Today's Insight


17.01 The experience of the Revelation is something which we all must face.

17.02 The Revelation is something that we all must experience as individuals, not collectively as a society, or a world.

17.03 It is through individuals facing the Revelation, and finding heaven on earth, that the earth plane itself will become heaven on earth.

17.04 We have asked many times, ‘Why God?’. We should ask ‘Why not God?

17.05 The universe is more than a collection of inanimate objects.

17.06 The universe is more than the sum of its parts.

17.07 The universe is the collective consciousness of all that exists.

17.08 The universe and all of its wonders, is the physical manifestation of God.

17.09 We should not ask why God.

17.10 We should not ask who created God. God is.

17.11 Why not God?

17.12 The term God itself creates a thought of an all powerful, all knowing, all seeing, being, which is correct in definition, but not in image.

17.13 The universe is alive, the universe has life.

17.14 The nature of the life which is the universe, is love.

17.15 Love is the fabric of existence. and love is the fabric of God.

17.16 There is no why God. God is. That is all.

17.17 God is love and love is wanting love.

17.18 Love is the power of creation and love is creation itself. No more and no less.

17.19 Love is God and love is why God.

17.20 The vibration of love, which increases with purity is the very air that God breathes.

17.21 The vibration of love is the food and drink which sustains God.

17.22 Love is sustained by love.

17.23 All who have experienced love, will know that there is no need for anything other than love.

17.24 Love is all.

17.25 Love is everything.

17.26 God is love, and love is why God.

17.27 If we consider the end of the Revelation. If we consider the love which survives when all before love perishes, we will know why God.

17.28 When all else is gone, ‘heaven on earth’, is what we are left with.

17.29 ‘Heaven on earth’ is the final step.

17.30 We must never tire of being human, existing in physical form is the only way that we can feel our experiences.

17.31 We are all spiritual beings, even if we are unaware of our spirituality.

17.32 It is very difficult to see love when we are blinded by fear.

17.33 All difficulties can be resolved by responding with love, instead of fear.

17.34 Love exists within all that is.

17.35 Love is the very essence of our existence.

17.36 Even the most bitter and resentful of individuals have love buried within them.

17.37 Love has the power to turn a monster into a lamb.

17.38 Sometimes, we need to travel through hell, to reach heaven.

17.39 If there is only preparation and nothing at the end, there would be no point in the preparation.

17.40 When we continue to talk to past love ones who have died, even if we do not fully understand why we are doing so, we are in fact talking with the spirits of our past love ones.

17.41 After we have met our soulmate, we will want no other.

17.42 A master is no different.

17.43 A master retains their humanity whilst a master is attached to the earth plane.

17.44 What has been described as little people, or fairies, or all manner of magical and mystical things such as nature’s orphans, lost souls and fallen angels are the spirits of plant life, or the spirits of souls experiencing plant form.

17.45 The spirits of souls experiencing plant form, remain attached to their physical plant bodies, but the spirits of souls experiencing plant form are real, and the spirits of souls experiencing plant form are all around us.

17.46 If faith was easy, faith would not be faith.

17.47 We endure a spirit plane battle, which manifests itself on the earth plane, as intense difficulties within our lives, each time we enter a new, and significant level of awareness.

17.48 The teachings of many masters are filled with terminology which is not always easy to understand, mostly because the words of the masters were transcribed by those who, in effect, needed to use such terminology to feel special. However, the choice of terminology was in part also a reflection of the audience, to whom the masters spoke. Souls sought spiritual answers which portrayed a higher level of consciousness, and mysteries that could be believed, but not attained. We are now looking to attain spiritual awareness and as such, it is now time to de-mystify reality.

17.49 Facing ourselves in solitude, is the key to our awareness.

17.50 We must trust God, and be patient.

17.51 We can only live in the now moment.

17.52 We will not receive clarity, until it is time to have our confusion lifted.

17.53 We must maintain our faith in God, without a safety net.

17.54 We will all experience a change in our identity.

17.55 We will all be reborn, despite the fact that the term reborn, like other terms such as soulmate, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted.

17.56 The combination of our three parts, our physical self, our spiritual self, and our God self, has the power of creation.

