to make our own choices, but God knows what choices we will make.

11.2 Everything is always as everything should be.

11.3 We are together with God. Souls form each drop that is the ocean, and God is the ocean which souls form.

11.4 We cannot take another's artificial reality, another's illusions from them. Their illusion is real to them, and all that they have. We must allow all to experience what they need to experience for themselves.

11.5 We must experience.

11.6 We must allow all to be as it is.

11.7 We must accept and allow.

11.8 When we are aware, aware is all that we need to be.

11.9 God is always with us.

11.10 When we are aware of God's presence we can discuss all things with God, and we can listen to God's response.

11.11 God is within us. God is a part of us.

11.12 When we communicate with God, we also communicate with our higher selves.

11.13 If we choose not to listen to God, we will experience what will happen if we do not listen to God.

11.14 When we seek God's council, we must do what God councils and no more. If God councils us not to worry and we worry, then we are doing more than God councils.

11.15 Worry achieves nothing, worry changes nothing.

11.16 We are in control of our life. We are in control of our life by way of our higher self, which is also God.

11.17 Fear motivates all, we can see fear around us. However, we must not be concerned, we must understand that fear is the fabric of artificial reality.

11.18 Our awareness of God within can only be used for good. Our awareness of God within cannot be used for gain in the artificial world.

11.19 As we gain awareness, our vibrational rate tires us, even when we sleep. Until we adjust to our increased vibrational rate.

11.20 We all make choices. We all create the environment around us to make our choices. God knows all that is to be faced, and God knows all choices that will be experienced, so God brings us together with others whose choices and experiences will provide benefit for all, and each of us. God does not interfere with experiences or choices of individuals, but God brings us together so that maximum benefit is achieved from our experiences.

11.21 When we seek guidance from God we must listen exactly to God's guidance.

11.22 We must not be concerned when we have difficulty accepting The Truth Of Reality.

11.23 God has an explanation for everything, because God knows everything.

11.24 God knew what the response to each teacher would be, and God knew what results would occur. The result of the lifetime of each teacher was both by design and by choice.

11.25 We must experience all, because to experience is the only way for us to truly know. When we have experienced all, the reality of pure love must be the result.

11.26 The one called Mohammed, has returned as a master but already he has been misinterpreted and misunderstood. Those who have recognised him as a master have already misunderstood him.

11.27 The one called John The Baptist has returned and is among us.

11.28 We must open our minds fully, we must go where God leads us, we must read what God instructs, and we must meditate as we need. It is time for us to see clearly.

11.29 Each teacher has a different role. Each teacher will use different words for the same concept. All teachers will reach a different group of souls, and all teachers will reach the same group of souls. We must look at the principles. The principles are the same. The message is the same. If one teacher calls one concept this and another teacher calls the concept that, is it not the same concept but with a different label?

Labels achieve nothing and labels are not needed. Religions have been built on labels and followers see differences when all that is different is the label. We must remove all brands, brands are not necessary. If God allows the teachers to use one set of words, those who identify with those words are reached and only them. In time they will feel they are chosen.

None are chosen and all are chosen. Different words are used for the same concept, or the same principle by different teachers, not because the message is different, but because the message is the same regardless of how the message is labelled. We must remove the labels, we must look within, and see the truth without labels.

11.30 Words are of little importance. It is the meaning which is important.

11.31 As our awareness increases, our understanding seems different from what we previously understood. However, the principles are the same. It is our level of awareness which is different. We begin at a basic level of awareness, looking at only the earth plane’s perspective. We then move from that level of awareness to the next level of awareness and so on, as we move through each level of awareness.

11.32 We do not receive guidance by being told to put one foot here, and the next one there, and watch out for that rock. We receive guidance that one foot must be put in front of the other. We receive guidance that if we fall, we must get up, or if we take a wrong turn, we must find our way back to the correct path.

11.33 We must release the burdens which hold us back. We do not receive guidance that we must not release this, or that we must release that, because we each have different burdens. We receive guidance that there are burdens which must be released, but not what our burdens are. If we receive guidance that we must, ‘release all burdens’, the guidance would be correct, but we would not understand. So we receive guidance to release the burdens from this lifetime, release the burdens from previous lifetimes, and release what is tangled and hidden.

11.34 If the guidance which we are given is too general, we do not understand. If the guidance we are given is too specific, we do not experience. We need both understanding and experience, to gain awareness.

11.35 When we choose to follow the path up the mountain of awareness, we need to know that there is a hidden bridge. We need to know that the bridge exists, and that the bridge is hidden. However, we each follow a different path, and we each have a different bridge.

11.36 We are God, which is difficult for us to believe until we know for ourselves. We have to learn, step by step, the nature of God, and how God fits into the puzzle of existence. We have to understand the facets of ourselves, to allow ourselves to understand our relationship with God.

11.37 We create our own environment, which is a difficult concept for us to understand. We have to experience all aspects of our environment, one by one, and put the aspects of our environment together, to enable us to understand that we do create our own environment.

11.38 Before we reach the summit of the mountain of our awareness, we must leap a chasm with no visible means of support, and no bottom which can be seen. After we have leapt the chasm, we will reach the summit of the mountain of our awareness. It is difficult for us to make a leap of faith, without understanding what a leap of faith means.

We have to pass the hurdle which guards the chasm, preventing us from making a leap of faith until we are ready to jump. Before we can pass the hurdle, we need to understand that placing ourselves in God’s hands is the only way across the chasm. We can traverse the chasm with no fear, because we are supported by God, but we have to place ourselves entirely in God’s hands. We have to place ourselves in the hands of our higher self, the part of us which is God.

11.39 As we become more of our true self, our fear disappears.

11.40 If we desire a lifetime without physical ills, we must accept that a lifetime without physical ills is possible, and a lifetime without physical ills will be so.

11.41 When we are in contact with God, we are also in contact with our higher self.

11.42 When we chose to be who we are, it will take a little time for us to adjust. When it is time to be who we are, we will adjust.

11.43 There are many masters. Most masters were unknown outside of their own environment. Some masters who had specific tasks were persecuted, but these masters knew that it was their destiny to be persecuted, and these masters knew that the persecution meant nothing.

11.44 The echoes of our fears diminish, as the distance that our fears are left behind us increases.

11.45 Bridges, chasms, and leaps of faith are all analogies, labels. It is the principle which is important.

11.46 It is not what the person delivering the message means that is important. It is that we receive the message, and look within for the meaning that is important. It is not for those delivering the message to know what the message means, it is for us when we receive the message to know what the message means. We must understand this as a receiver of messages, and we must understand this as a deliverer of messages.

11.47 We must accept that nothing is too good for us.

11.48 Our bodies are not created with clothes because clothes are not necessary. Our bodies are beautiful and are meant to be enjoyed. Physical sensations are meant to be experienced.

It is by covering the body and saying that it is bad to see naked bodies, that we call our bodies evil. How can human bodies be evil? If we had not conditioned ourselves to see this beauty as evil, if we had not said that experiencing physical sensations must be evil, there would be little rape, there would be little sex crime. It is the desire to experience doing evil, as it is called, which is the problem. Imagine if there was no mystery, no sin, just love. Where would the problem be?

11.49 All living things have a soul, including plant life. We have experienced all things, including being a plant.

11.50 When we begin to become aware, our vibrational rate is erratic. Periodically, our vibrational rate needs to stabilise, which is a part of the adjustment process.

11.51 We all have choices. God knows what choices we will make, but God does not control our choices. It is the choices which we are destined to make, that allow God to bring souls together. However, there can also be changes in the choices which we are destined to make. God can create anything, including flexibility.

11.52 Every moment of every day we each gain something.

11.53 We must learn to become aware of all, not just aware of what stares us in the face.

11.54 We all become masters, but it is those who have been teachers who become known as masters. That some masters become known is convenient, and useful to enable continued teaching by the same masters.

11.55 We are each the Holy Trinity. Our ‘father’ is the part of us which is God, or our higher self, or our super consciousness, or the creator. Our ‘son’ is our lower self, or our conscious, or the created, and therefore the son, or the daughter, if we prefer. Our ‘holy spirit’ is our subconscious, or our spirit self between the creator and the created.

11.56 The trinity is a very simple term which can be used to describe the circular nature of all that is. The trinity can be used to describe reincarnation. The trinity also describes and categorises the three planes of existence. The physical plane, the spirit plane and the higher plane.

11.57 Our vibrational rate is like a frequency, the lower our vibrational rate becomes the more physical our existence. As our vibrational rate or frequency increases, communication is possible with the spirit plane, and as our vibrational rate further increases the higher plane is reached.

11.58 Our conscious mind is physical, our conscious mind belongs on the physical plane and ceases to exist when our body ceases to exist. All that we have experienced, we retain as we cross into the spirit plane which is governed by our subconscious mind. When we again take on physical existence, our vibrational rate lowers and direct communication with the subconscious is again lost, but communication can be regained by increasing our vibrational rate. Our higher self, our super consciousness is that which is attached to the higher plane. It is the part of us which is God. This is how God is within all, and how all are within God.

11.59 Our higher self knows all, but our higher self does not understand until our higher self experiences, so our higher self creates our physical lifetimes to gain experience.

11.60 The spirit plane is a means of finalizing matters so that any karmic debt, which will not be needed, can be cleared.

11.61 Our time on the spirit plane is a time of rest, and a time of review before we experience another physical existence.

11.62 The basic truth of the trinity exists within all religions, and within all beliefs, regardless of how the concept of the trinity is addressed, or presented.

11.63 It is through finding the basic truth which is within all, that we can see that all religions contain the truth, but none are the truth.

11.64 Even those who have chosen a dark path see the basic truth, but those who have chosen a dark path, have chosen to use the truth in dark ways.

11.65 Regardless of whatever religion, science or philosophy is applied, the trinity is constant. We must forget the many ways that the trinity is dressed. We must forget how many labels the trinity has been given. If we were to argue that one description is better than the other, the point has been missed. Mostly the trinity is dressed and accepted in whatever form suits our individual belief, but the principle is the same. If we dispute the existence of a spirit plane, but accept a subconscious mind, by definition we therefore accept the spirit plane, although we have chosen to believe that the spirit plane does not exist.

