Truth of Reality Part Two

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9.1 Our instinct is like a sword which protects our soul. Our life experiences forge our swords, but our swords are chipped and damaged from all of the battles which we have fought, during our lifetime. We have to hone our sword and smooth the rough edges, to allow our instinct to be more effective. If we do not hone the sword which is our instinct, we will continue to get caught on the rough edges.

9.2 Honing the sword which is our instinct is not enough. Our swords are scratched from a lifetime of use, and we need to apply polish. We need to remove all the scratches and leave our swords untarnished. The better condition that our swords are in, the more effective our instinct will be.

After the polish has been applied, we need to shine our swords. We have to keep working upon our swords all our lives. We have to keep our swords in immaculate condition. If we do this, the sword which is our instinct, and protects our soul will be stronger, sharper and swifter. This will allow our souls to receive maximum protection, from our instinct.

9.3 When we become enlightened, we see everything. Colours are brighter, and the various shades of any given colour are more discernible. The world becomes crystal clear and beautiful. We cannot imagine that anything could be so beautiful, as the simple reality of the world is, when we allow ourselves to see the simple reality of the world.

This is enlightenment. This is how the world really is, but we do not allow ourselves to see the simple reality of the world. We are too busy looking for artificial beauty. We have to learn to see the world as the world really is. When we see the true beauty of the world for the first time, we gaze at the world in awe.

9.4 We are here to learn. What we fail to learn in one lifetime we carry with us, as an additional burden into the next lifetime. Regardless of how many lifetimes it takes, we have to learn how to live with our souls, to free ourselves of our burden.

9.5 Souls are created in two parts, which is why we need to find our soulmate. Before we can transcend to the higher plane, our soul has to rejoin, and only then can we enter the next level of existence as a complete soul. To enter the next level of existence as a complete soul, both parts of the soul must complete their learning, and then rejoin for completion.

9.6 The underlying principles of most recognised religions are the same, but the truth has been distorted through centuries of influence by people who did not live with their souls, and who have used religion to fuel their fragile egos. Many have distorted the truth for their own ends.

9.7 There is a time limit for us to learn, and from the perspective of the universe there is little time left. If we have not learned to live with our souls, we will remain attached to the earth plane of existence. This is a key lifetime, because we are ready to relearn the truth. A number of teachers have been sent among us in this lifetime, to show us the way.

9.8 We are able to draw strength from the earth through conductors such as plant life. We draw strength from the earth through our souls. Everything that we need to live with our souls, has been provided for us. We must learn to draw what we need, from the world around us.

9.9 The sword which is our instinct remains sheathed, and is only drawn when our soul needs protection. When we live with our souls, our instinct is only required fleetingly, but when we live with our minds, our instinct is always trying to protect our souls, usually to no avail.

9.10 Wherever the ocean meets land there is a power transfer. The ocean transfers the power which the ocean produces from tidal influences, to the land. We are able to tap into and receive this power from the ocean as well. Some beaches produce the power, and other beaches also produce peace and tranquillity. Beaches are a natural source of strength, which we are able draw from.

9.11 Crystals are a natural resource given to us so that we can draw energy. Each crystal retains a different form of positive energy. Crystals are both a natural source of energy from the earth, and a vessel in which the earth's energy is stored. There is nothing magical about crystals, crystals are simply conductors of energy.

9.12 Once dispelled, the earth's energy is trapped in the atmosphere, recharged and returned to the earth through storms, and through wind. Atmospheric conditions are a natural recycling process for the earth's energy.

9.13 We are provided with the resources which we need to complete our journey. These resources take many different forms, and are often totally unexpected. We must continue our journey, and be content in the knowledge that the resources which we need, will be made available when we need them. Whether we use the resources which are provided is our choice.

9.14 We all have a true destiny. We each have a purpose which must be fulfilled, before we can transcend to the higher plane of existence. Our instinct will guide us along the path to our true destiny. If we follow our instinct, we will fulfil our destiny. If we do not fulfil our true destiny, we have to try again in the next lifetime. This pattern is repeated as often as it takes, for us to fulfil our true destiny.

9.15 We are like caterpillars, struggling for existence against many predators and unable to see past the few leaves in front of us. We cannot imagine what it would be like to be a butterfly soaring in the wind, and seeing the beauty of everything around us. The metamorphous which we must undergo to transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly is very painful, and we have no idea what to expect when the process is complete. If we accept the analogy of the caterpillar and the butterfly, we will know that the transformation will be worth the pain.

9.16 There will be another fifteen lifetimes before our time limit has expired, this lifetime is the focal point. This is the lifetime when the number of teachers amongst us will increase dramatically. We are now ready to learn, and this lifetime is the turning point in our existence. Fifteen lifetimes is more than a millennium, so we have all the time that we need.

9.17 We are like the ocean. We must look deeper. We must see what we have not seen below the surface. We must maintain our faith, and our trust in ourselves. We must not waste energy. We must have the strength and the courage to take risks.