17.57 We need to allow whatever we are to experience, to happen.

17.58 A loving father does not place his children in a position where they can be harmed. However, a loving father does allow his children to experience life for themselves. We are loved, and we are allowed to experience, because no harm can come to us.

17.59 We do not need to make anything happen.

17.60 We cannot really make anything happen.

17.61 We only need to choose and allow.

17.62 Once we have chosen, we need to allow our choice to manifest itself.

17.63 The nature of our journey is circular.

17.64 There is no future in being a martyr.

17.65 Awareness can occur in any environment.

17.66 If we are not happy with our life, we should ask ourselves, why?

17.67 The key to inner peace, is to accept and allow.

17.68 We cannot force ourselves to accept the truth.

17.69 We need to allow ourselves to accept the truth.

17.70 We cannot interfere with the chosen experiences of others.

17.71 We must not dwell on what could have been, because what could have been, could not have been.

17.72 Sometimes, we need to retreat, and heal our damaged spirit.

17.73 We often do what others believe we should do, instead of what we want to do, or what we know that we should do for ourselves.

17.74 When we consciously utilise our ability to create that which we desire, we are not being selfish.

17.75 We cannot personally help everyone who we encounter.

17.76 A spiritual existence, is not an existence of self sacrifice.

17.77 We too easily settle for something, that is not who we are.

17.78 The path that we follow, crosses the direct route to the front door of heaven, on many occasions. On each of these occasions, we have the opportunity to choose to move onto the direct route to the front door of heaven.

17.79 It is time to allow ourselves to soar.

17.80 Acceptance is enough.

17.81 At any given point, we are able to see the outcome of each of the possible choices that we are faced with, if we allow ourselves to see the outcome of each of the possible choices that we are faced with.

17.82 Our spiritual fulfilment cannot be felt, unless our spiritual fulfilment transfers itself to the earth plane.

17.83 The only way to find what we are seeking is to travel in a circle from the earth plane, through all levels of existence and then return to the earth plane.

17.84 We need to look at our life, and ask ourselves; ‘is this who we are?’

17.85 It is possible for us to be in two places at once, or for our physical self to be in one place and our spirit self to be in another place.

17.86 Our spirit can appear as any one of our past life incarnations.

17.87 Life is difficult when we know that we have a purpose, and we know that we are looking for our purpose without knowing what our purpose is, or understanding that it is necessary for us to clear away the karmic clutter, before we can know our purpose.

17.88 We must not overlook the reversing effect of the earth plane.

17.89 Understanding why we have made our choices in the past, will assist our awareness in making the correct choices in the future.

17.90 We have not placed our faith in God, until we live based on our faith in God.

17.91 We need solitude to look within.

17.92 Much awareness will come to us whilst we are in solitude.

17.93 From an earth plane perspective, the concept of remaining in solitude, has been reversed, and viewed as being negative.

17.94 Sometimes, what we want is irrelevant.

17.95 Masters assist us all in our chosen experiences, but masters do not interfere with our chosen experiences.

17.96 We must open our mind to all possibilities, and look within for the truth.

17.97 Sometimes, we choose to experience shit.

17.98 All illusion falls away, in time.

17.99 What remains after all illusion is stripped away, is reality.

17.100 We know the truth with a certainty that defies our ability to rationalise and justify.

17.101 Our ‘heaven on earth’ reflects who we are.

17.102 ‘Heaven on earth’ is different for each soul.

17.103 Our illusions are shattered by our experiences.

17.104 There is a reason for everything, and there is a reason why our current environment is, as our current environment is.

17.105 Whilst our environment remains, we need our environment.

17.106 Why do those on a spiritual path, become content with having just enough to get by?

17.107 Our issues remain whilst we need our issues.

17.108 There is nothing that we can do to force our issues to go away.

17.109 All that we can do is experience, and allow our issues to go away.

17.110 We experience our environment, until we know and we accept that our environment is not who we are.

17.111 All that we need to do is accept that many of our experiences are not we are, and we will not need to repeat our experiences.

17.112 We continue to repeat our experiences with increasing intensity, because we have not truly become aware that our experiences are not who we are.

