Today's Insight


18.01 Each step that we take to increased awareness, is followed by feeling our difficulties again as we break through another spiritual barrier.

18.02 We commit suicide in an attempt to resolve a conflict within our own soul. A conflict within our own soul occurs when our higher self is pushing us in one direction, and our lower self is pushing us in another direction, and we cannot resolve the conflict. However, suicide does not resolve the conflict within our soul. All that suicide achieves is to postpone the conflict within our soul.

18.03 What if every conflicting philosophy is true?

18.04 There were many labels for the same concept. Whether we consider a spiritual description for the physical, or a physical description for the spiritual, often the label is the only contradiction.

18.05 We continually manifest our own fears as our environment.

18.06 Our fears do not change The Truth Of Reality.

18.07 Every aspect of our environment is a tool to assist in our awareness.

18.08 Whilst we remain in human incarnation, we remain human, with all that goes with being human.

18.09 Our soul must rejoin, which does not necessarily mean in this lifetime, or on the earth plane.

18.10 Love is something that we should not need to fight for. The very concept of fighting for love is a contradiction.

18.11 How can we fight with another to prove that the other is lovable? We cannot prove that another is lovable. It is a battle that the person who thinks that they are not lovable must fight alone. How many times do we need to prove our love to someone before they accept that they are indeed lovable? There is no answer to this question.

18.12 How can we fight to show someone what they hide from themselves?

18.13 We cannot show someone anything that they do not want to see.

18.14 If someone chooses not to see what is within their own soul, how can we fight to show them what is within their own soul?

18.15 How can we fight a battle that can only be fought within another person?

18.16 Love must be given freely, not fought for.

18.17 If love needs to be fought for, then our motivation is other than love.

18.18 Who will look after our interests, if we do not?

18.19 If we follow our own path, and not the path chosen for us by others, we are not selfish.

18.20 Relationships that are necessary to close circles which began in previous lifetimes, do not need to be long in duration.

18.21 Stationary time, is time which effectively stands still. Stationary time occurs while adjustments to the earth plane to be made, without interfering with the experiences of any.

18.22 We can move outside of time.

18.23 We can exist outside of time.

18.24 As soon as we see a connection, and a pattern, we can see how the pattern has repeatedly applied in our life.

18.25 Without a dream, without a hope, without a promise, we have nothing left.

18.26 Losing faith does not alter our experience or our knowledge, and therefore losing faith does not alter our awareness.

18.27 Faith in itself does not alter our awareness.

18.28 Our awareness will surpass our faith, as our knowledge will surpass our belief.

18.29 Awareness of reality, is awareness of the truth, awareness beyond all else, including faith, and awareness beyond even hope.

18.30 If we do not lose our faith, our awareness cannot move beyond faith.

18.31 When faith has taken us as far as faith can take us, we need to step beyond faith.

18.32 Unless we lose our faith, we cannot step beyond faith.

18.33 Losing faith will create a void, but moving beyond faith will increase our awareness to fill that void.

18.34 Knowledge will leave belief in its wake, and so too will awareness leave faith in its wake.

18.35 How can we be who we are, if we need faith to be who we are?

18.36 Faith detracts from who we are. Faith clouds who we are, because we have faith that who we are, is who we are, but to truly become who we are, we need to move beyond having faith in who we are.

18.37 Faith is necessary for us to complete our journey, but we cannot complete our journey, until we move beyond faith.

18.38 Faith like all experience, is a double-edged sword, or a two-sided coin.

18.39 Reality surpasses faith, and as such we must surpass faith also.

18.40 Who we are; is beyond faith.

18.41 Faith is not a part of who we truly are, but faith is the last part of who are not, to go.

18.42 God does not have faith. God is beyond faith. God simply is.

18.43 When everything else is stripped away, and we are left with nothing to cling to, we are God.

18.44 Our awareness of God, surpasses our faith in God.

18.45 The very thing that keeps us going, also holds us back.

18.46 We must accept The Truth Of Reality, and we must allow the truth to become our reality.

18.47 Reality is reality, regardless of faith.

18.48 Faith in itself is a product of reality.

18.49 Faith is not reality, nor does faith alter reality.

18.50 The world does not need to be saved. What are we to save the world from? Itself? This is not possible.

18.51 As individuals become aware, so too the world will become aware. The future of the world is that simple, and that assured.

18.52 The Truth Of Reality is that God exists.

18.53 Faith is an illusion. If we remove faith, reality will still exist.

18.54 Reality does not exist because of faith, reality exists regardless of faith.

18.55 We do not need belief, we do not need faith. We need to look within and accept the truth. However, if we do not look within and accept the truth, we change nothing.

18.56 Reality is not altered, because we choose not to accept reality.

18.57 We must accept reality, without faith.

18.58 Knowing that what is valuable to us, is not valuable to others, is soul destroying.

18.59 The difficult path leads to heaven, and the easy path leads to hell.

18.60 We must not try to interpret events, we must allow the truth to eventuate.

18.61 The beauty of the world may lift our spirits, and allow us feel at peace inside, but the beauty of the world does not pay the bills.

18.62 Periods of fiercely intense difficulties produce intense awareness.

18.63 We are only able to reach heaven by faith.

18.64 Faith is lost and replaced by awareness.

18.65 Awareness of God reaches a point where awareness of God surpasses faith in God, and as such faith in God is no longer necessary.

18.66 Our possessions only matter, and our possessions are only valuable to ourselves.

18.67 Our possessions are our links to people and places from our past, but sometimes our possessions are links that we do not need.

18.68 We are linked to all souls, and also to every soul with whom we have shared an experience during our existence.

18.69 When we are pushed down every time that we get up, we must know that if we keep getting up, there will come a time when we not pushed down again.

18.70 No one soul can save another soul.

18.71 Each one of us must save ourselves.

18.72 Sometimes, the guidance that we are given needs to withhold the outcome of where we are being led, so that we will follow the guidance that we are given.

18.73 Neither faith nor belief, are enough in themselves.

18.74 The environment that we are trapped within, is an environment of our own creation.

18.75 Happiness and joy are not things that can be found. Happiness and joy either exist or happiness and joy do not exist within our world.

18.76 We need to accept that there is no return, no going back, and no attempting to hold onto our old world, if we are to move into our new world.

18.77 Letting go of a lifetime, is not easy.

18.78 We do not need to believe in what we cannot see, we need to accept that which we can see, that which we can feel, and that which we can touch. We need to move beyond faith.

18.79 The truth is the key.

18.80 We must do away with our preconceived ideas.

18.81 We must allow our environment to change.

18.82 The best thing to do, is to flow with whatever occurs.

18.83 The devil is our own fears. When we retain fears we retain the devil.

18.84 Our battles are of our own making.

18.85 We manifest the devil, or the dark presence around ourselves, because of our own fears.

18.86 To say that our fears are baseless is to be too hard on ourselves. Our fears are real, because we make our fears real.

18.87 We do not need to fight our fears. We need to release our fears.

18.88 All of the things that we fear may well happen, if they are meant to happen, but there is no reason for us to fear what may happen.

18.89 We cannot enter ‘heaven on earth’ while we continue to invite the devil into ourselves.

18.90 When we allow things to occur, we are not afraid of them, but we cannot allow anything to occur whilst we are afraid of the thing either occurring, or not occurring.

18.91 Is not fear the false prophet?

18.92 We have nothing to fear, regardless of our experiences.

18.93 We have no reason to fear.

18.94 We often face difficulties or confusion or a combination of both, only to find clarity again the following morning.

18.95 The souvenirs of our life, our mementos, are the items and the experiences that have touched our soul.

18.96 We must believe nothing, but we must accept what is real.

18.97 The more difficult our circumstances become, the stronger we become.

18.98 We must search for clarity from within our confusion.

18.99 If we are in a chasm, we must remember that there is always a way out of the chasm.

18.100 Our chosen experiences, or our necessary lessons tie in with other’s chosen experiences, which is why we are conveniently brought together.

18.101 The twists and turns of our chosen experiences, link everything together in unexpected ways.

18.102 We must allow our knowledge to surface.

18.103 The masters conveniently place us together, because our chosen experiences are compatible.

18.104 We are unable to apply our awareness, until after we have felt our experiences.

18.105 A master will block their own awareness, when experience is required.

18.106 If we do not block our awareness, we cannot experience.

18.107 We do not see our own knowledge, if to see our own knowledge would interfere with our experiences.

18.108 We need to allow our awareness to surface.

18.109 We need to block our awareness of who we are, in order to become who we are.

18.110 Whatever transpires between two people is a result of what they have each chosen to experience.

18.111 We are brought together, because it is convenient to bring us together, and because our chosen experiences are compatible.

18.112 Months of difficult experiences can explained and understood in just a few hours of being able to see within our own soul, but only after our experiences have achieved their purpose.