9.18 We cannot complete a jigsaw puzzle until we have all of the pieces.

9.19 Life is like playing 'Snakes and Ladders'. We learn lessons with each move. The purpose of life, is to learn.

9.20 We are each given a water bottle with our life's energy in it to sustain us when times are hard, and there is no water available. We must each carry our own water bottle, which must last us for our lifetime. We must keep our water bottle to ourselves. If we let others drink from our water bottle, there will be no water left for us when we need it.

9.21 Our energy is a burning candle, and we must not let anybody blow out our flame.

9.22 We must not give our power away. When we give another our power, we become a slave to whomever we give our power.

9.23 We must be grateful for the difficulties which we experience, because difficulties help us clear out the puss and infections from the sores in our lives. Even though removing the infection from the sores in our lives is painful, removing the infection from the sores in our lives is the only way that we will heal.

9.24 Our fears, doubts and insecurities form a dark veil, which becomes wrapped around our souls and dims our view of the world. We cannot really see the true light and beauty of the world, while we are looking through the veil. We have to remove the dark veil before we can see clearly.

9.25 Our soul knows what is going to happen in our lifetime, and what we are supposed to learn from our lifetime. This is why the tarot and similar 'fortune telling' works. 'Fortune telling' provides a way of allowing our soul to communicate this information to our conscious mind, via a temporary bridge to our soul. The information within our soul is clear and accurate, but the translation depends on the ability of the reader, or temporary bridge.

9.26 There are forces at work, guiding and directing our lives.

9.27 Our soul is physically separated from our conscious mind by a natural chemical balance. Drugs adjust this natural chemical balance, by providing the body with an over supply of one or another chemical depending on exactly what the specific drug was designed to achieve. The principle of altering the chemical balance within our conscious mind is correct, but the alteration of the chemical balance within our conscious mind has to develop naturally, with our body adjusting the natural chemical balance as we are ready to take each step in becoming in touch with our soul.

What drug users are attempting to experience can be achieved naturally and permanently, by becoming in touch with our soul. The effect will be gradual and balanced. The highs are not so dramatic or so extreme, but neither are the lows experienced when the effect of the drug wears off. By allowing the chemical balance in our physical mind to change naturally, the adjustment will impact all aspects of our consciousness at an even level, whereas taking drugs only impacts one area of consciousness at a time. Extensive and prolonged drug use causes a chemical imbalance, which is nearly impossible to correct.

Drug taking is artificial, temporary and dangerous. What the drug takers are seeking can be obtained naturally, so taking drugs does not make sense.

9.28 God does not want to be worshipped. All that is required is love, respect and belief. Worshipping had been developed for us, not for God. Worshipping God, is neither wanted nor required.

9.29 The dark veil created by our fears, doubts and insecurities is a living thing. Removing the dark veil is half the battle. The only way to destroy the dark veil, is to starve the dark veil. If we stop feeding the dark veil with our fears and insecurities, the dark veil will eventually die.

9.30 The purpose of churches at best is to be a place of learning, a place to meet other people, and a place to share the knowledge of God. Churches are not supposed to be places of worship, but places of peace. Churches are certainly not meant to be used by insecure people to develop an artificial sense of self-importance.

9.31 The power of crystals comes from the earth. Crystals conduct and store energy which has built up within the earth. The power of crystals is a very real, and the power of crystals is a natural phenomenon.

9.32 There was a time when we were a lot closer to living with our souls, but we have taken a wrong path. We have used our natural abilities for artificial progress, for so called civilisation, and for making our life in this world artificially easier. We have missed the point, and we have began focussing on self-inflicted complications. This has led to a society which feeds off a need for material wealth, a need which has created much karmic debt.

It is travelling in the wrong direction which has made the task of living with our souls difficult, when living with our souls is meant to be easy. The artificial world has made our journey harder, when our journey was originally meant to be simple. It is following this path, which has taken us in this wrong direction that has created the need for externally fuelled power, and has caused us to lose sight of the power within ourselves. This wrong path is leading us further and further away from our true path, and this has caused God much despair, because we only have a limited number of lifetimes in which to learn.

9.33 The spread of the disease of artificial fulfilment has been particularly rapid in the last three hundred years. The worst example of the spread of the disease of artificial fulfilment was when Europeans arrived in North America. The Europeans were supposed to learn from the natural wisdom of the Native Americans, but instead they did their best to destroy a culture which did live with their souls.

The reason why so many Native Americans are now spirit guides is because, Native Americans had been living with their souls from the beginning, and had not been corrupted by the disease of artificial fulfilment until the Europeans arrived. Native Americans had stayed on the correct path, until forcibly removed from the correct path by the Europeans, although many Native Americans have never deviated from the correct path. There are many other examples of cultures on the correct path being infected with the disease of artificial fulfilment by Europeans, but the Native Americans are the most significant and notable example.