17.113 When something is meant to be, that something will be, regardless of delays.

17.114 We always become aware of why we have created an environment, when we no longer need that environment.

17.115 We must persist, regardless of the difficult nature of our experience.

17.116 Most of us have joyful and satisfying experiences within our reach, but we push joyful and satisfying experiences away.

17.117 We should trust our higher self and in so doing, we should trust God.

17.118 Security blankets are ineffective and unnecessary.

17.119 The creation of our individual world is not a process of positive thinking, we only need to accept that we can choose to experience joy and happiness, and we need to have an understanding of who we are, and what is a part of us.

17.120 If we experience something, we need to ask ourselves whether we are experiencing who we are, or whether we are experiencing who we are not.

17.121 It is through understanding who we are not, that we understand who we are.

17.122 All physical matter, including our body’s cells are a tool of the spirit.

17.123 There are times to take action.

17.124 There are many times to take action and on those occasions, we must take action. However, we should not waste our time attempting to take action. We need to wait until it is time to take action, and then allow God, not God in the cosmic terms of the ocean, but the God within, our higher self, our inner self, our instinct, to guide us.

17.125 We can only be who we are, by making the difficult decisions.

17.126 There are times when we must take action, and there are times when we must be patient.

17.127 We must be who we are, regardless of what ‘who we are’ is.

17.128 There are times when we must trust our instinct.

17.129 Knowledge and awareness are not the same thing.

17.130 That we are unaware of our any knowledge, does not mean that we do not have that knowledge within us.

17.131 Awareness is infinite.

17.132 By being who we are even in adversity, we are indeed helping ourselves.

17.133 It may be easy to be who we are, when we are not faced with adversity. However, we need to maintain who we are, even in adversity.

17.134 The true test of whether we have become who we are, is whether we can know who we are, and maintain who we are, in adversity.

17.135 What we want is not irrelevant.

17.136 We must not allow ourselves to be pushed into compromising ourselves.

17.137 If we do not want to experience our environment, we must change our environment.

17.138 We must allow answers to come to us, but we must not seek answers directly.

17.139 If our environment does not change, we must ask ourselves why our environment does not change.

17.140 Our environment is what we have chosen to experience, our environment is not who we are.

17.141 What we experience does matter…. to us.

17.142 We can call on the masters to help us, whenever we need help.

17.143 What we want is very relevant, but mostly we sell ourselves short.

17.144 We need to accept who we are, and we need to not accept who we are not. Two sides of the one coin.

17.145 We should not accept the first solution which presents itself, if we know that the solution is not right for us.

17.146 We accept that which is not a part of who we are, far too easily.

17.147 We must not accept that which is not a part of who we are.

17.148 As we begin to understand who we are, and then become who we are, we begin to know when we are experiencing who we are not, which is why we know that an experience is not ‘right’.

17.149 When we are experiencing who we are not, the experience feels like the experience is an illusion and not real, because we know that the experience is not who we are.

17.150 Visiting the sites of past lifetimes is similar to visiting the home of our childhood. The environment is the same, and familiar, but at the same time the environment is very different from how the environment had been when we were a child, or in our past life.

17.151 People who are meant to be together, will be together even if they are separated.

17.152 Intense spiritual fulfilment may make our earth plane existence complete, but intense spiritual fulfilment does not replace our earth plane existence.

17.153 There is no point speculating about what might have been.

17.154 We should make our own decisions, and we should draw upon the resources of the spirit plane and the higher plane to assist us to make our own decisions.

17.155 There are times when me must stand our ground, and maintain our faith in God.

17.156 It is possible to train ourselves to be satisfied with spiritual enlightenment, but all of the spiritual enlightenment in the universe does not remove the fact that the earth plane has a purpose, and that the purpose of the earth plane is to feel experience.

17.157 Reaching a point where we feel above the experiences of the earth plane, is not our final destination.

17.158 Reaching a point where we feel above the experiences of the earth plane, is effectively the halfway point on our journey.

17.159 There are no rules.

17.160 The way to complete our journey is through acceptance.

17.161 Acceptance is in itself, a two-sided coin. We need to become aware of what to accept. We need only accept who we are, we need not accept who we are not.

17.162 Our ultimate goal, before returning to exist within the ocean, which is God the fabric of existence, is to experience who we are.