18.113 God knows us very well.

18.114 We can delay facing our fears, only whilst not facing our fears does not interfere with our path.

18.115 We can only delay our experiences, we cannot avoid our experiences.

18.116 All that we need to do, and all that we have ever needed to do, is accept.

18.117 We cannot force ourselves to accept, we can only allow ourselves to accept.

18.118 We do not always know what it is that we need to accept.

18.119 We can avoid difficult experiences by acceptance.

18.120 There are times when the only way that we can allow ourselves to accept, is through experience.

18.121 Sometimes, we choose an experience, because we choose not to apply our awareness.

18.122 We choose some difficult experiences, and make some difficult choices, by not choosing to apply our awareness.

18.123 We become confused whenever we do not apply our awareness.

18.124 When we are confused, we must look to our own awareness.

18.125 An environment of twists and turns is the environment which most of us exist within.

18.126 If we apply our awareness, we will not need to face our worst fear, because our fear will not exist.

18.127 God always helps us, even though we may not see God’s help, as help at the time.

18.128 God is within.

18.129 God knows how to help us, because God is us.

18.130 The awareness of a master cannot help us, unless we choose to apply that awareness.

18.131 God will do whatever is necessary, to ensure that we experience what we need to experience.

18.132 God will provide us with whatever is needed to allow us to have the experiences that we had chosen, without interfering with our chosen experiences.

18.133 It is the very difficulties that we dislike so much, that drive us to seek answers, and in seeking answers, ask questions.

18.134 The passage of time dilutes our difficulties, or perhaps the passage of time places our difficulties in perspective.

18.135 Many of us face the confusion of now.

18.136 It is only in confusion that we seek answers.

18.137 Without confusion, without difficulties, we do not seek answers.

18.138 Obtaining awareness is but a step, not the end result of the process.

18.139 After obtaining awareness, we experience not applying our awareness, before we experience applying our awareness.

18.140 Our journey will be much easier, if we allow ourselves to become aware, and then allow ourselves to apply our awareness.

18.141 By avoiding what we do not wish to face, we maintain our circles.

18.142 We break our circles, when we face and accept the reality that we fear the most.

18.143 Sometimes we only face and accept the reality that we fear the most, after God has led us to an environment where we are left with no choice, but to face and accept the reality that we fear the most. Often, unless God leads us to such an environment, we will never break our circles.

18.144 We can become a master from within our current environment.

18.145 It is time to stop looking for clarity, and allow our awareness to surface.

18.146 Much of what we experience, results in the opposite of what we anticipate.

18.147 Our body like our car, is no more than a vehicle to take us where we need to go.

18.148 Money like our car, is no more than a vehicle to take us where we need to go.

18.149 Sometimes the best form of persistence, is patience.

18.150 To experience the result of our work, the result of our work must be tangible.

18.151 If we are not meant to gain employment, we will not gain employment, and desperately seeking employment will not mean that we will obtain employment any sooner than we are meant to obtain employment.

18.152 Nothing will occur, until it is meant to occur.

18.153 Stop and regroup, but never give up.

18.154 Earth plane love is not as random, as earth plane love appears to be.

18.155 Earth plane love is a very useful tool of experience.

18.156 People ‘fall’ in and out of love without any apparent reason, irrespective of whether that love is unrequited or consummated. However, the reason why people ‘fall’ in and out of love, is convenient chosen experience.

18.157 Awareness cannot prevent difficult experiences, unless awareness is applied, but awareness cannot be applied without experience.

18.158 A cobweb like security thread binds everything together. The colour of this thread is a combination of silver, gold, white and blue producing a colour which cannot be adequately described to those whose perception cannot register the colour.

18.159 The thread of the fabric of existence stretches across the universe, and binds everything together like a cross between a huge ball of string, and a spider web.

18.160 When we view the fabric of existence, the perception which fills our mind is that of perfection. Perfect colour, perfect form, and perfect structure.

18.161 The fabric of existence is around and within us all.

18.162 What if everything is true?

18.163 We need to step back from everything, to be able to see clearly.

18.164 Our difficulties need to remain to ensure that we continue to seek answers, until we have received all of the answers that we need.

18.165 Experience is necessary, which is why God will not interfere with our experiences.

18.166 God will assist us to gain experience, so that we can return to the higher plane.

18.167 All that we can do, is allow what is to be, and allow time to provide whatever explanation is necessary.

18.168 Whenever we understand and accept that the purpose of the earth plane is experience, and that it does not matter what we experience, we will flow unaffected by the earth plane.

18.169 When the pattern of our lives has repeated many times, there is a reason for the recurring pattern in our lives.

18.170 Confusion is a result of not applying our awareness.

18.171 We will share our life with someone, if we are meant to share our life with someone, and we will not share our life with someone, if we are not meant to share our life with someone.

18.172 Whatever we experience does not matter, because experience can only hurt us, if we allow experience to hurt us.

18.173 We cannot avoided experience, because we are human.

18.174 We retain our fear, until our fear becomes our reality.

18.175 A difficult environment, is an environment which speeds up the awareness process, but does not otherwise alter the awareness process.

18.176 Why do we continue to push the solution to our difficulties away?

18.177 We can place our hands together, and feel the fabric of existence pulsing through us as we retain the energy of the universe, instead of allowing the energy of the universe to dissipate through our hands.

18.178 We should not commit suicide, because our life will be more difficult next time.

18.179 To retrieve the answers of our existence, we need to send our spirit to search far and wide.

18.180 To seek the reality of existence, we need to release our grip on the earth plane, and strengthen our grip on the universe.

18.181 Worrying will not help us at all.

18.182 Whenever we feel the connection with our spirit, we feel at peace.

18.183 When we are unable to feel the connection with our spirit, we feel lost.

18.184 There is some awareness, such as moving beyond faith, that we need a difficult environment to achieve.

18.185 Knowing, and then becoming aware is not enough, we need to live our awareness.

18.186 Much time, energy, and effort is wasted judging others not in a court of law for a crime, but politically and based on artificial values.

18.187 Artificial judgement seems to exist everywhere, and within every culture.

18.188 We are all the same, and no one has a right to judge another.

18.189 The simple reality is that if people were not judged, they would not be vulnerable and attempt to cover the truth, and others, for a variety of reasons, would not seek to uncover the truth.

18.190 If there was no artificial judgement, hiding or uncovering the truth would be unnecessary.

18.191 All judgement is based upon fear. Whilst we continue to live in a fear based environment, and whilst we continue to feed the fear based environment with our political and moral judgement, our fear based environment will never change.

18.192 Our governments reflect our choice to exist within a fear based environment.

18.193 Each of us can choose not to live in a fear based environment.

18.194 The only way for us to change our collective environment is for each of us to change our individual environment.

18.195 Why do we waste our time judging people when the result is always the same. People are not bad, people are not foolish, people do not lack judgement, people do not lack moral fibre. All judgement results in the truth that people are human. Regardless of how the media or anyone else chooses to describe someone’s choices or actions, the result is the same; People are human.

18.196 Regardless of whether we choose to believe that God judges us or not, there is no reason for us to judge. If we believe that God sits in judgement, then we should leave the judgement to God. If we believe that God does not judge, then what right do we have to judge?

18.197 Judgement is a product of a fear-based society.

18.198 All that we have to do is look at history to see the connection between judgement and fear.

18.199 Judgement is the biggest barrier to creating a love-based society.

18.200 We can only exist by our own standards, and therefore we cannot be judged by another, because others do not know our standards, and many do not even know their own standards.

18.201 Judgement is not the consequence of crime. If one chooses to commit a crime, they face the consequences of their choice, but consequence is not judgement. Judgement is applying artificial standards to another. Often the standards that are applied to others in judgement, are not the standards of those applying the standards in judgement.

18.202 The truth is that nothing is wrong with the world. The world is precisely as we have chosen the world to be.

18.203 We have chosen our world to enable us to experience.

18.204 We have chosen lives filled with not one lifetime experience, but with a number of lifetime experiences.

18.205 Stress and the like which are blamed on society, are caused by worry.

18.206 We have created an environment to experience, but instead we use our environment to worry.

18.207 We mostly worry about what we might experience.

18.208 The fact is, that our experiences are not as difficult for us to live, as we make them appear to be, by worrying before we live our experiences.

18.209 We have created an environment to allow us to experience, but we waste most of our time worrying about what we are going to experience.

18.210 Worrying about experiences is in itself experience, and as such worrying about what we are going to experience is not wrong.

18.211 Worrying about experiences is a choice.

18.212 We have a choice, we can choose to worry about experience, or we can choose to experience.

18.213 All the worrying in the world, will not alter our experiences.

18.214 All that worrying will achieve, is to cause us to look for ways to avoid our experiences, which will result in us delaying our experiences, and in the process create more experiences for us to worry about.

18.215 The more that we have, the more that we worry.

18.216 Nothing is worth the price of worrying.

18.217 We should live a modest life.

18.218 The record of our existence, is stored within our spirit self or subconscious.

18.219 We have no obligation to any, other than ourselves.

18.220 Love is heaven and fear is hell.

18.221 We each choose our own path.

18.222 If our paths are destined to cross, our paths will cross.

18.223 If someone is meant to be in our life, they will be in my life.

18.224 Our awareness will surface, we only need patience.

18.225 We need to allow our awareness to surface.

18.226 We should take our opportunities when they arise.

18.227 If we do not take our opportunities when they are presented to us, our opportunities are often presented to us again.