9.34 God has taken heart because we are now beginning to realise our mistake of pursuing artificial fulfilment, and we are finding our way back onto the correct path. This is why many teachers are now being given guidance, and knowledge to pass on to those of us, who are ready to learn.

9.35 Our re-emerging understanding of The Truth Of Reality, is feeding upon itself, and growing, just as the false truth of artificial fulfilment had fed upon itself. This is significant in itself.

9.36 Psychic phenomena such as the tarot, psychics and clairvoyants are tools with which we can communicate with our own souls, and with our spirit guides. These phenomena or tools, provide a temporary bridge between our soul and our conscious mind. In time we will rediscover the permanent bridge to our soul, which exists within all of us. When we rediscover the permanent bridge to our soul, we will be able to communicate directly with our souls, and our spirit guides. When we will rediscover the permanent bridge to our soul, temporary bridges to our soul will no longer be needed.

9.37 The most ironic aspect of us finding our way back to the correct path, is the terminology of 'new age'. There is nothing new about our path, we are simply rediscovering The Truth Of Reality.

9.38 The disease of artificial fulfilment has been perpetuated and mutated by many different cultures, but the most significant culture to embrace the disease of artificial fulfilment in its early stages was the ancient Egyptians. The disease of artificial fulfilment was spread by the Romans.

9.39 God has sent many teachers to earth to show us the truth, and to show us how to combat the spread of the disease of artificial fulfilment. God's offers of assistance were rejected by us, and much of the suffering which we have experienced, has been caused by embracing artificial fulfilment. We were left to find our own way back to the correct path, and it has taken many millennia for us to find our own way back to the correct path.

The way back to our correct path had to be found from within the societies corrupted by the disease of artificial fulfilment, because those corrupted by artificial fulfilment could not see the way back to the correct path by observing those who had stayed on the correct path. This has pleased God which is why God is sending more teachers to help us.

God is offering guidance to those who are seeking the correct path, and those who are standing still will have to start seeking the correct path, before they are ready to receive guidance. As more of us seek the correct path, more guides and teachers will be sent to us. Some of these guides and teachers will be in the form of spirit guides, who have already reached the higher plane, and some guides and teachers will be people chosen to lead others to the correct path, because they have found their own way back to the correct path.

9.40 We are all used as guides from time to time. We are drawn into people's lives and given a task to perform. Sometimes we have a message to deliver, and at other times we are required to provide guidance. People are also drawn into our lives for the same reasons. We have a choice, whether to receive the message or accept the guidance.

9.41 We have relationships in our lifetime which are not part of this lifetime. Such relationships are opportunities to resolve something, which remained unresolved in a previous lifetime, or to correct a mistake from a previous lifetime.

9.42 Fulfilment and completion are different levels of existence. We obtain fulfilment by living with our souls. Unless we live with our souls, we cannot identify our soulmate, which is necessary for us to become a complete soul. Only by achieving the completion of both halves of the same soul being rejoined, can we move on to the next level of existence as a complete unit.

9.43 In many of our lifetimes we are meant to have a lifetime partner. A soul with whom we need to share a specific lifetime. This person is often confused with our soulmate, but they are a lifetime partner.

9.44 Past life regression is a tool to enable us to understand our karmic debt. We only need past life regression for this reason, and we only touch on past lifetimes which contain unresolved matters. Becoming obsessed with past lives, prevents us from living this lifetime.

9.45 Spirit guides are with us, because our spirit guides have a purpose to fulfil. Once our spirit guides have fulfilled that purpose, our spirit guides move along their own path, which may or may not cross our path again.

9.46 There are three basic paths which we can take. There is the light path, the dark path and the middle path. If we follow the light path, we will gain enlightenment, and move onto the higher plane where we live in the light which reveals all the beauty of the universe. If we follow the dark path, we will live in complete darkness on the lower plane. Just as everything becomes brighter the further that we travel down the light path, so everything becomes darker the further that we travel down the dark path. The middle path leads to purgatory, where we live neither in the light, nor in the darkness, but somewhere in between, going in circles.

9.47 Astrology is designed to allow us to choose exactly when we will be reincarnated. This ensures that our physical personalities are equipped with the characteristics necessary to successfully learn what we need to learn in each lifetime. Numerology is a different method of fulfilling the same requirement.

9.48 The same astrological and numerological profiles which provide us with the ability to face our challenges, also provide us with the challenges which we have to face. We are given the negative characteristics which will provide the challenge, and give us the lessons which we need to learn, and the positive characteristics which we need to overcome our challenges and learn.

9.49 We all have souls with whom we are bonded. These souls are with us lifetime after lifetime. Sometimes these souls are our friends, and sometimes these souls are our family, but our bonded souls are always in our lives. When we meet our bonded souls, we recognise them immediately, because the bond between souls is permanent.

9.50 There are other worlds. There is life on other planets. Those who reside on some of the other planets do visit us from time to time, and have been visiting us for thousands of years. Souls from other worlds have come to help us, and to study us. There will be a time, in the not too distant future, when we will visit other worlds, but this will not occur, until we learn how to control our fear and aggression.