11.66 We must remove the brand, the tattoo, the label, and see only the truth.

11.67 We become tired when our vibrational rate needs to be adjusted. The frequency of our vibrational rate needs to be finely tuned. Until our vibrational rate is finely tuned, we use much of our energy to sift the communication from the interference, but when we adjust our vibrational rate, when we have finely tuned our vibrational rate, we no longer become tired. Consider a radio, after we have found the right band, we need to finely tune into the station.

11.68 We see our higher self and God as separate entities, but before our journey is over we will understand that we are the same entity.

11.69 The spirit plane, or the middle plane, or the subconscious, whatever it may be labelled, is the bridge between the physical existence, or our lower self, and the true existence, or our higher self.

The spirit plane is the plane between the lower plane, and the higher plane. The bridge to our soul, is another description of the spirit plane, where all experience, unresolved and resolved is stored.

11.70 We can send our spirit to the spirit plane, and find a healer to invigorate us and recharge our energy.

11.71 We are able to provide our own keys to our awareness.

11.72 If two, or whatever number of us, need to experience something that interrelates, it is in the best interest of all that we experience together. Sometimes it is necessary to slow one of us down, or speed one of us up so that our timing is synchronised. God does not effect our choices. Choices must be made by us, but sometimes it is opportune to allow us to experience together. If God adjusts timing by a fraction, the adjustment has no bearing on our choice, or the outcome of our choices. If an adjustment in the timing did effect our choices, another way would be found to provide our chosen experience.

11.73 Consider what is known as the ‘learning curve’. Our spiritual learning curve is no different, although ‘learning curve’ would be better described as an ‘awareness experience curve’.

11.74 The one thing which cannot be removed from us is free will, because God has given free will to us all. God is within us all, so free will must be retained by us all, even if we choose not to exercise our free will. If we choose not to exercise our free will, we are in fact exercising our free will.

11.75 We create a new reality, by believing what we have created to be so, by seeing what we have created, and by drawing what we have created to us.

11.76 We must trust only what we know to be true.

11.77 God and our higher self are separate entities. We are individual entities, but we are also the same entity. When we are told we are God, we become lost because the concept that we are God is too difficult for us to understand. The concept that we are God must progress as our understanding develops. Acceptance that we are God is a natural progression which we find within ourselves.

We are not God, as God has been defined by man and by religion, but God, is not God as God has been defined by man and by religion either.

11.78 We can be reincarnated together with our bonded souls, in forms other than human.

11.79 We can draw on any past life memory that we need, when we need any past life memory, even if we only need to experience a past life memory to know that the memory exists. Recalling our past life memories will become easier and more natural for us, as we tune into our own frequency and become one with ourself.

11.80 We begin fulfilling our destiny, at the moment of our creation. All of the choices which we will have, and all of the choices which we will make are known. From the moment that we make our first choice, we have begun to fulfil our destiny.

11.81 When a master first ascends, a master remains closely linked to those souls to whom a master is bonded.

11.82 We see God as ‘he’ because that is our choice. We could choose to see God as ‘she’, it is the same to God. God is both. God is all.

11.83 Many known masters have been males, but there have been many masters who have been females. At one time masters were mostly females, priestesses were the accepted spiritual leaders in many societies. In the societies which have dominated for the last few thousand years, when communication was being expanded, most societies viewed females as less than equal to males. This is incorrect, but it meant that the males were more acceptable to society. There are many female masters, but they were not widely known or accepted, even within their own communities.

11.84 The Ten Commandments are not rules. The Ten Commandments are misunderstood. The Ten Commandments are not what we must do to find God, The Ten Commandments are what we will do if we find God within. There is no point in us following The Ten Commandments, or attempting to follow The Ten Commandments solely for the purpose of finding God, because finding God does not work that way.

When we have found God, we know that there is one God. This is the point. When we have found the truth, we know there is the One, and we know the nature of the truth.

Taking the name of God in vain, does not offend God, to suggest that taking the name of God in vain does offend God suggests that God is small minded, which is ridiculous. When we have found God, we know that all is created by ourselves so if something does not go our way, we know that there is no point cursing God or anyone else.

We do not need to honour the Sabbath, God is not concerned with which day is which. The point is that we talk to God on a regular basis. When we have found God, we do talk to God on a regular basis.

Adultery in itself is not wrong, nothing is wrong. The point is that once we have found our soulmate we want no other. Our drive, the need we have for a mate is driven by our desire to find the other half of our soul.

When we have found God, we know that there is no point coveting what we do not have. We know that we have all that we need. We know that if we need or desire something different, we can simply create what we need. There is no reason to covet.

When we have found God, we see all souls as they are, a soul in the process of gaining experience. We will not bear false witness and say that a soul is evil, or that a soul has evil intent. We know that some souls are experiencing a dark path, but that is all they are doing, experiencing.

Killing in itself is an experience, if we experience killing we also need to experience being killed. We experience the two edges of the same sword. When we have found God, we do not kill, not because we are interrupting another’s experience, being killed is the experience, and we know that death of the physical body is not death of the soul. However, killing is the symbol of ultimate harm and having experienced killing from both sides to fully understand the experience, we will not kill because we have no need to kill. We have already experienced killing enough. When we have found God, we have no desire to kill even the insects which we encounter.

Honour thy father and thy mother. These are not our physical parents, whom we chose to give us our physical characteristics and for karmic reasons. Our father and our mother are the souls from which we were created. Enlightened souls residing in the One. These souls are both father and mother to all souls, as is God. When we have found God, we honour those who have gained enlightenment and become part of the One. We honour by understanding that they have experienced all and returned to the One. They have achieved what we must achieve, and their achievement should be honoured, not worshipped.

The other commandments are sub-points of these main issues. Why would we covet our neighbour’s wife if we have our soulmate?

To steal is to take something which we want. Why would we steal something when we do not want it? We have all what we need and we can create what we desire to experience.

11.85 The Ten Commandments are indeed a covenant, but The Ten Commandments are a promise from God, not a promise to God as has been supposed. God has not said if we live by The Ten Commandments we will find God, God has said if we find God we will live by The Ten Commandments. Both the commandments and the promise are reversed.

11.86 We do not become God, we are God. We are God gaining experience, so that God can become God. Circular.

11.87 Every soul forms part of God, and God forms part of every soul. Therefore every soul is God, and God is every soul.

11.88 It is difficult for us to accept that we are God, because we view God as the image that we have created for God.

11.89 The God within is our higher self. When we refer to God, we refer to our higher self. God is our higher self and our higher self is God. The God within.

11.90 We are a trinity. Our higher self, our spirit and our physical being. We see our trinity as separate because our trinity has become separate through being out of synchronisation. Our soul which exists on the physical plane is our physical being, our soul which travels the spirit plane is our spirit, and our soul which is part of God is our higher self. When we gain awareness we have our trinity basically operating on the same wavelength. Our next step is to synchronise our trinity to operate in unison.

11.91 Our purpose is to become that which we are, God.

11.92 Vibrational rates can be placed in three categories lower, medium and higher. Our vibrational rate is exactly that. The level on which our essence vibrates. Slower vibrational rates are required for a physical existence. To exist in physical form we need to lower our vibrational rate. We need to increase our vibrational rate to operate on the spirit plane. We are able to operate on all three levels at one time by placing our vibrational rates on the same frequency, which enables us to exist as one within all three planes.

11.93 There is only one way to become the God within, and that is to allow ourselves to become the God within.

11.94 When we talk with the God within, we are talking with our higher self.

11.95 We are the God within. We need to become one with the God within. When we become the God within, we become who we are.

11.96 When our trinity is in one hundred percent synchronisation, we will ascend to the higher plane.

11.97 We live with our physical self, of which our conscious mind is a part. We have to remove our conscious mind to live with our soul or our spirit, effectively our subconscious mind. When we learn to live with our soul, we in effect learn to live with our spirit. Our next step, is to become our soul.

11.98 After we learn to live with our soul, we then have to become our soul. Our soul is who we really are. The soul who we really are, is also our higher self and our higher self is the part of us which is God. By becoming our soul, we are also becoming God.

11.99 The step beyond living with our soul, is to live with the trinity that we are. What we will achieve when we bring the trinity one hundred percent into synchronisation, is that our trinity will become one, and we will become one with ourself, and one with God.

11.100 It is our experience of the physical plane, and our awareness on the spirit plane that allows our synchronisation to take place. Our higher self knows all things but has experienced nothing. To come fully into synchronisation we must have experienced all. Our experience and knowledge must be equal, but balanced for us to become who we are.

11.101 Our experience has taken us thousands of lifetimes to acquire, and lifetimes to recall. As we recall more of our experiences, as we become aware of our experiences, the balance of our vibrational rate will increase.

11.102 When we become aware, we do not necessarily draw on all of the experiences which led to our awareness. We draw only on some of the experiences which have assisted in our awareness. What good would it be for us to recall lifetimes which we repeated, and experienced many times before we became aware of one thing?

11.103 We continually increase the volume of our awareness. We become aware of our most powerful experiences last, because the power of our most powerful experiences would overwhelm us if we became aware of all of our most powerful experiences at one time.

11.104 We draw the knowledge from our higher self, filter our knowledge through the experience contained within our spirit self, and apply our awareness to any situation facing our physical self.

11.105 How many times have we been sure we have seen someone, but when we have looked again, it had only been a shadow or a reflection? Spirits sometimes lower their vibrational rate to appear on the earth plane, and often spirits use shadows and reflections for camouflage.

11.106 Experience takes a great many lifetimes. Awareness is not achieved in one lifetime.

11.107 We must only do what we are doing now. If we are resting or sleeping we must do that, and that alone. If we are making coffee, we must make coffee. If we attend to now, God will attend to everything else.

11.108 God is our instinct. When we listen to our instinct, we also listen to God. God is trying to protect us against ourselves. God is the sword which we draw to protect our soul, and God is also our soul. God looks after our best interest, although sometimes God will let us follow a course which will cause us difficulty.

11.109 We each have a destiny. Our destiny is possible not because God controls things, but because God foresees all.

11.110 It is our higher self that chooses where we will be born, and what we will face in each lifetime.

11.111 Our higher self knows what we will choose, because our higher self foresees our choices.

11.112 Often we will receive a warning when it is known that the warning will be ignored. Ignoring the warning, will be the experience.

11.113 Those who we will come into contact with during our physical existence are known. However, contact is not contrived as such, contact is a matter of convenience. If we need to experience this and another needs to experience that, it is convenient that we do so together, and contact is arranged.