18.228 Worrying will not alter our situation, so we should not worry.

18.229 We should always apply patience and wait.

18.230 As we gain awareness, we travel a path around the perimeter of an ever increasing circle. Occasionally, we will move off of our path onto a detour or dead end and into an inner circle to experience something that we have missed.

18.231 Self imposed punishment, is something that many of us choose to experience.

18.232 There is no correct interpretation of the Bible. We each must find our own meaning in the words of the Bible.

18.233 There is no correct interpretation of any of the spiritual texts provided by the masters, regardless of which master delivered the text.

18.234 We must each much find our own meaning within the words of all religious ‘source codes’.

18.235 How can we be who we are, when we pretend to be who society, at whatever level we choose to exist, wants us to be.

18.236 Humour is a step towards general acceptance of a broader view.

18.237 Our possessions anchor us to where we are.

18.238 We fear the loss of our possessions, but we have no reason to fear. By fighting to retain our possessions, we are fighting to remain anchored.

18.239 We desire to remain anchored, because we fear an existence without security.

18.240 Our possessions, which are a symbol of stability to us, are in truth an albatross around our neck.

18.241 We panic when the time comes to release ourselves from the burden of our possessions.

18.242 We are being manipulated by our governments into a ‘lowest common denominator existence’ which advocates a sameness for all.

18.243 Death remains the greatest fear on the earth plane.

18.244 We need to stop attempting to make issues resolve themselves, in the way that we want issues to resolve themselves. We need to allow issues to resolve themselves, as the issues are destined to resolve themselves.

18.245 We must not attempt to make ourselves responsible for the happiness of others.

18.246 We are responsible for our own happiness.

18.247 We cannot alter the experiences of others, regardless of how much we may desire to alter the experiences of others.

18.248 Our children are souls gaining chosen experiences, even our children are not consciously aware that they are souls gaining chosen experience.

18.249 If the God within our children has chosen to experience what our children are experiencing, and the God within us has agreed to accept our role in that experience, what right do we have to attempt to alter the experience?

18.250 Whatever we are doing in any of our alternate realities, will not give us any consolation in this reality.

18.251 Some experiences can easily be written off as imagination or fantasy. If we look within and we are given an answer of imagination or fantasy, we should accept the answer that we are given from within. However, if we look within and we see that the experience is something more than imagination or fantasy, we should accept this too.

18.252 The knowledge of reality exists within us all.

18.253 Our experience will make our inner knowledge awareness.

18.254 Experience is necessary for us to understand who we are.

18.255 Whether we are thankful for our experiences or not thankful for our experiences, does not alter our experiences.

18.256 The only thing that can alter our experience is whether we become aware of either who we are, or who we are not. If we do not become aware of either of these two points, our experiences will be repeated.

18.257 We move beyond faith.

18.258 We no longer needed faith, because faith is a trust in the unknown.

18.259 It is said that we are the sum of our experiences, but as with most of the earth plane we have this equation in reverse. The sum of our experiences is who we are not.

18.260 Who we are, is what is left after subtracting the sum of our experiences.

18.261 It is said that what a child experiences with their parents can shape, or alter who they are. This is not so. Nothing and nobody can change who we are.

18.262 Who we are, is who we are.

18.263 Regardless of whether we are a child or an adult in the physical world, we all create an environment to experience who we are not.

18.264 It is only through experiencing who we are not, and in so doing becoming aware of who we are not, that we are able to understand who we are.

18.265 Death is not loss.

18.266 Death is not the end of anything.

18.267 How can anybody who truly believes in God, also believe that God is restricted to a few who follow their particular religion.

18.268 There is a vast difference between believing in God, and believing in a religion.

18.269 Being consciously connected to the God within, is as natural, probably more natural, than breathing.

18.270 We have no reason to hold onto the past.

18.271 We must learn how to let go of the past.

18.272 We must accept that people are not necessarily meant to be in our lives.

18.273 Wanting is not a bad thing. Wanting is the catalyst for experience.

18.274 If we do not want, we do not need to seek experience.

18.275 Not wanting does not mean that we will not experience, not wanting means that we do not need to be drawn to experience.

18.276 We must not want. We must choose.

18.277 Our efforts to avoid our part in our chosen experiences will be fruitless.

18.278 We need to allow ourselves to be who we are.

18.279 The very things that we believe we need to be who we are, prevent us from being who we are.

18.280 It is not what we want or believe in particular that is the barrier to being who we are. It is that we believe that we need anything other than to allow ourselves to be ourselves, that is the barrier to allowing ourselves to be who we are.

18.281 Travelling between realities is a natural experience.

18.282 Our spiritual abilities surface when we are ready to understand each spiritual ability, and after we understand each of our spiritual abilities, our spiritual abilities will then surface not at will, but at need.

18.283 If we need a spiritual ability, our spiritual ability will surface, but we cannot always draw on our spiritual abilities at will, which is why we cannot use our spiritual abilities to prove anything to anyone, including ourselves.

18.284 We can tap into another’s memories.

18.285 Others can transfer their emotions or memories to us.

18.286 When we receive the memories that belong to others, we do not experience any emotion attached to the memories. We are not attached to the memories, which is how we will understand that the memories are not from our own subconscious filing system.

18.287 We must draw upon our knowledge, to apply to our experience, and to create our awareness.

18.288 Our possessions tie us down, and hold us hostage.

18.289 We are led to experience what we need to experience, but we fight the process every step of the way.

18.290 Modification of genetic coding will become possible as souls no longer need to experience illnesses, and other physical conditions coded into the bodies which they have selected for their lifetime.

18.291 When we understand that our lifetimes are temporary, but our existence is permanent, we stop placing artificial value on a single lifetime.

18.292 If we remove the fear of death from our lifetime, we increase our ability to experience.

18.293 Our difficulties in themselves do not end. What will end is our perception that our difficulties, are difficulties.

18.294 We find total peace on a permanent basis, when we stop wanting.

18.295 Wanting leads to experience, and we need experience.

18.296 We must allow our choice to become our reality.

18.297 The difference is that when we no longer want, we choose and we allow what we have chosen to come into being.

18.298 When we desperately want, we look for what we want, and by looking for what we want we prevent ourselves from allowing.

18.299 Our vibrational rate determines the size, colour and nature of our aura.

18.300 Our nerves become on edge, because we can feel our aura adjusting to our changing vibrational rate.

18.301 The aura itself is our true self. Our aura is more than our spirit, and our aura exceeds our body. Our aura is the part of us which connects to the higher plane. Our aura is who we are. Our aura is our soul and a combination of light, colour and energy. The energy which is the very fabric of existence.

18.302 Our aura is our soul, and our soul is who we are.

18.303 Our soul is not contained within our body. It is the other way around, our body is contained within our soul.

18.304 When our body is created, our body is created by two existing bodies, and is a part of those bodies, specifically the body in female form. If a soul chooses that body for their physical existence, the soul will adopt that body.

18.305 It is the soul that we can see as the aura which encompasses the body, and binds the body together.

18.306 It is our soul that binds the atoms together and enables our body to become physical, but the physical nature of the body is an illusion.

18.307 Our spirit is the consciousness within our soul, the consciousness within our aura.

18.308 Our spirit is more than our consciousness, our spirit is our awareness.

18.309 When those who experience astral travel see the ‘cord’ which attaches their spirit to their body, what they are actually seeing is the ‘cord’ which attaches their body to their soul.

18.310 Our trinity is our soul, which we can see as our aura, which is our higher self.

18.311 We can see our own higher self, which is our aura that surrounds us.

18.312 Our awareness is our spirit, or our subconscious, which has a permanent record of all of our experiences from our existence, be that past lives in whatever physical form, or alternate lifetimes.

18.313 Our lower self is our physical self, and all of the emotions which are a part of our physical self enable us to feel our experiences.

18.314 The ocean of which we are a part, is an ocean of light, colour and energy.

18.315 When our awareness comes too fast for our body to keep up with, we need to slow our awareness down.

18.316 We cannot force our awareness, we must allow our awareness to come.

18.317 Our spirit is our awareness.

18.318 The way that we become our awareness, is that we become consciously aware.

18.319 Our awareness exists, but we cannot become our awareness whilst our awareness is subconscious.

18.320 Who we are, is who we are consciously aware that we are.

18.321 Our spirit is the product of our existence.

18.322 We cannot become who we are, until we become consciously aware of who we are.

18.323 Physical difficulties can be addressed through massaging the aura, because it is the aura which is real, not the physical body.

18.324 Our aura reflects our awareness.

18.325 Our awareness determines the size and the colour of our aura. As our awareness increases, so does the size and colour of our aura.

18.326 As our awareness increases, our conscious awareness expands our spirit, and our aura or our soul.

18.327 Consider as an example a balloon. If we fill a balloon with air, the balloon expands, but the balloon remains essentially the same. This is in effect, similar to what happens to our aura when the aura is filled with awareness.