9.51 We were given a simple message many lifetimes ago, and that message has been re-delivered by many teachers ever since. We have studied that message. We have interpreted that message. We have used that message as an excuse to build empires, and we have turned that message into a number of competing industries, under the guise of religion. We have dictated our interpretation of the meaning of that message to others, and the interpretation of the message has been changed many times to suit the purposes of the interpreters.

Many of those who have interpreted the message, and dictated the meaning of the message to others were not very advanced souls. If they were advanced souls, they would not have tried to interpret the message. Many of the interpreters only had a limited understanding of the message which they were attempting to interpret. The message was simple, but we have complicated the message by studying the message, and attempting to interpret the message. This was never meant to be. All we were meant to do, is live the message.

The meaning of the message is supposed to be individual. Each of us will receive, and understand, what we are ready to receive and understand, based on our individual level of awareness.

9.52 We travel the astral or spirit plane, sometimes frequently, and sometimes occasionally. We can only travel the astral or spirit plane when our conscious mind is completely shut down, usually we have to be asleep to allow our conscious mind to completely shut down. This is why a problem which defies solution one day, has a clear answer the next morning. After our conscious mind shuts down, our soul travels the astral or spirit plane, and seeks guidance. We have no recollection of our astral or spirit travels the next morning, but all of a sudden the answer which we were seeking seems to 'pop into' our minds. This is often described as coming from our subconscious mind, but the reality is that we contact our spirit guides and others for guidance.

9.53 For many centuries in our existence the rain just came, and we did not know, or understand about cloud formation. How many centuries did it take for us to discover that the caterpillar, and the butterfly were the same entity? We believed the earth was flat for a far longer period, than we have known the earth is round. It is less than one century since we have begun to accept extraterrestrial life.

Does our lack of knowledge of these few insignificant facts mean that they were not facts from the beginning? How many times in our history has a popular and undeniable belief been shattered, by an apparent accident? It can be easily demonstrated time and again that we, at our conscious level, have never had as much knowledge and understanding, as we were arrogant enough to believe that we had.

9.54 All of the unresolved matters and 'karmic' debts from previous lifetimes, reside on the bridge to our soul. That is what the clutter which separates us from our soul is. These unresolved matters and 'karmic' debts are not a part of our current lifetime, which is why our conscious mind cannot acknowledge, or understand them. They are, however, connected to our current lifetime via the bridge to our soul. It is these issues, which are both real and illusions, that have to be removed before the bridge to our soul is clear.

9.55 God really is omnipresent. Consider how many times that we have been led to an answer which we needed. How many times have we 'stumbled' across the right book, just when we needed it? How many times have we watched the right movie, or contacted the right person who had the answer which we needed?

God knows where everything that we need is. God was present when every book was written, and when every movie was made. God knows who has the answers which we need because, God was present when they acquired the knowledge.

We must review our own life, and draw on our own experiences. We will see that the omnipresence of God is the only logical explanation for us stumbling across the answers which we need, when we need the answers. The omnipresence of God, is not spiritual mythology. The omnipresence of God is not something invented to explain things to the gullible. The omnipresence of God is very real, and very logical. In fact the omnipresence of God, is the only explanation which really does make sense.

9.56 We should think of God like space. Some space is occupied, some space is unoccupied, but space is still there, space is everywhere. Did space only begin to exist when we knew that space existed, or did space always exist, even in the many centuries before we understood space?

9.57 Meditation is necessary. Meditation is looking inward. There are no rules for meditation. If a text book method for meditation does not work for us, we should find a method for meditation which does work for us. We will find that we have always meditated, without consciously knowing that we were meditating.

9.58 We have our conscious mind to allow freedom of choice. Without freedom of choice we cannot learn from our experiences, which is the only true learning. One of life's ironies is that we must learn that we do not need our conscious mind. We are only able to learn that we do not need our conscious mind, when we stop making conscious decisions, and we find the bridge to our soul. The bridge to our soul, is over our conscious mind. The reason that our conscious mind fights so hard, is because our conscious mind is fighting for survival.

9.59 The purity on the other side of the bridge to our soul, must not, and cannot be contaminated. When we must cross the bridge to our soul between lifetimes, all unresolved matters are left on the bridge to our soul, so that they will not contaminate the purity on the other side of the bridge to our soul. This is why unresolved matters from previous lifetimes are found on the bridge to our soul.

The bridge 'security' is intense, and when we attempt to cross the bridge to our soul during a lifetime, we must remove all that we have left on the bridge to our soul from previous lifetimes. We are searched every step of the way, and forced to discard anything which we are carrying, before we can take the next step.

9.60 Our soul is a wonderful place, our soul is a magical place, but we do not know exactly where our soul is. Our soul is hidden from us, because if we stumbled upon our soul by accident, we would contaminate the purity of the love and beauty, which exist within our soul.

