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4.1 If we truly believe in something, we must keep working towards our goal, we must maintain our belief, and we must never give up. We have to overcome every obstacle that we encounter. We have to patiently find our way back onto our path whenever we stray from our path and become lost. We must never give up on our belief no matter how difficult achieving our goal becomes. The day that we give up, could be the day before we reach our goal. If we give up we will never know this, and all that we have done would have been for nothing.

4.2 If we go somewhere to deal with our problems, one on one. We must not bring our problems back. If we do, we have wasted our time.

4.3 It does not matter how naturally talented we are, without commitment we cannot give anything our best. If we are not prepared to give something our best, we should not waste our time doing that something. We will not find what we have done a rewarding experience.

4.4 When we punish ourselves with recriminations over our decisions, we lose sight of the facts. We followed the only course of action that we could have followed at the time. We should accept this, and learn from our decision if necessary. Then we must let our past decisions go.

4.5 Our feelings magnify with distance. Distance may be physical distance or emotional distance. We need to remember that when we become close again, our feelings will cease to be magnified.

4.6 We have to remind ourselves of our values. We must be true to our own values, because we can only live by our own values. We can only grow and develop with our own values. We must not become envious of someone else’s values, and we must not try to live by someone else’s values. We must maintain our belief in ourselves and our own values. It is only through living by our own values that we can obtain fulfilment.

4.7 We will seldom receive our reward until the hard work is finished. When we become frustrated and impatient to receive our rewards, we are looking for our rewards prematurely. If we give up at this point, we never will receive our reward.

4.8 If we do not have the confidence to be ourselves, and if we do not trust that someone will love us when we are ourselves, we cannot achieve positive love.

4.9 There is nothing more valuable than a friend who stands by us, no matter what we are going through.

4.10 When we look for fulfilment in artificial things, we never find fulfilment. We cannot find what is not there.

4.11 When we compromise our values, we are compromising ourselves. We will never achieve fulfilment by compromising ourselves.

4.12 We must take our opportunities when our opportunities are presented. We cannot plan to take our opportunities tomorrow, because the opportunity may be gone tomorrow.

4.13 When circumstances seem to be conspiring against us, we must be patient. We are just not ready yet, and fate is slowing things down until we are ready.

4.14 Each of us has one major test to pass in each lifetime. The duration of our major test, is as long as it takes for us to pass the test.

4.15 We must not be concerned with other people’s opinions. Other people will judge us by their values. Other people’s values mean nothing, because we can only live by our own values.

4.16 We must not have preconceived ideas. If we have preconceived ideas, we are likely to be disappointed, or approach something in the wrong frame of mind. Seldom will we anticipate things as they are. We can only accept things as they are. We can only allow things to be as they are.

4.17 Today is all we have. We must live our life, today.

4.18 We must not worry. Worry, achieves nothing.

4.19 There are times when our instinct is in conflict with our character. As difficult as it will be, we must trust our instinct.

4.20 There is only one way to enjoy our life, we must enjoy each day. If we enjoy each day, we will enjoy our life.

4.21 Sometimes, we can do nothing until outside influences run their course. Only when the outside influences have run their course, will it be time for us to take action.

4.22 Our soul knows what will happen in our life. The only way to be prepared for our life, is to be in touch with our soul.

4.23 We must flow with our soul. We must allow our life to happen. Our actions must be guided by our instinct. This is the only way for us to maintain our peace.

4.24 When we are moving to a higher level of consciousness, our conscious mind will fight against our transformation with every means possible. This is not an easy battle to have raging within ourselves. If we live with our soul we will drag our conscious mind into a higher level of consciousness.

4.25 When we are meant to deal with something alone, fate will ensure that we do face that something alone. We must accept this. We must deal with whatever we have to deal with alone. Sometimes, we cannot move on until we have faced what we need to face, one on one.