11.114 Our higher self is the link which we have with all souls and with God. Our higher self is also God. Like a drop of water in the ocean. Some souls are linked to our soul directly, and these souls are in turn linked to other souls and so on, until all souls are eventually linked to form the ocean. It is the souls which are the drops connected to our drop in the ocean, who are our bonded souls.

11.115 We must not mistake our conscious mind for our conscious self. When we let go of our conscious mind, we do not let go of our conscious self. We allow our subconscious mind or our spirit mind to take over. We then let go of our spirit mind and allow our super-consciousness, or our God self to take over. Our conscious self still exists and our conscious self exists even when we are in spirit form. Our spirit self exists and will continue to exist, because our spirit self is where we store our experiences.

11.116 When we become one with ourself, or aware of who we are, what occurs is a merging of knowledge, experience and application. It is a form of equation. Knowledge plus experience plus application equals awareness.

11.117 As we become aware, we increase the depth of our knowledge. We draw on our experience and we apply both knowledge and experience, to become aware.

11.118 When we cease to want the event, we want the experience. We want to experience that which we have not experienced.

11.119 Our inexplicable and sometimes irrational fears, are the result of our lingering past life memories.

11.120 All souls, even souls who are not in human form, can help us gain experience.

11.121 After we have relinquished control to our higher self, our lower self will attempt to regain control.

11.122 The key is to allow ourselves to see our spirituality. Allow is all that we are required to do. If we allow our spirituality to be, our spirituality will be. Our spirituality is that simple.

11.123 We must experience all, and if control is given to God, experience is lost. Giving control to God is the final experience. If control is given to God, without us having first experiencing all, then all cannot be experienced.

11.124 We need to be aware that giving control to God is the only way. Even when we know that giving control to God is the only way, and our experience tells us that there is no other way, we need to experience that giving control to God is the only way.

11.125 As our experience grows, so does our awareness.

11.126 We need to experience both giving control to God, and not giving control to God. Then we will choose to give control to God.

11.127 We need to merge knowledge and experience to gain awareness.

11.128 We experience awareness by becoming aware.

11.129 If we put ourselves in God’s hands no harm can come to us.

11.130 We must not look for solutions, because we will not find solutions. However, solutions to all problems will be presented to us.

11.131 If we are unaware, we are yet to experience.

11.132 If God told us exactly what would happen, we would not experience, and we must experience.

11.133 We subconsciously create our own environment because of our need for experience. When we become aware that we create our own environment, we can consciously create a new environment for ourselves.

11.134 We cannot simply walk away from our existing environment, we need to create a new environment and walk towards our new environment, leaving our old environment to fade into the background.

11.135 We can see through all illusions.

11.136 We all have spiritual abilities, and we all know how to use our spiritual abilities. We only need to become aware of our spiritual abilities. We must not try to use our abilities, because we will be unsuccessful. We must allow ourselves to use our spiritual abilities, without a conscious thought.

11.137 There is no wrong, only experience.

11.138 We must focus on what we are doing, but we must not be dogmatic about what we are doing, we must be flexible. We must be both focused and flexible. We must focus on what we are doing now, but if we want to do something else, we should do something else.

11.139 We are able to see through every illusion. We can look at a piece of wood, and see the tree, the sapling, the seed. We can look at a piece of steel, and see the ore. We can look at the artificial environment of the earth plane and see The Truth Of Reality. We can look at the wine, and see the grape, the bunch, the vine, the seed and even the germination if we so choose.

11.140 The earth plane seems real because we have chosen to make the earth plane real. We have chosen to exist on the earth plane and for us to exist on the earth plane, we must allow ourselves to see the illusion as real. However, we can see the illusion of the earth plane as illusion by choosing to see the illusion of the earth plane as illusion.

11.141 We must let go of our imagination, all that our imagination can do is create more illusions. We need no more illusions, we need to experience reality.

11.142 We need to experience existing within an illusion when we know that an illusion, is an illusion. If we see that everything around us as an illusion, our experience, even negative experience cannot touch us. It is not a matter of suffering in silence. It is a matter of not suffering at all.

11.143 If something happens, it is our judgement of what has happened that causes us to suffer. If we do not judge what has occurred, we will not suffer. However, suffering is necessary and we must experience suffering in every shape and form, because we need to experience everything.

11.144 We have certainly experienced suffering, which may have been an illusion, but our suffering felt real. It is now time for us to experience not suffering.

11.145 If the illusion did not seem real, there would be no point in creating the illusion. We create the illusion for experience, so the illusion must seem real.

11.146 Love is real. We must experience real love, not the love of experience, be it a positive or negative experience, but pure love born from the higher plane.

11.147 The earth plane is created for the purpose of experience.

11.148 If we do not experience pure love, how can we become pure love?

11.149 We experience pure love at the conclusion of our experiences, because once we have experienced pure love, we will desire to experience no other thing.

11.150 This incarnation of the world has been in existence for a long time, by earth plane standards. We have experienced nearly all things, and we are nearly ready to become aware. This is why we are searching for the truth.

11.151 We all know the choices which we will make, although our choices are still choices, which is how 'fortune telling' works.

11.152 We do not happen to be bonded to anyone. This implies that who we are bonded to is an accident. All that occurs is by design, not because God has said that we will do this and that another will do that. All that occurs is by design because God knows what we will do, God knows what each will do, and God knows that there will be times when the experiences that we each seek will coincide. It is logical to allow experiences to be shared, when our choices coincide.

11.153 The masters plan lifetimes before lifetimes start. The masters are part of the One. The One knows the choices that we will make, the decisions which we will face, and the experiences that we will have in any given lifetime. They are not the choices or design of the One. They are the choices and the design of the individual. However, because the One knows what choices we will make, the one can advise where it is best to create the opportunity, for us to gain the experiences, which we seek.

11.154 We know what we need to experience, and we know what we have experienced, but we repeat the same experience lifetime after lifetime. We get ‘stuck’ on a point. We must consciously choose to move on from each experience. We must consciously decide to make a different choice. We may draw on our experience which we see as our subconscious, we may draw on our knowledge which may manifest itself as our instinct, regardless of whether we are aware of drawing on our knowledge and experience or not. However, we must make a conscious decision to move on, or we will not move on. It is our conscious decision which is our choice.

11.155 We must apply our experience of awareness, to our knowledge of awareness, to become aware of our awareness.

11.156 If something is to happen, that something will happen, so we have no reason to worry.

11.157 That we have planned something does not mean that something will happen, we could simply be experiencing that not all which is planned occurs.

11.158 If we worship our body as a temple, we experience worshiping our body as a temple. We also experience having concern for a container, and no concern for its contents.

11.159 We experience a situation over and over, until we become aware of what we are experiencing and why.

11.160 After we become aware of what and why we have experienced, we experience the situation again. We need to experience applying our awareness. We attain true awareness, through application.

11.161 Experience is two sided and also many faceted. We must experience applying and not applying our awareness to each facet of the experience.

11.162 We must experience all choices, and we must eliminate all choices by experiencing all choices, until we are left with the choice to become one with ourselves, and one with God.

11.163 There is no order in which experiences must occur. Experiences occur in the order which we each choose for our experiences to occur.

11.164 Time exists on the earth plane, and time is real in respect to the earth plane which is linear in nature. Time exists on the spirit plane but has no meaning because time is an illusion. Time does not exist on the higher plane because time is not real. The true nature of existence is circular, and those on the higher plane can move to any point or all points in the circle. For those on the higher plane all things are happening at once. Those on the higher plane can chose to experience one event or all events as they so desire.

11.165 Specific minerals conduct specific energy. It is part of the design of the earth plane to provide all things which are needed. It so happens that gold conducts love. Gold was not chosen as the symbol of love in union by accident. Gold was chosen as the symbol of love in union because gold conducts love.

11.166 A golden aura, is the aura of love, and the aura of a master.

11.167 As we experience different things, we change from the perception of others. What they see is, us experiencing different things on our way to becoming who we truly are, which we can only become when we have experienced all. If we do not change, we have chosen to experience the same thing over and over.

11.168 If we do not take risk, we have chosen not to experience taking risk.

11.169 Each step leads us to the next step. We continue taking steps, one after another until we have experienced all, and we return to become one with ourself, and in so doing become one with God.

11.170 When we follow one religion or another, we have not found God, we have started looking and we are experiencing our search. God is within. All that we need to do to find God, is to look within.

11.171 The truth is within, the truth is not ‘out there’.

11.172 Our true identity is within. On the earth plane it has become necessary to have cards, computer files, licenses and all manner of things to prove our identity. How can we prove what is? We are who we are, regardless of a file or a card. Files and cards are only a part of the ill fated attempt to gain control and remove choice by subterfuge, which will have no more chance of succeeding than the previous methods used in an attempt to gain control. Nevertheless, this attempt and failure to remove choice or freewill has to be experienced as the previous attempts were experienced.

11.173 Whilst we are attached to the earth plane, we will have earth plane experiences.

11.174 The key to permanent peace is not to want permanent peace, but to choose permanent peace and to allow permanent peace to happen.

11.175 Thou shalt not use the Lord God’s name in vain. Saying ‘God’, or ‘oh God’ in response to anything is not using God’s name in vain. It is by blaming God for our circumstances that we use God’s name in vain. However, God does not become offended if we blame God. How can God become offended when God knows that blame is an illusion? We will not blame God when we know that blame is illusion, and that all things are created by ourselves for experience. That is God’s promise.

11.176 We must let ourselves do what we feel, because what we feel is what we desire to experience. There is no right or wrong. There is nothing which we must abstain from doing. There is much that we choose not to do, which is our choice created by our experience.

11.177 The only way to allow everything to happen is to do what we feel. If we feel like doing something else, then we must discontinue what we are doing, and do that something else. If we desire to experience, we must feel what we do.

11.178 We must do what we feel, and we must feel what we do.

11.179 All of our decisions are foreseen, so we are placed with those who’s paths will heighten the experience we gain from our decisions. Both for us and for them.

11.180 The journey to awareness is not difficult in itself, but we choose to make the journey to awareness difficult.

11.181 When we become one with ourself and one with God, we become part of the circle of life.

11.182 The mountain which we climb to gain awareness, is our own awareness.

11.183 The path which we follow on our journey is not the path to our awareness, the path which we follow is the path of our awareness.