9.61 Heaven exists, but we cannot find heaven because we are not looking in the right direction. Heaven exists within a dimension which we only vaguely know is there, and which we cannot find. Heaven is the higher plane, and the only way that we can experience what exists on the higher plane, is to reach higher plane.

9.62 If we want to understand the karma of each lifetime, we must look at the lifetime before.

9.63 Souls do not have gender. We are usually given opposite genders to enable new bodies to be created for souls to occupy, and because we need to learn both the male and female perspective. Sometimes, we are given the same gender, because we must learn that the vessel is not important, only the soul is important.

9.64 If we pour the contents of a tall slim glass into a short fat glass, is it the contents which have changed or the container? If we pour out the pleasant tasting contents of a tall slim glass, and replace the contents with a bitter tasting drink, what had changed? A tall slim glass may feel better to hold, a tall slim glass may be aesthetically more pleasing, but all that is really important is the contents.

9.65 There are many examples of karmic lifetime debt throughout our existence, we only has to study history to see the pattern.

9.66 If we do not learn, we will spend lifetimes alternating between being the persecuted, and being the persecutor. It is the lesson of understanding and compassion, which we learn as the persecuted, that we must carry into the next lifetime as the persecutor. If we do not learn this lesson, we will be persecuted again.

9.67 It is through the karmic lifetime cycle, that we 'reap what we sow'.

9.68 Karmic debt is circular, debts are incurred and paid back time and time again, over many lifetimes, until the circle is complete. Only by completing the circle, is karmic debt totally repaid.

9.69 We do not need to seek souls from previous lifetimes, souls from previous lifetimes do not belong in this lifetime, unless there is an unresolved matter, or a karmic debt to be repaid. If necessary, we will be drawn together, and given an opportunity to complete the circle. Whether or not the circle is completed is our decision, but if the circle is not completed, we will be drawn together again and again, with a bigger circle to complete each time.

9.70 We leave both strong emotions, and our final thought from each lifetime on the bridge to our soul. We are only able to remove strong emotions, and our final thought from each lifetime from the bridge to our soul, when we address strong emotions, and our final thought from each lifetime. We are usually given a chance to address strong emotions, and our final thought from each lifetime in our very next lifetime, but sometimes we will not have an opportunity to address strong emotions, and our final thought from each lifetime for several lifetimes.

9.71 Sometimes our final thought from a lifetime is positive, and other times our final thought from a lifetime is negative. Sometimes, we have to act on our final thought from a lifetime, and bring the matter to conclusion, and other times we are given an opportunity to rectify our final thought from a lifetime.

9.72 We must allow our destiny to unfold around us.

9.73 We are the nucleus of the souls who are bonded to us. We are each bonded to a number of souls, as the nucleus. They in turn are also bonded to a number of souls as a nucleus. We may both be bonded to another soul, or we and our bonded soul may be the only link between the two soul groups. Each soul who we are bonded to, is the nucleus of their own soul group, and each soul they are bonded to, is in turn the nucleus of their own soul group.

It is through this process of linked soul groups that all souls are ultimately attached to each other. The thread or bond which holds all souls together is God. This is how God is present within all souls. God is the thread that ultimately links all souls together.

9.74 When souls split, our soulmate is attached to our bonded souls' soulmates.

9.75 When we travel to the astral or spirit plane, we communicate not only with spirit guides, but also with other souls who are travelling within the spirit plane. How many times have we woken up in the morning thinking about somebody we have not seen for some time? How many times have we woken and thought that we must telephone a person that day, and when we telephone them, it turns out that they were thinking about us as well? How many times have contacted someone who we are suddenly drawn to contact, and it has turned out that one of us had a problem, that the other could help with? Our souls communicate with each other on the spirit plane, and then direct our conscious minds to contact each other.

9.76 When we allow the love to radiate from us, all negative emotions disappear. What we once saw as loss, we now see as gain. What once saddened us, now gladdens our heart. The transformation is astounding. As the negative emotions disappear, our positive emotions grow. Our emotions become stronger than our emotions ever were, but our emotions are all positive. The removal of negative emotions is necessary, to enter the other side of the bridge to our soul. There is no sadness on the other side of the bridge to our soul, only happiness and love. This is part of the wonder of the higher plane.

9.77 Soul groups are dynamic. New souls join our group, and old souls leave our group, as they move to the higher plane. The number of souls each of us are bonded to changes constantly.

9.78 The thread of God which had held the truth together, is the same thread which binds all souls together. The thread of God is within all of us, and by definition, so is the truth. We only have to look inside of ourselves to remember the truth.

9.79 We all have the ability, not only to contact our own soul, but also to contact other souls, and our spirit guides. This ability is a part of us. It is our conscious mind which prevents us using our spiritual abilities. Our conscious mind is a part of our body, not a part of our soul, and like our body, our conscious mind has a predetermined 'use-by' date.

