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3.1 Learning to live with our soul is a very difficult process. We reach a point were we no longer fit into our old life because our old life is based on fears and insecurities. However, we do not quite fit into our new life either. This transitional phase is very difficult to survive, but we have to keep going. We have to keep working each day until we reach the point where we are living with our soul. This is when we will fit into our new life. Living with our soul is not easy, but when we live with our soul, our life becomes easy.

3.2 We have to live with our soul every minute of every day. If we do not live with our soul every minute of every day, we will start to slip back and allow our fears and insecurities to control our life. We will have to work hard to stop the slide. It is better to avoid the slide in the first place. However, if we do not avoid the slide we must stop the slide before the slide becomes an avalanche.

3.3 We cannot wait until our life falls into place, before we start living with our soul. We must live with our soul regardless of our present circumstances. Only when we live with our soul will our life fall into place.

3.4 We must continue to live with our soul everyday. Each day that we do not live with our soul, we are taking a step backwards. Living with our soul is difficult at first, and slipping back to fears and insecurities is easy. Whenever we are slipping back we cannot move forward, which will delay our ability to live with our soul.

3.5 Our time is a piece of our life. If something is worth our time, we must give that something our best. If we rush, we will take short cuts, we will forget things and we will not give that something our best. If we do not have time to give something our best, we do not have time to do that something.

3.6 We must focus on whatever we are doing. If we allow ourselves to become distracted, or if we try to do two things at once, we are not focusing on what we are doing. If we do not focus on what we are doing, we cannot give what we are doing our best.

3.7 If we lose our concentration on our task, we have done all of our task that we are ready to do. It is time to take a break from our task. It is time to do something else. We can then return to our original task with renewed concentration, when we are ready to continue or to complete our task.

3.8 Every time that we allow ourselves to think that something matters which does not matter, we feel pain. It may be something from the past, the present or the future which does not matter. Regardless of where that something comes from, worrying about something which does not matter causes us pain.

3.9 Existing with fears and insecurities becomes a habit. Changing the habits of a lifetime is hard work. We will wonder if we will ever learn to live with our soul. There is only one way to live with our soul, and that is to live with our soul.

3.10 As we become more aware of what is happening around us, we become more aware that there is a reason for everything. When we stop looking for the reason that something has occurred, and accept that there is a reason for everything, the reason that something has occurred becomes easier to see.

3.11 When we know that what we are doing in our life is right, even if our life is not coming together, we must persist. We must not doubt. We must not question. We must keep doing what we know is right, and our life will come together.

3.12 When something that we are doing causes us pain. The simple solution is to not do the thing which causes us pain. When we have been doing that thing most of our life, the simple solution does not feel that simple, but the solution really is that simple, and to not do the thing which causes us pain is the only way to avoid the pain.

3.13 Knowing what we must do is not enough, we must do what we know we must do. If we are not doing what we must do now, we are not doing what we must do.

3.14 When we live with our soul, we can feel the difference within ourselves. In fact, we can almost see the difference within ourselves. Every time that we stop doing living with our soul, we can feel ourselves slip back into living with our fears and insecurities. We must keep living with our soul against all odds. Living with our soul will become easier the longer that we sustain living with our soul.

3.15 Teaching our children responsibility for their actions is not easy. At times teaching our children responsibility for their actions will cause major aggravation for us and for our children. However, we must persist, because teaching our children responsibility for their actions is our responsibility. The rewards to our children for accepting responsibility for their actions, and learning from their mistakes will last them a lifetime.

3.16 We need to help our children. We need to show our children how, but if we do things for our children, our children will not learn. If we do not show our children how, we are not fulfilling our responsibility to our children.

3.17 If we learn to do something the wrong way, we will have to relearn to do that something the right way, which is difficult. It is a lot easier to learn to do something the right way, first.

3.18 When our lessons are difficult, it is usually our own fault. Lessons become harder each time that we fail to learn. The longer that we take to learn, the harder and more painful the lesson becomes, because we do not just have to learn, we also have to undo the damage caused by our failure to learn. The longer that it takes us to learn, the greater the damage that must be undone.

