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8.1 It is hard to find what is within, or understand what is within, when all that we do is look outside.

8.2 Nothing can be found, when we are looking where it is not.

8.3 We must not try too hard, to understand what we do not understand.

8.4 If it is where we are, it is where we must be.

8.5 Without understanding, communication is lost. We can only understand, what is communicated in our terms. It is better to say nothing, than to have what is said misunderstood.

8.6 The message must be delivered from within, because the answers are contained within.

8.7 Experience is the only true teacher, which is why all experience is necessary.

8.8 The truth exists within all souls. We must accept that the truth exists within us, or we will not see the truth.

8.9 Acceptance that the truth is within, will make it easy for us to see the truth within.

8.10 We must not seek answers from outside, all of our answers are inside.

8.11 We must open our mind to the truth. We must see what is within us.

8.12 There cannot be an existence of any kind which is more beautiful or satisfying, than that of pure love.

8.13 Everything is, as everything is meant to be. We know this to be true within our soul. We must look within, and we will see that everything could be no other way, if we are to learn.

8.14 Others are drawn to us, not only because we must learn, but also because they must learn.

8.15 How can we learn that looking outward is futile, unless we look outward? How can we learn that the only truth is within, unless we find the truth within?

8.16 What is real is within us, and what is not real is an illusion. All illusions are external. Even though external illusions are embraced as real, all that is real is within.

8.17 There is no peace in illusion. Peace based on illusion, is illusion itself.

8.18 We must not accept pressure. Pressure can only come from ourselves, and only if we accept pressure.

8.19 The worries and difficulties of the earth plane, are all self imposed.

8.20 Eyes are focused outward, but it is by looking inward. that we will see so much more outward.

8.21 As we cease to worry, we learn not to worry. Until we learn not to worry, we will not cease to worry.

8.22 We will cease to doubt, only when we learn not to doubt. We cannot learn not to doubt, until we cease to doubt.

8.23 We must not choose to be blind. We must open our eyes to what is happening around us. We are given warnings, we know what will happen in our lives, if we only choose to see. So much difficulty can be avoided, if we would only choose to see, and by seeing learn. How can we learn, if we make the choice not to see?

8.24 We must have no doubts. Our doubts are like a rope tied to our waist, preventing us from diving deep into our knowledge. A rope born by an irrational fear that we might drown in the depths of our own knowledge.

8.25 The choice of others is not our concern. We each have our own path, we each must follow our own path.

8.26 Learning patience and understanding for ourselves, is the way to learn patience and understanding for all.

8.27 The difficulties which we face, are difficulties created by ourselves. Only we can remove our difficulties.

8.28 We hang on to fears, even though we have nothing to fear.

8.29 Our soul can only be harmed, by ourselves.

8.30 Fear is based on what we will do to ourselves, as a result of the actions of others. If we do nothing to ourselves, we have nothing to fear.

8.31 How can our boat sail on the winds, and flow with the tide of existence while our anchor is limiting movement to the length of the anchor rope? Lengthening the rope allows more movement, but we are still restricted to the length of the anchor rope. The only way that we can truly sail with the wind, and flow with the tide of existence, is to cut the ropes to our anchors. We must remove all limitations of movement, then we will see all that there is to see, and we will be all that there is to be.

8.32 Our burden is only heavy, when we choose to make our burden heavy.

8.33 The most complex riddle, is no longer a riddle once the answer is known.

8.34 We must let the love flow from within us at all times, we must let the love wash out from within our soul. We must let the love flow from within us, and wash away all things which are not love. We must allow our love to overwhelm all that remains.

8.35 We must look deep within ourselves, and we must locate our insecurities. We must reflect on our lifetime to see that our insecurities are not real, but an illusion created by ourselves.

8.36 We must not punish ourselves when we fail to learn. We have learned, that we have failed to learn, and therefore we did learn.

8.37 We create environments to learn. If we fail to learn, we will recreate the environment.

8.38 Nothing is by chance, all is by choice.

8.39 We have to learn to trust what is within ourselves.

8.40 We must allow the pure love within us to grow. We must allow the pure love to overpower all other things within us. Pure love is of the soul, not of the body. We must allow pure love to flow from within.

8.41 Will the approval which we seek from others make us more worthy, by receiving the approval of others? Seeking approval from others implies that we are unworthy, but none can be unworthy, because God is within all.

8.42 Why are we afraid to let go of that which we hold? When there is nothing to hold, but illusion.

8.43 Why do we continue to concern ourselves about the future? All that we need to live, and all that we can live, is now.

8.44 We hold on to things by making things important, when they are not important. If we wish to let things go, we must stop making things important.

8.45 Seeing alone is not enough, we must also feel.

8.46 Belief is a start, but belief in itself is artificial. There is a vast difference between believing and knowing. Belief is a beginning, not an end. Belief is not enough, we must see through our belief, and we must allow the truth to become knowledge.

8.47 Every time that we chastise ourselves, we are judging ourselves. Chastising ourselves will not prevent us from repeating a mistake. We have to understand why we have done whatever we have done, no matter how minor or major whatever we have done is. We have to use our time to understand our choices. It is only through patience and understanding, that we will learn.