17.163 We can only experience who we are, by feeling the experience, and we can only feel experience on the earth plane.

17.164 We must accept only who we are, and in so doing we will allow ourselves to experience who we are.

17.165 We can only step over the threshold of ‘heaven on earth’ by being who we are.

17.166 Having desires does not make us unworthy.

17.167 Money and relationships are the two primary motivations for all that we choose to experience.

17.168 The issues of money and relationships are in themselves a double-sided coin, and can lead to both joy and despair.

17.169 The Truth Of Reality is not extraordinary, The Truth Of Reality is common.

17.170 The Truth Of Reality is an everyday occurrence.

17.171 It is time for us to accept The Truth Of Reality.

17.172 We should have no fear, because we have no reason to fear.

17.173 If we hide who we are, we cannot experience being who we are.

17.174 Avoiding unpleasant experiences is not a product of fear.

17.175 Enduring unpleasant experiences, because enduring an unpleasant experience is what others believe that we should do, is a product of fear.

17.176 When we feel that fear has a terrible grip on us, we are usually viewing the situation in reverse. It is not fear that grips us at all, it is a spirit, and sometimes a master in spirit form who has gripped us for our own protection.

17.177 We do not become paralysed by fear, we become paralysed or restrained for our own protection, to prevent us from experiencing something which is not who we are, and which we have not chosen to experience, or sometimes simply ensuring that we remain on our correct path.

17.178 Sometimes the easy solution is the hard solution.

17.179 When we encourage others, we will often find that we have also encouraged ourselves.

17.180 When we pass through the major barriers on our journey, we are rewarded with waves of awareness which had been held back by the barrier.

17.181 Our journey is spiritual.

17.182 What we experience on the earth plane is a physical manifestation of our spiritual journey to enable us to experience our journey. However, the earth plane feels real, to the extent where we believe that it is the earth plane that we are experiencing, and not a physical manifestation of our true spiritual experience.

17.183 A deep fissure runs up the side of our mountain of awareness. Each time that we  reach the fissure, we need to find a way to cross the chasm. We can stumble into the chasm and climb out, we can build a bridge across the chasm, or we can allow ourselves to be carried across the chasm by God. The easiest method of crossing the chasm, is to allow God to carry us across the chasm.

17.184 Each moment that we live is both an ending and a beginning.

17.185 Every moment that we exist is a reflection of the circle of our existence.

17.186 When we need to understand an issue and become aware of an issue, we find ourselves surrounded by that issue.

17.187 When we are engaged in a spiritual battle, we do not know precisely what is happening until our spiritual battle is over, or almost over.

17.188 Becoming aware of a spiritual battle, is a part of the spiritual battle in itself.

17.189 We are supposed to feel our earth plane environment.

17.190 Awareness in itself can be a double-edged sword.

17.191 Hell exists in the same place as heaven exists, within. The difference is that hell is an illusion, whereas heaven is reality.

17.192 The earth plane reality is the reverse of the true reality.

17.193 An unpleasant or negative experience on the earth plane, is a positive or reverse experience for our true selves.

17.194 Difficult or fear based experiences on the earth plane, produce the reverse effect on the higher plane, because only love exists on the higher plane. However, a love based experience on the earth plane cannot be reversed, because only love exists on the higher plane.

17.195 Only love is real, and only love exists on the higher plane.

17.196 We should not seek to avoid experiences.

17.197 What we have experienced in the past, does not necessarily provide the key to what we will experience in the future.

17.198 The best thing that we can do, is to allow ourselves to experience whatever occurs.

17.199We are brave enough for war, but are we brave enough for peace?

17.200 There is no point, even in hindsight, of saying that we should, or should not, have done this or that. We did what we did, and we experienced the result of what we did.

17.201 We must allow ourselves to feel, even if we do not understand our feelings.

17.202 We must not compromise who we are.

17.203 If another cannot give us their love, we must not attempt to obtain their love in any other way.

17.204 Pure love is far removed from sacrificial love.

17.205 Love is reality.

17.206 Love does not need to be demonstrated, love does not need to be proven, love simply needs to be felt.

17.207 When an experience is complete, the best course of action is to walk away.

17.208 How can we build a future, when we hang onto the past?

17.209 When we know that our environment is controlled and artificial, we can feel not only the environment itself, but also the controlled nature of our environment.