3.19 Regardless of how difficult a course of action is, and regardless of how long a course of action takes, if we know that our course of action is right, we must follow our course of action through to its conclusion. We must keep living our course of action, and we must strengthen our resolve. We must keep going with the sure knowledge that the rewards will come when the task is complete.

3.20 There are reasons why we have to do things which we do not want to do. That is compromise. Compromise is necessary. We compromise because of responsibility, duty, support, and our best interest. However, we should never do something that we do not want to do, simply to live up to someone else’s expectations. If we do, we have crossed the line between compromise, and compromising ourselves.

3.21 When we are faced with a problem our first reaction is to slip back into our old habits of fears and insecurities. As we come closer to living with our soul, we catch ourselves earlier and earlier in the process of slipping back. We have to be watchful of slipping back into our old habits of fears and insecurities, and we have to keep catching ourselves until we no longer slip back.

3.22 Maintaining balance in our life is like having a shower. We need to add the right mix of hot and cold to obtain the optimum temperature. Each of us has a different optimum temperature. In time experience shows us how to achieve a balance between hot and cold. Every time that we shower, we must adjust either the hot or the cold water until we obtain our optimum temperature. If we are in a different environment, it is harder to obtain the correct balance, and it takes a lot more adjusting to obtain our optimum temperature.

3.23 Fears, doubts and insecurities are excess weight which we carry around. As we start to extract our fears, doubts and insecurities, we begin to lose the excess weight, and our old fear based life no longer fits us. However, until we have lost all of our excess weight we will not fit into our new love based life.

3.24 When there is something which we must do, but no matter how hard we try, we do not seem able to do that something, we are not ready to do that something. We must put that something aside, and we must not worry about that something. We must continue preparing in our mind, and when we are fully prepared, we will know that we are fully prepared. We will then do that something and we will wonder why we found that something so difficult to do previously.

3.25 Even when we have learned our most important lessons, our most important lessons are continually underlined and emphasised. This is to ensure that our most important lessons are not forgotten.

3.26 We must understand why we make our decisions. If a decision which we know is right, does not feel quite right, it is usually because the resultant course of action is incorrect. When this occurs, we must ensure that we have not lost sight of the real reason for our decision. We must also ensure that we fully understand the real reason for our decision. When we have reached this understanding, we will only need to adjust the resultant course of action to be comfortable with our decision.

3.27 Guilt, regrets, sorrows and expectations are our external baggage. Our external baggage is relatively easy to deal with and leave behind. The fears, doubts and insecurities which our guilt, regrets, sorrows and expectations cause are our internal baggage. Our internal baggage is extremely difficult to deal with. External baggage is easy to find, but internal baggage is difficult to locate. Even when we have found our internal baggage, it is not easy to extract our internal baggage. Only after we have extracted our internal baggage, can we deal with our internal baggage and leave our internal baggage behind.

3.28 We must only think about what we are doing. If we are doing one thing and thinking about another, we cannot give either our full attention. If they are both worth our time, they both can only be done properly by giving each of them our full attention. Therefore we must stop doing one of them, until we have completed the other. If either of them are not worth our time, we should not waste our time doing them.

3.29 We often find ourselves doing things on automatic pilot. When we do things on automatic pilot, we do not receive any enjoyment from what we are doing. Our automatic pilot is a tool. Our automatic pilot is meant to be used in a crisis. We are not meant to live on automatic pilot. If we live on automatic pilot, we cannot live with our soul.

3.30 There are lessons in everything that we do. There may be a new lesson. There may be an old lesson. There may be both. As we become more aware, as we are closer to living with our soul we will see the lessons within everything that we do, and we will see these lessons with ever increasing clarity.

3.31 Our home must be a positive environment. A positive environment is not difficult to achieve. We must surround ourselves with the things which we like. The things which remind us of good times, the things which inspire us, and the things which represent our successes. We must avoid the things which remind us of hard times, and the things which represent our failures. Within our home we must create a special room. A room where we have all the things which are extra special to us. This is the room which we go to for clarity. This is where we solve our problems. This is where we give ourselves a lift when we need one.

