Truth of Reality Part Three

Today's Insight    


12.1 Our life is not short. Our existence is eternal.

12.2 We have many lifetimes on the earth plane, but in each lifetime we have little time to experience the physical plane.

12.3 We waste too much of our time, learning what we already know.

12.4 We will experience an easier lifetime, if we allow ourselves to become aware of our inner knowledge.

12.5 We spend too much time worrying about things which do not eventuate, or that we cannot change anyway. We worry about so many things that are unimportant and give so many things an importance which they do not deserve, that we have very little time for anything else.

12.6 We all need to take a step back, and we all need to see who we are.

12.7 How can we see and know who we are, when we continue to waste so much of our energy pretending, and trying to be somebody who we are not?

12.8 Why do we have so many fears?

12.9 Why are we afraid to be who we are?

12.10 Why do we believe that if we are, who we are, we will not be liked?

12.11 How have we reached a point where we have allowed ourselves to be so consumed by fear, that we have blocked the love within?

12.12 The reality is that if we were true to ourselves, we would have no reason to fear, because our essence is the same, pure love.

12.13 Pure love is who we are.

12.14 Pure love is what we must allow ourselves to become.

12.15 When we return to the higher plane, we return to pure love.

12.16 When we return to the higher plane, we live within pure love.

12.17 We are part of the pure love, which is the essence of all life.

12.18 It is on the earth plane that we experience pure love. There is no secret, we only need to allow ourselves to experience pure love. Experiencing pure love really is that simple.

12.19 We attempt to be somebody or something that we are not, which does not make any sense at all. Why are we afraid to be ourselves, when what we are is pure love?

12.20 We think that we must miss people who are not currently in our life, or we do not care for them. This is not so. To miss someone because someone is not in our life, at any given time, is negative not positive. If someone is not in our life, they are not meant to be in our life, it is that simple. If someone is in our life, they are meant to be in our life.

12.21 There is not one positive thing, that comes from self pity because someone is not in our life.

12.22 Many of the difficulties which we face, are created because we expect to face difficulties.

12.23 There are those on the spirit plane who will attempt to block our awareness. Mostly such spirits will be unenlightened and unaware, acting only in a karmic perspective.

12.24 Usually those on the spirit plane who will attempt to block our awareness, will be spirits who perceive that they were wronged on the earth plane, in one form or another.

12.25 To protect ourselves from those on the spirit plane, we simply need to surround ourselves with the white light of protection.

12.26 All colours reflect certain aspects of awareness. The combination of all colours produces the colour white. God is light.

12.27 White light is God.

12.28 When we call on white light for protection, we are calling upon God for protection, and when we call upon God for protection, we are calling on the white light for protection.

12.29 Every moment is now.

12.30 Now can be a joyful or a difficult experience, but now is now.

12.31 We must experience now.

12.32 We need to fully experience now, because unless we experience now, we will re-experience the events of now, and we will keep re-experiencing the events of now, until we have experienced now.

12.33 When we experience spiritual battles, we feel the effect physically.

12.34 A spiritual battle is a battle within our soul. Our soul is divided in respect of which way to lead us, and battles within itself.

12.35 In reality, a spiritual battle is a battle between our spirit plane and our higher plane, or our subconscious and our super-conscious.

12.36 A spiritual battle is usually caused by a conflict created by the inexperience of our spirit self, which is attempting to deal with a new experience, and our higher self which is keeping us on our correct path.

12.37 During a spiritual battle we are not consciously aware of exactly what is occurring, because the spiritual battle would overwhelm our conscious or lower self. Nevertheless, we resolve spiritual battles at our lower self level. In effect, the symptoms of the battle draw our attention to something which needs to be addressed, and we allow ourselves to see what we previously could not see.

12.38 Even after we become aware that all experience has a purpose, it is easy for us to lose sight of reality, especially when the result of any given experience is not as we desire.

12.39 If we are concerned only for our actions now, and not for the outcome, we will want for nothing.

12.40 There is no failure in seeking help, when we need help.

12.41 The purpose of the earth plane is to have real experiences.

12.42 The purpose of the earth plane would be defeated if our experiences did not seem real.

12.43 Our experiences must feel real, for our experiences to be fully experienced.

12.44 To live now in the environment that we are in, we need to release our fears of being trapped in our present environment.

12.45 We start searching for answers when we are dissatisfied with now. As we find answers, sometimes our now will change, and sometimes our now will not change.

12.46 We must learn to appreciate our now, and take joy from our now.

12.47 Each now, each moment is different and each now contains something for us to experience.

12.48 If it is necessary for our now to remain as our now is, we have not failed, we simply have not finished with the experience.

12.49 How can we experience if we do not feel?

12.50 It is important to feel, even when our feelings are negative. All feeling is experience, and therefore necessary.

12.51 We must use our experience, and then we must release the experience.

12.52 All that is required of us, is to allow everything to be.

12.53 We must allow ourselves to see and enjoy the pleasures of the earth plane.

12.54 It is ironic that the religions which were initially established with the intention of making the path to God easier, have made the path to God harder by their teachings. The underlying principles are the key, because it is that which has been added by man, that creates the difficulty.

12.55 The basis for those who govern the world whether it is a dictatorship, a democracy or somewhere in between, is fear.

12.56 Our earth plane existence is based on fear.

12.57 The difference in the world will occur, when our earth plane existence is based on love.

12.58 It is said that a love based existence requires us to view the world with rose coloured glasses. If this is so, then rose coloured glasses should be made available to us all.

12.60Our governments reflect the population, us. Governments are fear based because we have chosen to live fear based lives. If we were to choose to live love based lives, then those in government would reflect our choice.

12.61 A love based environment will occur because we are now seeking the truth, and therefore the love.

12.62 That the world is fear based, is a choice to experience a fear based world. That the basis of our earth plane existence will change, is a choice to experience a love based world. Either choice is neither right nor wrong, either choice is experience.

12.63 That living within love is far more rewarding than living in fear is fact, and both love and fear need to be experienced for us to become aware of this fact.

12.64 There will come a time when we no longer choose to experience starvation, which will occur when we have experienced enough starvation, and we no longer need to experience starvation.

12.65 The key to living in a love based society is for each of us to choose to live a love based existence. A love based society is that simple. As more of us choose a love based existence, we will become the majority and then the basis of society. No one person will or can change society. Each of us must make our own choice to live a love based existence, and through each of us choosing to live a love based existence, society will alter from fear based to love based.

12.66 A love based earth plane will occur, because we are seeking a love based existence. However, the choice of a love based existence for each of us, is individual.

12.67 We are the same.

12.68 Much is said about equality of all races of people. All are equal. Those of us who are born into an oppressed existence have chosen to experience an oppressed existence. Many who now experience an oppressed existence have already experienced a dominant existence. All is experience.

12.69 Society will experience an existence of true equality.

12.70 It is issues such as inequality which prevent the accidental discovery of space travel.

12.71 When our fear based issues are resolved, great break throughs will be experienced.

12.72 There will come a time when the sovereignty of borders will be seen for what it is, an illusion. We will all reside where we choose, and there will be an even distribution of resources.

12.73 The inequalities of the distribution of the earth’s resources has been convenient to allow souls to experience suffering and hunger. In terms of the earth plane much of the difficulties which were chosen to be experienced, have now been experienced. As a collective group, we are now beginning to choose to live in a fair, equitable society. Thus the earth plane is moving to the position of a fair, equitable society.

12.74 The choice of the individual changes the circumstances of that individual, and the choices of society changes the circumstances of society.

12.75 At a higher level, we are aware of the limited time remaining in this incarnation of the earth plane.

12.76 During the next millennium, we will experience a peaceful and joyful existence in preparation for ascending to the higher plane.

12.77 We need only look around us to see the change from the fear based existence to the love based existence taking place. However, change from the fear based existence to the love based existence needs to take place over a period of time. Change from the fear based existence to the love based existence cannot take place overnight, because change from the fear based existence to the love based existence like all things must be experienced.

12.78 Now that the disease of artificial fulfilment has begun to consume itself, reality is being sought.

12.79 Within five lifetimes the disease of artificial fulfilment will have almost consumed itself, and most of us will live a peaceful and joyful existence and view the world, as the world is.

12.80 We need have no concern for the future of the earth plane. Everything has progressed as it was foreseen, and much negativity has been experienced. Much of the remaining time of the earth plane will be the experience of the positive nature of the earth plane, and the true beauty of that which God has created.

12.81 It is possible for our spirit to travel through time.

12.82 The nature of experience is circular.

12.83 Experience is repeated as often as it is required to repeat an experience, for all to be gained from the experience.

12.84 The need to repeat experience does not change with awareness. What changes with awareness is that we no longer travel in blind circles. A circle remains but our eyes are open to what is happening, and therefore we understand the meaning of the circle that we are experiencing.

12.85 We have existed lifetime after lifetime believing that a set of rules apply. We must understand that there are no rules, which is not an easy transition to make, so we must be patient with ourselves.

12.86 Dinosaurs were souls gaining experience on the physical plane. Each physical plane begins with new souls experiencing creating their physical self. Early attempts are crude, and as a soul learns that their physical being can be more efficient, they create more efficient physical bodies. The process has been identified and labelled evolution. The process of evolution continues, and will continue as our bodies alter with our chosen experiences.