11.184 Every insect, every plant, every animal, every living thing is a soul gaining experience.

11.185 Our conscious self, is the only part of us which can feel.

11.186 God does not feel pure love, God is pure love.

11.187 When we reach a point where we struggle to put one foot in front of the other and all we want to do is give up and sleep, we must not give up. We must continue putting one foot in front of the other, until we have completed our journey.

11.188 We choose a hard road, and we choose to experience endurance. God does not ask it of us.

11.189 Children’s imaginary friends, are spirits but not guides. Children’s imaginary friends are spirits who have not blocked their link with the child. Children are aware of the spirit world, but children have their awareness of the spirit world ‘conditioned’ out of them. Children forget about the spirit world. Until children forget about the spirit world, children can still see and communicate with a spirit that they are particularly linked to. Children are told that their spirit friend is only their imagination so often, that they begin to believe that their spirit friend is imaginary, and simply choose to stop seeing the spirit.

11.190 Every test that we face, and every thing that becomes a ‘test of faith’, is an illusion created by ourselves, and not a requirement from God.

11.191 We must allow The Truth Of Reality to develop. Each time that we allow a truth to develop, we also develop understanding through awareness.

11.192 We must not view The Truth Of Reality from the earth plane perspective. If we attempt to view The Truth Of Reality from an earth plane perspective, we are effectively taking a one dimensional view of something which is three dimensional.

11.193 It is possible to experience all things in one lifetime, although very few have experienced all things in one lifetime. It is difficult to experience all things in one lifetime, but it is possible experience all things in one lifetime. Each soul has two parts, which is what makes it possible, albeit unlikely to experience all in one lifetime.

11.194 Time is only important on the linear plane. It does not matter to our higher self how many years are taken to experience all things.

11.195 Until we fully experience allowing things to happen, we attempt to make things happen.

11.196 Time has meaning only on the earth plane, but even on the earth plane, time is an illusion. Time does not matter. If we are meant to be make contact with someone for a reason, be it our reason or their reason, we will make contact with someone, precisely when we need to make contact with someone. All of the arrangements, and all the appointments in the world will not change this. We have made time artificially important. If it is important that we meet with someone, the appointment or meeting will take place at whatever time the appointment or meeting needs to take place for whatever experience each, or the other is seeking.

For example, we may be drawn to meet with someone or vice versa, and the meeting will be for a reason. We may attempt to set the meeting for tomorrow, but if it is important that the meeting take place next Tuesday fortnight to coincide with other events. Try as we might, something will prevent that meeting occurring until next Tuesday fortnight. So try as we might to do otherwise, we will meet with whomever when we are meant to. God uses the illusion of time in the best interest of all.

11.197 We cannot make time unimportant, we must allow time to be unimportant.

11.198 We have experienced nothing in comparison to the joy which we will experience when we rejoin with our soulmate. What we will experience is beyond love, beyond friendship, beyond compatibility. Our soulmate is not made for us, our soulmate is us.

11.199 Pure love is the most powerful energy in the universe, because pure love is the only reality. Once set in motion, pure love cannot be stopped. Pure love is the very fabric of existence.

11.200 Every attempt at a relationship, whether successful or unsuccessful, whether lasting or fleeting, leads us to our soulmate.

11.201 When we discover the truth of pure love, our aura becomes golden. As we move closer to living within pure love, our golden aura expands.

11.202 Awareness must be conscious choice, or awareness is not choice. Choice can only be made by our conscious self. Before our conscious self can make a choice, our conscious self must be aware that the choice must be made.

11.203 All that we do throughout our existence is based on choice. However, we are unaware that we have the ability to choose.

11.204 We choose whether to become aware of any given experience or not. If we become aware of an experience and understand that experience, we then choose a new experience. The process is not learning because we know at our higher self level, but the process is learning at our conscious self level.

11.205 If our reason for existing on the earth plane, is viewed from the higher plane, we are relearning what is known. If we view our reason for existing on the earth plane, from the spirit plane we are gaining experience. If we view our reason for existing on the earth plane, from the earth plane, we are learning. All three views are correct from the perspective of the plane from which we view our reason for existing on the earth plane.

11.206 Experience applied to knowledge creates awareness.

11.207 God cannot tell us The Truth Of Reality. We must find The Truth Of Reality. We must rediscover The Truth Of Reality. We must become aware of The Truth Of Reality for ourselves. We must make a conscious decision to become aware of The Truth Of Reality.

11.208 If we asked, ‘What is the point? Why is this so?’ and God told us the answer, we could not understand the answer. We need to draw on our experiences, and apply our experiences to our knowledge, to become aware of the answer to our questions.

11.209 God answers every question, and every prayer. Whether God’s answer is received or not received is our choice. Not only do we have to ask a question, but we also have to choose to receive the answer.

11.210 The earth plane is one of 964 physical planes.

11.211 We choose not to receive an answer from God, because we are unaware that we can receive an answer from God. We must learn, experience, relearn that we can receive an answer from God. As we become aware that our questions are answered by God in many different ways, communication becomes easier, until we can communicate directly with God.

11.212 If we ask for guidance, and we are unaware that we can receive the answer directly. We will happen to hear a song, see a movie, read a book, or someone else will give us the answer in conversation.

We are drawn or led to a book and after reading just enough of that book to answer our question, we lose interest in that book. We choose to watch a movie that we had previously shown no interest in watching, and within that movie there is a line which is often out of context with the movie, that answers our question. We have a conversation and something is said, often out of context with the conversation, which answers our question. God provides answers in the way we are most likely to receive the answer, but God cannot force us to receive the answer. To receive the answer is our choice.

11.213 All answers are within. Our problem is that when we are seeking answers, within is the last place that we choose to look.

11.214 We are told so often that we are unworthy of even existing on the earth plane, that we believe that we are unworthy.

11.215 The most difficult aspect of learning, is to unlearn what we have learned incorrectly.

11.216 If we understood that we have the answer of creation, and we did not have the experience and awareness to understand the answer of creation, the very existence of all that is would be thrown into chaos.

11.217 We are all part of God and therefore we are God. We have the right to choose to do with our power what we wish. There is only one choice for the power of God, and that is pure love. That there is only one choice can only be learned, by eliminating all other choices. If this process of elimination occurred at the level of the higher plane, there would be chaos.

Imagine if each soul went about becoming aware that pure love is the only choice, by exercising all other choices by using the power of creation at the highest level. This chaos must be avoided, and the chaos is avoided by allowing experimentation, experience, and a process of elimination in the controlled environment of the physical planes.

11.218 Physical planes have been destroyed and will be destroyed again if that is the choice of those who exist within the physical planes. This is why there are a vast number of physical planes. New physical planes can be created and destroyed. Physical planes can be recreated.

11.219 Many worlds are uninhabitable, and many worlds are inhabitable. Some are too hot, some are too cold, some have the wrong atmosphere, some have been destroyed, some have been created. In all things there must be balance.

11.220 Other inhabited worlds have discovered our world and it is known that other inhabited worlds exist. Some among us have chosen to suppress this knowledge, and some among us have chosen to uncover this knowledge.

11.221 Our existence on the earth plane slows our vibrational rate. Even when our trinity is in unison, the earth plane has a slowing effect which prevents us from fully becoming part of the higher plane.

11.222 We are always part of the higher plane at the highest level, and at the same time we are not part of the higher plane.

11.223 Our vibrational rate is not measured, but if our vibrational rate was measured there may be a scale of (say) 1 - 30 for the physical plane, 31 - 80 for the spirit plane and 81 - 100 for the higher plane. The lower our earth plane rate, the lower the higher plane rate and so on. If we were to apply this nonexistent scale to illustrate how vibrational rate works, a master in physical carnation would be 30/77/98 and in spiritual carnation, 78/99. When a master exists only in the higher self existence it would be 100. By way of comparison, a soul with no awareness may be at 5/35/81. Vibrational rate is neither measured nor measurable, this is only a simple illustration for explanation and understanding.

11.224 Our motivation for our relationships, is the reunion with our soulmate, although the reunion with our soulmate is not the purpose of our relationships. There is more than one purpose for our relationships. Firstly there is our need to experience relationships which are many faceted, including but not limited to the experience of feeling love. There is also a need to for us to create an environment where we are not afraid to be ourselves, or as much of ourselves as we can be. We need to experience being ourselves, and we need to feel being ourselves. As we acquire this experience, our experience is applied to our knowledge, and we start to become aware of ourselves. We cannot ultimately be ourselves, by becoming one with ourselves, unless we are aware of ourselves.

11.225 Pure love is the only thing that matters, because pure love is all that is real.

11.226 The suggestion that we should have nothing and want nothing if we are ‘spiritual’ is a fallacy perpetuated on the earth plane. The suggestion is based on truth as most spiritual fallacies are. It is truth without understanding which often creates the reverse understanding of what is so. It is correct that we want nothing, but we want nothing because we can have everything that we want, by creating what we want, and we can be anything we want, by allowing ourselves to be what we want. We do not have nothing, there is nothing that we cannot have.

11.227 The path to God is not a path of suffering. If we have to suffer to find God, who would choose to find God? That we suffer is experience. That our suffering feels real is necessary for the experience. What experience would be gained from suffering, if we knew that our suffering was not real? We can choose to know that our suffering is not real, but we do not make this choice until we have experienced all of the suffering that we need to experience. However, because suffering is experience, and experience must be gained to apply to knowledge and create awareness, it could be said, if we did not fully understand, that suffering is the way to God.

11.228 We decide that it is time to find God within, when we have exhausted every other option throughout our existence.

11.229 Seeking God is not necessarily a last resort. If we seek and find God, our journey is easy because we know that we need experience. However, if we have not found God within, we seek God within, as the last experience that we have not experienced.

11.230 When we become aware, we are what is termed selfish, because we place our own best interest first. We know that we must do what is right for ourselves, before and above all others. However, because we are aware what motivates us is pure love, and all that we do is based on generating more pure love at the highest level. Pure love cannot be selfish, but the need to generate pure love is selfish by definition on the earth plane.

The misunderstanding lies in the concept of selfishness, because the concept of selfishness is an illusion. It is not a matter of being selfish at the cost of all others. It is a matter of being selfish at no cost to all others. If someone chooses to feel hurt because we are following our path, and not the path which they want us to follow, they are gaining necessary experience. If we choose to avoid their hurt by following the path that they want us to follow, they would miss the experience and they would need to relive the experience, and we would have experienced not being true to ourselves.

