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5.1 If we discover the bridge to our soul, our illusions are shattered, our problems cease to exist, our vision becomes clear, we see everything for what it is, and our days are wonderful. All this is possible, but only if we discover the bridge to our soul.

5.2 Life is like a cooked meal. If we become impatient, we will not allow the cooking process to finish. Our life will then be underdone, and we will not enjoy our life.

5.3 Illusions which were created in another lifetime become extremely powerful, because they may have been nurtured for centuries. We must see through these illusions. We must recognise these illusions as illusions, before we can move on.

5.4 When there are issues which we never quite deal with correctly, we must pay particular attention to these issues, until we learn how to deal with the issues correctly.

5.5 We cannot fully recover from a hurt, until the wound is healed. We must leave the wound alone, and we must allow the wound to heal. If we continue to worry the wound, if we pick at the scab, the wound will not heal.

5.6 Karmic lessons are the most difficult lessons to learn, because karmic lessons are old. We have failed to learn karmic lessons, in previous lifetimes.

5.7 We must be thankful for every opportunity which we are given to learn, even if it is a painful lesson. We cannot move on until we have learned.

5.8 There is no point speculating on what would have happened if we had done things differently. We did not do things differently. In all probability we could not have done things differently. We must accept that we did not do things differently, and move on.

5.9 Sometimes, we cannot see a turn on our path, until we reach the bend.

5.10 We will never reach the ocean, when we are clinging to the river bank.

5.11 We cannot imagine the ocean, when we are clinging to a river bank far inland. This does not mean that the ocean does not exist.

5.12 Life is like a river. Sometimes life meanders along placidly, and other times life rages over the rapids.

5.13 We cannot effectively communicate with someone, unless we talk their language.

5.14 If we put too much strain on a wound before the wound is properly healed, we will re-open the wound. The healing process will then have to start over again.

5.15 We instinctively know when the timing is right, but the only way to apply our instinctive knowledge, is to trust our instinct.

5.16 When something occurs in our life which we do not like, we should consider the timing of the event. We should consider how much harder whatever has occurred would have been, if the event had happened just a few months earlier. We must accept that if the event had to happen, it was better that the event happened when the event happened. We must understand that fate is really kind.

5.17 When we accept the reality of a situation, fate provides a reward to confirm that we are on the right path. Usually the reward which fate provides, is just enough to give us the confidence to keep going.

5.18 We cannot complete a jigsaw unless we have all of the pieces. However, we can become frustrated trying.

5.19 If we take a wrong step we are told immediately. So there is no point wondering if something was right or wrong. A step may be a diversion, or a step may be a lesson. If we are not told that a step was the wrong step, we must accept that the step was a necessary step.

5.20 The steps which we have taken are behind us. We must leave them there.

5.21 Each time that our belief in ourselves is tested, and each time that we maintain our belief in ourselves, our belief in ourselves is strengthened. This process continues until our belief in ourselves becomes so strong that our belief in ourselves is unbreakable.

5.22 The only way to really enjoy each day, is to enjoy each moment.

5.23 Sometimes, a test continues after we think that we have learned the lesson. If the test continues, we have not really learned the lesson.

5.24 We are always given enough time to learn, but there are times when we must learn within the time frame that we are given. If we fail to utilise the time we are given to learn, the learning process intensifies. If we refuse to take the tests when they are presented to us, we are eventually sat in a room alone, and we are not allowed to leave, until we have taken and passed the tests. This approach makes the tests and the learning process extremely intense, and we seem to face one difficulty after another, with each new difficulty compounding our previous difficulties.

5.25 Each moment in our lifetime is connected. Whatever happens in each moment is necessary, why does not matter. If we are concerned about what we did in the last moment, or if we are concerned about what we will do in the next moment, or even if we are concerned about what we think we should be doing in this moment, we cannot enjoy this moment. Regardless of what is happening in this moment, we must accept what is happening, and we must enjoy the moment.