12.87 There are many different physical forms which we can create for ourselves. In the terms of the universe, the physical forms which we encounter on the earth plane are but a very few. Anything is possible, and all physical forms are created for the purpose of gaining experience.

12.88 The limits placed on us regardless of our form on the earth plane, are very stringent. However, we have chosen to experience a limited existence.

12.89 What is fantasy? Or fiction? Ideas from our imagination? Where do we suppose those ideas come from?

12.90 Reality is contained within everything if we choose to look.

12.91 If we are ready, we will see The Truth Of Reality within all things.

12.92 The details of the experiences of each of us is unique. It is the principle of the experiences which is the same, and the principle of the experiences which is experienced.

12.93 The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will be brought about by the choice of us on the earth plane. The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will not and cannot be brought about by any other way. Unless the change from a fear based environment to a love based environment is by choice, the change from a fear based environment to a love based environment is not real.

12.94 We are governed by fear.

12.95 Fear dominates our thoughts, which is both the cause and the product of the fear based environment which the earth plane has become.

12.96 Our fear based environment is a result of artificial fulfilment, and our fear based environment is why those from other physical planes watch the earth plane so closely.

12.97 There will come a time when we will be governed by love not fear.

12.98 When we are governed by love, our fear based environment will become a love based environment.

12.99 When our fear based environment becomes a love based environment the beauty of the earth plane will become more beautiful, the joy of the earth plane will become more joyful, and the love of the earth plane will encompass everything, which is how the earth plane was once experienced, and how the earth plane will be experienced again.

12.100 The seeds of the truth are planted everywhere.

12.101 We only need to open our eyes and look, if we are to see the seeds of the truth. We do not need to know where to look, we need to be aware that the seeds of the truth are planted everywhere, and allow ourselves to see the seeds of the truth.

12.102 Firstly, we experience without awareness, we then release the experience so that we may re-experience with awareness.

12.103 It is awareness that an experience is who we are, or who we are not, which makes it possible for us to retain the experience.

12.104 When we become aware of an experience that is a part of who we are, that experience becomes a part of who we are. When we become aware of an experience that is who we are not, that experience becomes a part of who we are not.

12.105 If we truly accept that the God-presence, the truth of our existence is contained within all things, we will allow ourselves to see the truth within all things.

12.106 It is futile for us to speculate on what course of action we should have followed. How many times do we say to ourselves ‘if only I had …’. If an experience has been chosen, our chosen experience will be experienced, regardless of our actions.

12.107 Speculating on what could have been is futile.

12.108 What we did not experience could not have been experienced, because what we did not experience was not meant to be experienced.

12.109 Once an experience has been chosen, what has been chosen will be experienced.

12.110 The key to true experience is awareness. If our experience is from a position of awareness, we can become aware of exactly what we are experiencing and why. However, experience from a position of awareness does not mean that we become aware of what and why, before we experience anything. If we did become aware of what and why before we experience, our awareness would alter our experience. We become aware of what during the experience, and why immediately after the experience. It is through becoming aware of what and why we experience, that we are able to release the experience and move on.

12.111 It is through the awareness of why we are here, that we are able to really develop an awareness of who we are. An acceptance that ultimately we are God, is not enough. We must become aware of who we are, and awareness can only be achieved through experience.

12.112 The God-presence, the thread which binds all that is together, is everywhere, and within everything.

12.113 As we move closer to living within the love which is the basis of our existence, we desire to share the love which is the basis of our existence with all.

12.114 The very nature of love, requires love to be shared.

12.115 The more love that we live within, the more love we seek.

12.116 We want all to feel love, so that the love increases, and we have more love to live within. By earth plane standards wanting to increase love for ourselves to live within is a selfish concept, but the very nature of love, means that wanting to increase love for ourselves to live within, is not selfish.

12.117 Fear works on the same principle as love. If we live a fear based existence, we want to share the fear with others.

12.118 When we understand the principle of our need to share either love or fear, we will view the history of the earth plane differently. We will see how fear created artificial fulfilment and fed upon itself. We will see how fear increased until fear had all but consumed the earth plane.

12.119 As we become increasingly aware that love is the true nature of everything, love will feed upon itself, and grow as love consumes the fear of the earth plane.

12.120 If we all take a moment to review our lives, we will see that love is more powerful than fear, and that love can overcome fear in our own lives. If we apply what we have seen within our own lives to the earth plane, we can see that love will overcome fear, and in time the earth plane will become love based, not fear based.

12.121 The so called ‘New Age Movement’ has developed a form of spiritual snobbery which has long been the basis of many religions. As we take the step from the spirit plane to the higher plane, we lose all sense of spiritual snobbery. We see the God-presence within all that is, and we know that all are capable of seeing the God-presence, if they choose.

12.122 We must each choose to see the God-presence in all that is for ourselves. There is no other way to see the God-presence in all that is, and there is no way to assist another to choose to see the God-presence in all that is, other than to make the availability of the choice to see the God-presence in all that is, known.

12.123 There is no mystery.

12.124 We can each allow ourselves to become aware. There are no courses which need to be taken, there is no need to leave the everyday world, and there is no need to undertake spiritual training for many years.

12.125 All of the resources, and all of the assistance which we could need to become aware are within out grasp.

12.126 All that is required of us, is to open ourselves, allow awareness to happen, and allow ourselves to receive the guidance which is provided for us, and which is within everything that we do.

12.127 Spiritual guidance, like the truth of our existence is all around us.

12.128 Wherever we turn we are provided with guidance, and all that we need to do is open ourselves up to receive the guidance which is provided.

12.129 There is no correct path.

12.130 Our path is within ourselves and each path is different.

12.131 We need to choose to see our own path.

12.132 Along each path there are barriers, dead ends, detours and even chasms, each of which represents something that we need to experience. Barriers, dead ends, detours and chasms allow us to experience who we are not.

12.133 There are no spiritual myths, there is no mystery, there is no magic formula, there is no need to undertake special spiritual training. Everything that we need is all around us.

12.134 God truly is everywhere.

12.135 We can all find our way home by simply choosing to find our way home, and by allowing ourselves to see the light which shows the way home.

12.136 The light which shows the way home is everywhere.

12.137 God wants us to return to God, to return home, and to become the that love which we are.

12.138 Our lower self, our spirit self and our higher self combined are our soul.

12.139 Our instinct is our higher, self which is also the God within. What better protection could we be given?

12.140 There is limited time remaining for us to gain awareness, but the time remaining is a long period in the terms of our linear existence, many lifetimes.

12.141 The end of the earth plane as the earth plane is known, will not be the end of the earth plane. The earth plane will require a period of rebuilding or re-creation. During this time the souls who remain will have a time of reflection, to understand the true nature of their existence, and during this time the souls who remain will be unable to ascend. In terms of the circular nature of reality the extended period of reflection means nothing, but for those souls who remain, the period of reflection will seem like eternity.

12.142 All souls will return to the higher plane, before the circle is complete.

12.143 The circle is complete now, the circle has always been complete, and the circle will always be complete.

12.144 A circle has no beginning and no end.

12.145 At each point on the circle, there is both a beginning and an end.

12.146 Completion of the circle is relative to the view of the circle that we have.

12.147 As we discover the truth about past lives, we discover a soul with whom we have shared many lifetimes as a learning partner. The natural conclusion that has been drawn is that our learning partner is our soulmate, which is not necessarily so. However, on occasion our learning partner may be our soulmate.

12.148 We work together to provide each other with opportunities to experience, and to return to the higher plane. We work together through love, but our motives on the earth plane is anything but love.

12.149 The experiences which are to be contained in each lifetime, are planned and arranged on the higher plane which is based on love. Our motives on the earth plane are an illusion, to enable us to experience actions motivated by such things as hate or greed. However, our motives on the earth plane seem real, which is the point of experience.

12.150 The earth plane must seem real. However, the earth plane is illusion.

12.151 The love which is the higher plane, is within all souls.

12.152 Love is within all, and the key to enlightenment is to allow the love within to surface.

12.153 We seldom get what we hope for. We all get what we need. When we hope for something, our hope is a means of leading us to what we need. Often the only reason why we hope for something, is to lead us to what we need, and what we hoped for, we did not really want anyway. That we hoped for something or wished for something or wanted something was an illusion, to lead us to the experience that we really wanted, which was the experience that we needed.

12.154 When we receive a message from the spirit plane, the message is often vague or otherwise unclear. Messages or assistance from the spirit plane is provided in a way which will not affect our experiences. If we were to receive an important message from a man named Fred, and we were told that we would receive an important message from a man named Fred, we may meet a man named George and overlook that George also has a message. Therefore, we are told that a man has an important message for us.

12.155 Everything happens for a reason, but what occurs is often not for the reason that we think. Everything happens for the same reason, experience. If we think that something has happened, or will happen for any other reason, then what has happened is not for the reason that we think.

12.156 Everything occurs to provide the experience which is needed, not the experience which is wanted or expected. However, the experience which is needed, and the experience which is wanted are sometimes the same.

12.157 We do not fall in love with someone by accident. We conveniently fall in love with whichever soul is able to provide the experience that we need. If two souls fall in love with each other, they fall in love with each other to conveniently gain the experience which they both need.