3.32 If we are not ready to do something, we should not view not being ready to do that something as failure. Not being ready to do something is not a failure. We have more to learn before we are ready to do that something. Each time that we learn, we are a step closer to being ready to do that something. Whenever we are learning, we are achieving success.

3.33 As we become more aware, the lesson becomes closer to the event which we learn from.

3.34 We often accumulate junk. Things which we will never use again, but we are loathe to discard. So we surround themselves with junk which serves no purpose, other than to clutter our lives. We do the same thing with emotional junk which clutters our soul. Regardless of whether our junk is emotional or physical, we must sort through our junk each time that our junk starts to accumulate. When we know that we will never use something again, we must discard it.

3.35 We must accept things for what they are. We must not allow things to become something more than they are.

3.36 We must not feel guilty. Often we feel guilty when we have nothing to feel guilty about. Doing what is right for our soul is not something which we should feel guilty about. If we do feel guilty when we do what is right for our soul, we are trying to compromise ourselves, usually for someone else. If we have been honest, and if we have been true to ourselves, we have nothing to feel guilty about and we have nothing to learn from the event.

3.37 The road to the higher plane of existence is steep and has many obstacles. The road to the higher plane of existence is a very hard road to travel. We have to keep going. We have to overcome each obstacle no matter how difficult. Our journey will be hard. We will become fatigued. We will need to rest from time to time. We will travel fast at times. We will travel slow at times. There will be times when we do not see how we can continue, but we must continue regardless. We will encounter obstacles which do not seem passable. The road will seem so steep that the road will seem impossible to climb. Nevertheless we must keep going in the sure knowledge, that the reward when we reach the summit, will make the journey worthwhile.

3.38 We cannot begin the next phase of our life while there are issues from the previous phase of our life which are unresolved. Even though the unresolved issues may not be relevant to the new phase of our life, and even though the unresolved issues may be unimportant, our unresolved issues are important to us. Until our unresolved issues are resolved, our unresolved issues will restrict our ability to move into the next phase of our life.

3.39 We all need a dream. We all need hope. We all need a goal. We all need a direction. We all need a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow. The form which our pot of gold takes will change as we grow, but the pot of gold must be at the end of our rainbow, otherwise we have no reason to keep going. We must never allow anybody to take our pot of gold away from us. We can change our pot of gold if we must, we can change our pot of gold if our pot of gold is no longer what we desire, but without a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow, we have no reason to pursue our rainbow.

3.40 When we take ourselves apart and put ourselves together again, we will be surprised at what we find was hiding inside of us.

3.41 Living with our soul is like anything else that we do, we cannot expect to do live with our soul after a few lessons. We must practice living with our soul, and keep practicing living with our soul, until we can live with our soul proficiently. What we learn after each lesson, must be assimilated into our existing knowledge. We must keep learning, and we must keep practicing until living with our soul becomes a part of who we are.

3.42 We cannot attempt to do anything unless we have the right equipment. If we try to make do, what we are doing will be more difficult. The end result will not be as we would like, and we will not be satisfied. If we do not have the right equipment, we are not ready, so we cannot do anything properly. We need to wait until we have the right equipment, and then we will be ready to do whatever it is properly. Having the right equipment will produce a job well done. Having the right equipment will make doing whatever we do worthwhile.

3.43 There are days which do not turn out as we expect, or as we plan. Some days just turn out how they are meant to be. We should be thankful for these days, they are given to us to learn.

3.44 If we are hurt by someone, we must face our hurt. We must accept and release our anger. We must grieve to wash our pain away, and then we must forgive. Until we forgive, we have not dealt with our hurt.

3.45 When we settle for second best, we are never satisfied. Second best is not what we really want, and therefore second best cannot fulfil us. When we settle for second best, we are compromising ourselves, and we cannot live happily, whilst we are compromising ourselves.

3.46 We all need people. We are meant to need people. We are meant to learn from others. It is not weakness to need people. People are essential, but a particular person is not.