5.26 When we get out of bed before we have fully awoken, our legs feel like jelly, and we are a little unsteady on our feet. We experience the same sensation, when we get out of our spiritual bed before our soul has fully awoken.

5.27 The only way to fully enjoy our life, is to stride confidently along the exact centre of our correct path.

5.28 We should not be concerned if our soul drifts back to sleep for a while longer. Just like our bodies, sometimes our soul needs a little more sleep.

5.29 A drop of water at the top of a tree feels fortunate living in the sunshine above the other drops, blissfully unaware that the drop can not reach the ocean, until the drop falls to the ground and makes its way to the river.

5.30 It is the little things which are important. If we do the little things right the little things accumulate, and we create a lifetime of achievement and fulfilment. If we do the little things wrong the little things still accumulate, but we create a lifetime which leaves us dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

5.31 It is not the big things which make the difference. We are forced to address and deal with the big things immediately, so the difference that the big things make is in reality not very big. The little things are easily overlooked. This allows the little things to accumulate. The little things grow into a demon so powerful, that it is nearly impossible to defeat. It is the little things which really make the difference.

5.32 If we pass the little tests as the little tests are given to us, we will not need to be given big tests.

5.33 We must listen. We cannot learn, if we do not listen.

5.34 We must take time to understand the question. We will never find the right answer, if we do not understand the question.

5.35 We all need to rest from time to time. After we have rested, that we can stride forward with renewed strength.

5.36 We are provided with the tools which we require, to learn.

5.37 We must not worry about things which do not work. We must concentrate our energy on things which do work.

5.38 We must maintain a balance between practicality and appearance. If we focus on practicality, we cannot enjoy the beauty of appearance. If we place too much value on appearance, we will lose the benefits of practicality. Everything in our life must be a balance between practicality and appearance.

5.39 Allowing our soul to guide our actions is a big step towards living with our soul. However, we are not truly living with our soul, until our soul also governs our thoughts.

5.40 If something stays on our mind, it is because there is still another lesson to be learned.

5.41 All that we need to do to reignite our inner light, is to ignite our pilot light.

5.42 If we attempt to carry too much at once, we will drop something. We must only attempt to carry as much as we can comfortably carry.

5.43 If we feel that something is unresolved, worrying about that something will not resolve it. We must let that something go. If whatever that something is, is really unresolved, fate will ensure that we resolve that something.

5.44 Fate will provide us with opportunities to repeat our mistakes. These may be mistakes from this lifetime, or they may be mistakes from another lifetime. Without an opportunity to repeat our mistakes, we would not know if we have really learned from our previous mistakes.

5.45 There is no reason why the things which annoy us, should annoy us. Mostly annoyance is caused by intolerance or impatience. All that we need to do, to stop suffering from annoyance, is to overcome intolerance and impatience.

5.46 We cannot cleanse our soul, without stirring up a little dirt.

5.47 Sometimes all that it takes is a single word, to remind us of something which we have learned, either whilst visiting the spirit world, or in another lifetime.

5.48 When our conscious mind finally accepts a reality, we understand that we knew the reality all along.

5.49 As we review the lessons which we have been given, we will see clearly that we had been prepared to face whatever we have had to face.

5.50 We must review our life. We must understand that we did learn. We must know with confidence, that we will learn whatever else we need to learn.

5.51 Even when we have learned, we have to endure circumstances which we would like to avoid. This is the only way to repay some of our karmic debts. We cannot move onto the higher plane, until we are debt free.

5.52 Regardless of how much we think we have learned, there is always more to learn.

5.53 As each phase of our life is completed, we can look back and know that fate was right. It would be a lot easier to live each phase of our life if we remembered that fate is always right during each phase of our life, instead of after each phase of our life.

5.54 If our conscious mind knew all that we would endure during each lifetime. Our conscious mind would find our lifetime too difficult, and not attempt the journey. That is why we only know one step at a time, and each step takes us to the next step.