4.26 The artificial levels of consciousness induced by drugs are temporary and unbalanced. The only way to achieve a higher level of consciousness on a permanent and balanced basis, is to live with our soul.

4.27 When we have difficulty learning, it is our own fault. We must learn, and we must allow ourselves to learn. If we allow ourselves to learn, the learning process will be easy. If we fight our need to learn, the learning process will be difficult.

4.28 Mountain climbing is hard work. It does not matter how good a climber we are, the only way that we will reach the pinnacle, is to do the hard work. We cannot float to the pinnacle on a cloud.

4.29 Every time that we win a battle over our conscious mind, our conscious mind will place another battle in our way. We must win each battle with our conscious mind, before we can win the war, and live with our soul.

4.30 Sometimes we are given lessons which take a long time to learn. This can be very frustrating, but we have to learn each lesson before we can be free of each lesson.

4.31 Our emotions are a part of us, we cannot run from our emotions. The only way that we can deal with our emotions is to stand and face our emotions.

4.32 We must segregate our problems. If we allow our problems to join together, our problems become harder to defeat. We must keep our problems separate, and we must fight our problems in perspective.

4.33 Even when we know what is right, our conscious mind can use our fears, doubts and insecurities to convince us to do something different.

4.34 We must not look outside for answers, we have all answers inside of us. We must look inside of ourselves and we will find our answers.

4.35 Most of the emotional pain in our lives is caused by our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Our emotional pain is self inflicted, and we must learn from our emotional pain. If we remove our fears, doubts and insecurities we will remove our emotional pain.

4.36 We must not try to be someone who we are not. We must be ourselves, and we must be our true selves.

4.37 We are all on a journey. We must keep going until we reach our journey’s end. If we do not continue our journey, our journey will not be completed.

4.38 We must not be afraid to admit that we are wrong. If we are afraid to admit that we are wrong, people will stop advising us when we are wrong. We will not be given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

4.39 There will be parts of our journey which we will not like. However, we must travel these parts of our journey regardless of whether we like them, and with confidence. We must know that after we have traversed these unpleasant periods, our journey will again be peaceful.

4.40 Most of life’s difficulties are nowhere near as difficult as we imagined that they would be. If we fail to learn this, we will continue overestimating our difficulties, and we will continue causing ourselves anxiety.

4.41 Sometimes fate uses harsh measures to prevent us from making a major mistake. We must be thankful for the lesson no matter how harsh. The alternative would have been far more severe.

4.42 The price that we pay for important lessons is seldom cheap. Nothing worthwhile is obtained cheaply. If we learn the lesson, the price is worth paying.

4.43 The difference between positive and negative is usually in our mind.

4.44 Our instinctive response to something, is the right response.

4.45 It is easy to apply double standards. We can only have one standard, and we must live by our own standards.

4.46 Unless a job is completed, the job is not done. If we have done 95% of a job, we have not completed the job.

4.47 If we are not truly happy with ourselves 100% of the time, we are not truly happy with ourselves.

4.48 When we are going through a difficult period in our life, we must reflect on our past successes. We must reflect on the moments of happiness in our life. We must know that success and happiness will return.

4.49 Sometimes we can see that someone has strayed from their path, and become lost. We can show others the way, but we cannot travel their path for them.

4.50 Sometimes we will have the right approach to life, but change our approach through impatience and doubt. When this happens we will attempt different approaches to life and fail, until through a process of elimination we return to our original and correct approach to life.

4.51 Sometimes we find our lives going in circles. When our lives are going in circles we must understand why and break the circle. There is often more than one circle in our lives. There may be big circles and small circles which are usually overlapping. We must recognise and break each circle, before we can move forward.

4.52 Our physical needs are very real. We need to attend to our physical needs as well as our spiritual needs if we are to remain balanced.

4.53 We must understand our real needs. We must not mistake our real needs for our insecurities. If we do mistake our real needs for our insecurities, we will feed our insecurities.