17.210 We can travel to any of our previous lifetimes, and re-experience that lifetime.

17.211 Time does not exist on the higher plane.

17.212 The future is a concept of our lower self, the past a concept of our spirit self, and now is a concept of our higher self.

17.213 To our higher self, everything is now.

17.214 Our physical plane experiences, even our difficult experiences are so precious to our higher self, that we repeat our physical plane experiences over and over again.

17.215 That we can experience a single lifetime more than once is why we can experience an event which we know that we have experienced before, and why our future can be seen.

17.216 Our higher self does know what we are going to experience, and what we have chosen to experience.

17.217 We have already experienced the future, we are experiencing the future, and we will experience the future.

17.218 We should appreciate our ability to experience.

17.219 Our best course of action is to allow an experience to occur, feel the experience, and then release the experience.

17.220 We need to allow the events in our life to occur, and act upon what we feel at the time, without any preconceived ideas or ‘ifs’.

17.221 We must draw on our own experience, because we have all answers within us.

17.222 Our life is a product of fate, but we control our life totally.

17.223 There are times when we must be brave.

17.224 There are times when we must make brave decisions.

17.225 There is no reason for love, and there does not need to be a reason for love.

17.226 Love cannot be justified.

17.227 If love needs to be justified, then we are not experiencing pure love.

17.228 In many respects the concept that is the most difficult to come to terms with, is the concept of allow.

17.229 Choose, create, allow is the trinity of our environment.

17.230 In our society where the level of our experiences has intensified, the issue of stress has manifested itself. Stress is a result of our intensified experiences. In effect, stress occurs when we have experienced enough, and we need to take time out to review. All that stress is telling us, is that it is time to rest and time to review, but we have refused to take the time to rest and reflect on our experiences.

17.231 When our lifetimes were shorter, and we had less to experience in each lifetime, we had more time at our disposal to reflect on all that occurred in our lives.

17.232 We can take the step to leave our old world at any time, if we have the courage to leave our old world without a security blanket.

17.233 Similar experiences do not mean similar results.

17.234 Nothing that we experience, either good or bad from our earth plane perspective, will alter The Truth Of Reality.

17.235 When we achieve before our life is half way through, what others experience a lifetime without achieving, when the challenge is our motivation not the event, what do we do when the challenge is no longer a challenge?

17.236 Many of the concepts which have been introduced during the previous few decades, are now being turned into religions. These concepts may not be called religions. The concepts may be called networks, institutes, discussion groups and workshops, but effectively the concepts are becoming institutionalised.

17.237 When we restrict ourselves to one institution or concept, we are restricting our ability to experience and through experience gain awareness.

17.238 Invariably, individuals become lost within institutions.

17.239 All answers are within.

17.240 Our answers will most likely not be another’s answers.

17.241 If we decide to attend religious ceremonies or discussion groups or whatever they are labelled, that is our choice, but we may find that the hours which we set aside for these groups, would be better spent sitting alone in a park reflecting, which may ultimately be more spiritually productive, than attending religious ceremonies or discussion groups.

17.242 We need to be careful when giving money to religions or a charity which is not at a grass roots level. Many charities are little more than commercial salesmen, with most of the money going to the institution. If we have some money to spare, we do more good by doing something more for ourselves, such as buying a book, any book, it does not matter. If we really want to be charitable, we could buy a homeless person a meal, or better still, we could bring a homeless person home, cook them a meal and give them a hot bath. If we have the money to spare we could buy a piece of equipment for our local hospital. It does not really matter what we do, as long as we know that all of what we are giving will benefit the intended recipient, and not an institution.

17.243 If we are wealthy with money to spare, we should not give large sums to commercial charities, instead we should take the time to go to the unemployment office, listen to the hopes and dreams of those who are struggling, and if someone touches us, we could use the money to help them establish a business, or develop a skill to help themselves. We could treat any money that we give as an interest free loan, and then we can do it all again, effectively recycling our money and helping another fallen soul to get back on their feet. If we provide this type of assistance ourselves, we will know that our money, our time, our compassion has reached those who really need what we have to give.