5.55 There are many roads leading to our destination. We are given the choice of which road to take. Some of these choices are deceptive, what starts as a three lane highway, will often become a steep and winding dirt track. The scenic route may appear a little longer, however the scenic route is the most pleasant journey.

5.56 Most of our pain is an illusion. It is easy to endure the pain caused by following our instinct. It is much more difficult to endure the pain caused by ignoring our instinct. The pain caused by ignoring our instinct is real, and the pain caused by ignoring our instinct can last for years.

5.57 There is no point punishing ourselves because we know in hindsight that our life would have been easier, if we had made a different decision. If we had made a different decision, we would not have known, that our life would have been easier.

5.58 We will find that we knew more at any given point in time, than we knew at that same given point in time.

5.59 Just because we have not experienced something, does not mean that something is not real.

5.60 The closer we are to the top of our mountain, the steeper our path will become, but each step will be more rewarding.

5.61 It is easier to follow the path provided for us, than it is to attempt to create a new path.

5.62 We reach a point where all that we need to lift our spirits, is to gaze at the natural beauty of the world for a few moments.

5.63 Our greatest assets, will place us under the greatest strain.

5.64 We anticipate that we will reach a point, where nothing can amaze us. The reverse happens, we reach a point where everything amazes us.

5.65 If something in our life does not quite fit in our life, we must not attempt to make that something fit in our life. That something will never fit in our life, and we can only cause damage attempting to force that something to fit in our life.

5.66 Most of us enjoy the sunshine, but it can be just as beautiful standing in the rain, now and then.

5.67 A flower hidden in the undergrowth, does not become less beautiful, because it is hidden.

5.68 When we live with our soul, simple pleasures like the smell and sound of new rain, take on a new meaning.

5.69 The term ‘new age’ is misleading. This is the age of re-discovery. What we are re-discovering is the truth.

5.70 When something is no longer just a habit, the enjoyment and pleasure we obtain from doing that something, reach levels which we did not know were possible.

5.71 Sometimes we feel that we have used someone. If it was not our intention to use someone, we have not used someone. The person may have fulfilled their purpose in our life, or the person have repaid a karmic debt. However, it is unlikely that either of us will know this, at the time.

5.72 We are given enough time to do what we must do. Worrying about whether we have enough time to do something, is a waste of time.

5.73 Things have a way of happening in their own time. When we have done all that we can do in respect of something, we must put whatever it is out of our mind, until it is time to do some more in respect of that something. In the meantime we have been given time, to do something different.

5.74 How can a caterpillar even begin to imagine, what the butterfly sees?

5.75 We need strong winds in our lives occasionally. The strong winds blow away the dust which has settled on our soul.

5.76 We need a constant in our lives, to balance the changes in our lives.

5.77 If our instinct tells us to do something, we must do what our instinct has told us to do, and not waste time trying to work out why our instinct has told us to do something.

5.78 The only way to know that the ocean exists, is to let go of the river bank.

5.79 When we open the permanent bridge to our soul, we no longer need to use temporary bridges to our soul.

5.80 If something is nearly right, that something is not right. We will either know that something is not right, or we will be shown that something is not right, if we do not see that something is not right for ourselves.

5.81 Fate will sometimes lead us to a slight detour to allow us to see something, which could not be seen from our current position.

5.82 When we live with our soul, situations which once seemed like the most important and insurmountable problems in our life, become little more than mildly amusing.

5.83 When we look across the bridge to our soul, we see that our life is full, even if our life felt empty, before we had located the bridge to our soul.

5.84 It is surprising what we see, when we look in the right direction.

5.85 It is easier to be carried along by the current, than it is to swim against the current.

5.86 We will continue to be surprised by things, which we did not see until after the event. Particularly when we specifically looked for the thing during the event. We will never see anything, until we are ready to see it.

5.87 How can we owe each other a debt for providing assistance? We are only a tool of fate. It is fate which really provides the assistance.