3.47 We all have feelings. We all have hurts. We must let our feelings out, and release our feelings. Keeping our feelings inside is too much of a burden to carry.

3.48 We cannot find inner peace, until we forgive ourselves.

3.49 We must never make a promise that we are not sure that we can keep. We must never underestimate the cost of keeping our promises.

3.50 Emotions are neither right or wrong. Emotions are just emotions. We cannot live by our emotions, and we cannot ignore our emotions. Emotions change. What is so in one moment, may be the opposite in the next.

3.51 Our pain prevents us from living with our soul. We must look deep inside of ourselves, and keep looking deep inside of ourselves until we find our pain. Only when we have found all of our pain and released all of our pain, can we truly live with our soul.

3.52 Most of our problems, and most of our needs are short term. However, we become so desperate to satisfy our short term needs, and to solve our short term problems that we take on long term commitments to do so. Not only do we not solve our short term problems, but we also create new long term problems.

3.53 Long term needs cannot be satisfied by short term solutions. At best the real issue is avoided temporarily, until we have to face the issue again. We must not allow ourselves to drift from one short term solution to the next. We must solve our problems, and attend to our real needs, for the long term. Even if attending to our long term problems is difficult at the time, attending to our long term problems is really easier than moving from one short term solution to the next.

3.54 Soulmate is a term which is used too freely. To really understand what the term soulmate means, we only have to take the term soulmate literally. Our soulmate can look through our facade. Our soulmate can see our insecurities. Our soulmate can see beyond our facade to our true self. Our soulmate is in love with our soul. Our soulmate is a part of our soul. If we are not ready for our soulmate, this can be terrifying.

3.55 As we are transcending to the higher plane, we will sometimes have one foot in each plane. This is a difficult time. We are unsure which foot to move first.

3.56 To find fulfilment all that we have to do is believe in ourselves, trust our instinct, live with our soul, and never give up.

3.57 The formula for dealing with any problem is simple. Accept the problem. Face the problem. Deal with the problem.

3.58 We must not let anyone tell us that there is no such thing as ‘happily ever after’… there is. We are not being idealistic. All we have to do to live happily ever after, is not compromise ourselves, and be patient.

3.59 We cannot stop something from being important by pretending that the something is not there, or by avoiding the something. We have to acknowledge that the something is there. We have to face the something. We have to know that the something is not important.

3.60 We must accept things for what they are. We must not try to make them something which they are not.

3.61 Leaning does not mean that we are weak. Leaning just means that we need to rest.

3.62 It is all right to fall down, as long as we get up again. Although sometimes we will need a helping hand to get up again.

3.63 We may need to show someone our depth, to allow them to see their own depth.

3.64 There is no person or possession which we cannot afford to lose. As soon as we think that there is, we have begun to lose it.

3.65 Life’s most important lessons, are the most painful.

3.66 When we live with our soul, life does not change. We do.

3.67 We are each given an equal amount of positive and negative energy. How this energy grows, will depend on what we feed and what we nurture. If we feed and nurture our negative energy, our negative energy becomes the dominant energy. We need to recognise this and change our ‘feeding’ habits. Only then can our positive energy become dominant.

3.68 We can only accept responsibility for our own actions. We can only live with the consequences of our own actions. If we live up to our responsibilities to the people in our lives, we are not responsible for the people in our lives. The people in our lives must accept responsibility for themselves. We cannot accept responsibility for the people in our lives, or for their actions.

3.69 Life is a process of learning and adjusting. Each time that we learn, we must adjust how we live to reflect and incorporate the lesson. This is an ongoing task, learn and adjust, over and over again.

3.70 To really understand ourselves, we must consider all of the songs, movies, and books which have really touched our soul. We will see a pattern. We will see that we have always known who we are, even if we did not realise that we knew who we are. We will also know beyond doubt, what we have been looking for all of our life and why.

3.71 We live in a pretend world. We pretend that things are important when they are not important, and we pretend to be someone we are not. We are so busy pretending that we forget reality. The pretend world is an ugly and depressing place. We exist within our pretend world, ignorant of the reality which we have forgotten. Reality is the beauty of nature, and the beauty of people being their true selves. When we find reality again, we wonder how we could have pretended to be satisfied with anything else. We wonder why we pretended to live, instead of really living.