17.244 If we choose to help others, we should help others ourselves, we should not help others vicariously.

17.245 There are some amongst us who are here to help, but who do not really belong on the earth plane.

17.246 A master, whilst in physical form, experiences the earth plane and is no different to any other soul on the earth plane.

17.247 Our periods of greatest peace and calm, follow our periods of greatest difficulty.

17.248 It is far better for us not to know our future. When we know our future, we do not allow ourselves to explore possibilities.

17.249 Knowing the future prevents experience.

17.250 If we know what is to come, we avoid experiences and ignore many of the possibilities that we could have experienced exploring.

17.251 We do not need to know the future, we only need to follow our instinct.

17.252 Our reason for existence on the earth plane is to experience, and if we know what is going to occur, we prevent our experiences.

17.253 Knowing what is to occur defeats our very purpose for existing on the earth plane.

17.254 We are only given vague information about our future, because knowing precisely what is going to occur in the future, closes down far too many of our options, or opportunities for experience.

17.255 We do not truly understand, until we have experienced for ourselves.

17.256 Without experience, there can be no awareness.

17.257 There is no point in avoiding experience, because if we avoid experience, we avoid awareness.

17.258 There is no point to our existence without awareness, and so there is no point to our existence without experience.

17.259 All of the knowledge in the universe is not worth knowing, unless that knowledge becomes awareness.

17.260 Knowledge without awareness does not provide understanding, and without understanding, knowledge is useless.

17.261 Awareness = experience + knowledge2. Without experience, the awareness equation does not exist.

17.262 Without confusion, we cannot experience.

17.263 Knowing what is to happen in our lives, is not the godsend that we believe knowing the future is.

17.264 Timing is often important, because all that occurs is connected.

17.265 One seemingly insignificant event, can affect the lives of a great many people.

17.266 Sometimes we need to wait for an event to occur which will enable connections to be put into place, so that the event will have the precise effect that is required.

17.267 We all experience periods in our life where we are effectively waiting for a precise set of circumstances. What do we do whilst we wait? Do we sit as patiently as possible, and become frustrated by delays? Or do we explore and experience other possibilities, because we do not know that we are waiting?

17.268 We do not need to know our future, following our instinct is enough.

17.269 Knowing the outcome of events makes our journey harder, not easier.

17.270 Knowledge alone does not help us to understand a point, because understanding comes from awareness, and awareness requires experience.

17.271 We sometimes need to know a little of the future, enough to keep us going when we struggle with difficult experiences.

17.272 When it is time for us to know a little of the future, there were many resources, either externally or internally, to provide knowledge of the future.

17.273 If we know too much about our future, we defeat the purpose of our existence.

17.274 If we know too much about our future, we lose our ability to experience and explore the earth plane.

17.275 We must accept what is within, and we must allow ourselves to experience.

17.276 Believing or not believing, worrying or not worrying, being concerned or not being concerned, will not affect reality.

17.277 When we despair, and even when we are beyond despair, we must not give up.

17.278 The reality is that we do not need to follow rules, or doctrines. We do not need to practice anything, or to train ourselves. Nor is there anything to master. All that we need to do is accept the truth within, and allow our instinct to guide us. Enlightenment really is that simple. No magic, no tricks, no special abilities.

17.279 We need to look within, and accept the truth.

17.280 There are three simple steps to follow: Look within for the truth. Accept the truth within. Allow the truth to be.

17.281 The fear of the earth plane has diminished, but in general fear remains. Whilst ever fear remains, there will be those who manipulate fear and use fear as a means to control, or more accurately to maintain control.

17.282 All of the difficulties that we face on the earth plane, are in reality earth plane manifestations of our spiritual journey to awareness.

17.283 Sometimes, we need to allow our mind to wonder where it will.

17.284 To exist within ‘heaven on earth’ we need to become ‘who I am’, meaning ‘who I am’ and no more.

17.285 We need to first know and then experience ‘who I am’, before we can become aware of ‘who I am’, which is necessary for us to become ‘who I am’.

17.286 From the perspective of the higher plane, we are experiencing our previous lifetimes, simultaneously with this lifetime, which is why we can move to our experiences of previous lifetimes, instead of simply recalling our experiences of previous lifetimes.