When viewed from the correct perspective, souls falling in love with each other to conveniently gain the experience which they both need, is not cold and calculating, because the experience is needed to return to the pure love, which is the very fabric of existence. By definition, the motive to create the relationship is a love far purer than the love which is experienced, within a relationship.

12.158 Our instinct is like a sword which can become tarnished.

12.159 Our instinct is our higher self, nevertheless the sword, or our instinct, can become tarnished. It is our baggage from our lifetime, or our baggage accumulated over lifetimes, that tarnishes the sword of our instinct. Baggage such as guilt which builds up within us and makes it more difficult for the higher self to shine through, or for our instinct to reach our lower self.

12.160 We do not need to choose to fulfil our destiny as such, we only need to choose to follow our instinct, or to listen to our higher self. By making the decision to listen to our higher self, we will fulfil our destiny.

12.161 Regardless of what we specifically choose to experience, following our instinct is fulfilling our destiny.

12.162 Artificial fulfilment is like a drug which gives us an artificial sense of well being. We come to rely on that drug for our well being, and when we remove the drug, we suffer from withdrawal.

12.163 We are given solitude in our life to provide us with an opportunity to look within. However, we often choose not to accept the opportunity to look within, instead we avoid solitude at every opportunity.

12.164 We are given periods of solitude in our lifetimes for the purpose of looking within. Our solitude may last a day, or a month or even a year. The duration of our solitude depends on what we need to find within ourselves, at any particular moment.

12.165 We need to cleanse our souls. Mostly we cleanse our souls over a number of lifetimes. Re-awakening in the next lifetime, or another lifetime where we left off.

12.166 Our fears and our insecurities are illusions, which prevent us from seeing the light within.

12.167 Fears and insecurities are both the products, and the tools of experience.

12.168 The removal of fears and insecurities can be a difficult task if we so choose, but the removal of fears and insecurities can also be an easy task. The degree of difficulty experienced when we are removing our fears and insecurities, is our choice.

12.169 Fears and insecurities must be removed because the dark veil which is formed around our soul by our fears and insecurities not only blocks the light from within, but also the view within, which prevents us from seeing who we truly are.

12.170 If we refuse to follow our correct path, we are often forcibly placed on our correct path, which in itself is a choice.

12.171 We sometimes choose to ignore our correct path, because we have chosen to experience being forced onto our correct path.

12.172 Everything that is experienced on the earth plane must feel real, or there is no point in experiencing it. When we start to become aware a part of us, our higher self, knows that what we are experiencing is not real. However, despite our awareness, the experience feels real, which is the purpose of the earth plane.

12.173 We lose touch with our spirit and higher selves when we need to fully experience something.

12.174 Experience can only be felt on the earth plane, and other physical planes by the lower self.

12.175 When we need to really experience something, we become only our lower self so that we may fully experience whatever we need to experience.

12.176 The times when we lose touch with our spirituality so that we may experience something, will diminish as there is less that we need to experience.

12.177 We have lost sight of who we are due to artificial fulfilment, and we have moved a long way from being who we are.

12.178 God is pure love.

12.179 Those who exist only on the higher plane, exist within pure love and wish for all to return to the pure love.

12.180 When we return to the pure love, the pure love increases.

12.181 Those who exist within pure love wish for the pure love to increase. Therefore, their motive for assisting us to return to pure love is selfish, but because their motive is based on a desire to increase pure love, their motive cannot be selfish.

12.182 Those who do not return to pure love when the earth plane is re-created, will be trapped on the spirit plane for many thousands of years and will be unable to experience. Without experience we are unable to return to the higher plane and become who we are.

12.183 There other physical planes, and other souls who can return to the higher plane.

12.184 Each soul who returns to the higher plane adds another drop to the ocean, and increases pure love. Every drop in the ocean is important. Those who live in the ocean of pure love, the very fabric of existence, have an insatiable desire for more pure love, but their desire is pure.

12.185 God allowed artificial fulfilment to take hold, because God is unable to interfere with our experience.

12.186 God needed to wait until we were seeking the truth, before God could show us the truth.

12.187 God needed to allow events to run their course, and for the question to be asked by an increasing number of souls, before God could provide the answer.

12.188 God has always provided answers, to those of us who sought answers in many ways, but many of us did not receive the answers which God provided. It is now time for God to not only provide the answers, but also to tell us how to find the answers which we seek.

12.189 Following the dark path is not wrong, following the dark path is an experience of moving away from who we are.

12.190 The path to who we are, is found within.

12.191 To become who we are, we must look within.

12.192 The path which leads away from who we are, is the path which leads us to look for fulfilment externally.

12.193 The path which leads away from who we are, is this path which causes us to look to fulfil the expectations of others, instead of being true to ourselves.

12.194 Living up to other’s expectations or being concerned about what others think about us, are the things which lead us away from who we are.

12.195 The more that we attempt to live up to the expectations of others, the further we are from being our true selves, and discovering who we are.

12.196 When we attempt to live up to the expectations of others, we look to obtain self-importance by artificial means, such as placing importance on wealth, or position, or political power etc. It is the importance which is placed on external things that leads us away from who we are. If anything is used to feed artificial importance, or obtain artificial fulfilment, that thing is leading away from who we are. Wealth, success or power etc may be experienced, and have no artificial importance placed on them, in which case wealth, success or power etc do not lead away from who we are.

12.197 Placing artificial importance on anything is neither right or wrong, placing artificial importance on anything is experience.

12.198 Some experience leads to who we are, and other experience leads to who we are not. We must experience who we are not, and become aware of who we are not, to become who we are.

12.199 God allowed the cultures which had not strayed from their path to become affected by artificial fulfilment, because God cannot interfere with experience, or experience is not experience.

12.200 The cultures who have had artificial fulfilment enforced on them have had a far bigger impact than we realise. Many are seeking the truth through studying the cultures which western society attempted to destroy. That artificial fulfilment was forced upon those cultures was an illusion and temporary. It is those very cultures which have provided the keys for many to seek the truth.

12.201 If we experience something, and we do not become aware that what we have experienced is not who we are, we repeat the experience until we become aware that the experience is not who we are.

12.202 Our spiritual abilities cannot be used for selfish gain.

12.203 When we consciously utilise our ability to create that which we desire, we are not being selfish.

12.204 Selfishness is a product of artificial fulfilment. If we utilise our spiritual abilities for selfish gain, we are attempting to feed artificial fulfilment.

12.205 We lose sight of reality and lose contact with our soul, when we have not quite understood something correctly, or when there is more depth to a point than we have yet become aware of.

12.206 We cannot alter another’s choices if we try forever. We may at times think that we do alter another’s choices, but if we need to experience altering another’s choices, we will be drawn to another who has chosen to listen to us, and who has chosen to alter their choices. Despite what we may think, we have not altered their choice, we have facilitated the choice which they had already made.

12.207 Not all become masters on the earth plane, many become masters on the spirit plane.

12.208 It is those who become masters on the earth plane who are known as masters.

12.209 The dark path is only dark, because the dark path leads away from the light within.

12.210 We follow the dark path if we seek to fulfil our needs by artificial fulfilment, or by earth plane standards, sometimes utilising the power of the spirit plane.

12.211 The disease of artificial fulfilment is a description only. An analogy to assist understanding. In reality we have become consumed by attempting to find external fulfilment, and we have discontinued looking within, which is the only place that fulfilment can truly be found.

12.212 Analogies are used to illustrate points, and to create a picture in our minds which will assist our understanding, and provide us with a point of reference.

12.213 We can choose to send our spirit to help another.

12.214 We send our spirit to help another sub-consciously or via the spirit plane, while our body sleeps.

12.215 We may consciously choose to send our spirit to help another, but they will only receive our help, if they choose to receive our help.

12.216 Some will say that to provide spiritual assistance we must focus on the person whom we desire to help, and send them our energy, which works. Others will say that we need to use crystals or ‘magic spells’ which also works. ‘Praying for a person’ is another a label which some choose to apply to the concept of providing spiritual assistance. In reality, we only need to desire to provide spiritual assistance, and allow ourselves to provide spiritual assistance.

12.217 Crystals are a genuine source of energy, because crystals trap energy which can be drawn upon.

12.218 The power of crystals is real.

12.219 The earth plane is basically a mirror, a reflection of the truth. Consider a primitive person who looks into a mirror for the first time. At first they believe there is another person there, because they do not understand that the person who they see in the mirror is their own reflection. When we view the earth plane, we do not understand that what we see is a reflection of ourselves.

12.220 We are not tested in the way that we understand tests. We create an environment to apply our awareness and experience, regardless of whether we are conscious of our awareness and experience.

12.221 When we start to become aware we often say; ‘this is a test’, which is correct in a way, but more accurately we have created an opportunity for ourselves to apply our awareness and experience.

12.222 We all have the ability to prophesise. Many of us prophesise daily, but we are unaware of having done so.

12.223 Prophesy is knowledge of what is to come.

12.224 Prophesies are necessarily vague, because we cannot interfere with the experiences of others.

12.225 If it is necessary for us to know the meaning of prophesy as part of our experience, we will know the meaning of prophesy.