9.80 We are never without an earth guide, but our earth guides, like our spirit guides are constantly changing. A guide will enter our life, fulfil their purpose, and then move on. Before a guide moves on, another guide will replace them. There are periods when we have two guides, as one guide slowly eases out of the role, and the other guide begins to pick up the running. In many ways it is like a relay, with two guides being on the track at the same time, while they pass the baton from one to another.

9.81 Living with our soul is not the end of the process. Living with our soul is only the beginning of the process.

9.82 Awareness builds on itself, and we carry our level of awareness from one lifetime into the next. When we find the key to our awareness in each lifetime, we become aware at the same level as we left off in the previous lifetime. We then build on our awareness, and we add to the awareness which we have recalled. The path to enlightenment is travelled over a number of lifetimes.

9.83 The bond which links bonded souls is sometimes passive and sometimes active. Sometimes we are able to block the bond which links us to another soul with a clamp. An active bond is something like a tube of water flowing between two containers. If we clamp a tube of water tightly in the middle of the tube, the flow of water ceases. Even though the flow of water has been artificially terminated, the tube like the bond between souls still exists, and some water does seep through. The bond between souls, may be temporarily closed down, but the bond between souls is never broken.

9.84 There are really only two kinds of pure love and both are positive. One is the love for everyone and everything which radiates from us, when we stop blocking this love with our negative emotions. The other is the special love that we feel for our bonded souls. The love between soulmates is beyond love, the love between soulmates is completion of the one entity. Love between bonded souls becomes confused, and mixed with negative emotions when we are drawn together to learn in a given lifetime, or a number of lifetimes.

9.85 Enlightened souls sometimes come back as animals to watch over us. Animals are often referred to as 'dumb' because animals do not have conscious minds, animals flow with their instincts. We judge ourselves as superior because we have a conscious mind, which is itself a product of our conscious mind. We have to discard our conscious mind, and flow with our instinct and our accumulated knowledge, just like animals do. The Native Americans knew this, which is why many of the Native American spirit guides, were in the form of animals.

9.86 Aggressive animals are here to teach us, as are domestic animals, and placid wild animals. Animals have no concept of death, because animals know that they do not die. Animals know that they are only in a physical form to perform a task, or to experience something, and then animals take their spiritual form again.

9.87 We experience incarnations in animal form prior to gaining enlightenment, to allow us to experience, and to learn how to flow with our instinct.

9.88 We are given our conscious mind to allow freedom of choice which, is the only way that we can learn. Our conscious mind creates an illusion that we are superior, because we have a conscious mind, and yet our ultimate lesson is that our conscious mind stops our advancement, and our ultimate choice is to discard our conscious mind.

9.89 As we become closer to gaining enlightenment, we want a simple existence. However, we do not need to have a simple existence, before we can start gaining enlightenment. Even the most complicated existence, becomes simple as we gain enlightenment.

9.90 The teachers who were sent among us long ago demonstrated that death is not real. However, we missed the point and interpreted the example to fit the piece of the puzzle held by the particular culture where the teacher existed.

9.91 It was the spread of the disease of artificial fulfilment which had shattered the truth of our existence into many pieces. The whole truth of our existence, will be put back together by us, as individuals. We have all retained the image of the truth, and we only have to choose to see the truth.

9.92 When our body dies so does our conscious mind. Each lifetime we are given a new conscious mind, which we learn how to use again. Our conscious mind has to learn either from our conscious mind's own experiences, or by drawing from what knowledge our soul has accumulated lifetime after lifetime. Our conscious mind is taught how to learn externally, but our conscious mind is not taught how to learn internally. However, our conscious mind does naturally draws upon the experiences of our existence, without realising what is occurring.

9.93 As new souls, we are placed at the entrance to a multi level, multi dimensional maze. The only way that we can reside in heaven, or on the higher plane, is to learn pure love. The only way that we can learn pure love, is to learn about the positives and negatives of existence, and experience everything from all perspectives.

We have to find our way through the multi dimensional maze until we reach the entrance to the next level of the multi dimensional maze. Our journey through the multi dimensional maze continues, until we find the entrance to the higher plane. The entrance to the higher plane, is located on the highest level of the multi dimensional maze.

We are given bodies to allow us to experience pain, joy, and other sensations, which we do not experience in our spirit form. When we need to rest, we leave our bodies, and when we are rested, we are placed back on the same level of the multi dimensional maze that we have left, but not necessarily in the same place.

The maze is multi dimensional, which allows all levels to exist simultaneously, and this allows us to interact with those who exist on different levels of the multi dimensional maze. The multi dimensional maze contains many hidden doors within its walls, and one of our challenges is to find both the door, and the key. The complication is that each key point, contains three doors and three keys. One door allows us to continue our journey, one door leads us in a circle, and we end up back at the same key point, and the third door leads us back to the previous level.

How we handle each key point situation will determine which key we find. The easiest key to find is the one to the circular passage, the hardest key to find is the one which allows us to continue our journey. The keys appear the same, but the keys have subtle differences. We must learn to recognise the differences in the keys.