3.72 We cannot sacrifice ourselves or our dreams for anyone. If we do, we are compromising ourselves. If anyone expects us to sacrifice ourselves or our dreams, they have no place in our life.

3.73 We are far more likely to get what we deserve, than we are to get what we want.

3.74 When we neglect our soul, our soul will become tarnished. We must continually polish our soul to ensure that our soul remains in pristine condition.

3.75 There are times when we miss opportunities. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the opportunity which we have missed, would have taken us along an alternate path. If our instinct leads us away from an opportunity, we must trust our instinct. We must accept that this is the best course to lead us to our true destiny and fulfilment.

3.76 Time is nothing more than a measurement of the moments which make up our life. Time is a tool, to plan moments when necessary and nothing more. We must live our life, not measure our life.

3.77 It is all right to press the pause button on our life occasionally. As long as we do not hold the button down. Nothing happens while our life is paused.

3.78 When we are living with our soul, those who do not understand us will give us advice. We must be aware that they are living within fears and insecurities. We must have faith in our own soul, and our instinct which is protecting us and our soul.

3.79 We cannot try to remove the barriers to living with our soul, prior to living with our soul. We need to start living with our soul now, and then the barriers to living with our soul will disappear.

3.80 If we want to achieve anything worthwhile, we need three things, courage, patience, and persistence.

3.81 If someone is in difficulty, we may throw them a lifeline. If they grab hold of the lifeline we can help them. If they do not grab hold of the lifeline they do not want our help. If we jump in to try to save them, we will get into difficulty too.

3.82 Our inner strength is like a water bottle. We can drink from our water bottle when we are thirsty, but if we allow others to drink from our water bottle, there will be no water left for us when we need to drink.

3.83 If we give our strength away, we become a slave to the person who we have given our strength to.

3.84 Sometimes the wounds on our soul become infected. When this happens the wound must be lanced and the infection must be removed. This is a very painful experience, but without lancing and cleaning, the wound will not heal.

3.85 We must not allow ourselves to hang on to false hopes. False hopes quickly disappear, and we are left with no hope.

3.86 We are surrounded by a dark veil, which is made up of our fears, doubts, insecurities, and negative emotions. The dark veil must be lifted. Only when the dark veil is lifted can we allow our inner light to shine out. Only when the dark veil is lifted can we see the beauty which is all around us.

3.87 Destiny is destiny. Destiny cannot be fought. Destiny cannot be forced.

3.88 We must be careful how much we give of ourselves. Sometimes when we give too much of ourselves, we have not given enough. We must give what we can, no more, no less. If what we can give is not enough for the person we are giving to, then the person who we are giving to expects too much.

3.89 The best way to lift our spirit, is to lift our body. We must straighten up, square our shoulders, and look the world in the eye. When we are slumped and our eyes are down, so is our spirit. If our spirit is down, it is an effort to lift our body, but lifting our body is worth the effort.

3.90 We can only hit our head against a wall so many times, before something has to give. Mostly we will find, that walls are harder than heads.

3.91 When we are having difficulty solving a problem, when we cannot find an answer, when nothing which we try seems to work, we must leave the problem alone. We must stop trying to solve the problem. Often, as soon as we stop looking for an answer, the answer will present itself to us.

3.92 Often the only reason that we cannot solve a problem, is because we are approaching the problem the wrong way. As soon as we realise this and change our approach, the problem will become easy to solve.

3.93 Our belief in ourself feeds upon itself. The more that we believe in ourselves, the more that we believe in ourselves. As our belief in ourselves grows, our belief in ourselves replaces the insecurities which have consumed us.

3.94 If we want to know someone, really know someone, we must listen, really listen. When we really listen to what people say, we will know them better than they consciously know themselves.