4.54 The dark veil which surrounds us must be removed. However, removing the dark veil is not enough because the dark veil lives. The dark veil thrives on our fears, doubts and insecurities. We must remove our fears, doubts and insecurities from our lives and starve the dark veil. If we do not starve the dark veil, the dark veil will gain strength and reattach itself to us. Only by removing the dark veil permanently, can we permanently see the light and the beauty which is our world.

4.55 Sometimes the only way to break the circle of our lives, is to move in a different direction.

4.56 When the signs on our journey through life change our direction they will be subtle, inviting us to explore the new direction. The signs on our path may disappear or the signs on our path may become clearer. We must follow the signs on our path. The signs on our path may be there to correct our course. The signs on our path may be there to slow us down. The signs on our path may be there to send us on a detour, so that we learn that our original course is the correct one. Regardless of their purpose, we must follow the signs which are presented to us.

4.57 When we have an incomplete task and even though we have prepared for the task, we cannot complete the task, it is because an important piece of the puzzle is missing. Only when we are given the missing piece of the puzzle, will we be able to complete our task.

4.58 Fate sends us where we need to go for a purpose. We may be required to perform a task. We may be required to learn. We may be required to assist someone else to complete a task. What the task is or how long the task takes is not relevant. We cannot move on until the task is completed, and often we will not know what the task is, until the task is completed.

4.59 Sometimes we are given a test with no clear answer. We are unsure of which option is correct, so we try both options. Both options is not an answer. However, we may have to try both options, so that we will know which answer is correct, by the result of each choice.

4.60 Sometimes we will make the right choice, using the wrong method. When this occurs, the end result will seldom be as we desire. We are then forced to make the decision again and again, until we make the correct choice, using the correct method.

4.61 When we make a mistake following the correct course of action for us at the time, it is an understandable mistake. We made the mistake for a reason. We are given the knowledge to correct our mistake, when we need to have the knowledge to correct our mistake.

4.62 When events in our life contradict themselves, it is easy for us to become confused, and frustrated. We need to be patient, and we must flow with what is happening in our life. When it is time everything will fall into place. We will then see clearly how everything fits together, and that all of the events which occurred were a necessary piece of the overall picture.

4.63 We must feel that our employment is fulfilling. If we only work for an income, or if we receive little or no satisfaction from our employment, we are either in the wrong job, or we have the wrong attitude. Either way, we will never be fulfilled, until we change one or the other.

4.64 When we truly believe in ourselves, we stop seeking the approval of others.

4.65 We will usually find the most important answers, where we least expect them, and when we least expect them.

4.66 We should prepare for the future. We should know our direction and we should plan our journey. However, our plans must not be set in concrete. Our plans must be flexible, and our plans must be adjusted, as our journey requires us to adjust our plans.

4.67 We must stay on our path no matter how dim the light at the end of our tunnel seems, or even if we cannot see the light at the end of our tunnel from our present position. We will eventually turn a corner, and the light at the end of our tunnel will become a beacon.

4.68 The burden of carrying around other people’s problems, as well as our own problems, is too heavy a load for us to carry.

4.69 If something happens, what has happened is meant to be.

4.70 We must not despair when we do not understand why something has occurred. We will be provided with what we need to know, only when we need to know it. We must follow our instinct. Our instinct will lead us to what we need to know.

4.71 We leave other people’s lives when they must take the next step by themselves. If we are needed in the future, we will be drawn together again.

4.72 Our journey is made more difficult if we allow our conscious mind to distort the signs which point the way. When a part of our journey is complete, we see that the signs were very clear. It was our conscious mind which distorted the signs. Our conscious mind tries to tell us that the signs are leading where we want the signs to lead. However, we really know the truth, we only have to listen to our soul.

4.73 When we live with our soul, we will wish people well. If we wish people harm or unhappiness, we are not living with our soul.