11.231 Rejoining with our soulmate is not completion as defined on the earth plane. Rejoining with our soulmate is not completion in the sense that we are inadequate as we are, which is what is meant when we say ‘you make me complete’. No one can make us complete. We are complete in ourselves. It is allowing ourselves to become complete, to become who we are that allows us to rejoin with our soulmate, and become a complete whole. The complete whole cannot be complete unless both halves are in themselves complete.

11.232 We must release the old to allow the new to occur.

11.233 It is not a matter of we do not want because we have found God, it is a matter of we do not want because we have found God. It is God’s promise to us, not our promise to God.

11.234 Sometimes healing crystals need to break so that the negative energy which the crystal has drawn from us can be released.

11.235 Our conscious self is a reflection of our higher self. The creator reflected in the created. If we consider a mirror, when the mirror reflects it reverses everything. We see reality in reverse. Our higher self and to a degree our spirit are seen from the earth plane as a reflection, an illusion when the reverse applies. It is our conscious self that is the reflection, and our higher self which is real.

11.236 We must remove that which causes the reflection, and see that which is real, because it is the reflection which is an illusion.

11.237 There is nothing that we must do until we have made a choice. Having made our choice there are things which we must do, to allow what we have chosen to become reality.

11.238 When we seek the advice of our higher self, we have the choice of accepting God’s advice or not accepting God’s advice.

11.239 We draw on the past life experiences that we need when we need them. We draw on enough of our past life experiences to confirm our inner knowledge. If we seek answers about relationships, we draw on our experiences within relationships. If we ask about our spiritual identity, we draw on our experiences in respect of our spiritual identity.

If we ask why people are in our life and what their significance in our life is, we draw on the lifetimes which we shared with those people. If we ask about happiness, we draw on our lifetimes when we were happy. If we ask about our lifetimes on other worlds, we draw on our experiences of lifetimes on other worlds. We recall our knowledge. and then we draw on our experiences so that we can apply our knowledge.

11.240 Each time that we commit an act with harm as our motivation, we have taken a step down the dark path.

11.241 When we chose to travel the dark path, we are stuck on a point of experience which we have not understood.

11.242 On the dark path, we can access the spirit plane, and those who exist on the spirit plane, who are also stuck on the dark path. However, we cannot access the higher plane because only what is motivated by pure love can access the higher plane.

11.243 We all have to experience everything, but we do not choose to experience the same thing for the same length of time. This is what makes us individual. A soul may experience feeling unworthy for but a minute, and then the soul has experienced feeling unworthy. Another soul may experience feeling unworthy for nearly two thousand years, but both souls have experienced feeling unworthy.

11.244 Before we can experience being God, we need to experience not being God. Two sides of the same coin.

11.245 Being God is a humbling experience. If being God was not a humbling experience, God would not act with such humility. When we experience becoming God, we also experience being humble, because we know better than to be any other way.

11.246 Dreams are a combination of things. Dreams occur when we sleep and do not travel to the spirit plane. Sometimes dreams are used by God to give us a message. Sometimes dreams are memories from our subconscious or spirit plane. Sometimes dreams are a number of memories mixed around a specific point. Sometimes dreams are just exercising our imagination. Dreams are all of these things, not one thing or the other.

11.247 Dreams are sometimes used to warn of the future.

11.248 Personal growth, or growth as a person, was not considered for much of our existence, but we are slowly becoming more aware that personal growth is important. Those who advocate personal growth often do not understand that they refer to growth of awareness, and so they are misguided in their conclusions. Their intention is correct, but their perspective is focused on the earth plane.

11.249 The physical plane has physical restrictions. Ailments which are no more than past life memories are corrected by releasing the memory. Physical deformities and ailments which are physical, are corrected physically. Ongoing problems which are caused by something that we do, will be corrected by changing what we do.

Regardless of the nature of the ailment, all healing takes time. If we were to cure a cancer spiritually, it would not be done by making the cancer disappear. It would be done by reversing the process. Effectively, the cancer would be consumed by healthy cells.

11.250 We retain all dreams which have a message in our conscious memory. We always know when we have been given a message in our dreams.

11.251 Sex is the physical expression of love. That sex is also used to create new bodies for souls to occupy is a matter of convenience, not its primary purpose. The purpose of sex is to physically feel love, as opposed to emotionally feeling love. Our drive to feel love is powerful, because love is the only reality. This is why the act of physical love is such a convenient way to produce new bodies. The belief that the purpose of sex is to produce new bodies is a result of the reflection, or the reversing effect of the earth plane.

11.252 Marriage is a demonstration of commitment. An experience of a joining of souls, or half souls in preparation for rejoining with our soulmate. The principle of marriage is correct, but the application of marriage on the earth plane is not important, marriage is experience.

11.253 The principle not to commit adultery, is not to hurt another by breaking our promise intentionally, but the principle is only a guide. We will at some stage in our existence be driven to commit adultery and we will have adultery committed against us.

‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ is God’s promise, because when we have rejoined with our soulmate we have completed our search for our other half. We have experienced all else that we have needed to experience in relationships so there is no reason, no need, no cause to commit adultery. The mirror effect is applied. What is a promise to us, has been reflected as a promise to God.

If we commit adultery, we have chosen the experience, as has the person we have committed adultery with. The person that we have committed adultery against has chosen that experience. The fact that we are doing so as a small group, is a convenience. There are many variations to the issue of adultery, because there are many different reactions to be experienced.

11.254 Sex in any circumstances is neither right nor wrong, sex is experience. Whether sex is experienced positively or negatively, sex is no more than experience. A great many judgements are based around sex or the physical demonstration of love. Love is the constant. Love has no boundaries. Love is the very essence of life, of all that is. This being so, the physical expression of love, or sex as it is known, is the great leveller. Regardless of circumstances, rich or poor, master or slave, it does not matter. Love and the physical expression thereof cuts through all social and racial boundaries. It cuts through all existence, human, animal, plant life.

For this reason, sex is subject to the greatest judgements. We all make judgements on the basis of this physical demonstration of love. We all experience making such judgements and we all experience being judged. As with most things, the earth plane is in reverse, and love passes no judgement in reality.

11.255 Saying that we are wrong to judge is a judgement in itself. We are not wrong to judge. We must experience all aspects of judgement, and when the non-judgement of our higher self is experienced, judgment is experienced to the full.

11.256 Belief is based on illusion, and our belief has no point of reference beyond our belief.

11.257 Knowledge surpasses belief.

11.258 What is so, is so regardless of our belief.

11.259 Karma, or reaping what we sow, is based on the reality that we must experience both sides of each coin.

11.260 Gaining experience is easy. Applying the experience that we have gained is what we find difficult.

11.261 If we kill and experience killing, we are then killed, and we experience being killed. We are next placed in a position to experience killing again. If we apply our experience of being killed and do not kill, we have experienced all that we need to experience in respect of killing. However, if we do not apply our experience, if we kill again, the circle starts again. The circle continues, until we experience applying our experience.

11.262 The concept that we are all sinners is incorrect. What is sin, but judgement and there is no judgement. Judgement is a concept of the earth plane and sex, or physical love, is a great leveller. The doctrine that we are all sinners is a progression of the fallacy that physical love is sin, and we were born from sin. We were born through an act of love. This is no coincidence, because when all else, when all illusion is stripped away, we are love.

11.263 There is nothing that we do, that we are not meant to do for one reason or another. We are and have been meant to do everything that we have done. If it was otherwise, it would suppose rules which do not exist. If we do something, we are meant to do that something. If we do not do something, we are not meant to do that something. If we call for God’s help, we are meant to call for God’s help. If we do not call for God’s help, we are not meant to call for God’s help. We are meant to do all that we do, one way or another. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is experience. That is all.

11.264 We cannot let something go whilst we are consciously thinking of that something. When we consciously think of something, we grasp what we think of tightly.

11.265 When we subconsciously think of something, we are drawing from the experience. Only when we have drawn all that we need from the experience does our subconscious file the experience away. Our subconscious may pull the experience out of the archive if we need to draw on the experience again, which may be in another lifetime. If we consciously push something from our mind that is placed in our mind by our subconscious, we are saying; ‘I am not ready now’. The experience is effectively diarised and presented to us again in the future. This process continues until we have learned all that there is to learn from the experience.

11.266 Everything that we do is for a reason, but some things that we do are for an intermediary reason. If for example we are now at point A and we need to be at point C at a certain time to be presented with a choice, or to act on a choice which we have already made, then the reason for B is to take us from A to C.

11.267 We do not have to do anything to find God. God has made the promise to us. We do not have to become what is described in the commandments to find God, we will become what is described in the commandments when we find God.

11.268 We must search our soul and continue searching our soul.

11.269 We are not damned, except that we choose to damn ourselves. Damnation is an illusion.

11.270 We cannot take a step by wanting to take a step, or by making ourselves take a step. Only by allowing ourselves to take a step, will we take a step.

11.271 If all that we had to look forward to by finding God was a happy life after death, who would really chose to find God from the perspective of the earth plane, where death is real? The message delivered by other teachers has been reported that all we have to look forward to by finding God is a happy life after death, and the message has not worked. What has been understood, is the reflection, not the reality.

11.272 We can easily train our body or our mind. The path to truth is not about training. We must become one with our higher self, and in so doing become one with all that is.

11.273 We must reclaim our true self through coming Full Circle. When we are created we know who we are, but knowing is not enough. It is knowledge without awareness. Awareness can only be achieved by applying experience to knowledge. So we must acquire experience, we must experience all things, we must experience who we are, and who we are not. Through acquiring all experience and applying our knowledge, we become aware of who we are.

11.274 We are doing exactly what we should be doing. This is why there can be no judgement.

11.275 We have made choices, albeit some of our choices are unwise. We are living and experiencing our choices. This is the very principle of cause and effect. If we are doing something, it is what we are meant to be doing. Even if whilst doing something, we are wondering if we should be doing something else, we are meant to be so wondering. We do exactly what we should be doing, based on cause and effect.

11.276 Our environment is of our own creation to enable us to experience what we are experiencing now.

11.277 Our environment is not always the big picture. Each moment is an environment of our creation to draw whatever experience we need from the environment of that moment.

11.278 When we are young souls, we experience anger. We are angry at being taken from the paradise of the higher plane, and we cannot understand why we had to leave our paradise. We forget why we have the anger, but we retain the anger nevertheless.