5.88 When we meet someone from a previous lifetime, we recognise them immediately. Unless we are in touch with our soul, we will not know that we have met someone from a previous lifetime. However, we will feel a vague familiarity.

5.89 Sometimes something is necessary. That we do not like what is occurring, or that we do not want what is occurring will have little impact, if any on the situation. We must accept that whatever is occurring will only last as long as is necessary, and then whatever is occurring will finish.

5.90 We are sometimes given a mental anaesthetic to ease our pain temporarily. However, our wound will be tender when the anaesthetic wears off.

5.91 Mostly we become frustrated because fate moves too slow, but sometimes we become frustrated because fate moves too fast.

5.92 When our river of life is travelling over rapids, we are pushed and pulled first one way and then another. We must endure this confusion, until the river has passed over the rapids, and our life becomes calm again.

5.93 After our metamorphous is completed, and we have become a butterfly, we are still in the cocoon. Before we can fly, we must force our way out of the cocoon, which takes some effort.

5.94 When a temporary solution has fulfilled its purpose, we must discard the temporary solution.

5.95 Sometimes we travel in air conditioned comfort, and other times our transport is crowded and hot. The comfort level of our transportation is unimportant, only our journey is important.

5.96 Sometimes, a new minor discomfort is enough to enable us to forget an existing major discomfort.

5.97 As we grow, we reach a point where we no longer need a security blanket. There is a point when we must let go of our security blanket, and leave our security blanket in the dust behind us.

5.98 The reason that rationalising a solution to a problem does not work, is that we can rationalise whichever solution we prefer. How can we make a sound decision, when our decision process is biased?

5.99 When we are trying to rationalise, we are blocking our instinct.

5.100 The criteria for deciding if we should do something is simple. Either we are fulfilling a genuine responsibility, or we will gain pleasure, we will not harm someone else, and most importantly, we will not compromise ourselves. If whatever it is does not meet this criteria, we should not do whatever it is.

5.101 When we have removed all of our negative emotions, the love which was blocked by our negative emotions, begins to radiate from us. We feel love for everyone, because we have removed all of the reasons not to feel love for everyone.

5.102 Allowing our love to radiate from within us provides a surprising, yet logical side affect. We are living at the centre of the love radiating from within.

5.103 If we radiate a negative emotion, such as anger or hate, we live at the centre of the negative emotion. Could there be anything worse, than being surrounded by anger or hate?

5.104 When our plans do not work out, there is always a reason. We must understand that there is always a reason, we must accept that there is always a reason, and we must know that everything is as it is meant to be.

5.105 Many times we are given correct information by our soul, but we choose not to listen to our soul. We choose to find out for ourselves. This method of learning does work, however the lesson would have been much less painful, if we had simply listened to our soul.

5.106 Unresolved matters and unpaid debts which we carry with us from previous lifetimes, do not belong in this lifetime. Unresolved matters and unpaid debts which we carry with us from previous lifetimes are real, but they are also an illusion.

5.107 When our path reaches a marked crossing, we must not assume that it is safe to cross. We must still look to be sure that it is safe to cross.

5.108 Just as our strengths are also our weaknesses, so our weaknesses are also our strengths.

5.109 Unresolved issues from past lifetimes, reside on the bridge to our soul. Unresolved issues from past lifetimes are not quite part of this lifetime, but they are real. Unresolved issues from past lifetimes must be removed before we can cross the bridge to our soul.

5.110 As we take a few steps across the bridge to our soul, our soul starts to occupy the foreground of our life, and our conscious mind slips into the background of our life.

5.111 As we open direct contact with our soul, our conscious mind becomes redundant.

5.112 We reach a point where we stop thinking about what we are doing, and we feel what we are doing.

5.113 As we gain knowledge, we do not feel knowledgeable, because we understand how much we do not know.

5.114 We are led to just the right book, movie, or whatever we need, exactly when we need it. God was present when every book was written. God was present when every movie was made. God knows where the answers to our questions are. God leads us to what we need when we need it.