4.74 When we attempt to help someone to see their correct path, and they do not accept our advice, we must not despair for them. We will usually have reached them subconsciously. In time we all see our correct path, but we must do so at our own pace.

4.75 Fate will use each of us as guides from time to time. We are often drawn to people to give them a message, just as people are drawn to us to provide a message.

4.76 When we provide guidance or assistance to someone we are owed nothing in return. Fate will reward us, by providing guidance and assistance when we need it.

4.77 The sense of fulfilment which we receive knowing that we have helped someone on their journey, is a reward in itself. It does not matter if they acknowledge our assistance or not.

4.78 We must travel our own path, at our own pace. We should not attempt to rush others, nor should we attempt to slow another’s journey.

4.79 All that we can do to assist others is show them the way, and possibly create the right environment. We must stand back and allow others to receive the satisfaction of achieving on their own merits, by their own actions.

4.80 Certain people in our life are catalysts for learning. These people will often only be in our life for a short time. We must be thankful that they were sent to help us.

4.81 We must be available to provide guidance when required. Whether we like someone or not is not a consideration. People are drawn to us as required, not necessarily to be our friend.

4.82 If we try to travel someone’s path for them, or if we try to take their load as well as our own, we will create a detour on our journey, and on theirs.

4.83 It is easy to maintain our belief in ourselves when our life is proceeding as we want. However, we must maintain our belief in ourselves even when our life is not proceeding as we want. We must continue to live with our soul, and we must never give up.

4.84 When we are unsure of where our path leads, we will receive an unexpected sign showing us the direction to follow.

4.85 Fate will give us just enough hope to keep us going until we are ready to be given clear direction.

4.86 If we fail to resolve a matter correctly in one lifetime, we are drawn together with the same souls in another lifetime. This gives us an opportunity to rectify our previous mistakes, and to learn what we failed to learn previously.

4.87 When we attempt to do something for selfish motives, we are seldom rewarded positively. We must always do what we know is right, just because it is right. That is when we will be rewarded.

4.88 We have to constantly remind ourselves that whatever happens in our lives does not matter. We simply have to live whatever happens in our lives. If we live whatever happens in our lives and do not worry about whatever happens in our lives, living whatever happens in our lives will be easy.

4.89 It does not matter where we are. We have to accept that we are, where we are for a reason. Accepting that we are where we are for a reason, is the only way that we will be able to move on. If we worry because we are somewhere that we do not want to be, we will make it more difficult for ourselves to do what we must do, and move on.

4.90 When we live with our soul, but start to slip back into living with our fears, doubts and insecurities, we are given a sharp jolt to stop our slide.

4.91 We must follow the signs on our journey, but we must not attempt to interpret the signs on our journey. If the signs on our journey are not clear, we are not meant to know where our journey will lead, yet.

4.92 We will not obtain fulfilment by doing this or doing that first. We have to follow our path, and continue to follow our path no matter what obstacle we encounter. If we are following our path, we are being fulfilled.

4.93 We must take our time living. If we are travelling too slowly, our instinct will let us know. We must slow down, and we must enjoy our journey. Our journey will take just as long if we attempt to rush our journey, and we will not have time to enjoy the beauty on the way.

4.94 If we stay on our correct path, even when our correct path becomes difficult, we are rewarded with an easy path.

4.95 Fulfilment and completion are different levels in our existence. We must reach the fulfilment level in our existence, prior to moving to the next level in our existence, completion.

4.96 We cannot recognise our soulmate, until we live with our soul.

4.97 It is easy to confuse our lifetime partner with our soulmate. Our lifetime partner is meant to share a lifetime. Our soulmate is a part of us. Our soulmate is for eternity.

4.98 We cannot live with our soul on our terms. We must continue to live with our soul, regardless of what is happening around us. If we do not continue to live with our soul, regardless of what is happening around us, we are not living with our soul.