12.226 Many have attempted to analyse and determine the meaning of prophesies, but there have been almost as many interpretations as there have been interpreters. Prophesies are not meant to be interpreted. Those who the message is aimed at receive the message even though they may be unaware that they have received a message. Those who choose to attempt to interpret prophesies which are meant for others, experience their attempt.

12.227 If we are meant to receive and understand a message and the meaning, we will understand the message and the meaning. If we are not meant to receive a message, we will not receive the message, regardless of how many times the message is delivered to us.

12.228 A single prophecy can have many meanings and be interpreted in many ways.

12.229 The meaning of a prophecy may not be meant for the interpreter, but the meaning may be meant for those who are led to read the interpretation. If two interpret a single message in an opposite way, 100 may read one interpretation and 50 may read the other interpretation. In all, 150 may receive the message which they were meant to receive, and the interpreters may have been a convenient way of delivering the message to 150, whilst experiencing an attempt to interpret a prophecy.

12.230 The meaning of each prophesy is individual.

12.231 The meaning of all things is individual.

12.232 What something means to us, may have no bearing on what that something means to another.

12.233 The meaning of all things can be found within.

12.234 Dooms-day does not exist.

12.235 Those who say that dooms-day is coming are attempting to control others through fear, and are experiencing various degrees of success.

12.236 Those who say that dooms-day is coming are experiencing controlling others through fear, so that others can experience being controlled through fear.

12.237 The world as it is known will cease to exist. The earth plane as it is known will fulfil its purpose and then be recreated. Where is the doom in this?

12.238 Some have chosen to experience believing that there will be a dooms-day so that they will also experience that there is not a dooms-day. This is an experience scenario which has been repeated within many cultures, for many thousands of years. On each occasion, those who have believed in the dooms-day have experienced that there is no dooms-day.

12.239 Our vibrational rate is necessary to enable the three planes to exist simultaneously.

12.240 The new order which has been spoken about is not exactly new. In fact, the new order is very old. The new order has been described in many ways, but put simply the new order is a return to awareness, or a return to living with our soul.

12.241 There are degrees of awareness.

12.242 At the lowest level of awareness we will follow our instinct. At the higher level of awareness we will understand why we are on the physical plane, and allow ourselves to experience. There are numerous levels of awareness in between.

12.243 Levels of awareness are not levels, such as levels in a building. Levels of awareness are awareness based on how much, and what parts of the circle we are aware of.

12.244 Our awareness level is very much individual.

12.245 When the earth plane has fulfilled its purpose, the souls who remain will have to wait until the earth plane is recreated. Time does not exist, so if the souls who remain wait for fifty years, or fifty thousand years, it is irrelevant.

12.246 God wants all souls to return to the higher plane, because those who exist only as pure love, desire the pure love to increase.

12.247 If it was possible for us to return to the higher plane without becoming aware of who we are, through experiencing who we are not, the physical plane would not be necessary.

12.248 We have chosen to seek guidance and become aware of who we are, so God has chosen to provide the guidance which we seek.

12.249 As we gain awareness, we also gain awareness of what we need to experience, and we choose to experience what we need to experience based upon our awareness.

12.250 By following our instinct, or listening to our higher self, we are led to what we need to experience.

12.251 We can allow ourselves to be led to what we need to experience, regardless of our level of awareness.

12.252 Whether we listen to our higher self is our choice.

12.253 Listening to our higher self is our choice, and listening to our higher self is also experience.

12.254 If we do not listen to our instinct, we have chosen not to listen to our higher self, and we have chosen to experience the result.

12.255 Our higher self knows what we will choose, because all choices are foreseen.

12.256 Whether we listen to our higher self or not, we are doing what we are meant to do, and we are experiencing what we have chosen to experience.

12.257 No soul really leaves another’s life, because all souls are connected.

12.258 If we look at any event solely from the perspective of the earth plane, we are looking at the event one dimensionally.

12.259 God does not become offended. We will not be struck by lightening if we offend God. God has no wrath, only love. How can an entity who’s very existence is pure love ask us to return to pure love, if we are told to return to pure love through fear of consequence? It is a nonsense to suggest such a thing.

12.260 Religions are mostly based on a principle of love and truth. However, the application and the practice of most religions has little to do with love and truth.

12.261 Religions are mostly used to bend many to the will of the few, and to provide power to a few who control the religions.

12.262 There are many who genuinely believe the religion which they follow.

12.263 What religions teach, is neither right nor wrong.

12.264 Religions provide an environment for many chosen experiences.

12.265 We must look within for the truth.

12.266 We must listen to our instinct, because our instinct will lead us to what we need to experience, including religion.

12.267 Religions contain the truth, but religions are not the truth.

12.268 When we follow a chosen belief, whether our belief follows an organised religion or not, we are experiencing what we have chosen to experience.

12.269 Saying that any soul is wrong is bearing false witness, because no soul is wrong.

12.270 All souls are in the process of gaining experience.

12.271 We have no reason to judge any soul.

12.272 We are all gaining experience, so we are all fulfilling our purpose.

12.273 If our chosen experience is to judge, then such judgement is not wrong, such judgement is experience.

12.274 We must all experience who we are not, so that we may experience who we are.

12.275 We continually return to the same point, because awareness is circular.

12.276 The depth of our awareness is increased by following an ever expanding circle and filling in the gaps.

12.277 Our understanding increases with our awareness.

12.278 We need to experience the circular nature of awareness.

12.279 We continually repeat experiences.

12.280 Each time that we complete the circle, the circle is a little larger because our awareness has increased.

12.281 We cannot interfere with another’s experiences.

12.282 We may offer guidance for those who have chosen to be offered guidance, but it will be their choice whether they accept our guidance, or not accept our guidance, and they will experience the result of their choice.

12.283 All that we do is created by our higher self, and although we are unaware that what we do is created by our higher self, we need to make a conscious decision to move on.

12.284 The purpose of all experience is to become aware of who we are, by experiencing who we are not.

12.285 To become aware of who we are, we need to become aware of who we are not. The process is circular.

12.286 We experience something, until we become aware that what we are experiencing is who we are not, and then we move on to experience another aspect of who we are not, and so on. What we are eventually left with is, who we are.

12.287 We are able to consciously choose to be who we are, by becoming one with ourself.

12.288 Our ultimate purpose is to become one with ourselves.

12.289 By becoming one with ourselves, we also become one with all that is. The self that we become one with is our higher self, which is one with all that is.

12.290 We are our higher self plus more, and we must become our higher self and no more. What we are in fact doing is becoming less, not more. However, by becoming less, we become more.

12.291 By becoming one with our higher self we remove the aspects who we are not, and in so doing we become less. At the same time we become one with all that is, and in so doing we become more.

12.292 Whether we enjoy our experiences or not is irrelevant.

12.293 It is not the experience in itself that causes us not to enjoy the experience, it is the manner in which we view the experience.

12.294 Whilst we are on the earth plane we experience.

12.295 Our experiences must seem real, and must be felt, to be experiences.

12.296 God can be treated as a friend, with all that comes with being a friend.

12.297 God is a friend to each of us, because God is a part of each of us.

12.298 We need to increase the depth of our awareness.

12.299 Each time that the circle turns, the depth of our awareness is greater. That the circle turns, in itself increases the depth of our awareness.

12.300 Not all is as it seems, but all is for a reason.

12.301 Everything that happens is experience.

12.302 We desire experience. Therefore, we have exactly what we desire.

12.303 We are led to experience. Therefore, regardless of the method used to lead us to experience, we cannot possibly be misled.

12.304 We are led to whatever is necessary for us to experience.

12.305 We are not led to our earth plane desires, we create our earth plane desires by letting our earth plane desires come into being.

12.306 Experiences are not enjoyable because of our reaction to the experience, not because of the experience itself.

12.307 A master is not a special soul that we cannot become, a master is an ordinary soul that we can allow ourselves to become.

12.308 Nothing is coincidental.

12.309 There is nothing that we should do, or should not do.

12.310 All is experience.

12.311 We must feel to fully experience.

12.312 Pure love can only be felt on the physical planes.

12.313 When we return to the higher plane we become pure love, but we do not feel pure love.

12.314 We create an environment to provide an opportunity for ourselves to consciously apply our awareness that the environment which we have created, is who we are not.

12.315 Everything that we experience, brings us a little closer to being one with who we are.

12.316 If we understand our basic need for experience, and we apply that understanding, our understanding will alter our subjective view of enjoyment.

12.317 How we respond to each experience is our choice. However, we will experience the effect of our choice, whatever our choice may be.

12.318 There is no right choice. We will make whatever choice will provide us with the experience which we need at the time.

12.319 We should only be thankful for our experience, if our choice provides the effect which we need to experience.

12.320 Even if we have found God and we know that all is experience, we may choose to experience the range of experiences, and our experiences seem real whilst they are being experienced.

12.321 Why would we become aware that we have created our environment to experience, and then choose not to experience?

12.322 All experiences must be felt to be fully experienced.

12.323 To choose not to use what has been created, for the purpose that whatever it is has been created, defies the purpose of creating whatever it is.