18.328 Merging our awareness and our consciousness into one, is the step beyond conscious awareness.

18.329 Merging our awareness and our consciousness into one is allowing consciousness to become awareness.

18.330 We need to allow our consciousness and our awareness to become one.

18.331 We need to bring the individual components of our awareness together, into a single awareness which will become our consciousness.

18.332 We need to allow the combining of our awareness, and the merging of our awareness with our consciousness to occur naturally.

18.333 The merging of our awareness with our consciousness is how we transfer, and apply our awareness to the earth plane.

18.334 Memories of what for us, is the future, are possible, because for our spirit the events are the past, and for our higher self, the events are now.

18.335 Future life memories are a product of experiencing our lifetimes on more than one occasion.

18.336 Every philosophy, despite the apparent conflicts between philosophies, is indeed true.

18.337 We must not try to reach our awareness, we must allow our awareness to come.

18.338 Our interaction with others creates our respective chosen experiences.

18.339 We have chosen to feel the earth plane, so that we can gain experience to apply to knowledge, and create awareness.

18.340 All that we achieve, whenever we attempt to alter the chosen experiences of any, whether we know what those chosen experiences are or not, is to delay the chosen experience.

18.341 Regardless of what we attempt, we cannot manipulate a joyful existence for any, including ourselves. The only way to a joyful existence is to choose, accept, and allow.

18.342 Once someone has chosen an experience, there is nothing that we can do to alter that experience, regardless of how much effort we apply.

18.343 We must accept our path, and flow with whatever occurs.

18.344 When peace, contentment and happiness are experienced on the surface, peace, contentment and happiness are from an external source. Peace, contentment and happiness provided externally, can be withdrawn externally, and peace, contentment and happiness can be withdrawn far more easily, than peace, contentment and happiness were obtained.

18.345 Inner peace, happiness and contentment create a total peace provided from within.

18.346 All that we need to do, is to allow our inner peace to surface.

18.347 True peace, contentment and happiness, or total inner peace is not effected by external events.

18.348 We cannot avoid experiences.

18.349 We need to face our environment, and we need to experience whatever we have chosen to experience.

18.350 We cannot avoid experiences, even if we do not enjoy the experience.

18.351 Avoiding experiences achieves nothing.

18.352 We can allow our chosen reality, to become our actual reality.

18.353 We allow our chosen reality to become our actual reality by not attempting to make our chosen reality become our actual reality, and by not looking for our chosen reality.

18.354 We cannot find what we have chosen by looking, because we will look in the wrong places.

18.355 We will draw our chosen reality to us when having chosen our reality, we allow our instinct to guide us to our chosen reality.

18.356 We need to choose, accept and allow.

18.357 Every time that we attempt to make our chosen reality become our actual reality, we are pushing our chosen reality away from us, not drawing our chosen reality to us.

18.358 Every time that we look for our chosen reality, we look in the wrong place, and we do not allow our instinct to guide us to our chosen reality.

18.359 We can fool our thoughts, but we cannot fool ourselves.

18.360 If we are presented with a decision, we must make that decision, regardless of how difficult the decision is.

18.361 When we are faced with a conflict between our earth plane responsibilities, and our awareness, we must seek guidance to assist us to overcome the conflict.

18.362 All that really matters, is that we are following our instinct.

18.363 We create our own degree of difficulty.

18.364 Our preconceived ideas are generally focused around the how, and all aspects of the how, rather than the what.

18.365 We only experience receiving the judgement of others, if we allow ourselves to choose to experience the judgement of others.

18.366 We do not need to allow ourselves to experience the judgement of others.

18.367 We need the judgement of others only whilst we continue to accept the judgement of others.

18.368 When we defend, explain, or justify our actions to others, we are accepting the judgement of others.

18.369 If we consciously ignore the judgement of others, we are accepting the judgement of others. It is only through allowing the judgement of others to wash over us, that we are not accepting the judgement of others.

18.370 If we respond to negative emotion, we are accepting negative emotion.

18.371 By allowing negative emotion to pass through us, we will discontinue drawing negative emotion to us.

18.372 We cannot interfere with the chosen experiences of others.

18.373 We are not responsible for the chosen experiences of others.

18.374 Nothing is by accident.

18.375 Opposing experiences can occur simultaneously.

18.376 If we are meant to provide assistance, we will have the means to provide assistance.

18.377 The approval, and the opinion of others is irrelevant.

18.378 Experience is experience.

18.379 Experience cannot be proved or disproved, experience can only be experienced.

18.380 Negative emotions which we carry around with us, intertwine with our soul, restrict our soul, and prevented our soul from expanding.

18.381 When we find our soul, our soul begins to expand, and our soul becomes tightly packed around us. Our soul expands with nowhere to go, because of the scum of negative emotions which is restricting our soul. The scum of negative emotions does not matter, until our soul begins to expand, but once our soul does begin to expand, we need to remove the scum of negative emotions to free our soul.

18.382 Belief one way or another, does not alter our experiences.

18.383 Both heaven and hell exist within us all.

18.384 Heaven and hell can overlap.

18.385 We have no reason to fear.

18.386 We cannot become who we are, whilst we retain our fears, or our ego.

18.387 Through facing our fears we are able to experience that we have no reason to fear, and thus release our fears, through experiencing that our fears are not real.

18.388 Knowledge is not enough.

18.389 Knowledge does not produce awareness.

18.390 We need experience, to become aware.

18.391 We need experience, to apply to our knowledge, before we can create awareness.

18.392 Awareness equals knowledge and experience squared.

18.393 Heaven and hell, or love and fear, exist within us all.

18.394 Hell is a label for fear.

18.395 Placing artificial levels of importance on the earth plane, or aspects of the earth plane, will lead us away from the light.

18.396 The earth plane is important.

18.397 The key to determining whether the importance that we place upon the earth plane is artificial, is our motive.

18.398 Being concerned about the opinion of others is an artificial motive.

18.399 Happiness is not something that we can find. We cannot ‘turn over rocks’ until, one day we turn over the right rock and find happiness. We are either happy or we are not happy.

18.400 Happiness is a product of the earth plane.

18.401 We cannot fool ourselves.

18.402 Fearing an event is more likely to cause the event, than to prevent the event.

18.403 There is more than one path.

18.404 The path that is needed to be experienced by one soul, is not necessarily the path that is needed to be experienced by another soul.

18.405 Power and control, are temporary illusions which seldom last a lifetime.

18.406 There is only one power which is not an illusion and that power is the power of God, or as the power of God is otherwise known, love.

18.407 There are enough resources contained within the world to enable the world to support itself.

18.408 All that is required to provide balance and harmony to the world is an even distribution of the world’s resources.

18.409 Wanting is not a sin.

18.410 Wanting leads to experience, but wanting is a dynamic emotion in that we can never quite have all that we want, because if we had all that we want, we would no longer want.

18.411 To want is to be led to experience and by definition, this means that wanting is dynamic. It is far better to choose, because a choice can be realised. However, without wanting there can be no choice, because what would we choose if we did not first know what we want?

18.412 The choice of the majority, will be the basis for our existence.

18.413 ‘Heaven on earth’ will become the reality of the majority.

18.414 There will be times when the dreams of the earth plane are shattered. There will be times when the promise of the future is broken. There will be times when faith in the future, faith in mankind, faith in each soul, and even faith in God is lost.

18.415 There will be times when it seems that love has left the world. There will be times when there is no way around the fear. There will be times when the earth plane as a whole will need to break through the fear, leaving the fear shattered in its wake.

18.416 The earth plane must, and will overcome the collective fears of souls on its way to becoming ‘heaven on earth’ and it is during this period, that the earth plane will seem like hell.

18.417 The earth plane will not end, in that the world will not come to an end through mass destruction.

18.418 Before this incarnation of the earth plane fulfils its purpose, the earth plane must become ‘heaven on earth’.

18.419 The earth plane began as ‘heaven on earth’, the Garden of Eden and the earth plane must come Full Circle, and return to ‘heaven on earth’ before the earth plane becomes complete.

18.420 The earth plane, or this incarnation of the earth plane, cannot be competed without completing its circle, and returning to ‘heaven on earth’.

18.421 The earth plane must return to ‘heaven on earth’ because existence is circular and at some point, the circle must become complete, because if a circle does not become complete, the circle is not a circle.

18.422 Even though it will at times seem unlikely and impossible, the earth plane will return to ‘heaven on earth’.

18.423 As the awareness of each individual soul expands, so does the awareness of the universe.

18.424 Awareness within the universe is infinite.

18.425 The universe was born through what is termed the big bang, an explosion of densely packed matter, but also an explosion of knowledge and awareness.

18.426 The universe is God the ocean.

18.427 It is through the expansion of souls that the universe expands infinitely, not theoretically but literally.

18.428 It is the vast number of souls with expanding auras that causes the universe, of which each soul is a part, to expand.

18.429 The current earth plane, is an example of what occurs when fear dominates a physical plane for the majority of its existence.