3.95 The only way to have a premature death, is to commit suicide. If we commit suicide, we are discontinuing this lifetime prior to fulfilling our purpose in this lifetime. We will then be required to repeat this lifetime, and repeat the tests which we failed during this lifetime. We will again be presented with circumstances which will test our strength of character, and make suicide tempting. This will continue to happen lifetime after lifetime until we finally pass the test. Completing each lifetime is the only way to fulfil our purpose and move on to the next lifetime, with new lessons which will bring us closer to fulfilling our true destiny by becoming who we are.

3.96 We are given freedom of choice. We can choose the easy option, or we can choose the right option. Without freedom of choice, we could not be tested. Without being tested, we could not learn. If we do not learn, we cannot grow.

3.97 We must be ourselves at all times, but especially within our relationships. We try to be someone who we are not because we try to live up to what we think are other people’s expectations. However, in reality it is our own unrealistic expectations, of what we think that others want us to be, that we are trying to live up to.

3.98 Souls who we love are not separated by death. They remain with us to guide and help us, until it is time for them to once again become part of the physical world. The love between our souls remains, and we will be in each other’s lives again. Sometimes they will join us again in this lifetime. Sometimes they will join us again in our next lifetime. Love between souls is eternal.

3.99 We are each responsible for our own actions. We are not responsible for the actions of others. We cannot accept responsibility for someone else’s actions, nor can we abdicate responsibility for our own actions.

3.100 When we are aware of what is happening. When we are aware of the risks. We will not repeat our past mistakes, because we have identified the pattern which created our past mistakes. We will be able to confidently handle any situation.

3.101 We should listen to the advice of anyone prepared to offer us advice. They may suggest something which we have overlooked. We should listen to ensure that we are fully informed, but we must make our own decision and trust our instinct.

3.102 People make their own decisions. We can suggest options, or we can show someone the consequences of a course of action, but we cannot make a decision for anyone. If they choose not to make a decision, they have made a decision.

3.103 When we continually draw the wrong people into our life, we must look at ourselves. We must review the type of people we associate with. We will see the pattern and understand why we continually draw the wrong people into our life. The only way to change the type of people in our life, is to change the pattern which draws the wrong people to us.

3.104 If we are not prepared to face the consequences of our actions, we must change our actions. If we are not prepared to pay the price, we must not take the risk.

3.105 Our belief in ourselves must be real. Our belief in ourselves must be maintained regardless of what our life presents us with. Often we are presented with circumstances to test our belief in ourselves. We must maintain our belief in ourselves to pass the test. Only by passing each test, only by maintaining our belief in ourselves, can we be fulfilled.

3.106 There are times when fate will do whatever fate needs to do to keep us on the right path. This is unlikely to be pleasant, but it will be necessary.

3.107 Every time that we doubt ourselves we must review our life. We must look for the pattern and find the similarity with our current circumstances. We must understand the outcome and believe in ourselves. We must do this every time that we are in a situation which makes us doubt ourselves. We must use our own life’s experiences as a source of confidence, gained through our own experience, and the lessons which we have learned.

3.108 Sometimes, when we are in a hole we cannot see a way out. When this occurs, we have to hang on, we have to keep going, and we have to be patient. There is always a way out. The way out will present itself to us, one way or another.

3.109 It does not matter how well we have learned a lesson, if we do not live what we have learned, the lesson will be given to us again.

3.110 When we trust our instinct, and our instinct is contrary to our heart’s desires, it is painful. We will be continually tested by our instinct, over and over, until we really live with our soul. We must trust our instinct, we must have faith in God, and we must believe in ourselves regardless of what is thrown at us. We must be secure in the knowledge, that the pain which we experience following our instinct is minimal, compared to the pain which we would experience if we do not follow our instinct. We must draw on our past experiences. We must know that even if it is hard to follow our instinct, it would be harder not to trust our instinct.

3.111 When our values change, so does our definition of success. What once seemed important no longer matters, and our achievements become more personal. We know beyond doubt what we can do, and we are satisfied with that knowledge, which is all we really need anyway. We have nothing to prove, not even to ourselves.

3.112 When we do something which we regret we must not punish ourselves, even if we knew that we would regret our actions before we did whatever that something is. We must remember that we are human, and we must learn from our regret. The only reason that we do something which we regret, is because we had not really learned our previous lessons.