A young soul is certainly not the only cause of anger. Anger may be carried over from a previous lifetime or lifetimes. Often when it appears that we are born angry, it is because our anger caused our death in our previous lifetime.

11.279 When we have rediscovered the pure love which is the fabric of existence, we feel pure love with a great peace, and a sense of accomplishment.

11.280 Pure love is something which we live within. Pure love is not something that we need to take out and display for others to see.

11.281 Pain can only be removed from within.

11.282 Feeling pain, feeling anything is the only way to experience.

11.283 We feel some experiences and observe other experiences. We feel what we need to experience, and we observe what we do not need to experience.

11.284 We often associate feelings with negative emotions, however feelings created by negative emotions are an illusion.

11.285 We block our knowledge of the illusion of the earth plane, so that we can feel the experiences which we need to feel.

11.286 All is based on cause and effect. When we are unaware, we live and experience the effect. When we become aware, we live and experience the cause.

11.287 We must allow God’s promise to become reality. We cannot force God’s promise, or make God’s promise become reality.

11.288 The road to God is not wanting nothing, the road to God is wanting for nothing.

11.289 Nothing, no possessions, or no person is more important than the truth. We cannot hide the truth from God, but we can hide the truth from ourselves if we so choose.

11.290 How can we experience that there is no reason to be concerned, if we are not first concerned?

11.291 To understand who we are, we need to strip ourselves bare and remove all of our accumulated insecurities.

11.292 Our awareness increases, until we became aware of God’s presence within us.

11.293 We need to expand the depth of our knowledge until we develop a full understanding of reality.

11.294 We have to realise our true self.

11.295 Only by becoming our true self, can we become one with our true self, our higher self.

11.296 There is no right or wrong, only experience.

11.297 We must learn what was right for us, and what action is in our best interest to allow us to become our true self.

11.298 We must become aware of the purpose of existence, and in so doing we will understand the true nature of the artificial environment which is the earth plane.

11.299 We must understand that there is no right or wrong only experience, and we must not judge anyone.

11.300 There is much truth within religions, but much of the truth within religions has been reversed.

11.301 The trinity is, in some ways, an extension of the mind, body and soul concept. What is generally referred to as mind, body and soul on the earth plane is more accurately using the mind and the spirit to govern the body. Developing such an ability can be achieved but the most important aspect of the trinity is missing.

The trinity is much more than mind, body and soul. Living with our trinity is not controlling any one thing, living with our trinity is controlling all things through joining all levels of the trinity into one. Living with our trinity is adding knowledge to experience, to gain total awareness.

Developing control of the body is no more than a lifetime experience, and the experience of the discipline required to have control over the body. The difference is that we become one with the earth plane in the basic mind, body and soul concept, and one with creation if we live with our trinity.

11.302 The concept of creation, whether it be our own environment or the universe is the same. Natural laws apply, laws which govern cause and effect. There is no magic, no ‘willing a brick wall into existence’. In the context of the earth plane, all things take time. However, on the higher plane, time does not exist. We are attached to the earth plane so creation takes time. A mountain can only be moved one grain at a time, but mountains can be moved.

11.303 Winning the lottery is not changing our environment through creation. Winning the lottery is experiencing good fortune. There is a difference. Mostly if we win the lottery, we move our environment, we do not change our environment.

11.304 Everything is always, as everything is meant to be, for everybody. Everything can be no other way.

11.305 Existence on the earth plane is created only for experience. There is no other reason.

11.306 All choices are known because all choices are foreseen, not because choices are directed, so all choices are still very much choices.

11.307 If all things are foreseen and if God will not, cannot, interfere with the process of experience, then everything must always be, as everything is meant to be.

11.308 Our choices are not known to our conscious self. Our choices are known only to our higher self. Our conscious self makes the choices, that our higher self knows our conscious self will make, which does not interfere with the process of choice. Our higher self would not interfere with the process of choice. Our higher self may influence where and when as a matter of convenience, but that is all. Our choices are real.

11.309 We must increase the depth of our awareness.

11.310 We must become aware of our awareness.

11.311 We must increase the depth of our understanding.

11.312 If we are told, ‘we are unaware today and we can be aware tomorrow’, we do not believe because we have no point of reference. Therefore, we must follow the path to become aware of our true self step by step, process by process, and in so doing, we provide our own point of reference.

11.313 The only way that awareness can be achieved, is by becoming aware ourselves.

11.314 All answers are found within self.

11.315 We must each travel our own path, at our own speed.

11.316 Every event in our existence can be traced back through cause and effect to our original creation.

11.317 When we exercise our inner strength, we increase our inner strength.

11.318 We create our own environment based on what we desire, or what we need. God arranges what we need as far as bringing others into our environment to allow us to maximise the experience. Each part of our trinity does what is required on the respective plane, which is the way creation works, and the only way that our required environment can be created.

11.319 We all experience the dark path during our existence. Sometimes we choose to become stuck on a point, and we experience that point over and over again. When we choose to experience the dark path, we experience being further away from the light each time that we experience the dark path. In time we will seek to experience the light again. The more that the dark path has been experienced, the further the dark path has been travelled, and the longer it takes us to travel back to the light.

11.320 If we seek answers within, but we are blocking the answer, we will arrange for the answer to be delivered by another person, through contact on the spirit plane. Alternatively, our higher self will lead us to a book, or a movie, or some such thing, because our higher self knows that whatever we are led to contains the answer which we are seeking.

11.321 Suicide is not wrong. There is no wrong. If we commit suicide, our lifetime has not been fully experienced, and our lifetime must be repeated. If we continue to commit suicide, to prematurely end our learning process, we will continue to repeat the same lifetime, in respect of the events which led us to commit suicide, such as loss of a loved one for example, until we have experienced not committing suicide.

11.322 We have no character flaws. We have the character which we have selected to experience what we have chosen to experience. Therefore our character cannot be flawed.

11.323 We often socialise to avoid being alone. Socialising is used to hide from ourselves, by providing a diversion at an artificial, and safe surface level.

11.324 Experience is a process of elimination. We need to experience all that is, and in so doing we experience that only pure love is real.

11.325 We need to become one, with all that is.

11.326 All that we need to do is live, allow things to happen and follow our instinct, or listen to our higher self, which is the same thing. This enables God to live up to God’s promise. It is not up to us to live up to God’s promise, we only have to live. God will do the rest.

11.327 Awareness is only part way. Applying our awareness completes our journey. Awareness is not awareness, until awareness is applied, which is the purpose of the earth plane. We are fully aware at the point of our creation, but awareness is not enough by itself, application of awareness must be experienced.

11.328 When we do not love ourselves we cannot understand how God can love us, so we continually seek proof that God loves us. Proof of love is not possible, and God does not attempt to prove God’s love. The only explanation that we, when seeking such proof, can accept is that we are right. We are unlovable, and God has proven that we are unlovable by not caring. We become blinded by our desperation to be proven wrong, to be proven that we are lovable. God knows that the only way to help us, is to allow us to face whatever we have chosen to experience.

11.329 When external artificial noise begins to annoy us, we must not attempt to block the noise. In our attempt to block the noise we are retaining the noise. We must relax and allow the noise pass through us. We must flow with the noise instead of fighting with the noise. The noise will not disappear, the noise will wash through us without our retaining the noise. If we allow the noise to wash through us, we will become unaware that the noise is passing through us. The noise will become silent to our ears.

11.330 Enlightenment is very much an overused term. Enlightenment simply means that we have allowed the light within to shine through, and that we see the world in its full beauty.

11.331 ‘Ascend’ is not an accurate term. After all experience has been gained and we become one with our trinity, there is no need for us to incarnate in physical form again. However, when we have achieved oneness with all that is, we can incarnate at will to assist another to gain experience.

11.332 God foresees where our choices will lead us every step of the way. Even when we are faced with choices, and even when we make incorrect choices, God knows exactly where we will be at any given moment, including this moment.

11.333 Together with God, we create our environment because we know what choices we will make. However, we do not consciously know what choices we will make, because if we did consciously know what choices we will make, our choices would not be conscious choices. Our choices must be conscious choices or our choices are not choices, and without choices our experience is not real.

11.334 The earth plane must seem real when we need to experience. That is why we can be consumed by the apparent reality of the earth plane even when we know that the earth plane is an illusion.

11.335 With each new awareness, we draw on our experience to better understand the application of that awareness.

11.336 When a soul splits and a new soul is created, common memories are retained. What occurs is not dissimilar to the fictional concept of cloning. Up until the point where the soul splits, the souls are the same identity, with the same experiences. After the soul splits, the souls become separate identities, and each go in their own direction gaining their own experiences in whichever order they chose. Sometimes the souls experience together, often experiencing the different sides of the same coin.

11.337 A teacher can only teach what their students are ready to learn.

11.338 Spiritual teachers can only deliver a message which reflects the experience of many who have sought the message.

11.339 Amongst their many uses, dreams are sometimes used as a manifestation of unrealistic fears. The fears of something which we are concerned about, but which will not come into being, are experienced through dreams. Dreams are a useful tool for a wide variety of issues from foretelling or warning, to past life memories and living or experiencing unrealistic fears.

11.340 When something has been foreseen, there is nothing that we must do, because what we will do has been foreseen. All that we need to do, is to go about our business and allow whatever it is to occur. It is really that simple. If God were to tell us precisely how an event would transpire, we would do something different. We would alter our decisions in a misguided attempt to fit in with what has been foreseen, and we would affect the outcome of events.

11.341 God will not allow us to become aware of anything which will alter our experience.

11.342 When we are busy looking in the wrong place for the solution to our problems, we do not allow the solution to present itself to us.

11.343 The concept that the purpose of life is to gain experience is very hard for us to accept. We seek to blame someone else for what we experience, unaware that we have chosen to experience what we have chosen to experience, and that the person we have chosen to share the experience with, is a matter of convenience.

11.344 We blame, whomever we can blame, for our experiences.

11.345 We view the whole concept of love from a negative perspective. We allegedly do things, such as supporting and helping others motivated by love, but in reality we support and help others because we are seeking something in return. We become negative and hurt when we do not receive what we are seeking in return. We call this love. This is not love. This is feeding our insecurities. This is saying ‘I will give love and support in return for ... and I will hate you if I do not get what I seek’. How can we call this love? Love is love. Love is that simple.