12.324 There can be no limit placed on experiences, because all must be experienced.

12.325 An illusion must seem real to be experienced. After the illusion has been experienced the illusion may be seen as an illusion, but whilst the illusion is being experienced, the illusion must seem real.

12.326 Sometimes we see our experiences as an illusion, and we do not feel our experiences. At other times we feel our experiences, and see our experiences as an illusion only with hindsight.

12.327 We feel that which we need to experience.

12.328 Why would God interfere with our experiences when we need our experiences, to become one with God?

12.329 Relationships are an integral part of our purpose on the earth plane.

12.330 Our ultimate purpose to become who we are.

12.331 Relationships allow us to become who we are even though ‘who we are’ at any point in our existence may not be, who we are. The only way for us to be who we are, is to be who we are, and to discover that who we are being, is not who we are.

12.332 Who we are at any point in time is the sum of who we are, plus who we are not. We can call who we are 10 plus 90 etc. So, at a point in time we may be 33 and be who we are. Later in that same lifetime, or another lifetime, we may be 32. In both cases we are who we are. We need to be 33 so we can experience that are not 33, but 32 and so on. Ultimately we will be who we are, which in our illustration is 10.

12.333 Being alone allows us to reflect and draw on our previous experiences, but we need to interact with others to gain new experiences.

12.334 If we act in a way that is in our best interest, or that reflects what we desire, instead of what another desires, the other may determine that we are selfish, but are they not being selfish, by wanting us to act in the way that they desire?

12.335 All that we have experienced has been to allow us to become aware of who we are.

12.336 We choose our destiny by the choices which we have made since our creation.

12.337 Our lifetime a product of our choices.

12.338 Everything is as everything is meant to be, because our choices are foreseen, but our choices are still choices.

12.339 Choice is cause, experience is effect.

12.340 God provides answers through everything that is available on the earth plane, but most answers are provided subconsciously and often, even when we recognise the answer, we doubt. We wonder if the answer which we receive is coincidence.

12.341 When we begin to know that all answers are within, we fail to understand that all answers are within, until we experience that all answers are within.

12.342 We do not really become aware of any aspect of reality, until we experience the aspect of reality for ourselves.

12.343 When we are told something through one means or another, we may know that what we have been told is correct. However, until we experience what we have been told, we cannot apply our experience to our knowledge, and in doing so become aware.

12.344 It is not necessary that knowledge comes first, it is more often experience which comes first.

12.345 We seek knowledge to apply to our lifetimes of experience.

12.346 A soul on the spirit plane who is following the dark path of artificial fulfilment can influence us.

12.347 Being influenced by another soul in spirit form is an experience which both souls have chosen, and when the experience is extreme, it is often referred to as being possessed by spirits or entities.

12.348 We cannot be possessed by the devil, because the devil does not exist.

12.349 It is whilst experiencing existence with a conscious mind, that we are able to become consciously aware.

12.350 It is possible that a series of events which are experienced by us, only occur so that we may relay these events to another, and it is the other’s experience in response to the events that have been relayed, that is the real purpose for the events occurring. It is also possible that events which are experienced by us, are for us and conveniently assist another to experience, when the events are relayed.

12.351 When we are led to have our future told in one form or another, it is foreseen that we will have our future told. We create an opportunity to know a little about our future, through utilising a temporary bridge to our higher self. A choice is provided, and the experience created by our choice is felt. We may experience listening, not listening or partially listening to the information about our future that we are given.

12.352 When we know that there is a message, but we cannot decipher the message we have chosen to experience knowing that there is a message, but not receiving the message.

12.353 We are only accountable to ourselves.

12.354 Did we experience what we chose, and if so did we become aware of an aspect of ourselves that we are not?

12.355 There is no reason to fear consequences of our actions, which does not mean that there are no consequences for our actions. For example; If we commit murder and murder is unacceptable within society, we not only experience committing murder, but also imprisonment or execution. It is possible to experience committing murder in a society where committing murder is acceptable. For example; We may choose to become a soldier and go to war where we may experience killing reluctantly, or we may experience embracing murder, with no consequences from society.

12.356 Each of our experiences can be the experience we seek, or a group of experiences may be sought. For example; We may choose to be born in an environment where we are abused, we may then choose to commit a murder in adulthood, and blame the murder on our childhood experiences. The childhood, or the murder could be the experience sought, or we could be creating the environment for the experience of blaming the childhood. The true experience which is sought may be any combination of these experiences, or none of these experiences.

12.357 We sometimes have scenarios played in our mind over and over again. Sometimes the scenarios played in our mind have the same theme, and sometimes the scenarios played in our mind have different themes. We must allow the scenarios played in our mind, to play out. Mostly such scenarios played in our mind are to enable us to experience a scenario, and consider how we would react. If we were to consider the scenarios one by one, we would see that in most instances our reaction was different than our conscious mind would have had us believe. The purpose of the scenarios played in our mind is often to rectify incorrect conscious thoughts which we have retained. However, some of the scenarios played in our mind will play out on the earth plane, and we are preparing ourselves for the upcoming experience.

12.358 If we are not happy with our environment, we may simply change our environment.

12.359 An environment may be changed gradually or instantly.

12.360 If we are unhappy with our life we can simply get up one morning, leave our life and build a new existence somewhere else.

12.361 We may choose to experience an illness. Sometimes the illness is the cause and sometimes the illness is the effect. The illness may be either the choice, or the experience.

12.362 We may have shared lifetime after lifetime with another soul, which can lead to confusion as to how we identify our soulmate.

12.363 The nature of our existence is circular, but we have a need to break the circle.

12.364 There are circles within circles. Consider a large circle. Place a smaller circle within the large circle. Allow the side of the inner circle to touch the larger circle. If we travel the inner circle to the point that the inner circle touches the larger circle, we may then either repeat the inner circle, or break the inner circle. If we choose to break the inner circle, we still complete a circle, but the larger circle. Consider also how many circles like this could be placed within each other. Circles within circles. Circles that can be broken, but our path remains circular.

12.365 To break a circle, it is necessary to change direction, which requires a conscious choice. It is far easier to stay on the same path, which requires no choice.

12.366 When we break a circle we return to the point on our journey where that circle began.

12.367 When we become stuck on a point, we repeat that point over and over again. The point which we become stuck on, creates a new circle within whatever circle we are travelling at the time.

12.368 We take a wrong step on our journey and follow the wrong step around in a circle, until we return to the point where the wrong step was taken, which provides a fork in the road. Each time that we reach the fork in the road, we may choose to return to our original circle, or we may choose to continue the inner circle.

12.369 If we are on our original path and we create a circle, we may create another circle within that circle. Many circles are created within circles. We can break a circle to find ourselves travelling another circle which needs to be broken. Circles within circles. Many circles may need to be broken, before we return to our original path.

12.370 If a mystery which has remained a mystery for thousands of years is suddenly solved by accident, the mystery is likely to be solved by one of the souls who was involved in the events that became the mystery. Often the soul will have a reason for solving the mystery, such as a circle to break. The soul is led to solve the mystery, and break their circle, although the soul will often not be consciously aware of their connection to the original events which have become a mystery. The soul knows only that they are strangely drawn or driven to solve the mystery.

12.371 We are overly concerned with the last resting place, and in honouring dead bodies. Despite the fact that the body has ceased to exist and is unimportant, a dead body is something tangible for us to hang onto, which is an extension of mourning the dead.

12.372 When someone dies it is not the person who has died that we grieve for. We grieve for ourselves and the fact that the person is no longer in our life.

12.373 An experience which occurs at some point in our existence, may only occur so that the experience may be drawn upon at another point in the future, to demonstrate a point.

12.374 Karmic debt does not exist. If we are the persecuted and another is the persecutor, our roles are then reversed in a subsequent lifetime. We each need to experience both sides of the coin of experience, and it is convenient for us to experience both sides of the coin of experience, together.

12.375 The karmic principle applies from the perspective of a society or other such groups of souls. A society or group of souls may collectively experience both sides of the same coin.

12.376 Unresolved matters and false conclusions from our experiences are left on the bridge to our soul. Matters left on the bridge to our soul are not a part of our current lifetime, but matters left on the bridge to our soul are attached to our current lifetime, so the effects of matters left on the bridge to our soul become a part of our current lifetime.

12.377 The bridge between our lower self and our higher self is our spirit self.

12.378 Our spirit self can be described as our subconscious, which is a storage area for all of our experiences.

12.379 The matters left on the bridge to our soul, are unresolved experiences from previous lifetimes stored in our subconscious.

12.380 Circles need to be broken, but circles also need to be completed. A circle can only be broken at the point where the circle joins another circle. If an opportunity to break the circle is not taken at the point where the circle joins another circle, the circle must be completed, and another opportunity to break the circle will be presented when the point where the circles meet, is again reached.

12.381 The circle becomes larger each time that we travel the circle, because each time that we travel a circle, we add more experiences to the circle, which causes the circle to swell slightly.

12.382 Some refer to God as ‘fate’, but labels do not matter.

12.383 Some do not believe in God, but their lack of belief does not make God’s existence any less real.

12.384 We have always known all things, but we are unaware of our knowledge, which does not make our knowledge unknown.

12.385 It is the depth of our awareness which increases, not our knowledge.

12.386 Our earth guides and spirit guides adopt their roles because of an experience which they have chosen. All experience is a two sided coin. Our guides have chosen to guide, and we have chosen to be guided.