3.113 Regardless of how much we want something, if we have to compromise ourselves to get that something, that something is not worth the price. The cost of having that something, would outweigh the cost of not having that something.

3.114 If we are dissatisfied with the circumstances of our life, or even just a part of our life. We must not complain. Complaining achieves nothing. We must take action. We must change whatever it is that we are not happy with. Until we are ready to take action, we must not complain.

3.115 When our path is unclear, it is easy to become lost. When we become lost, we must trust our instinct to guide us back to our correct path.

3.116 Often we will find that we have only learnt part of a lesson. As we learn, and as we grow this will become more apparent. We must review our past lessons, and learn the parts that we have missed. If we do not review our past lessons, we will be given the lesson again. This will continue to happen until we have learned the complete lesson.

3.117 Depression is nothing more than a severe form of self abuse. There is only one person who suffers as a result of our depression. That person is ourselves.

3.118 Positive love is stronger than any other emotion. Positive love overcomes all fears, doubts and insecurities.

3.119 Sometimes we are given nothing to hang on to except our belief in ourselves. This is the truest and toughest test of our belief in ourselves.

3.120 As we pass each test, the next test becomes harder. This continues throughout the learning process until we pass all of the tests, and graduate to live with our soul.

3.121 Fate steps in to lend a hand when we least expect it. One by one the pieces come together, and our life falls into place, even though we did not see how our life could fall into place.

3.122 Regardless of the circumstances which surround us, we must follow our instinct. The only guarantee that we have when we follow our instinct, is that we will obtain the right result for us. It does not matter what the result is, what matters is that it is the right result for us.

3.123 People enter our life when we need them. People leave our life when we no longer need them. What we want, or what we think that we want has very little to do with it.

3.124 When we follow our instinct. When we make the right decision for ourselves, we feel very good about ourselves. This is our reward for living with our soul. There is no experience which feels as good or as rewarding.

3.125 Many situations are presented to us so that we will learn. It does not matter what the outcome of a given situation is, all that matters is that we learn. If we learn from a situation we should have no regrets, regardless of the outcome of the situation.

3.126 We must not feel guilty because of who we are. If we feel guilty because of who we are, we will try to change who we are to stop feeling guilty. We cannot change who we are, so we have no reason to feel guilty. Feeling guilty because of who we are achieves nothing. The only reason that we feel guilty because of who we are, is because we are trying to satisfy another. If we cannot be who we are and satisfy another, we must accept this, and walk away. If we do not walk away, we will attempt to satisfy another, at the cost of not satisfying ourselves.

3.127 When we care about someone for selfish reasons, we do not really care about them. There is only one possible outcome to selfish caring, we will get hurt. If we do not truly care about someone, we must not pretend that we do care about them.

3.128 How somebody else feels about us, should have no bearing on how we feel about them.

3.129 If we are looking for a tangible benefit from caring about someone, we do not care about them. If we truly care about someone, we cannot expect a tangible benefit in return. We may expect that they care about us in return, but there is no guarantee that they will.

3.130 We cannot compensate for someone else’s insecurities, so we must not try. If we do try to compensate for someone else’s insecurities, we can only be hurt.

3.131 If there is a part of our life which does not satisfy us, we must change that part of our life.

3.132 When we stray from our path, it is easy to become lost. We can drift aimlessly in the wilderness for a lifetime without finding our way back. It is better to stay on our path.

3.133 We should listen to criticism, regardless of the motive for that criticism. We may learn something about ourselves.

3.134 There are times when we cannot win regardless of what we do. When we find ourselves in this situation, we must not try to win. We must walk away and learn the lesson.

3.135 When we are going through periods of growth, we can move too fast. We need to slow down, rest, or even drift back a little. We must allow ourselves to adjust before moving on. If we do not allow ourselves to adjust from time to time, we will not be ready to move on.