11.346 No matter what or how hard we try, we cannot avoid someone else’s hurt, regardless of how pure our motive is. If someone has chosen to experience hurt and fully obtain the benefit of what they are experiencing, we cannot alter that experience.

11.347 When we love someone their hurt is very difficult to witness, but if we love someone we must allow them to experience hurt. Experiencing hurt is the only way that we can complete the experience, and move on. Allowing someone to experience hurt appears to be cold, but if we really care, if we really love, We must allow those we care about to experience hurt.

11.348 Each time that we become aware of something, we are given an opportunity to apply our awareness. If we do not apply our awareness, we are given the opportunity to apply our awareness again and again, until we apply our awareness.

11.349 We must apply the principle of pure love without compromising who we are either to feed our insecurities, or to feed someone else’s insecurities, regardless of which side of the coin we have chosen to experience.

11.350 We incorrectly feel that we need to justify our own actions, and we expect other people to justify their actions to us.

11.351 We each create our own environment. We have created our own environment, and those around us have created their own environment. That we share this environment, is a matter of convenience.

11.352 Fear causes us to worry. We worry because we fear the worst. Much unpleasant experience has been brought about by worry. No difficulty, and no punishment can be as effective as self imposed worry. Worry can almost rip us in two. Worry is unnecessary but worry is also a powerful tool of experience. Worry allows experience to be felt, as do emotions. Worry is not a bad thing and worrying is not wrong. Worrying is however unnecessary. Experience is experience. Experience does not have to be felt deeply. Worry is one of the tools used, when we choose to feel an experience deeply.

11.353 Pure love is enough. Pure love cannot be achieved without experience. Only pure love is needed to find our way home, and then awareness will come. Finding pure love prior to awareness is possible, but most of us will not find pure love without first becoming aware. It is far easier to become aware if we find pure love first, but finding pure love prior to awareness does not happen frequently.

11.354 We do not find our soulmate. When we are ready we attract our soulmate. In effect we send a signal into the universe that only our soulmate is attuned to, and our soulmate responds. Through this process, the two parts of our higher self direct events to allow us to ‘stumble across’ each other. To attract our soulmate, we must first become aware of who we are. It is through applying the awareness of who we are that the signal to our is soulmate sent.

11.355 Solitude is necessary to become aware of who we are. How can we become aware of who we are when we are confused by trying to be who someone else wants us to be, or more appropriately trying to be who we think someone else wants us to be? To even begin to understand who we are, we must first remove distractions which means that we must spend time in solitude.

11.356 Much resentment and bitterness is caused through relationships. All relationships are concentrated environments, designed for experience, and for anything to be experienced, it must be felt. Experience is choice, resentment and bitterness are choices. If we choose to experience resentment and bitterness, we experience resentment and bitterness, and we feel resentment and bitterness more so than the person to whom our resentment and bitterness is directed, who often does not feel resentment and bitterness at all.

11.357 Responding to all things with pure love, is the easy path. However, whilst we exist within the illusion of the earth plane, responding to all things with pure love is extremely difficult. We do not believe that pure love is easy, but this simple truth has been told to us by many, many teachers.

11.358 We learn who we are by learning who we are not. It is a process of elimination. By experiencing who we are not, we are eventually left with who we are.

11.359 At any given point in time, we are the sum of who we are, plus what we are yet to experience we are not. By reversing the equation we are left with the same answer, who we are. By way of illustration, we are really 10, but if we have not had much experience, we see ourselves as 100. As we experience lifetime after lifetime, we start to discover who we are not. For example if we have killed someone, and we have experienced that even so we are not a killer, we know that a killer is not who we are and so on. If we were to review after a dozen lifetimes, we might see ourselves as 98, not 100. We are unaware that we are really 10 plus 88.

11.360 The process of elimination is not necessary if we embrace pure love. Pure love is what we are. If we truly accept that we are pure love, we have nothing to discard. Accepting pure love is not easy. Accepting pure love without understanding the truth is rare, so we come to pure love through a process of elimination.

11.361 At best, we will accept the principle of pure love, and we will attempt to live the principle of pure love. Accepting the principle of pure love is a start, but accepting the principle of pure love is not enough. We must become pure love. Usually the only way for us to become pure love, is for us to eliminate everything else, and so the need for experience is born.

11.362 How we treat our body is unimportant. Whatever we do is experience. If we choose to smoke and choose to end our lifetime suffering from cancer, that is our choice. If we choose to become an alcoholic and destroy our lifetime that is our choice. All is experience. There is no right or wrong.

We do not need to smoke or drink. We can experience a better quality of life by living a healthy lifestyle, and not putting things into our body which will harm our body. However, we can smoke, drink and not have a balanced diet and find God.

11.363 There is no right and wrong. When we become enlightened we understand that there is no right and wrong. There is no judgement. Those who are attempting to remove choice through laws and legislation will not succeed, by choosing to attempt to remove choices from all, they have made a choice themselves, and in so doing they have already failed in their attempt to eliminate choice.

11.364 By becoming a part of God we also become God. Each drop of water which makes up the ocean is also the ocean. As each drop of the ocean is the ocean, collectively the drops are the ocean. So it is with God. All and one.

11.365 Relationships are a convenient way to gain experience. Our relationships are the most important aspect of our lives. It is from relationships that most experience is gained, and the purpose of the earth plane is to gain experience.

11.366 Allowing another soul to experience what they have chosen to experience, without interfering is an act of love. How can we stop someone experiencing anything when we know that unless they experience, they cannot move closer to returning to the higher plane? Preventing others from experiencing what they have chosen to experience, achieves nothing other than to slow their journey.

11.367 All is as it is meant to be and everything is to gain experience. If we accept this truth, we are accepting responsibility for our actions The only real responsibility we have is to ourselves. Our responsibility is to experience, and by experiencing, responsibility is being accepted. We do not have to accept responsibility for others, and we are not responsible to others. We are only responsible to ourselves.

11.368 We are accountable for our past actions, but we are only accountable to ourselves. Our past actions may be the cause, and the effect is a consequence of our actions. We may experience life in prison for murder, but to murder and spend life in prison is a choice in itself. It is an experience which has been chosen.

11.369 If we hurt someone’s feelings, which we cannot do, only they can hurt their own feelings, we have hurt someone’s feelings because they have chosen to experience having their feelings hurt, and we have chosen to experience hurting someone’s feelings. Both parties to the transaction are willing participants.

11.370 God does not judge. God does not hold us accountable. If we do not experience what we have chosen to experience, the opportunity is repeated, but we are not accountable.

11.371 We can do whatever we choose without fear of the consequences. We will experience both the act and the consequences, the cause and the effect, but there is no reason to fear the consequences.

11.372 We feel an extra closeness to souls who are directly attached to us. When we become part of the higher plane, we will be equally close to all souls, and we will feel a closeness to all souls.

11.373 We cannot understand something when we do not have all of the information.

11.374 Fulfilment obtained externally is both artificial and temporary. True fulfilment can only be obtained by being who we are now, even if who we are now includes who we are not.

11.375 It is difficult for us to accept that the truth is within, because we have been conditioned to believe that we are barely worthy of existing on the earth plane.

11.376 Our trinity relates to the individual drop. The fourth level of our existence is the collective ocean.

11.377 The truth is within. If we were to read every religious or spiritual text ever written, our conclusion would be that the truth is within. It is simpler for us to accept that the truth is within.

11.378 Mythology is based on truth which has become legend and myth. Much of what is called mythology, is memories of another incarnation of the earth plane.

11.379 Mythical creatures did exist in another incarnation of the earth plane. This incarnation is remembered and called mythology because it’s physical existence cannot be proven, except within the memories of those who were there.

11.380 It is suggested that all mythology is the product of imagination, but 'imagination' is a convenient excuse for many truths which have not been proven.

11.381 All situations which we find ourselves within are to gain experience, and those with whom we share our experience are convenient, which implies that we are using and manipulating others. By definition, everyone uses everybody they come into contact with for experience. We must not view using someone for experience as a negative, because using someone for experience is a positive. Nor should we confuse using someone to gain experience, with using someone from the perspective of the artificial world to gain artificial fulfilment, there is a vast difference.

We may use someone to gain experience, or we may be used to gain experience, either way it is only experience. If we say that we are using someone, in the artificial context of the word, we can also say they are using us, to allow themselves to experience being used by us. The same principle applies to manipulation. We are unable to consciously manipulate a situation, unless it is necessary to manipulate a situation for us to create our environment, in which case it is not manipulation, it is necessary. The double edged experience principle applies, which could be described as we are being manipulated into manipulating someone so that they can experience being manipulated. The true nature of experience is circular.

11.382 We apply being who we are, by not being who we are not.

11.383 Mostly, we experience who we are, by allowing others, or society, or our own insecurities to tell us who we are. We experience that we are not who we are told we are, by attempting to be who we are told we are. When we become aware of this pattern, the attempts to influence who we are still occur, but we know that who we are told we are, is not who we are. We experience that who we are told we are, is not who we are, regardless of what external means others use to convince us that who we are told we are, is who we are.

11.384 Others use us to hurt them, or more accurately they believe that we have hurt them. In fact they have chosen to hurt themselves, which is their choice. We cannot hurt another if the other, the one being hurt, has not chosen to be hurt. The one who has chosen to be hurt has created an environment to allow themselves to be hurt so that they may experience being hurt.

For example, two people enter a relationship, both knowing at the highest level that one will move on. When this event which was foreseen, occurs the one who is left choses to experience bitterness. The other may have chosen to experience guilt. Either way, both have chosen experiences which conveniently assist in the experiences which the other has chosen. This is why the they encountered each other, and were drawn together.

11.385 Relationships are in many ways the most important experience. It is through relationships that we experience who we are not, so that we may experience who we are.

11.386 The only reason that we do anything, is to gain experience.

11.387 The development of cloning was foreseen, as was the development of birth control. It was convenient to allow these events to coincide.

11.388 All souls, regardless of their current physical form, seek the truth.

11.389 When our future is foreseen, our future can be altered if we heed a warning, or do not heed a warning. However, our decisions are foreseen. That we will seek guidance is foreseen, that we will heed advice or not heed advice is also foreseen. Our decision is still our choice. That our choices are known, and that the experience which we seek is known, does not change the fact that all experience is our choice.

11.390 Our choices are known. The results of our choices are known. This is how we can be brought together with others when we seek a complimentary experience.