18.430 There are two motives for all that we choose to experience. One motive is to experience who we are, and the other motive is to learn who we are, through experiencing who we are not.

18.431 Most religions and belief systems provide for an end of the world, and a saviour. The end of the world they say will be by way of a holocaust of some description. The holocausts range from massive armies, to anti-Christs, to nuclear war, to earth quakes, or meteors. Whilst some of these events may occur, such events will not signify a holocaust, or the end of the world. Nor will there be a saviour, a chosen one who is special, or has special powers, or who is destined to lead the ‘chosen few’ to salvation.

18.432 The ‘chosen one’ must come from each religion, or the religion would be a nonsense, which leaves with as many chosen ones as there are religions. Surely they cannot all be true, or can they?

18.433 The world does not need saving, and the world does not need a saviour.

18.434 The world must, and will come Full Circle.

18.435 Full Circle is the very nature of existence.

18.436 The world began as ‘heaven on earth’ and the world must return to ‘heaven on earth’ which is the very nature of a circle.

18.437 We cannot alter the nature of a circle.

18.438 the Psalms, like all of the Bible, are individual and we must each must look to see how the Psalms apply individually to us, not how the Psalms apply to another, or how the Psalms apply to the world.

18.439 The second coming is upon us. The second coming has commenced, and many masters are surrounding us in both physical and spiritual form to provide guidance to those of us who seek guidance.

18.440 A new saviour who will lead the chosen few to heaven after first having defeated evil, will not exist.

18.441 What we expect now from a new messiah, is no different than what we expected from Jesus, and when Jesus did not provide what was expected of him, Jesus was crucified. Why then would we act differently this time around?

18.442 The reality is that we seek a messiah, because we do not believe or accept that we can reach heaven without a messiah.

18.443 The truth is that a messiah is not possible, because a messiah is not necessary.

18.444 The truth is contained wherever we look.

18.445 The only saviour that we need, is the only saviour that is possible, ourselves.

18.446 We will save ourselves by accepting reality.

18.447 The saviour can come from each religion and from no religion, because we are each our own saviour.

18.448 Would a God of love, a father who loves his children, only love his children, if his children live by his rules, or would such a God and father love his children unconditionally?

18.449 Would a God who is also a father sit in judgement of his children, to determine if his children were good enough to be his children?

18.450 We must each allow ourselves to accept whatever interpretation of knowledge we are ready to accept, even if that interpretation of knowledge is another’s interpretation of knowledge.

18.451 It does not matter what each of us believe, because belief does not alter reality.

18.452 In time, belief is surpassed by knowledge, and faith is surpassed by awareness.

18.453 It is not possible for faith to be the foundation of ‘heaven on earth’.

18.454 ‘Heaven on earth’ exists beyond faith.

18.455 ‘Heaven on earth’ is built upon the foundation of awareness, and awareness surpasses and replaces faith.

18.456 Our faith will protect us against our worst fears.

18.457 When we lose our faith, we have no protection against our worst fears.

18.458 Without the protection of faith, we have no option but to face our fears.

18.459 We need to pass through our fears, rather than actually destroying our fears. However, by passing through our fears, and not allowing our fears to cling to us we destroy our fears, because we remove our fear’s reason for existence.

18.460 We must discontinue supporting our fears.

18.461 As our clarity increases, so will our clarity increase.

18.462 Our awareness continues to increase, as our awareness increases.

18.463 Our awareness will increase infinitely.

18.464 Our nerves become on edge as our body prepares for the increase of our vibrational rate, and the expansion of our aura.

18.465 It is the increasing vibrational rate of the aura, which in itself causes the aura to expand.

18.466 The more that our vibrational rate increases, the more that aura expands, and the more that our aura expands, the more that our vibrational rate increases.

18.467 As auras, being souls, expand so does the ocean of existence, the universe expand.

18.468 To our earth plane perception, space appears to be colourless for the most part, giving the appearance of black because of the volume of space. However, space is not colourless at all. Space is filled with the colours of individual auras, the colours of each drop in the ocean.

18.469 The silvery bond which binds all that is together, can be seen as an integrate web directly linking all that is together.

18.470 The colours of space are vast, as vast as space itself but except for where the light of a star reflects upon another, the colours are beyond our earth plane perception.

18.471 There are points on our journey, where we can progress no further, until we have increased our vibrational rate sufficiently to enable us to continue our journey.

18.472 With all aspects of awareness, we only need to accept and allow.

18.473 Not all spirits who remain on the earth plane require release from the earth plane.

18.474 Many spirits who remain on the earth plane are happy to observe what is occurring on the earth plane.

18.475 Some spirits who remain on the earth plane, remain for the specific purpose of providing guidance to another soul.

18.476 Some spirits, choose to remain where they were happy on the earth plane.

18.477 Very few spirits are evil or malevolent.

18.478 To be an evil or malevolent spirit is, in itself, only experience. To a limited degree, the experience is for the spirits who are evil or malevolent, but mostly the actions of evil or malevolent spirits are convenient for the experience of those who are affected by evil or malevolent spirits.

18.479 Usually, spirits only make a ‘nuisance of themselves’ in an attempt to get the attention of those with whom the spirit walks.

18.480 Mostly the souls who become spirits trapped on the earth plane, are young souls who become lost and confused.

18.481 Stonehenge was created to be the gateway which enabled souls to pass to the next level of existence and become one with the universe, which is why souls were brought to Stonehenge to die.

18.482 Our environment is right for us.

18.483 We were meant to do, all that we have done.

18.484 We were meant to experience, all that we have experienced.

18.485 There are places around the earth that are connected by the energy streams which circle the earth. Such places, which are gateways, are not necessarily situated at sites of great energy where the energy streams meet. The gateways, which are connected to each other, occur where the energy streams spike, and produce a ‘gateway’ between two or more similar spikes, on the same energy stream.

18.486 Imagination, or what is written off as imagination, is seldom illusion.

18.487 What is ‘imagined’ is often real.

18.488 The reason why fairies dance is because the physical form of the plant is, in effect, stationary. Rather than live a stationary existence, plant spirits or fairies leave their plant bodies and dance.

18.489 It is not for any to lead others like sheep. The only way to lead, is to travel the path oneself and in so doing, others will see that it is possible to travel the path.

18.490 We must not look for a saviour, we must look within ourselves, because within ourselves is where we will be saved.

18.491 There is no soul who is in need of saving.

18.492 Existence is circular, and for us to complete our circle, we must each return to the beginning of our circle.

18.493 We cannot reach the end of our circle, without also reaching the beginning of our circle, such is the nature of circles.

18.494 Every soul exists as a circle. For each of us to complete our existence, each of us must complete our circle.

18.495 It is not a question of ‘if’ we will complete our circle, because if we do not complete our circle, it is not a circle.

18.496 Only a complete circle can be a circle.

18.497 Existence is circular.

18.498 God, being the universe, being all that exists, did create the earth, because God is the earth, and God is also each soul who inhabits the earth.

18.499 As the earth has evolved within its circle, so too have the souls who inhabit the earth, effectively adjusting themselves to a changing environment.

18.500 As with all aspects of reality, both religion and science are correct, irrespective of the different perspectives and labels that are applied.

18.501 When not only religions, but also native legends were born, souls at a conscious level, had a different perception of the world than we have now. When we consider religions and other ancient belief systems, we need to make an allowance for our different perception of the world. When most religions came into being, the world was much smaller, the world was ‘flat’, and the world was the centre of the universe.

18.502 A ‘small, flat centre of the universe’ was the point of reference that those who recorded our religions, belief systems, and native legends had to work with. Our point of reference in respect of our perception of the world has changed, but the religions have not really changed, or been updated to reflect our greater awareness of our physical environment.

18.503 Confusion exists within religious texts as to what was a physical experience, what was a spiritual experience, and what was an analogy.

18.504 The true meaning of all religious text, is within the reader.

18.505 That the meaning of all religious text is within the reader, does not mean that we need to study every piece of religious text and develop and rationalise our own meaning. That the meaning of all religious text is within the reader, means that when we are drawn to a text, whether it be religious text, native legend, or modern philosophy, we know what the meaning of the text is, as the meaning of the text applies to who we are, at any given point in time.

18.506 Who we are, changes with experience.

18.507 As who we are changes, so too does the meaning of the messages that we are led to, regardless of which method is used to deliver the message to us.

18.508 The very nature of our existence is circular, and as our existence moves around the circle, there are apparent contradictions.

18.509 The Truth Of Reality is contained within all religious texts.

18.510 The Truth Of Reality can be easily seen within all religious texts, if we apply the religious text internally, instead of externally.

18.511 The key to seeing The Truth Of Reality within religions, is to view the image of God, as the universe, the very fabric of existence, and a part of all that is, instead of viewing the image of God a separate entity, as man has interpreted the God of many religions to be.

By making an adjustment in our point of reference, we no longer need to believe that God is everywhere, we know that God is everywhere, and we accept and understand that God is everywhere. If we then apply our own experiences to our knowledge that God is everywhere, we become aware of not only God’s presence, but also the nature of God.