12.387 Our spirit self sifts through the experiences from our existence, so that experience can be added to the knowledge within our higher self, to provide our lower self with awareness.

12.388 We can consciously ask our spirit self for information about any of our experiences as we need to apply our experience to our knowledge, and become aware.

12.389 We usually retrieve the principle which we have previously experienced, not the detail. Mostly the detail of our past lives is irrelevant. When past life detail is relevant to establish a point, we draw on past life detail through a past life memory, but mostly past life detail is unnecessary.

12.390 There is no right or wrong in respect of any aspect of life, or religion, or whatever. However, instead of blindly accepting what society or religion says is so, we should look within.

12.391 When we see the earth plane as the only perspective, we are viewing our existence one dimensionally.

12.392 When we are unaware we live the effect, but after we become aware we live the cause.

12.393 When we are unaware, our actions are motivated solely by the experience, or the effect of the choices which we are unaware that we have made.

12.394 When we become aware we experience firstly the choice or the cause, and then we experience the effect. Our motivation becomes the choice not the experience, and we live the choice or the cause. We do still experience the effect, but we live the cause.

12.395 We must do something, when that something is what we have chosen to do.

12.396 Consider what is known about dinosaurs. Consider that some dinosaurs were aggressive and violent, and some dinosaurs were more placid. Consider how dinosaurs were all different, but all dinosaurs. Are the principles which applied to dinosaurs, really so different to the principles which apply now that souls are humans, and not dinosaurs?

12.397 We are increasing our awareness.

12.398 Each time the circle turns, we become a little more aware.

12.399 As our awareness increases, so does the speed with which the circle turns.

12.400 As our vibrational rate increases, the experiences which we encounter increase and our circle turns faster.

12.401 Energy is another name for the spirit.

12.402 Energy is the very fabric of existence.

12.403 Energy exists within all things.

12.404 Some people are able to be brought back to life after say a heart attack and others are not, because some have chosen to end this incarnation, and others have not chosen to end this incarnation.

12.405 The time and manner of our death is a part of our chosen experience.

12.406 Two people could be involved in the same event and seemingly by chance, one will die and the other will survive, because one has chosen to end this incarnation, and the other has not chosen to end this incarnation.

12.407 Physical bodies outlive their usefulness.

12.408 Being reborn, growing and maturing is far more conducive to the experience process than maintaining a single body for many lifetimes.

12.409 Physical bodies are capable of surviving much longer than physical bodies do, but there is seldom any point in maintaining the physical body. When all that has been chosen in any given lifetime has been experienced, the body is discarded and the spirit moves on.

12.410 We can simply choose to believe that we are God, so that we can be God. However, being God is the last thing that we, whilst in our physical form would choose. In fact, being God is the last thing that we, whilst in our physical form, do choose.

12.411 We can remain in phase with all three planes, while remaining attached to the earth plane, if we achieve and maintain balance between the planes.

12.412 We must allow ourselves to become balanced between the planes.

12.413 We make our choice, and God leads us to experience our choice.

12.414 It is possible to determine the difference between the God within, and the God collective, or the God within all that is. We can go to the beach, we can look upon the ocean and we can determine where each drop which forms the ocean, starts and finishes. Technically, identifying individual drops with the ocean is possible, but what is the point?

12.415 We need to make a conscious decision to remove our conscious mind.

12.416 We need to allow our instinct and our subconscious to surface, but our conscious mind blocks our instinct and our subconscious.

12.417 Our conscious mind is deeply rooted by our experiences of our current lifetime.

12.418 The roots of our conscious mind need to be removed.

12.419 We need to discontinue making our choices and decisions based on what we have been taught in this lifetime, and what we are able to rationalise.

12.420 We can rationalise both sides of the argument.

12.421 After removing our conscious mind we still think about things, but we think about things other than with our conscious mind.

12.422 To become aware, we do not force ourselves to think about something, or force ourselves not to think about something. We simply allow our experiences of this lifetime to be applied to our experiences from other lifetimes, and to our knowledge.

12.423 The concept of allow sounds passive, but the concept of allow is not passive, the concept of allow is active. The difference is that our higher self is allowed to direct our thoughts, not our lower self.

12.424 The seeds of a conscious mind are a part of our physical existence.

12.425 To remove our conscious mind we simply stop using our conscious mind to make our decisions.

12.426 To prevent the seeds of our conscious mind from taking root again, we simply do not use our conscious mind to make our decisions.

12.427 Every experience can be viewed positively or negatively.

12.428 How we view our experience, is our choice.

12.429 To be trapped within the earth plane for tens of thousands of years while the earth plane is reconstructed could be considered suffering from the perspective of the earth plane.

12.430 That we are unaware of something, does not mean that something is not so.

12.431 All experience is to demonstrate who we are not, so we can become who we are.

12.432 If, after an event has been experienced, we are not aware that the experience is not who we are, the experience is repeated. Each time that an experience is repeated, the experience is more intense, until we become aware that the experience is not who we are. From the earth plane perspective, this process of understanding who we are not, could be considered to be punishment and suffering.

12.433 Each time the same experience is chosen, the experience is more severe. However, the experience is still chosen, because we know that the experience is needed.

12.434 We are not meant to like our environment. We are meant to experience our environment.

12.435 Our environment cannot fulfil us, if our environment is not who we are, and we know that our environment is not who we are.

12.436 God is within.

12.437 God is pure love.

12.438 God has no wrath.

12.439 Our environment will change when our environment is no longer needed.

12.440 The only proof that is possible comes from within.

12.441 We must search our soul for the truth.

12.442 We cannot handle a situation incorrectly. However we approach or respond to a situation is correct, because it is what we have chosen to experience at the time.

12.443 We are either experiencing who we are not, or we are experiencing who we are. Either way the experience is necessary.

12.444 We have provided assistance to others throughout our existence.

12.445 Aspects of the truth of are contained within fiction.

12.446 The concepts in any work of fiction come from within the author, and the truth within all.

12.447 God is the truth.

12.448 God is within all.

12.449 If an event occurs, we have no reason not to believe that the event occurred, because we have experienced the event. However, whether we choose to believe that the event occurred or not, does not alter the fact that the event did occur.

12.450 All questions and answers are clarified and repeated to enable understanding.

12.451 As we review our own lives, we will start to become aware of how events fit together, and why certain events were necessary.

12.452 As our awareness increases, our awareness will increase.

12.453 No matter what occurs in our life, we can handle the event easily by applying our awareness.

12.454 There are no obligations except to self, and to experience.

12.455 Crystals are amplifiers.

12.456 Crystals, natural oils from plant life used in aromatherapy etc, and colours are all natural sources of energy.

12.457 If we have chosen to realise our abilities, such as healing abilities, natural sources of energy amplify our abilities, by combining the natural source of energy and the ability. It is basically a multiplication effect, rather than an addition effect.

12.458 Some of us choose to realise a specific ability and experience an ability’s full power, because God is aware of those who so choose, God can lead them to where they can conveniently interact with those who have chosen to experience the abilities in a limited way. Such as if we consult a crystal healer or spiritualist.

12.459 The concept of drawing souls together to experience abilities, is not limited to spiritual abilities. The same principle applies to those who have chosen to experience physical abilities. If we choose to become a doctor for example, and heal physical ailments as a doctor, we are experiencing a specific ability, that of a physician. The patient who consults with us is also experiencing the ability of a physician, albeit in a limited way.

12.460 The earth plane is an illusion.

12.461 We can choose to recall being able to move through ‘solid’ objects when we were on the spirit plane.

12.462 The earth plane seems real. We can touch the earth plane, and our physical body cannot move through solid objects. Our physical body is also a part of the illusion. The illusion must appear real, or the illusion cannot be experienced. We can however, see through the illusion if we so choose.

12.463 Some of the physical pain which occurred at a particularly traumatic point in our existence resurfaces in our lifetime when we are experiencing certain things. These are the experiences which we have chosen to feel extremely deeply. For example, if frustration because of delays caused our death in a lifetime, and it was an extremely deep experience, when we feel frustration at delays in this lifetime, the pain resurfaces to remind us of what we have experienced, by allowing ourselves to become frustrated with delays.

12.464 When it is time to recreate the earth plane those who remain will be attached to the earth plane and able to reflect on the experiences of their existence, until the earth plane is recreated and they are able to complete their experiences. During this time of reflection those who have chosen to remain, cannot return to the higher plane. Thus the bridge to their soul is removed, temporarily by the standards of the higher plane, but by the standards of the earth plane it will seem like an eternity.

12.465 When we fulfil our destiny, we become fulfilled.

12.466 The destiny of all is to return to the oneness with all that is.

12.467 It is oneness with all that is, which provides fulfilment.

12.468 When we complete our destiny, we have experienced all that we need to experience.

12.469 Fulfilment of our destiny is returning to one, completing our destiny is experiencing all. The two events are related and may occur in either order.

12.470 We ‘experience events’ which would have occurred if an alternate choice had been made. These events are ‘experienced’ on the spirit plane. Often the souls involved will come together on the spirit plane so those events can be ‘played out’ and ‘experienced’. Spirit plane experiences are however not really felt, and therefore not fully experienced.