5.115 Our bodies are a vessel for our soul. Our bodies are not a temple. Our bodies should not be worshiped, but we must care for our vessel, its contents are precious.

5.116 Some messages are to lead us to our correct path. Other messages are to confirm that we are on our correct path.

5.117 Many of us who have found one religion or another, adopt a holier than thou attitude. This is a nonsense. God exists in each one of us, and one person cannot be holier than another. That some of us are aware of the God presence within, and others are not aware of the God presence within, means that we are all at a different level of awareness. God’s presence within us is not limited by our awareness.

5.118 Becoming enlightened and remaining in isolation is selfish. Enlightened in isolation does not acknowledge the need for the enlightened to guide those who are ready to learn. Enlightened in isolation is an artificial enlightenment.

5.119 Many religions are shrouded in mystery. This is a false interpretation. There is no mystery in the truth. The truth is within each of us.

5.120 The truth does not require symbolism. We do not need to wear a symbol like we might brand cattle. The only symbol of the truth, is the love radiating from those who have found the truth.

5.121 Physical pleasure is not evil. We are supposed to enjoy the pleasures of our bodies, that is why we have our bodies. As with everything we do, it is our motivation which is good or evil, not the act itself. How can sharing pleasure with another person be evil?

5.122 There is no need to perform great deeds of kindness. If each of us showed a little kindness, at every opportunity. There would be no opportunity to perform great deeds of kindness.

5.123 When we tempt fate, we are asking for a lesson which we have previously learned, to be demonstrated.

5.124 When we focus on the detail, we lose sight of the big picture.

5.125 People who are travelling the wrong path, need our understanding and our compassion. Our judgement will not help them, nor will our judgement help us.

5.126 We each look at the world, from our own perspective. The smell of dung is the sweetest smell in the world, to a dung beetle.

5.127 Meditation allows us to look inwards, therefore meditation is essential. There are no rules for meditation, each of us must find whichever method of meditation works for us.

5.128 While we are thinking about an illusion, we are hanging on to the illusion. We must stop thinking about the illusion. When we stop thinking about the illusion, is when we will let the illusion go completely.

5.129 Fate provides what we need, although seldom in the way in which we expect.

5.130 The greatest reward which we receive when we cross the bridge to our soul, is the view from the other side.

5.131 The only reason that we still have wars, is because we have failed to learn from the previous wars.

5.132 What we will see when our journey crosses the bridge to our soul, is beyond our imagination.

5.133 We are not asked to face a situation, until we are ready to face the situation. However, we will not always know when we are ready to face the situation.

5.134 We are all given natural ability. Our natural ability is a large part of our challenge.

5.135 To meet our challenge, we must enjoy our life.

5.136 It does not matter what happens in our life. We can choose to look at life from the higher plane, or we can choose to look at life from the earth plane. It is our perspective which makes the difference, not what happens in our life.

5.137 We must always put our trust in fate.

5.138 If we are satisfied with our efforts each day, we will be satisfied with our life.

5.139 If we are unsure about what to do next, we must wait until we are given direction.

5.140 As soon as we accept that we have nothing to worry about, we have nothing to worry about.

5.141 The easiest way to find a key, is to accept that the key is there.

5.142 The person who puts us under the most pressure, is ourself.

5.143 The only way to rise above the earth plane, is to rise above each circumstance which we face. The only way to rise above each circumstance which we face, is to face each circumstance with love, understanding, and compassion. There is no other way.

5.144 We must accept what we know to be true. To accept what we know to be true, we cannot allow ourselves to be influenced. We must ignore all negative influences. We must accept the knowledge which we each have in our soul.

5.145 When our inner knowledge contradicts itself, it is our interpretation of our inner knowledge which is incorrect.

5.146 God is omnipresent. If we accept that God is omnipresent, we will understand much.

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