18.512 We can apply the circular nature of our existence to religions. Religions, almost without exception, concede that one day heaven will become one with earth. Whether we ascend to heaven, heaven is created on earth, or heaven descends to earth, does not matter. The point is that heaven is both the beginning, and the end, of existence.

If we begin at a point and we end at the same point, we have travelled in a circle, regardless of how that circle is described. We need to look passed the words, in whatever form the words take, and consider the principles.

18.513 It is of no consequence what label is given to The Truth Of Reality. The Truth Of Reality by any other name, is still The Truth Of Reality.

18.514 That God has instructed us to do something, does not free us from the consequences of our actions.

18.515 Both the act and the consequences, regardless of what the act is, are experience.

18.516 A spiritual path does not require us to make a sacrifice.

18.517 The purpose of what can be termed ‘sacrifice’ is to allow us to become aware that our physical possessions are not really important, even if we believe that our physical possessions are important.

18.518 Awareness is infinite.

18.519 There is no doubt that the earth plane is important.

18.520 The physical planes, are the only planes where we can truly feel and truly experience.

18.521 The earth plane is not all important, but neither is the earth plane unimportant.

18.522 We do not hear spiritual answers with our physical bodies, we hear spiritual answers within. In addition to looking within for answers, for The Truth Of Reality, we need to listen within when we are provided with those answers.

18.523 If one was to study all religions, all myths, all legends, one would understand that there is one God.

18.524 That God has been given many labels is not surprising, because there are many cultures and languages.

18.525 God the creator is the universe from a physical perspective, and love from a spiritual perspective.

18.526 God the creator is the very fabric of existence.

18.527 We are all are masters, until we choose to lose our awareness that we are masters.

18.528 We do not retain conscious memory of all of our experiences during our spirit plane travels, because we would become confused and disoriented.

18.529 Spirits do not enter the aura of others unless they are invited in. An invitation for a spirit to enter an aura is not a conscious invitation, although an invitation for a spirit to enter an aura may very well be a conscious invitation. Mostly an invitation for a spirit to enter an aura is at the invitation of our spirit, rather than our physical self.

18.530 Any of us may talk with God.

18.531 Most of us do talk to God at some time in our lives, but talking with God is different than talking to God. To talk with God, we need to listen to God’s reply.

18.532 God always responds to us when we talk to God, but we are only talking with God when we listen to God’s reply. The method which God uses to reply to us is dictated by our awareness. God replies to us using whatever method, or combination of methods, we are best able to receive.

18.533 God is not always going to give us the answer that we want to hear.

18.534 If we refuse to listen to God’s answer, we are talking to God, but we are not talking with God.

18.535 God is the ever expanding structure that is the universe in which we exist.

18.536 We have always imposed our limits upon God.

18.537 God is all that is, so God is the sun that rises every day to watch over us, but God is so much more.

18.538 God is all that is, regardless of the limits of our perception.

18.539 God is all that we can perceive, and God is also all that we cannot perceive.

18.540 Rules and judgement are concepts of man, rules and judgement are not concepts of God.

18.541 We allow our physical and spiritual eye’s to merge through an increased perception, which is the result of an increased vibrational rate.

18.542 We see an increased beauty in the world, when our increased vibrational rate allows us to perceive colours that were previously not within our field of vision.

18.543 It is easy to become aware of an aspect or aspects of reality, and focus on those aspects of reality to the point of becoming extreme.

18.544 Extreme experience is only experience.

18.545 When we become extreme, even in our awareness, we take our awareness of the particular concept or piece of reality too seriously. In so doing we close ourselves off to experiencing further concepts, or even opposite concepts. In effect, what we do is close the door to our further awareness.

18.546 It is possible for a soul to change bodies.

18.547 When a change of body has occurred during childbirth, a soul can experience being their own child.

18.548 A couple’s first born may pass, and then become the couple’s second child.

18.549 We can draw on our personality from a previous lifetime to deal with a specific situation.

18.550 Meditation is one of the aspects of spirituality that can easily be taken far too seriously, in that meditation can become regimented and fixed. In many ways regimented and fixed meditation produces an artificial meditation, or a meditation brought about by discipline and control.

18.551 Regimented and fixed meditation is a stepping stone. True meditation is natural, not forced.

18.552 We reach a point where meditation is as constant a part of our existence as breathing.

18.553 Meditation is breathing for the soul.

18.554 Meditation is as natural as breathing.

18.555 We do not need to force ourselves to meditate, we need to allow ourselves to meditate.

18.556 To allow is the answer to spirituality.

18.557 The only way that we can become a master, is to allow ourselves to become a master.

18.558 We become a master when we make a choice, and we allow our choice to be realised.

18.559 Whilst we are attempting to make our choice become reality, we are not allowing our choice to become reality.

18.560 The concept of right and wrong does not exist. All is experience.

18.561 Our journey will follow the course that we are meant to follow, including every dead end, every detour and every wrong turn.

18.562 Even when we are wrong, we are right.

18.563 Heaven and hell run parallel, existing simultaneously.

18.564 Love and fear are both present in every situation that we face.

18.565 Love and fear are not as easily distinguishable from each other as we may think.

18.566 Often, what we believe that we do through love, we really do through fear.

18.567 Often what we believe we do through love is really done through fear, because we do not feel capable of being loved for ourselves, and we fear that if we do not act in a certain way, we will not be loved.

18.568 Sometimes we will act in a way that we believe is ‘facing our fears’ by doing something that we think we fear doing, when in fact that something is simply something that we do not want to do. We do that something, not because we are facing our fears, but because we fear the consequences of not doing the something that we do not want to do. Maybe if we do not do something that we do not want to do, we will be not liked or accepted, and our real fear, which we are not facing, is the fear of not being liked or accepted.

18.569 We enter hell because we have not released our fears.

18.570 If we have retained our fears, and if we do not want to live with our fears, our only option is to face our fears, and to pass through our fears.

18.571 We need to pass through our fears, because we place our fears in the way.

18.572 We are unable to cross the threshold of ‘heaven on earth’, until we release our fears.

18.573 We cannot enter ‘heaven on earth’ whilst we retain our fears.

18.574 Hell is the realisation of our fears, and we cannot carry hell into heaven.

18.575 Heaven and hell exist simultaneously, running parallel to each other.

18.576 We reach a point where avoiding our fears is not an option. The choice we have is either to release our fears, or to realise and pass through our fears.

18.577 Our fears are illusions, despite the fact that our fears feel real to us.

18.578 If we do not release our fears we have no choice but to realise our fears and pass through our fears, which will mean that we no longer carry our fears. Instead, we will leave our fears in the past.

18.579 We must face our fears, and we must move through our fears.

18.580 Spirits assist us all to exercise our choices, all of the time.

18.581 That we are mostly unaware of the involvement of spirits in our lives, does not alter the reality that spirits are involved in our lives.

18.582 All of our experiences, are the result of our choices.

18.583 By realising our fears and experiencing our fears, we become aware that our fears are illusions.

18.584 If we allow ourselves to release our fears, knowing that our fears are illusions, we will not need to realise and experience our fears.

18.585 Our choice to experience our fears, or to realise our fears, is exactly what it says, realise, or make our fears real, by creating our fears from within our earth plane environment.

18.586 If we do not release our fears, we need to realise our fears.

18.587 We have no reason to be concerned.

18.588 All that we need to do, is accept that our abilities exist, and allow our abilities to surface.

18.589 There is no such thing as death in the context of life and death. If our body dies, the experience is no more than a change in our existence.

18.590 If someone we are close to dies, they have left our life physically, not permanently.

18.591 Those on the spirit plane will often describe a broken relationship as a death.

18.592 ‘Death’ means that a person has left our physical world. When a person leaves our physical world regardless of whether their body has ceased to exist or not, a death has occurred. Often and regardless of whether their body has ceased to exist or not, the person will re-enter our life in one form or another.

18.593 Death in any form means that the promise of a shared experience has been fulfilled, albeit temporarily or permanently.

18.594 We all have access to God through love.

18.595 There are none that are chosen by God, but all can choose to see The Truth Of Reality.

18.596 Upon each incarnation of the earth plane, an amount of energy is stored within the earth plane, and when that energy is depleted, the earth plane needs to rest and recharge.

18.597 Some souls have become ‘trapped’ on the earth plane because of the impact of artificial fulfilment.

18.598 Once the disease of artificial fulfilment has consumed itself, once all souls are freed from the disease of artificial fulfilment, souls will be able to continue to gain new experience, which is needed to become one with the higher plane, and exist only as a part of the higher plane.

18.599 We need to bring our awareness, and our understanding together.

18.600 We need to recognise and identify each point of our awareness.

18.601 We feel what we need to experience, which includes our memories.

18.602 Whilst we to need to draw experiences from our memories, we continue to feel our memories.

18.603 After we have drawn all that we need to draw from an event, we discontinue to feel the event.

18.604 When we do not need to experience an event, there is no reason for us to feel that event.

18.605 Our capacity to feel an event is not limited to the present, or even the past. Our capacity to feel an event extends to future events.