4.99 As soon as we become self indulgent, we have stopped living with our soul. We have to learn that we are here to fulfil our destiny. We are not here to indulge ourselves.

4.100 We are given what we need to fulfil our destiny. If we do not have something, we do not need that something. There is nothing to be gained, by our wanting something which we do not have.

4.101 When we know that something is not right, but we do that something anyway, we will not be fulfilled by the result.

4.102 When we live with our soul we do not live our life, we feel our life.

4.103 There is one way to guarantee our happiness. We must live with our soul, there is no other way to guarantee our happiness.

4.104 Our spirit guides are drawn to us when our spirit guides are needed. After our spirit guides have fulfilled their purpose, our spirit guides move on. We all have spirit guides, who enter and leave our lives based on our needs.

4.105 Sometimes we are required to perform a difficult task. When we have completed this task, we are rewarded with a period of peace.

4.106 We all make mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes are extreme. Sometimes we do things through desperation. It does not matter how severe our mistake is. All that matters is that we learn from our mistake, and we become a better person. All that matters is that we bounce back from our mistake, and we continue to climb our mountain.

4.107 When we live with our soul, the world does not change. Not everything is how we would like it to be. There are still days when very little seems to go as we would like. The difference is that we no longer feel that things go wrong. We know that things are just other than we would prefer. When we live with our soul all that changes is us.

4.108 When we are cleansing our soul, we have to relive every hurt which we had not dealt with correctly. We have to relive each hurt, deal with each hurt correctly, and then let each hurt go. We must complete this cleansing process, before we can live with our soul.

4.109 If we trust and follow our instinct, our life will be rewarding and fulfilling. This is all that we need to know. If we know this, we also know that we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

4.110 We are always learning, learning is part of living with our soul. When we stop learning, we will move on, either to the next lifetime, or to the next level of existence.

4.111 Our soul knows when we are following our correct path. When we pursue our correct path without doubt, difficulties and delays mean nothing, because we know that we are on our correct path. If we doubt or if we are impatient, we are not on our correct path.

4.112 Sometimes we can see a parallel path which will often appear more attractive than the path that we are on. If we are on our correct path, we must accept that regardless of how attractive the parallel path appears, in time the parallel path will become far more difficult than our correct path.

4.113 Seldom is there only one solution to a problem. We must allow our instinct to guide us to the correct solution to our problem.

4.114 We must trace our insecurities back to their origins. Only by tracing our insecurities back to their origins can we know exactly what we are fighting. It is easier to fight our demons, when we see our demons clearly.

4.115 We must not be afraid to admit our demons. We cannot fight our demons, if we deny their existence.

4.116 We can only travel one path. It is not possible to travel more than one path at the same time. If we try to travel more than one path at the same time, we may literary tear ourselves apart.

4.117 The permanent bridge to our soul is buried beneath all manner of things, accumulated through lifetimes of neglect. Finding the permanent bridge to our soul is extremely difficult. When we have found the permanent bridge to our soul, we must undertake the difficult task of cleaning and repairing the permanent bridge to our soul, before we can effectively use the permanent bridge to our soul.

4.118 When we live with our soul, our mind still drifts in the wrong direction. The difference is that our soul automatically corrects our thoughts.

4.119 There are some events in our lives which must happen. These events will occur regardless of which path we choose to follow. Our soul knows what these events are. If we listen to our soul we will be prepared.

4.120 When we are given guidance from our soul, we must accept the guidance from our soul. If the guidance from our soul is not what we want to hear, we will try to twist the guidance from our soul to fit what we want, which is easy to do, but we will pay the price. We must seek guidance from our soul and we must accept the guidance from our soul. We are given guidance from our soul to avoid pain, and we should be grateful for the guidance from our soul. We are not required to like the guidance from our soul, but we are required to accept the guidance from our soul.

4.121 Even when we are warned about an upcoming test, and even when we are warned about the wrong decision, we still have to face the decision, and the test is still a test.