8.48 If we understand why we do something, we can understand what it is that we need to learn.

8.49 The only way to free ourselves from our self imposed prison, is to see our environment which we are in for what our environment is, and to use our environment for the purpose for which our environment was created, to learn.

8.50 All environments are positive if we use the environment for the purpose which we have created the environment. All environments are negative if we do not use the environment, to learn.

8.51 Whenever we are faced with a problem, we must remember that the environment which we have created contains both the question and the answer. We must open our mind, and we must allow ourselves to receive the answer which we have within us. Mostly, we are so focused on the question, that we block the answer. We have created the environment to learn, therefore we have supplied the answer within the environment which we have created.

8.52 We will let go of our illusions, when we have learned, that it is only through learning, that we will let go of our illusions.

8.53 The answers to all of our questions are within us. The answers to all questions, are within all. The answers to all of our questions are within us, even if we are unaware of the question at this point.

8.54 We must not seek confidence from others. We will only find true confidence, within ourselves.

8.55 Negatives within a relationship are the sign that we need to learn. We need to look for the negatives in every relationship, and we need to understand why the negatives are there. This does not only apply to our relationship with our life partner, it applies to every relationship which we have. Friendships, relatives and business. If there are negatives from our viewpoint within a relationship, then we have failed to learn.

8.56 Removing fears and insecurities is the only way to stop blocking the love and the light within us. The more fears and insecurities which we remove, the more love and light which we allow to shine through.

8.57 We must not be concerned when we become discouraged, we must continue our journey with faith.

8.58 When we become discouraged, we must not seek encouragement, other than from within ourselves. We will find true and lasting encouragement nowhere else.

8.59 Acknowledging a mistake and having regret is the start, not the finish. Learning from the mistake, is all that is important. If we do not learn from the mistake, we will repeat the mistake.

8.60 All lessons are repeated until the lesson is learned. The severity of the lesson increases each time that the lesson is repeated, which is the condemnation which we must endure, if we fail to learn.

8.61 It is better to learn when the lesson is easy, than to allow the lesson to become difficult. The lesson is never impossible to learn, just increasingly difficult. Although learning the lesson may seem impossible, if we do not learn the lesson.

8.62 We determine the difficulty of our lesson.

8.63 The key to the earth plane is simple, the key to the earth plane is love. We all desire to give love, and we all desire to receive love.

8.64 We all desire love. If we give others what they desire, we will receive the same in return. It is that simple, give and receive love.

8.65 Love is all that is important. Love eases our journey.

8.66 We must review our life, past and present. We must continue to learn from the events of each lifetime. We must review and learn missed lessons.

8.67 It is we who punish ourselves. God cannot release us from our self imposed punishment. God can only create the opportunity for us to release ourselves from our self imposed punishment.

8.68 All of our suffering, all of our pain, and all of our difficulties, are self imposed.

8.69 We must not underestimate the difficulty of the mountain, which we must climb.

8.70 Differences are only overcome by ignoring our differences. If we focus on our differences, our differences will grow.

8.71 We can only give assistance when requested. Our assistance cannot be forced upon others. Our assistance will not be accepted, unless our assistance is wanted, regardless of whether our assistance is needed.

8.72 We cannot prevent other people from being hurt.

8.73 Flowing with our thoughts, will lead us to understand.

8.74 We must not worry about what we are doing. We must not worry about what we should do. We must allow ourselves to do.

8.75 We know what must be done, and we know that we must do what must be done.

8.76 If we are unsure, we must search our soul for the answer.

8.77 We must be satisfied with what we have chosen as our character. Our character is not by accident, our character is by design.

8.78 Not one ounce of impatience, not one ounce of frustration, and not one ounce of worry will get us anywhere.

8.79 Accept and allow. This is all that we must do.

8.80 We must not doubt. It is that simple.

8.81 We must consider the events of our life, we must consider all who have entered, left, and sometimes re-entered our life. We can see how our life comes together. We can see how people fit into our experience, or how we fit into their experience.

8.82 If something is to be, we know that the something will be. We may not know the how, or the why, but we know that the something will be.

8.83 If we doubt, we must search our soul, and we will know.

8.84 Death is the last door of our physical existence, but if we choose we can recall what happens between doors, and what we have experienced behind the other doors we have entered. We can even know what will be behind the doors we are yet to enter.

8.85 When we have a destiny to fulfil, fate will stop at nothing to ensure that we fulfil our destiny.

8.86 If we give our love away, and we receive nothing in return, we create a void within ourselves. Often this void is filled with negative emotions, because a void must be filled. If we give love to another and receive love in return, we fill that void with their love. We must allow ourselves to feel love for all, we may choose to feel deep personal love for an individual, but we must not give our love away unless the void will be filled with love.

8.87 We must not allow ourselves to receive another’s love, unless we can give our love in return. If we do, we will create a void within the other, and that void must be filled. Their void will in time be filled with negative emotions.

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