18.606 We feel events prior to the events occurring. Sometimes we feel our future events through hope, sometimes we feel our future events through anticipation, and sometimes we feel our future events through worry.

18.607 Regardless of which emotion we use to fuel our ability to feel our future events, our ability to feel future events is, in effect, preparation for the actual event.

18.608 We begin to experience an event long before the event occurs.

18.609 Every event has an element of past, present and future within the experience.

18.610 We begin to experience an event from the moment that we choose the experience, even if we are unaware that we have chosen an experience.

18.611 Not all of our choices, are as we believe that our choices are.

18.612 Our past and present experiences which have not been released, very definitely influence our future experiences, as well as our now experiences, and our past experiences.

18.613 Retained past experiences are not restricted to our current lifetime.

18.614 Whenever we retain an experience which is not who we are, we cannot become who we are.

18.615 We can either choose to release who we are not, or we can realise who we are not.

18.616 If we do not completely release any aspects of who we are not, we have given ourselves no choice, or more accurately we have made the choice, to realise those aspects of who we are not.

18.617 It is far more enjoyable to release aspects of who we are not, than it is to realise aspects of who we are not.

18.618 Whenever we choose not to release aspects of who we are not, we create an environment in which we realise who we are not, and by understanding that our environment is who we are not, we are able to eliminate the retained aspects of who we are not from our existence.

18.619 God’s promise applies to who we are.

18.620 The method used to eliminate each aspect of who we are not, is our choice. We can either eliminate aspects of who we are not, the easy way, which is to release each aspect of who we are not, or we can eliminate aspects of who we are not, the hard way, which is to realise each aspect of who we are not.

18.621 The interesting aspect of our choice to either release or realise an aspect of ‘who we are not’ is that eventually we can only become ‘who we are’, if we release ‘who we are not’.

18.622 The real choice is not whether we release ‘who we are not’, because we release ‘who we are not’ after we realise ‘who we are not’. The real choice is when we release ‘who we are not’.

18.623 Regardless of how we choose to deal with an aspect of who we are not, even if we choose to attempt to avoid the aspect of who we are not, the ultimate and only decision we will eventually be left with, is to release who we are not.

18.624 Often, we will make choices without really understanding the full impact of the choices that we have made.

18.625 Our environment is so much more than the sum of its parts, and our environment is much more enjoyable when the parts of our environment are experienced as a whole.

18.626 The honourable thing to do, is to allow others to complete their chosen experience, without interference.

18.627 The Truth Of Reality relates to us all as individual souls.

18.628 As our understanding of the whole picture increases, so too does our understanding of the individual pieces of the puzzle increase.

18.629 When we obtain the missing pieces, clarity will replace confusion.

18.630 All that we need to do, is to be patient and allow.

18.631 Our want to enter ‘heaven on earth’ cannot coincide with our will to enter ‘heaven on earth’, until we release our fears that are preventing us from entering ‘heaven on earth’.

18.632 Collectively, society has chosen to embrace the concept of religion from the perspective of society, not from the truth of individual spirituality.

18.633 Whilst we judge ourselves, we retain our fear.

18.634 Whilst we retain our fear, we cannot change our environment.

18.635 We cannot give what we do not have.

18.636 When we release our fear, we will release our environment.

18.637 A demonstration of love does not necessarily mean that it is love that is felt. Often, a demonstration of love is sought or provided to conceal insecurities, and feed insecurities.

18.638 Love, is not altered if love is not demonstrated.

18.639 Love needs to be shared. Love does not need to be demonstrated, or worn like a badge.

18.640 Those who seek a demonstration of love, regardless of the methods used to seek a demonstration of love, are without exception feeding their insecurities.

18.641 Those who seek demonstration of love do not feel worthy of love.

18.642 The reality of not feeling worthy of love, is that no matter how frequently or deeply love is demonstrated, such demonstrations of love will never be able to make the person who does not feel worthy of love, feel worthy of love.

18.643 For us to feel worthy of love, we must look within.

18.644 Those who give their love away, regardless of whether they can share love, do so because they feel unworthy of love.

18.645 Those who acknowledge to themselves that they feel unworthy of receiving love, have taken a step beyond those who seek a demonstration of love.

18.646 Those who demonstrate their love in little, subconscious, ways such as knowing instinctively what another likes or dislikes, and listening to another so that they understand their needs, are not really attempting to demonstrate love, but are sharing love.

18.647 Souls who actively demonstrate their love at every opportunity, feel that they are unworthy of receiving love, so they give as much love as they can, hoping that the love that they give will bounce back to them. However, love does not bounce back, and their insecurity is not fed.

18.648 Our journey will follow a pattern of becoming aware, applying awareness, living awareness, and existing within awareness.

18.649 We need to be who we are, which is a step beyond becoming who we are.

18.650 We cannot be who we are, until we stop trying to be who we are, and simply allow ourselves to be who we are.

18.652 Simple is the correct word to describe the process of allowing. However, to most of us the process of allowing is not simple.

18.653 Doing the reverse of our awareness does permit us to experience both sides of the awareness, even as we apply and increase our awareness.

18.654 The very environment which we have created to maximise our experiences, has simultaneously reduced the time which we have to reflect upon our experiences, and to understand and release our experiences.

18.655 Travelling was once an opportunity to review and reflect, but as travelling has become possible in a fraction of the time that travelling consumed in the past, we have more time to experience, and less time to reflect.

18.656 We need to do ‘the work’ for ourselves, or we will not learn.

18.657 Sometimes, we are given an answer before we have asked the question, and the key to receiving the answer, is to understand the question.

18.658 We should have no regrets whatsoever, in respect of the path that we have followed.

18.659 Alternate realities do exist.

18.660 There are souls, whose combined presence, can magnify spiritual abilities.

18.661 The energy of some linked souls reacts by a multiplication instead of an addition of the combined energy.

18.662 We cannot do for someone, that which they must do for themselves.

18.663 We must stop trying and allow.

18.664 When we receive answers that we do not want, we attempt to find a preferable answer, and in so doing we create a barrier on our path.

18.665 The key is to allow.

18.666 After we eliminate all else, what we are left with is the explanation, and often the explanation is convenient, because there are no other explanations.

18.667 Any of us may look within, draw on our own experiences, and understand our own experiences, if we so choose.

18.668 It is unimportant if another understands our experiences, it is only important that we understand our own experiences.

18.669 The only way to alter the environment of the earth plane, is for the majority to choose to exist within a love based environment.

18.670 We may sometimes change our approach, or our means, but we must never give up.

18.671 We cannot take anything with us when we enter ‘heaven on earth’.

18.672 We will fall from heaven, if we carry that which does not belong in heaven.

18.673 What is known as purgatory, is the void between heaven and hell. An existence outside of fear, but not within the love of heaven. An existence which has eliminated all links with a fear based environment, but which has not quite reached the pure love of heaven.

18.674 When we ‘feel Christmas in the air’, it is the vibration of Christmas that we feel.

18.675 When it is time to experience joy, we will experience the vibration of joy, and not the artificial joy of the earth plane.

18.676 The vibration of reality is the sum of the different vibrations, which different aspects of reality produce.

18.677 Aspects of our existence have distinctive vibrational rates.

18.678 We can feel the distinctive vibrational rates, and distinguish between the different vibrations within the collectively created the vibration of reality.

18.679 We reach a point where we do not feel our experiences as such, but we become our experiences.

18.680 We do not feel who we are, we become who we are.

18.681 Our confusion is a product of the conflict between our will and our want.

18.682 Our experiences have many explanations.

18.683 There is a reason for everything that occurs in our lives, and there is a reason for every occurrence at each level of awareness. If we apply the concept of the multi dimensional maze, we see that events that occur as one event, are in fact numerous events occurring at each of the multi dimensions of awareness.

If we take the application of the concept of the multi dimensional maze of awareness one step further, we see that one event occurs, and there is a reason for that event to occur at each and every level of awareness, regardless of which level of awareness we are experiencing at the time, and regardless of our awareness.

18.684 One event on the earth plane, can conveniently assist a number of people to experience, even though each may be at a different level of awareness.

18.685 There is an explanation for every experience, at each and every level of awareness. The explanation, the reason why we experience, is a reflection of the level of awareness, that we are experiencing.

18.686 We need to explore The Truth Of Reality.

18.687 The multi dimensional maze of awareness, needs to exist to enable the earth plane to work, and to make it possible for souls, at vastly different levels of awareness, to exist on the earth plane, and to share experiences.

18.688 It is not possible for any of us to view any event, from another’s level of awareness.

18.689 There are levels of awareness that people aspire to and upon reaching that level of awareness, they are happy and content.

18.690 To become happy and content, we need to achieve the level of awareness that we have chosen, which is our goal in our lifetime.

18.691 Technically each of our realities is central to the us, who exists within that reality. Despite this technicality, the central reality for each of us, is the reality which we now exist within.

18.692 The easy way to know for sure which future will apply to our reality, is to allow the future to become now.

18.693 Our awareness will continue to build upon our awareness.

18.694 Our journey of awareness will require persistence.

18.695 If we really want to eliminate our self doubt, all that we need to do, is to allow ourselves to feel the fabric of existence.