17.287 Allow is a very simple concept. Allow means exactly that, allow. However, even applying the concept of allow, requires us to apply the concept of allow. We need to allow ourselves to allow. Allow is a very, very simple concept, but allow is a very difficult concept to apply.

17.288 Research is anything that assists in what could be termed, our education. The school where we gain knowledge is within. The environment where we apply our knowledge is our life, or our life’s experiences. Our diploma is awareness. There is no set curriculum, and each curriculum is individual to the student. Therefore, the only one who knows, the only one who can know when a master’s degree is obtained, is the individual who is studying.

17.289 We must keep going, even if what we perceive as the ‘worst’, happens.

17.290 There are times when we ‘know’ something, and our knowledge is confirmed to us by accident, or apparent accident.

17.291 When a dream, which at times is all that has kept us going, is shattered, the casualty is often our hope.

17.292 There is a vast difference between spirit plane knowledge and earth plane experience. The difference is that earth plane experience is felt.

17.293 If we want to free ourselves from whatever we are experiencing, we must flow with the experience. If we artificially force the experience away, the experience will return.

17.294 There is no secret, there are no rules. All that we need to do, is allow.

17.295 The biggest steps on our spiritual journey, are taken after our most difficult earth plane experiences.

17.296 If we do not receive pleasure from an experience, why do we keep repeating the experience, unless we are trying to punish ourselves for something.

17.297 Our journey does not need to be difficult, for us to obtain awareness.

17.298 When a difficulty slowly moves away from us, we are releasing whatever the difficulty is permanently. Whenever a difficulty suddenly goes, chances are that the departure of the difficulty is temporary, and whatever the difficulty is, will return.

17.299 Many of us have created an environment in which to punish ourselves.

17.300 Sometimes, we need a shoulder to cry on, to help us release our pain.

17.301 We can stumble around looking for something, especially if we know that it is something that we must look for, without success, if it is not time for us to find what we are looking for. Only to stumble across whatever it is by ‘accident’ when it is time to find whatever it is.

17.302 An intense experience does not need to be a difficult experience.

17.303 We retain experiences for as long as we need the experience, which is whilst there is still awareness to be extracted from the experience.

17.304 When we no longer need an experience, an event will occur to release the experience from our grasp.

17.305 One of the consistent concepts that exists within many beliefs, is that we must overcome difficulties, and we must make sacrifices. However, difficulties and sacrifices are unnecessary.

17.306 There are times in our lives when we reach a decision point. A key point in our existence where we must make a decision which will alter the course of our very existence.

17.307 When we read the Revelation for ourselves, we will see our own images in our mind as to what the Revelation means to us, personally.

17.308 Temptation is any event that causes us to consider compromising who we are.

17.309 ‘Lead me not into temptation’, could also be expressed as ‘Give me the strength and guidance to follow my instinct,’ or ‘Do not allow me to compromise who I am’.

17.310 There is never a reason to punish ourselves, even if we believe that there is a reason to punish ourselves. However, we do punish ourselves, often without even an imagined reason to punish ourselves.

17.311 What we each choose is simply that, choice. However, much of what we choose is unnecessary.

17.312 Every point on the circle is both the beginning and the end.

17.313 We must have no animosity, we must have no bitterness, and we must make no judgement.

17.314 We do not compromise ourselves when our actions are based upon our own principles.

17.315 To create our own environment, we need to make the choice to create our environment, and then allow our environment to be created.

17.316 We should not appreciate, nor be frustrated by the opportunities which present themselves to us.

17.317 We need to allow events to occur.

17.318 Our future changes as we pass each of the points where we could have chosen to break our circle.

17.319 We have the option to break our circular environment at any point, and move into the future.

17.320 Events that have transpired in our lives, would not have transpired if we had chosen an alternate reality.

17.321 None of our possible futures are wrong, they are simply different.

17.322 If we know our future and events transpire differently to what we know, it is the future from an alternate reality that we knew.

17.323 We are living all possible futures simultaneously, not as a separate soul, but as the same soul experiencing different choices.