4.122 We are constantly given messages. When we are open to these messages, we will identify the message clearly. We will also cease to be surprised at how messages are delivered.

4.123 There is a difference between knowing something will happen, and wanting something to happen. When we know that something will happen, we do not need justification or proof. When we want something to happen, we are constantly looking for signs that what we want to happen will happen.

4.124 Events in our lives are never as we imagine. This is true whether we are using our positive or negative imagination. Our imagination is designed to be used to see what is possible. Imagination is not designed to provide detail. Nor is imagination designed to live moments, either before or after the moments occur.

4.125 Seeing is not believing. Many of us do not believe even after we have seen. Seeing is not relevant. Believing is believing.

4.126 If we know that something does not matter, and we are doing what we must do even though we do not want to do what we must do, we are allowing that something to matter. What we want is fuelled by doubts and fears. If we want, we are allowing something to matter. All that really matters is that we learn, and to learn is all that we should want.

4.127 Sometimes our path takes us around a hairpin bend. We feel that we are nearly back where we started. We are not. We are being given an opportunity to face a situation again, armed with what we have learned since we faced the situation previously. We are being allowed to face a situation again, and this time handle the situation correctly.

4.128 What we learn about our future is largely a private matter. There are times when we are required to share some of our knowledge of our future, but when we share some of our knowledge of our future we are usually just looking for confirmation. Others may question our knowledge of our future and transfer their doubts into our minds. Seeking approval or confirmation from others in respect of any inner knowledge, is not a risk that we are meant to take.

4.129 We must not expect others to admit that they have received a message which we were required to deliver. Mostly others will not even admit that they have received a message to themselves, but they will usually receive the message and live the message, which is all that is important.

4.130 We cannot change how we do things because someone else, no matter how wise they are, says that changing how we do things is what we should do. We are each different. We must each do what we are comfortable with. What we are comfortable with will change as we grow, and we must follow our own path if we are to grow.

4.131 We must bypass our mind and our emotions. We must go straight to our soul.

4.132 We must not underestimate the power of our instinct. Our instinct is a very powerful weapon, especially when our instinct has been finely honed and painstakingly polished. Our instinct is there to protect our soul.

4.133 We cannot lift ourselves by putting others down. All we achieve by putting others down, is to push ourselves lower than we push them.

4.134 There is good in every person, although sometimes we have to look very hard to see it.

4.135 Some of us choose to travel the dark path. The dark path is the easiest of all paths. There are many artificial rewards along the way. The further that we travel along the dark path, the darker that everything becomes, until eventually we live in complete darkness. It is never too late to turn around, but the journey back to the light can be nearly impossible to complete.

4.136 When we live with our soul, we know as soon as we put one step wrong. This knowledge makes it easier for us to stay on our correct path.

4.137 The key to living with our soul, is discovering the permanent bridge to our soul. The permanent bridge to our soul allows us to bypass everything else, and live directly with our soul.

4.138 There is a lower plane. The road to the lower plane is easy, it is downhill.

4.139 When we know our destiny, we see how our life has led us to fulfil our destiny.

4.140 If we stay on middle ground, we will stay in purgatory. Purgatory is better than the lower plane, but the middle ground leads us in circles.

4.141 We must each face our own tests. Our soul is equipped with the knowledge that we require to pass our tests. We must draw on our own knowledge. We must all follow the same principles, but we all have different tests. This is why there are no precise instructions.

4.142 We must find ourselves a symbol of hope. Our symbol of hope could be anything, and our symbol of hope will change from time to time. We may find a number of symbols of hope, each one representing a different aspect of our life. Nevertheless, we must have one symbol of hope. We can then call on our symbol of hope when our doubts start to surface, and use our symbol of hope to dispel our doubts.

4.143 When we think that we want something, fate will often give us an opportunity to have what we think that we want. Often, we are given what we think that we want so that we will learn, that whatever it is, is not what we really want.