12.471 Experience on the spirit plane is to allow us to see what could happen, or how we would really respond if events that did not occur or will not occur on the physical plane, did in fact occur.

12.472 Experience on the spirit plane is real, but experience on the spirit plane is not fully felt.

12.473 For experience to truly be experience, experience must be felt, and experience can only be felt on the physical or lower planes.

12.474 An experience is felt intensely if the experience has been repeated many times, and we have not become aware that the experience is who we are not.

12.475 What our lower self has chosen to experience, does not affect our spirit self, because our spirit self knows that any experience, is only experience.

12.476 We can have a clear discussion with someone on the spirit plane, but they can be unaware of the discussion at a conscious level.

12.477 What we experience on the earth plane is more often who we are not, than who we are. On the spirit plane we know that we are experiencing who we are not, because we arrange our earth plane experiences on the spirit plane, ‘directed’ by the higher plane.

12.478 If we were aware that we are experiencing who we are not at a conscious level, we would not experience what we are experiencing.

12.479 Our experiences must seem real to be experienced.

12.480 We can experience who we are, it is experiencing who we are not, that is the illusion.

12.481 God created artificial fulfilment to provide an environment for us to learn within.

12.482 God is the creator of all things, and all environments are created for experience.

12.483 It is our higher self which is our God self, and the self that we must return to.

12.484 We are; ‘who we are, plus who we have not experienced who we are not’. To illustrate the point, we are 10 + ? and it is the 10 which is God.

12.485 There is only one God.

12.486 God, is the ocean of existence, and we are the drops within the ocean.

12.487 One God who is all, and all exist within one God.

12.488 All are part of one God, and one God is part of all.

12.489 Knowledge is acquired from within, even though it may take thousands of years for us to acquire knowledge.

12.490 How we communicate with God, even when we can not communicate with God, reflects our level of understanding and awareness.

12.491 It is most difficult to accept that we can communicate with God as a friend.

12.492 The choice we have made, is to be who we are.

12.493 To become who we are, we must spend many lifetimes experiencing who we are not.

12.494 We have to discard our bodies before we can return to the higher plane, but we can become part of the fabric of existence.

12.495 We will be part of the higher plane, and exist only within the higher plane, after our experiences are complete.

12.496 We can consciously exist on three planes simultaneously.

12.497 God withholds knowledge from us, when we are not ready to receive the knowledge.

12.498 If God released all knowledge at once, we would be overwhelmed.

12.499 We need to rediscover our knowledge, step by step.

12.500 Physical illusions are not necessary, but physical illusions allow us to feel experience, so physical illusions are necessary. It is the depth of the physical illusions that is unnecessary.

12.501 Anything can be experienced, without the need to experience it deeply, but we choose to feel many experiences deeply.

12.502 Those who remain on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed will be able to incarnate in physical form on the earth plane. However, they will be unable to become aware. Mostly it will be a time of reflection on the spirit plane.

12.503 A higher vibrational rate deflects negativity. By way of illustration, consider a washing machine. Allow the washing machine to vibrate and then drop a coin onto the washing machine. The coin will vibrate off the washing machine. If the washing machine is not in use, the coin will stay there. The faster the washing machine is vibrating, the faster the coin will be pushed off.

The coin is the negativity, the dirt clinging to us, such as guilt for example. The faster our soul vibrates, as with the washing machine, the harder it is for the negativity to remain attached to our soul.

12.504 If someone gives us some information, regardless of the amount of ‘truth’ if any in the words, the information is to lead us to experience something.

12.505 It easier for us to believe that which we find externally, than that which we find internally, because we believe we are unworthy and therefore we cannot possibly be correct. The reverse is true. We are worthy and we have all knowledge within us.

12.506 The new world order has already started, but the new world order is very different from what has been predicted, or expected. The new world order is a new order of a love based society that will replace the fear based society, which has been the environment we have chosen to experience for many thousands of years.

12.507 We are only at the beginning of a love based society, the snowball has started to form. The snowball will grow, the snowball will continue to build on itself, but it will take many hundreds of years before love really becomes the fabric of our environment.

12.508 The new world order has begun and what has begun cannot be halted. More and more of us will choose to see the reality of love. As we see the reality of love, the love which is the true fabric of existence, will feed upon itself and grow.

12.509 The positive nature of pure love creates joy and happiness.

12.510 Pure love is the only reality.

12.511 The reality of pure love exists on the earth plane, as well as everywhere else.

12.512 Pure love is the fabric of our existence.

12.513 On the spirit plane there is a great hall. It is called The Hall Of Masters. There is a long table which stretches on and on seemingly without end and masters sit either side of the table. The masters are together and can be called upon if needed.

12.514 The Hall Of Masters can be visited when we need to seek assistance from a master.

12.515 We must allow ourselves to view everything from beyond the single dimension of the earth plane.

12.516 When our time is up, our time is up, and when our time is not up, our time is not up. There is no point in ‘but’, or ‘if only’.

12.517 Our time is up when we have completed the experiences we have chosen for our lifetime.

12.518 We reach a point where it is not experience which we are lacking, but awareness.

12.519 We can return to once again become a conscious part of the very fabric of our existence.

12.520 We can become a conscious part of the very fabric of our existence from within an average, less than satisfactory environment, and we can become a conscious part of the very fabric of our existence from within ourselves.

12.521 We can find our way home, we can return to the higher plane, and we can become one with ourselves, and one with all that is. We can become one with the pure love which is the fabric of our existence, and is God. There is no training required, no covenant to live up to, nothing to abstain from, no necessity to like our environment. Nor is there any secret or mystery.

12.522 We can become one with ourselves and one with all that is. We need only choose to become one with ourselves and one with all that is, and allow ourselves to become one with ourselves and one with all that is. Becoming one with ourselves and one with all that is, really is that simple.

12.523 We can become one with ourselves and one with all that is from within our environment, whatever our environment may be.

12.524 Even after God has provided the answers which we are seeking, we continue to search for answers.

12.525 The events known as miracles which are occurring throughout the earth plane, are a spiritual ‘tap on the shoulder’.

12.526 Healing waters are real, on their journey on the earth plane, some waters pass through minerals and the like, and draw healing energy.

12.527 We cannot do anything wrong.

12.528 If we are doing something, we are meant to do that thing.

12.529 Pure love is the perspective of all three planes.

12.530 Pure love applies differently to each plane, but pure love is the perspective of all that is.

12.531 Pure love is the only reality.

12.532 All is choice.

12.533 There is no correct choice, but all choices are correct.

12.534 Our contact with the fabric of existence strengthens each time that we reach out and connect with the fabric of existence.

12.535 Our feeling of fulfilment increases, as our connection with the fabric of existence strengthens.

12.536 Our higher self knows everything that will occur within our experience.

12.537 We all have the ability to become a master.

12.538 We must allow ourselves to become a master.

12.539 There are no rules, there is no right, and there is no wrong.

12.540 We must allow everything to happen, and we must experience whatever response we choose to experience.

12.541 For each of us the meaning of these insights, is personal.

12.542 There is no right, nor wrong meaning of these insights.

12.543 These insights are keys for us to draw on the experience which we have accumulated.

12.544 It is not these insights as such which will make the path easier for us, it is the knowledge which these insights enable us to draw on from within ourselves, which will make our path easier.

12.545 These insights are a key or catalyst for our own awareness.

12.546 Each new level of awareness provides new questions, which assist us to increase the depth of our awareness.

12.547 Our experiences are easier, whenever we allow our experiences to be easier.

12.548 We must go slowly, we must take one moment at a time and we must allow each moment to be.

12.549 It is possible for a soul to discontinue to use a body and for another soul to take over that body, but this extremely rare. Effectively the original soul dies from an earth plane perspective and another soul enters and uses the body immediately.

A change of soul occurs when the remaining experiences in a particular lifetime are compatible with what the ‘arriving’ soul needs. The conscious mind is part of the body and, as such, the memories of the previous experiences in that lifetime are contained within the body. The previous experiences in that lifetime are also retained in the subconscious or the spirit self of the ‘departing’ soul.

To the ‘arriving’ soul, the previous experiences in that lifetime are memories, but to the ‘departing’ soul the previous experiences in that lifetime are experiences. The people around the soul have no concept of what has occurred, but there are documented cases where a person’s personality has altered dramatically following a ‘near death’ experience.

12.550 Sometimes an environment must be changed collectively.

12.551 We choose the circumstances in which we are born.

12.552 If we choose to be born into an environment where choice has been taken from us, then having our choice taken from us, is our choice.

12.553 We do not have the answers for any, other than ourselves.

12.554 We each have our own answers within ourselves, and we each must look within ourselves for our answers.

12.555 We should not be concerned that others are having difficulties.

12.556 Our difficulties are created to force us to break our circle.

12.557 Breaking a circle which has been well established through repetition is not an easy experience.

12.558 It is far easier to break a circle, before the circle becomes a powerful circle.

12.559 We can do no greater harm than preventing someone from breaking a circle, and no greater good than allowing someone to break a circle.

12.560 Breaking a circle is not easy while the circle is being experienced, but after the circle has been broken, the experience is worth the pain.