9.94 There are aspects of every religion which do not sit well with even the most ardent followers of the religion. This is because our soul recognises the truth.

9.95 The fact that many wars have been fought, allegedly over religions, is a nonsense, as is persecution of people if their beliefs are different than our own. Accumulation of wealth by various religions is in direct contradiction to the very principles which religions are built upon.

9.96 Living with our soul is not something which we have to study. Living with our soul is not something which we go to college to learn. Living with our soul is something which we choose to allow to happen. It is natural for us to live with our souls, but the disease of artificial fulfilment has interfered with our natural ability to live with our soul.

9.97 The disease of artificial fulfilment was created by our conscious mind to provide our conscious mind with a reason to be maintained and strengthened, rather than discarded. Our conscious mind has underestimated that the strength that our conscious mind has built up, through the disease of artificial fulfilment will eventually come Full Circle, and lead us back to the truth. This is what is happening in this lifetime, the disease of artificial fulfilment is completing the circle, and starting to consume itself.

9.98 When we hunt for sport, we will often be given a short incarnation as a hunted animal, so that we can learn what it is like to be hunted.

9.99 We carry our negative emotions, such as fear and anger with us, when we experience a lifetime in animal form.

9.100 By embracing artificial fulfilment in an attempt to make our lives easier, we have in fact made our lives more complicated, and therefore we have made our lives harder. The disease of artificial fulfilment has become a part of us. In many ways, the disease of artificial fulfilment has not just infected us, the disease of artificial fulfilment has overtaken us. The disease of artificial fulfilment has become such a large part of us that artificial fulfilment is blocking our view of reality, and the truth. Our conscious mind has used artificial fulfilment to eclipse the truth, which is contained within our souls. This eclipse has caused us to live in the shadows, which have hidden the light of reality.

9.101 We must learn that we 'reap what we sow', not necessarily in this lifetime, but in the next lifetime.

9.102 What we must learn above everything else, and what every other lesson leads us to, is pure love. Pure love is ultimately what we must learn, to love no matter what happens to us. We must learn to face adversity with love. We must learn to accept loss and still love. We must learn how to be treated unfairly and respond with love. We must tolerate injustice and still love. We must respond to every situation with love, compassion, and understanding. The only way that we can respond to every situation with love, is to understand the truth.

9.103 The concept of reincarnation, and the spirit plane has been summarised as God the father, God the son, and God the holy spirit. We were created in God's image. We can therefore all be the father, the son and the holy spirit. We all have many lifetimes, and we spend time on the spirit plane in between lifetimes. This is how we were created in God's image, not by our physical image.

9.104 When we have children, we do not want our children to worship us. We want our children to love us. This is why God does not want to be worshipped. God, like us, only wants love from God's children.

9.105 Nature has demonstrated the temporary status of man, over and over again. We can construct a large city, allegedly destroying nature in the process. However, we must be ever vigilant, we must forever battle nature. If that city is left unattended, even for a short period of time, nature begins reclaiming the space. It does not matter how much concrete, or how much steel we use in construction, nature always finds a way to reclaim its own. Demonstrating over and over again the permanence of the life force of nature, and the temporary status of man.

We spend generation after generation fighting nature. It is a battle which we cannot win. Despite this, we continue to fight nature, generation after generation. If we discontinue to fight nature, for just one generation then the battle is lost. So we continue committing generation after generation, to fight nature. How much simpler, and how much more enjoyable would our existence be, if we stopped fighting nature, and started to once again live within nature.

How much more peace would we find if we enjoyed nature, and flowed with nature instead of constantly fighting nature, especially when we know that we cannot possibly win? How can we ever find peace when we spend lifetime after lifetime fighting nature?

9.106 There are times when our soul is required to fulfil an obligation, before we can move on. Our obligations are often as a result of karmic debt. The nature of our obligations vary, sometimes our obligations can only be fulfilled in physical form, and sometimes our obligations can only be fulfilled in spirit form.

9.107 One reason for the increase in the number of souls on the earth plane, is because many souls have not been able to gain enlightenment due to the disease of artificial fulfilment. New souls are being created, but old souls are not transcending to the higher plane. Due to the limited amount of time that remains, more souls that have become aware, are returning to help and guide souls who have not gained enlightenment. New souls will always be created, and the population growth will continue, until old souls achieve awareness, and move on.

9.108 We experience existence on other worlds, but many souls have been stuck on the earth plane, repeating the circle over and over again, unable to move on, and contributing to the increasing population. We exist on various worlds to learn something from each world. Often on the more spiritually advanced worlds, only one lifetime is required. Many old souls have experienced other worlds many lifetimes ago, and it is only by breaking the circle, and learning on this world, that we will again be free to reincarnate on other worlds.

Many will again return to this world to learn something else. It is a pattern, which repeats itself. We learn on alternate worlds, but we become trapped on each world, until we have learned whatever it is, that we came to a world to learn.