11.391 If we are guided, we are not exploring. Sometimes, we have to be free of guidance so that we can truly explore.

11.392 Negativity clings to us while we are on either the earth plane, or the spirit plane. Negativity does not cling to those from the higher plane who have returned to another plane for a reason, because their vibrational rate is only lowered slightly and a higher vibrational rate deflects negativity.

11.393 There are times when others deliver a message, or say something which allows us to address a specific issue, which we were struggling with. Mostly those who deliver the message do not know why they have said, whatever they said to assist us. Their soul acts in consultation with our soul, to deliver a message or provide guidance.

11.394 Everything that we do is to assist us to become aware of who we are.

11.395 We are a part of God, and therefore we are pure love, which is what we must experience.

11.396 At each point where we reach the doorways of awareness, which are identified by a turning point in our lives, we need to take a moment to review our experiences and become aware of our experiences. Becoming aware of our experiences will allow us to follow our instinct, and make a conscious decision through awareness. We will then be given an opportunity to experience applying our awareness, which will complete our awareness, and enable us to move on to a new experience.

11.397 The purpose of experience is to understand who we are not, and ultimately understand who we are, which is pure love.

11.398 The message which teachers have been delivering since the beginning of time, becomes lost because of the mirror effect of the earth plane. The earth plane is a reflection of reality, and much is seen in reverse.

11.399 It is necessary to send teachers because we are choosing to repeat experiences and focus all of our attention on the artificial reality of the earth plane. It is only through understanding the reality of existence that we will choose the correct doors, and progress from the level which we are on in ‘the multi-dimensional maze’.

11.400 There is nothing that we must do except to find and accept the truth which is within ourselves. Once we accept the truth which is within ourselves, awareness will come.

11.401 God will provide the keys for us to seek, and understand the truth within ourselves.

11.402 We have chosen to seek the truth, so the truth is provided.

11.403 It is not our environment that is important, it is what we experience that is important.

11.404 We should have whatever level of awareness we choose.

11.405 Teachers are necessary when we choose to seek guidance. It is very difficult for us to choose to become aware without guidance, but in reality we may become aware without guidance because awareness is that simple. Our awareness is locked away on the spirit plane or within our subconscious, which is the same thing. All that we need is a key to unlock our awareness.

11.406 Jesus was a teacher who became a master which means that Jesus gained full awareness whilst on the earth plane. Jesus was a soul who was no different to other souls, except that Jesus, like many, but not all souls chose to become a teacher. The level of awareness and the return to pure love that Jesus achieved can be achieved by all, and will at some stage be achieved by all. Some will achieve the return to pure love on the earth plane, some will achieve the return to pure love on the spirit plane. It matters not which.

11.407 Jesus’ message was the simple truth, ‘God is love, find the Kingdom of God within’, to use the commonly accepted terminology. Jesus’ example was to respond with love, regardless of what overs did.

11.408 Jesus’ message was, and is ‘God who is love exists within us all’. Jesus’ message is still retained within the teachings of the New Testament if we choose to see Jesus’ message.

11.409 The spirit plane is the link between the earth plane and the higher plane.

11.410 Moses’ role was to deliver the promise of what we will receive when we find God within.

11.411 There have been many masters, and each has had a specific role, or the same role but in a different culture.

11.412 The message delivered by Abraham was ‘to have faith and trust in God.’

11.413 Solomon’s message was ‘to seek the wisdom which is within us.’

11.414 The basic message of each master is contained within the known history of each master. We may strip away the mythology and legend to find the basic message. All mythology is based on a true event, a true master, a true message. We can choose to identify each master, locate the basic message and put the messages, the pieces together to find the truth.

11.415 Looking within is a far simpler way to understand the truth, and recreate the shattered truth. However, we can identify the basic message of each master and put those messages together to recreate the shattered truth. In each message there is a common theme, a link which is the essence which binds the truth, and all that is, together.

11.416 Much of the myth which surrounds the teachers focuses on the physical being. Those who have written about and interpreted the events surrounding the teachers have no point of reference, other than linear and physical. The writers and interpreters therefore chose to alter what they do not understand, to what they do understand.

11.417 Many of the miracles of Jesus and others which refer to creating abundance from very little are analogies, used to show how we can change our own environment. For example, we can change water into wine, not instantaneously as has been interpreted, but through changing our environment.

11.418 We change by experiencing who we are not, and discarding the experience. This process will continue until we experience who we are.

11.419 The message delivered by each teacher, also provided examples of their message. Jesus demonstrated the principle of pure love in all he said and all he did. Each master had a basic message, and expanded this message by explanation and demonstration.

11.420 Each time that we do not use a set of circumstances, or an environment that we have created, to become aware of who we are not, the experience is repeated. We continue to experience an aspect of who we are not, until we become aware that we are not the aspect which we are experiencing. It is important that we know that we are not each aspect of who we are not, and each time that we experience the same aspect of who we are not, the experience is deeper and more powerful, until we become aware that we are experiencing, who we are not.

11.421 We must look to our own lives, because it is within our own lives that we will find our own circles. The aspects of who we are not, which we continue to repeat.

11.422 To see what we have chosen to experience in a given lifetime, we must look within our own lifetime.

11.423 It is never too late to break our circle, but each time that a circle is repeated, the circle is a little bigger, and a little more difficult to break.

11.424 It is far easier for us to maintain a straight path, than to travel in circles.

11.425 The straight road appears to be the hard option, but the straight road is really the easy option.

11.426 If we listen to our instinct, our path is easy, although our path may not always seem easy.

11.427 Every thing that we face is a step towards our correct path, even if the step leads us away from our correct path.

11.428 Each difficulty which we face is created to provide circumstances for us to experience who we are not, and what is real.

11.429 We are all connected, and God is within all. However, it is difficult for us to remember, or accept, that God is within all at times, especially when we feel that someone has done wrong by us.

11.430 The concept of a soul doing wrong by another soul is an illusion. The concept of right and wrong does not exist. Two souls choose to experience something which is convenient to be experienced together. If one soul has chosen to experience being murdered, or having sex forced upon them, and the other has chosen to experience murdering someone, or forcing themselves upon someone, it is convenient to have their paths cross. The circumstances are not important. How we respond to the experience, and what awareness we gain from the experience is important.

11.431 We must experience being a victim to become aware that we are not a victim, but we can allow ourselves to experience being a victim if we chose. Our intention is to experience being a victim, so that we become aware that we are not a victim on our path to knowing who we are. It works the same way if we experience being a murderer or a rapist. We experience being a murderer or a rapist so that we will become aware that we are not a murderer or a rapist.

11.432 Karma in the concept of punishment is not correct. The concept of karma is correct, but karma is created because experience is a two sided coin, not punishment.

11.433 The concept of experience is difficult for us to accept, but the concept of experience is nonetheless real.

11.434 If we respond to all that we experience by way of pure love, then we will quickly become pure love, which is who we are.

11.435 Becoming pure love is the purpose for gaining experience. God is pure love. It is responding with pure love, and therefore responding with God, which will make our path easier.

11.436 If we respond to all with pure love, we will become pure love. God is pure love. We must respond with God, and we will become God.

11.437 We are God, but we are attached to the earth plane, so we are more than God. We have much attached to us. It is these attachments, our fears and insecurities, which must be removed to allow us to become pure love.

11.438 Becoming pure love is simple. However becoming pure love is made difficult by our reluctance to let go of that which is not pure love. Thus experience is created. We experience that which is not pure love, to become aware that we are not, that which is not pure love.

11.439 Becoming who we are is something which can occur in a lifetime, any lifetime, but mostly we need many lifetimes to become who we are. We frequently become stuck on one issue, such as being a victim, so we experience being a victim lifetime after lifetime, until we become aware that we are not a victim.

11.440 Imagine for just one moment if we were to become God and remain unaware of pure love. Imagine a God with the power to create and destroy being consumed by fears and insecurities? Frightening, isn’t it? That is what we are. That is why it is necessary that we are not aware that we are God. A drop of God that is the ocean of God.

11.441 We know that we are God, but we are not truly aware that we are God. We must experience that we are God to become aware that we are God. We become aware that we are God through experiencing who we are not, and becoming aware of who we are not, and through becoming aware of who we are not, we become aware of who we are.

11.442 Each drop of the ocean is still part of the ocean. God is God, the drop that is us. God is God, the drop that is another. God is God, the drops which collectively make up the ocean.

11.443 Prior to Jesus it was believed that we could only return to heaven if we did not sin. This was not correct, because sin is not a reality. What is considered sin is experience, but we were not ready to see this, so it was established that all sin is forgiven. This allowed us to concentrate on our positive experience, and discontinue focusing on our negative experience. It was said that Jesus was without sin, and this was so because sin is an illusion. Those who created the myth of Jesus used this to demonstrate that Jesus was the son of God and therefore different, but Jesus was/is a son of God and therefore the same. The truth is contained within Jesus’ teachings if we look passed the myth. Jesus did sin in the terms of what is incorrectly accepted as sin. This fact is contained within the teachings of Jesus, if we look passed the myth.

11.444 Sin does not exist. There is only experience. However the laws of cause and effect have been created and maintained to provide balance to the universe. If we choose to experience an action, we will also experience the effects of that action. Cause and effect are a part of gaining new experience.

11.445 For many years, it was believed that God only existed within temples erected for this purpose. The analogy of the body being a temple was provided to demonstrate that God exists within us all. This analogy has been taken literally by us and we have determined that our body should be worshiped. However, God does not wish to be worshiped and God does not require temples of any nature. If we create temples in the name of God, we really create temples for ourselves not for God, even if the temple which we create is our own body.

11.446 The creation of temples is not wrong, but the creation of temples is not necessary. God is not found only in temples and churches. God is found within. God exists within temples and churches because God exists everywhere, and therefore God also exists in bars and brothels.

11.447 Accepting that experience is our motivation for everything is not a cop out, and does not mean that we are not accepting responsibility for our actions. Experience is our motive for all that we do, but this truth does not absolve us from the responsibility of cause and effect. There are consequences for all that we do, and we must accept the consequences of our actions. The consequences of our actions are a part of experience and cannot be avoided, although the consequences of our actions are not always experienced in the same lifetime as the original experience.

11.448 Something cannot be made to happen, if that something is not meant to happen.

11.449 With every breath we take and beyond, we are fulfilling our destiny.

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