4.144 We must not feel sad when someone or something leaves our life. They have fulfilled their purpose in our life which is not something for us to be sad about.

4.145 People are in our life for as long as it takes them to fulfil their purpose in our life. This may be several lifetimes, or a single moment.

4.146 If we are drawn into someone’s life, we must not try to help them. By being there we are fulfilling our purpose in their life. We are providing the guidance which we were sent to provide. It is likely that we will not know what this is at the time, and if we consciously try to help, we will confuse our message. If there is something which we must specifically do, we will know what we must specifically do.

4.147 Each of us have darkness and light within us. Most of us travel the middle road leaning only slightly one way or the other. Some of us have allowed one side or the other to dominate. These people will influence us. These people will draw us away from the middle road. We can sense which path these people are travelling. When we meet people who are not on the middle path, we can feel, what is described as good or evil radiating from them. We must avoid people who travel the dark path.

4.148 There is no point looking for answers. If we are not meant to have an answer, we will not find the answer. If we are meant to have the answer, the answer will come to us.

4.149 Regardless of which path we choose to follow, all paths cross our correct path from time to time. This gives us an opportunity to rejoin our correct path.

4.150 Learning is easy. It is unlearning which is difficult. We have to unlearn what we have learned incorrectly, before we can learn correctly.

4.151 We must not worry if we make a mistake. If we correct our mistake, our mistake is no longer a mistake.

4.152 We are all bonded to other souls. This bond is permanent. This is how we are drawn to the same souls in each lifetime. It does not matter what transpires between us and our bonded souls. It does not matter how many times our bonded souls enter or leave our life. The bond will always remain.

4.153 Life is like a game of snakes and ladders.

4.154 The mistake which most of us make, is trying to be the driver of our life. We are the navigator of our life.

4.155 Even the most experienced players, must keep their eye on the ball.

4.156 When we finally follow our exact path, life becomes a stroll. Our exact path is firm and even. Our exact path is also narrow and has soft edges. It is easy for us to slip back into the rough, so we must continue to keep our eye on our path.

4.157 Appearances can be deceptive. What we see is not always reality. We must let our instinct guide us, because our instinct is not deceived by appearances.

4.158 We must not underestimate the power of temptation. The power of temptation is very real.

4.159 Sometimes we are tested by an illusion. The only way to pass the test, is to understand that the illusion is an illusion.

4.160 Usually we attempt to address our problems two dimensionally, with logic and with emotions. We have to learn to bypass logic and emotions. We have to learn to address our problems with our soul. When we address our problems with our soul we find that most of our two dimensional problems, do not really exist.

4.161 When we completely shut down our conscious mind, we are able to leave our bodies and seek the advice of our spirit guides. Most of us can only leave our bodies and seek the advice of our spirit guides when we sleep, which is why our conscious mind does not acknowledge that we have left our bodies and sought the advice of our spirit guides. How many times have we gone to sleep with a problem which defies solution, and woken up with a clear answer?

4.162 When the main battle with our conscious mind is over, there are still pockets of resistance within our conscious mind. We must seek out and defeat each pocket of resistance within our conscious mind.

4.163 When we are given a lesson, we are tested to establish whether we have learned the lesson. If we have not learned the lesson, the lesson is then demonstrated. Demonstrations of unlearned lessons are usually painful. It is far easier for us to learn, without having the lesson demonstrated.

4.164 The biggest barrier between us and our soul, is our negative emotions. The barrier created by our negative emotions is too tall to climb. The barrier created by our negative emotions is too wide to go around. We must dismantle the barrier created by our negative emotions piece by piece. We must remove every piece. If we do not dismantle and remove the barrier created by our negative emotions, the barrier created by our negative emotions will grow again. We cannot cross the bridge to our soul, whilst the barrier created by our negative emotions is blocking the entrance.

4.165 Before we can find our soulmate, we must first find our soul.

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