18.696 We need to experience everything before we can exist as the fabric of existence, and in so doing expand the universe.

18.697 Alternate realities assist us to complete the process to experience everything.

18.698 By merging our planes with the earth plane, we are able to feel the vibration of all that is, rather than sense the vibration of all that is.

18.699 We need to allow our new world, our ‘heaven on earth’, to manifest itself.

18.700 We need to allow what we have created to become a reality.

18.701 We cannot make ‘heaven on earth’ become a reality, all that we can do is allow ‘heaven on earth’ to become a reality.

18.702 Patience is all that is required.

18.703 Mostly our actions are motivated in accordance with what the specific environment we have chosen to exist within, expects from us.

18.704 Regardless of the group or subculture that a soul has chosen to exist within, compliance within an ‘artificial type’ takes souls far away from being who they are.

18.705 The only way that we can be who we are, is to do what we enjoy doing, regardless of the opinions of others, instead of within the opinions of others.

18.706 Our questions recommence with each new level of awareness that we reach, or more precisely, when we are ready to move to each new level of awareness.

18.707 For us to travel to a future lifetime beyond our physical existence, which incorporates all of our physical lifetimes, we needed a link between ourselves and that future lifetime.

18.708 Masters travel to lifetimes beyond their own physical existence, through being drawn into those lifetimes by souls with whom they have a connection.

18.709 Whenever we try to use our spiritual abilities, we are not allowing ourselves to use our spiritual abilities.

18.710 When we stop allowing ourselves to do something, we block our ability to do that something, because our ability exists, only when we allow our ability to exist.

18.711 There is no higher principle that prevents us from using our spiritual abilities for personal gain. The reality is that if we attempt to use our spiritual abilities for proof, or for personal gain, we are not allowing ourselves to use our spiritual abilities.

18.712 Our attempt in itself is often what blocks our spiritual abilities, not because of a higher principle, or the moral high ground, but because of what is effectively ‘spiritual physics’.

18.713 We can only use our spiritual abilities when we allow ourselves to use our spiritual abilities. If we attempt to use our spiritual abilities, we are not allowing ourselves to use our spiritual abilities.

18.714 It is only through doing nothing, that we can allow what is to occur, to occur.

18.715 If we seek to know the truth, we must look within.

18.716 We choose to realise our fears by default, when we do not choose to release our fears.

18.717 Events often occur when we stop looking for the event, or expecting the event to occur.

18.718 Some souls act as an amplifier for the awareness of other souls.

18.719 We will not become aware of any knowledge that will interfere with our awareness.

18.720 The gap in our circle of awareness, is the chasm which runs through the side of our mountain of awareness.

18.721 Our mountain of awareness is the awareness that we have accumulated throughout our existence, and our journey is to effectively release the awareness that we have accumulated throughout our existence.

18.722 The mountain of our awareness is created by our knowledge of reality, and the experiences of our existence.

18.723 The only way that we are able to continue our journey up the mountain of our awareness, is to complete each circular path. However, we cannot complete each circular path without closing, or crossing the gap in our awareness.

18.724 We need to experience heaven, and add our experience of heaven, to our knowledge of heaven, to create our awareness of heaven.

18.725 We need to allow others to experience, even if we know that some of their experiences will be difficult.

18.726 In time, more physical environments will be inhabited.

18.727 We are able to incarnate as plants, which is experience, but a limited experience.

18.728 As the earth regenerates, most souls who have not become aware, will remain in spirit form, because there will be limited opportunities to incarnate.

18.729 Conflicts within awareness are a product of gaps in awareness.

18.730 Many souls have been ‘stuck’ on the earth plane, because of artificial fulfilment, which is now beginning to consume itself, and as such souls will experience the earth plane, and souls will then move on the complete their experiences on other physical planes.

18.731 Souls from other physical planes will exist on the earth plane, and souls from the earth plane will exist on other physical planes.

18.732 Contradictions are caused by the gaps in our awareness, or our failure to apply our awareness.

18.733 We need to manage and adjust to our increasing awareness.

18.734 The perception of God within, alters for each of us, subject to our awareness.

18.735 Our perception of God alters with our awareness.

18.736 Consider the universe. All must agree that everything exists within the universe, and that everything which exists is a part of the universe. This is so even if we consider the universe to be a collection of inanimate objects, is it not?

Those who would describe the universe as a collection of inanimate objects could also, if they so chose, describe a human being in basically the same way, and the description would be technically correct. However, such a description would only apply to the human body, and if a person were to die, such a description would remain correct, until the body decayed. Such a description of the human body makes no allowance for the spirit, the life, the very existence within that body.

Equally, the same description applies to all life whether such life is in animal form, insect form, or plant form. If a spirit can choose any of these forms, why could the universe not be the body of God? Surely a technical description of the body of the universe, is no different in principle than the technical description of the human body.

18.737 We could say that the difference between a dead body and a living body is within the terminology, a human body or a human being. Why not apply this to the universe. A universal being. Perhaps what has been described by many cultures as ‘a universal being’, is precisely that?

18.738 Every perception of God reflects a soul’s awareness.

18.739 The connection between souls exists when we ‘tune in’ to the vibration or frequency of another soul.

18.740 Sometimes the connection between souls is a one-way connection, and at other times the connection between souls is two-way or mutual.

18.741 We each exist on our own vibrational frequency which is unique to us. The individuality and uniqueness of each of us and our vibrational frequency could be described as a spiritual fingerprint.

18.742 At times we tune in to another soul’s frequency and a connection is established, which is beyond our connection with all that is.

18.743 The connection created through tuning in to another soul’s frequency, is how we are linked and bonded to certain souls.

18.744 Being tuned in to another soul’s frequency, is how we immediately recognise a soul with whom we are linked and bonded.

18.745 We are tuned into the vibrational frequency of certain souls, and therefore we are connected to those certain souls.

18.746 Our link to another soul cannot be broken whilst we remain tuned in to that soul’s vibrational frequency.

18.747 It is through tuning in to the vibrational frequency of another soul, that we are led to other souls when we seek experiences with other souls.

18.748 Our need for experience is what dictates our connections with other souls.

18.749 If we need to share an experience with a specific soul, we will tune in to that soul’s vibrational frequency, and the connection will be made.

18.750 We cannot force ourselves to tune into another soul’s vibrational frequency, or tune out of another soul’s vibrational frequency.

18.751 All that we can do, is allow ourselves to tune in to another soul’s vibrational frequency if and when an experience needs to be shared with another soul. The experience may occur at any level of our existence, and when the experience is complete, we will allow ourselves to tune out of the other soul’s vibrational frequency.

18.752 If only one soul needs the experience, that soul will tune in to another soul’s vibrational frequency, without a ‘reciprocal tuning in’.

18.753 Regardless of the specific experience which motivated the connection, it is the concept of the one way connection into another soul’s vibrational frequency, which provides the mechanics for us to experience unrequited love and the like. One soul can feel a strong bond, a connection with another soul, which the soul with whom they are connected, does not feel at all.

18.754 We must wait patiently until we are meant to act, and then we will know with clarity, which direction to pursue.

18.755 Fear in itself is not a negative experience. Fear can protect us from experiences which we are not ready to face.

18.756 If we are not ready to face an experience, we are not ready to face an experience.

18.757 If we are not ready to face an experience we have not failed.

18.758 That fear can assist us to delay facing an experience, until we are ready to face the experience, makes fear little more than a tool to assist in our experiences.

18.759 Fear is an emotion, and the purpose of our emotions is to assist us to feel our experiences.

18.760 Fear is an illusion and love is reality. Nevertheless, both fear and love are necessary for the experience of the earth plane, and for our ability to experience.

18.761 If we are to experience ‘heaven on earth’, we need to experience only love.

18.762 We cannot experience only love, until we release all fear. However, if we are not ready to allow ourselves to release our fears, we cannot force ourselves to release our fears.

18.763 When we realise our fears, even when we understand that our fears are illusions, we have not released our fears.

18.764 Sometimes our fears are in respect of events, and sometimes our fears are in respect of the consequences of events.

18.765 We may fear either the cause or the effect, or we may fear both the cause and the effect.

18.766 We will not release our fears, until we are ready to release our fears.

18.767 We will not be ready to release our fears, until we no longer need our fears to assist our experiences.

18.768 When we no longer need to experience fear based experiences, the experiences that remain are love based experiences.

18.769 When we reach the point where we are left with love based experiences, we are ready to enter ‘heaven on earth’.

18.770 Facing our fear, if our fear is realised, is necessary for us to release our fear.

18.771 We can feel the specific vibration of rain.

18.772 Those who exist on other physical planes have visited the earth plane, and continue to visit the earth plane.

18.773 We must apply our awareness.

18.774 We need to finalise our awareness of each issue, every time that we realise a new level of awareness.

18.775 As we reach each new level of awareness, the depth of our awareness will increase.

18.776 We can feel and identify the vibration of each New Year.

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