9.109 We are all given natural ability. Often our natural ability is developed over many lifetimes, and each of our natural abilities will vary. Our natural ability, is aided by our chosen place and time of birth, as are our challenges associated with our natural ability. Our first challenge is to identify our natural ability. Our instinct will lead us to our natural ability, but we often fight our natural ability. We often rationalise our way out of following our natural ability, convincing ourselves that following our natural ability is not a risk, which we should take. Sometimes, we pass the challenge of following our natural ability, but we ignore the need to work on further developing our natural ability.

Our natural ability is not enough, and we need to learn to apply the correct attitude, and accept our natural ability for what our natural ability is. Even if we allow our natural ability to progress, and we approach our natural ability correctly, we put ourselves under pressure to perform to our ability all of the time. We also allow others to put us under pressure to live up to their expectations of our natural ability. We allow our natural ability, our greatest strength, to be used against us, which is all part of the challenge, which we must overcome.

The most important lesson that we must learn in respect of our natural ability, is to allow our strength to flow, and to enjoy our time on the earth plane. We have to use our natural ability to learn how to obtain enjoyment from every situation, instead of using our natural ability to cause ourselves pain from every situation.

9.110 There is not one situation that cannot provide us with a lesson in the importance of love, and looking at the positive nature of reality. Often we are placed in situations through no conscious choice of our own, and this will never cease, because these situations are our classrooms, our learning environment. 9.111 We can only change the nature of our experience, if we choose to view our experience from the higher plane perspective, instead of viewing our experience from the earth plane perspective.

9.112 The reason that there is an increase in the amount of activity by those from other worlds is that we are being studied. This is why there is an increase in the number of extra terrestrial abductions, and repeated abductions.

We are being studied in preparation for our physical visits to other worlds, which is relatively close to becoming reality. Visits to other worlds will occur, once we have overcome the barriers which are preventing us from discovering our ability to travel to other worlds. In reality, these barriers are spiritual barriers, not physical barriers. The solution to inter planetary travel, like so many solutions before, will be discovered by 'accident', when we are ready to discover the solution to inter planetary travel.

The souls which inhabit the other worlds, which have already discovered space travel, are protecting themselves against the spread of artificial fulfilment, which did not take hold on all other worlds, although artificial fulfilment did take hold on some other worlds.

9.113 Each of us has chosen our own life. No matter how difficult or unfair our life seems, we chose our own life. We chose our life because we knew what adversity we would have to rise above in our lifetime. We must accept that whatever we experience, we chose our life for a reason.

9.114 It does not matter what adversity we have to face, there is only one way to rise above any adversity, and that is through love. We must be thankful for what we have, and we must be thankful for what we have had. We must not feel bitter because we have lost something. We must feel love and compassion for everyone around us, regardless of what they do. This is the only way for us to ultimately rise above the earth plane, and ascend to the higher plane.

9.115 Acceptance also needs understanding. Acceptance does not mean giving up on anything, or giving up on life. Acceptance is not acceptance of what those around us say and think, or where the circumstances of our lives has led us. Acceptance is acceptance of what we know in our soul to be true.

This is the acceptance which we must develop. We must understand that if everybody around us says something cannot be done, or if circumstances which surround us seem to indicate that something cannot be done, and we know in our soul that the something can be done, or that a course of action is correct, this is what we must accept. We must accept what we 'know' in our soul.

When we accept what we know in our souls, we will both create and fulfil our destiny. We always know what is in our soul, although we have to cut through fears, doubts, insecurities, negative emotions, and the expectations of others to discover the knowledge within us.

We must cut through accepted theories of the artificial environment, which are continually thrust upon us, and beneath this we will reach what we know within our soul. When we reach the truth within our souls, we will know that what we find within us is reality.

9.116 We must accept that the truth is within our soul. We must see the truth within our soul. We must accept the truth within our soul.

9.117 We can go to any beach, and instinctively know the place on the beach which contains the most power, and the place on the beach of peace and tranquillity.

9.118 Offices are often full of negative energy, mainly created by people trying to build themselves up, through bringing others down.

9.119 Conditioning of a lifetime does not change overnight. Changing the conditioning of a lifetime, is a long and difficult process.

9.120 We must keep learning, until living with our soul becomes natural.

9.121 We may choose to wrestle an issue with our mind, or we may choose to wrestle an issue with our emotions. However, it is only when we allow the issue to find its way to our soul, that we will receive a clear answer.

9.122 We mostly act in accordance with our fašade, because we seldom consciously see our true character.

9.123 Our soul will prepare us when we are about to end our relationship, through our dreams.

9.124 We are often motivated to travel our correct path by a goal which is not our true destination.

9.125 Everything that we experience, is a part of our learning process.

9.126 Letting go of all of our negative energy sounds simple, on a piece of paper, but letting go of all of our negative energy is not simple. However we can let go of all of our negative energy, and letting go of all of our negative energy really is simple.

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