3.136 We spend most of our lifetime like a caterpillar, struggling to survive and only thinking of our immediate needs. When we live with our souls, we are like a butterfly, gliding above the ground and enjoying the true beauty of the world. The metamorphous which we undergo is extremely painful, but unless we endure the metamorphous, we will remain as caterpillars. True beauty cannot be seen when we are in the dense vegetation, struggling to survive.

3.137 When we are struggling to find our way, we need one thing to hang on to. We need one thing to keep us going. We need a glimmer of hope to follow. We need a dull light to guide us, until we can see our bright light at the end of the tunnel.

3.138 When we try to convince ourselves that events will be contrary to what our instinct has told us, we are quickly reminded of reality.

3.139 When something is not working for us, we must review what we are doing. We will be doing something wrong. We have to identify the problem and rectify it. Once we have done this, whatever it is, will start working for us.

3.140 When we do what we know is right within our soul, we do not have to justify our actions to anybody, not even ourselves. Living with our soul does not require justification. If we have to justify our actions to ourselves, we are not living with our soul.

3.141 We must review our lifestyle. We must understand what we do that has a negative influence on us, and what we do that has a positive influence on us. We must eliminate negative influences. We must develop positive influences.

3.142 There is one soul with whom we have shared many lifetimes. We know that we know this person very well. The majority of our learning will be centred around this person. We are like magnets attracted to each other lifetime after lifetime, and our familiarity with this person defies explanation. This person can easily be mistaken for our soulmate, but they are our learning partner.

3.143 The only way to find inner peace is to live with our soul. We must do what we know is right for us. We must not allow ourselves to be influenced by anything else.

3.144 Whenever we think that we have learned, we are given a test to establish if we really have learned.

3.145 When we finally break the negative pattern which has dominated our life. When we finally defeat the insecurities which caused the negative pattern. We will feel like a different person, because we are a different person.

3.146 If something is on our mind and we cannot seem to clear our mind, we must write our thoughts down. Writing our thoughts down, enables us to transfer our thoughts from our mind, and onto a piece of paper. Writing our thoughts down also enables us to see the issues clearly, and we can then solve the problem easier.

3.147 When our dreams have a consistent theme, we are being given an important message. We must listen to what we are being told.

3.148 We need quiet time each day. We need to reflect and to reach into our soul. We will find a time of day when we seem more in touch with our soul. This is the time that we should set aside each day as our quiet time.

3.149 Appearances can be deceptive. Sometimes we need to look beyond the face value. We must allow our instinct to guide us to the truth.

3.150 Sometimes when everything is going well, fate will place a sudden unforseen obstacle in our way. This is a test to see how we handle the situation. If we take a positive approach, the obstacle will only cause minor aggravation. If we take a negative approach, the obstacle will become a major problem. How an obstacle placed on our path effects us, is our decision.

3.151 Often what we think is the worst thing which can happen to us, is in fact the best thing which can happen to us. We only need the clarity of hindsight to see this.

3.152 As we become more in tune with our soul, we start to understand our life. When we live with our soul our understanding is immediate, not in hindsight.

3.153 We must be selective with the people who we choose to share ourselves with. We must only share ourselves with those who we know are our real friends. Those who want to be our friend, and are not looking to gain anything except our friendship.

3.154 Once we have made a decision, we must put all of our energy into the decision. We must not become distracted. We must not waste energy questioning our decision. If we do become distracted or waste energy, we will not be able to receive the full benefit from our decision.

3.155 We must not attempt to manipulate circumstances for our own ends. We must be aware of what is happening around us, and we must take the opportunities which present themselves. Manipulating circumstances will seldom achieve the result that we want. If something is meant to happen, the circumstances will present themselves to us.

3.156 If we repress our feelings, we are unable to really enjoy what life has to offer. Life’s greatest experiences need to be felt.

3.157 Sometimes we need to take a break. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from a negative environment. Sometimes we need the clarity of distance. Sometimes we need to find a little peace. We cannot do any of these things if we take our problems with us. We must leave our problems behind, and trust that destiny will take a hand if necessary.

3.158 Learning how to recover from grief, a bruised ego, or a shattered heart, with our soul intact, is a necessary process in learning to live with our soul.

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