12.561 All that we need to do, and all that we must do, is allow.

12.562 There are many masters.

12.563 The masters do not interfere, and God does not interfere.

12.564 We should review our own lifetimes, and the history of the earth plane. The Truth Of Reality can be seen, if we choose to look.

12.565 God does not interfere, and masters do not interfere. They know better.

12.566 Pure love allows us to experience, because experience is the only way that we can return home, and once again become part of pure love.

12.567 The role of the master is to teach.

12.568 The role of the master is to allow us an opportunity to find the truth within ourselves.

12.569 The role of the master is not to interfere.

12.570 Every time that we try to assist someone to avoid an experience which they have chosen, we are attempting to protect someone from themselves. This is a nonsense and cannot be achieved at any level. What are we attempting to protect them against? An experience which they have chosen?

12.571 It is no more possible to protect someone from an experience which they have chosen, than it is possible for others to protect us, from the experiences which we have chosen.

12.572 No master has ever attempted to force the awareness level of another.

12.573 A master delivers their message, and allows others to accept the message if they choose.

12.574 The way of the master is to deliver the message, and allow others to follow whatever path they choose.

12.575 A master does not seek to convince any of the truth.

12.576 A master states the truth and leaves the truth as that.

12.577 An earth guide is simply a guide.

12.578 It is not the role of the earth guide to remove the pain of others, or interfere with their path.

12.579 The role of an earth guide is to provide guidance when needed.

12.580 If we love someone we will allow them to experience what they have chosen to experience, because the only way that a soul can return to the higher plane, is through experiencing all that is.

12.581 Allowing others to experience is the kindest thing that we can do, and why what is perceived as God, allows what is perceived as tragedy to occur.

12.582 Sometimes our actions have consequences other than we intend.

12.583 At a conscious level it is the motivation which is important, not the action.

12.584 At a higher level, every action produces consequences which are experienced, and therefore intended.

12.585 Criticism implies judgement.

12.586 God does not judge.

12.587 Judgement is an illusion.

12.588 We are neither required to like judgement or accept judgement.

12.589 It is wise to listen to criticism, because a message could be contained within the words, either for us or for the other person.

12.590 A promise, is for a future which is unknown. How can we promise what will happen in the unknown?

12.591 God has promised what will occur when we find our way home, which is not the unknown.

12.592 We may choose to respond to another’s decision to receive guidance. However, whether another accepts our guidance or not, is their decision.

12.593 God is pure love.

12.594 God allows suffering to occur and does not interfere, because God knows that allowing us to experience what we have chosen to experience, is responding with pure love.

12.595 God always assists us, and God always provides guidance to us, but God cannot interfere with our chosen experience.

12.596 What we believe does not change what is.

12.597 Some people make a living by falsely claiming that they have spiritual abilities, which is no different from those who falsely claim to have physical abilities, such as doctors or lawyers or such. Most are genuine but a few are not.

12.598 It is far more important to use terminology which is easily understood, than terminology which is technically correct.

12.599 The need for technically correct terminology is spiritually irrelevant, and mostly a product of what could collectively be termed ‘spiritual snobbery’.

12.600 The events of the lifetimes of the known masters were in answer to the collective question of many at that time, regardless of the fact that the lifetimes of the known masters have been distorted and surrounded by myth.

12.601 Children are souls, often with much previous experience, once again experiencing the joy and freedom of childhood on a physical plane.

12.602 Meditation is the way of a master.

12.603 When we apply our existing awareness, we increase our awareness.

12.604 We always know exactly what to do, even if we do not know that we know exactly what to do, at the time.

12.605 Whatever we do in any given circumstances, is exactly what we are meant to do.

12.606 The truth of the power of crystals has been identified and built upon so that it has become almost impossible to see where the truth starts and finishes.

12.607 All crystals have power, but some crystals are stronger than other crystals.

12.608 The only way to truly select the crystal which we need, is to allow our instinct to draw us to, and select the required crystal.

12.609 The truth is simple.

12.610 In many ways the truth of all that is, is too simple for most of us.

12.611 Many believe that the truth must be more complicated than the truth is, so many surround the truth with mystery and invent rules to be followed. By creating or living by the rules and mystery, many are attempting to achieve artificial fulfilment, because they have ‘mysterious knowledge’.

12.612 We are terrified about really being known by another, because we feel vulnerable if we are known.

12.613 What we have chosen to experience does not change who we are.

12.614 Whether we are aware of who we are or who we are not, our awareness does not change the fact of who we are.

12.615 Emotion allows us to feel experience, and experience must be felt.

12.616 When we feel the power of pure love, we feel a very intense experience, and we have very intense emotions.

12.617 Even the positive experience of pure love is a double sided coin.

12.618 When we experience the emotion of pure love, we must experience both sides of the coin.

12.619 When we feel pure love in response to a negative situation, the experience is followed by feeling the positive effect of pure love.

12.620 When we do not feel emotions in respect of events, they are events which we do not need to experience. Mostly they are events which another needs to experience, and we are playing a part in their experiences. We may feel compassion and understanding for the other, but we do not feel the experience, because the experience is not our experience, the experience is another’s experience.

12.621 As our awareness increases, so does our vibrational rate.

12.622 Our physical body displays symptoms which feel like our nerves being on edge, as we adjust to our increasing vibrational rate.

12.623 Our knees may ache as we take the next step up in our awareness.

12.624 Every time that we increase our awareness, we experience increasing our awareness.

12.625 Our physical body has only one purpose, which is to enable us to feel our experiences.

12.626 When a spirit first leaves their body they retain their emotions. After this initial retention of all emotions, strong emotions are retained into the next lifetime.

12.627 Strong emotions can be retained for thousands of years on the spirit plane preventing a soul from moving on.

12.628 As our vibrational rate increases, it is easier for our vibrational rate to increase.

12.629 Joyful and satisfying experiences are within the our reach, but we push joyful and satisfying experiences away, or we do not make the choice to accept joyful and satisfying experiences.

12.630 We find it easier to experience what could be termed the negative side of the coin, than we do to experience the positive side of the coin.

12.631 The more intensely the negative side of the coin is experienced, then the more intensely the positive side of the coin is experienced.

12.632 To follow our instinct when our instinct is in contrast to our desires, our character, and what those around us find acceptable, takes a lot of courage and every ounce of strength which we possess.

12.633 As our awareness continues to increase, so does the depth of our contact with the higher plane.

12.634 We are afraid that if we voice what we are truly feeling, we will not be accepted by others.

12.635 We can become aware of every choice which we were presented with during our lifetime, and we can see what the result would have been if we had made an alternate choice.

12.636 None are chosen, in that none are different.

12.637 It is convenient that some are examples, because of their choices.

12.638 The masters were not chosen.

12.639 The masters were not special.

12.640 The masters were conveniently experiencing a lifetime, which would allow the questions of those on the earth plane to be answered.

12.641 The lifetime, and the message of each master contains the truth.

12.642 We may choose to look past the myth of each master, and all else that has been added, and we may see the truth.

12.643 Spirits preparing to be reincarnated visit their forthcoming parents to become accustomed to the environment which they will enter, and to assess if it is the correct time for them to enter the environment which they have chosen to gain the experiences that they need.

12.644 Miscarriages, stillbirths and death of babies occur, because the environment will not provide the experiences which the reincarnating soul needs. Often, the reincarnating soul discards the environment, before a physical body has been created. However, sometimes it is convenient to allow a physical body to be created, to assist the parents to create their chosen experience.

12.645 Those who advocate a ‘right to life’ are essentially correct. All souls have a right to life, but those who advocate a ‘right to life’, do not see that some souls choose not to exercise their right to life.

12.646 What is perceived to be an earth plane choice or ‘right to life’, is in reality a spirit plane choice not to exercise the ‘right to life’.

12.647 We often act in a certain way, and we genuinely do not know why we have acted in that way. However, we do know why we have acted in that way, even if we are not aware that we know why we have chosen to act in that way.

12.648 Often our actions are an experience, or the effect resulting from a choice or a cause, from a previous lifetime.

12.649 Sometimes, it seems that the ‘inexplicable’ act from this lifetime is the cause and the result is the effect, but if the act is a result of a previous lifetime, it is the act which is the effect.

12.650 If an act is committed as a result of our experiences in this lifetime, the ‘reason’ for the act is known, even if the known reason for the act, is not the real reason for the act.

12.651 When the reason for our act is genuinely unknown, the act is the result of an experience which occurred in another lifetime.

12.652 An experience which occurred in another lifetime may be repeated in this lifetime, or an experience which occurred in another lifetime may be the catalyst for experiences in this lifetime.

12.653 When a circle has not been broken, an experience is created to allow us to become aware of who we are not. If we do not become aware that an experience is not who we are, the experience is repeated lifetime after lifetime, until we become aware that the experience is not who we are.

12.654 Each time that an experience is repeated, the experience is more intense.

12.655 Spirits have far more influence on the earth plane than we realise, but the connection between the spirit and those who they influence, is only made because of what both have chosen to experience.

12.656 We are far more aware than we realise.

12.657 Regardless of what stage of awareness we have reached, there are some aspects of increasing our awareness which are significant and as such these increases in vibrational rate, are felt and experienced extremely intensely.

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