17.324 Time does not exist on the higher plane. Therefore, all events occur simultaneously on the higher plane.

17.325 There are times when we are convinced that an event will occur. There are times when an event has occurred, because we have seen and felt the event occur. There are times when we have been totally surprised when the event did not occur, in this reality. These are the times when we have moved to an alternate reality and the event that we experienced occurred in the alternate reality.

17.326 When we reflect on our life, we can recall our experiences when we could almost feel ourselves experiencing an event, which we never did experience. We can see that we have ‘almost’ experienced an event, on a number of occasions during our lifetime. These are the times when we have moved to an alternate reality.

17.327 All realities are right, all realities lead to the same place.

17.328 Each reality provides a unique set of experiences to be felt in an earth plane environment.

17.329 There are realities where we are together with people, whom we are now apart from in this reality.

17.330 Awareness provides clarity.

17.331 Whatever we are experiencing in alternate realities, means nothing to us in this reality.

17.332 As our vibrational rate increases, colours change around us as we begin to perceive colours which we previously could not see.

17.333 Reality, regardless of which alternate reality we are experiencing, does not change.

17.334 Only awareness changes.

17.335 All that changes is that as we become aware.

17.336 When we become aware, we can see what we had once been blind to.

17.337 When we reach significant points of awareness, the world slows so that we can take every thing in. However, the world does not really slow, the world just appears to slow because our vibrational rate is moving ever faster.

17.338 How many alternate realities do we exist within? How long is a piece of string? We exist within as many realities as we choose. When we have experienced all we have chosen to experience within any reality, we die within that reality.

17.339 A soul can exist many times in one reality as (say) an adult, an animal and a child, but exist only once, in an alternate reality of the same lifetime.

17.340 Awareness is infinite.

17.341 We can see our alternative realities, but we cannot not feel our alternative realities.

17.342 We may have knowledge, but until we have our own experiences to draw upon, we do not have awareness.

17.343 Without awareness there can be no understanding.

17.344 Each of us has a central reality, a reality which is the key to our existence.

17.345 Each of our central realities is not the same reality, a central reality for one soul may be an alternate reality for another soul.

17.346 We are able to feel the experience of others.

17.347 We can feel the experience of ourselves, in a different reality.

17.348 Awareness creates awareness.

17.349 Awareness broadens awareness.

17.350 Awareness is ever growing, and ever increasing, infinitely.

17.351 The sum of our experiences from alternate realities are woven together.

17.352 There are points on our journey where our awareness will exceed our own awareness.

17.353 The beauty of the world increases each time that we increase our perception of the colours that we had previously been unable to perceive.

17.354 Sometimes there is something that must be said.

17.355 Sometimes, solitude can drain our soul completely.

17.356 Significant increases in awareness are only possible in solitude.

17.357 A spirit plane conversation is a discussion with the spirit self of someone we know, or someone we do not know.

17.358 A soul splits when the soul is created, and each soul lives a number of lifetimes to gain experience before rejoining.

17.359 When our awareness exceeds our own awareness, confusion surrounds our awareness.

17.360 A master retains their humanity on the earth plane.

17.361 We can reach out and draw strength from the fabric of existence.

17.362 When we are truly aware of our higher plane existence, we can move to other realities, and to other points on the circle of our existence.

17.363 When we are truly aware of our spirit plane existence, we can knowingly have discussions with others on the spirit plane.

17.364 When our spiritual journey is difficult, our earth plane environment is also difficult. There is no way for us to feel, and therefore experience our spirit plane journey and battles, except on the earth plane.

17.365 When we are balancing and adjusting our third eye chakra, it is difficult to focus our physical eyes.

17.366 We must cast away the debris from our old world, to enable ourselves to build our new world on a clear piece of ground.

17.367 We must allow our subconscious, our spirit plane filing system, to look through our files of experience until we have taken all that we need to take from an experience. After we have drawn all that we need to draw from an experience, we will release the experience.

17.368 Our awareness enhances our ability to feel, our awareness does not diminish our ability to feel.

17.369 We can ‘look in’ on our other realities if we chose.

17.370 All of the awareness in the universe does not make our earth plane existence any easier, unless we apply our awareness.

17.371 There is acceptance and there is acceptance. There was also a difference between flowing with an event and accepting an event. The key to acceptance is whether we accept that an experience is a part of who we are, or whether we accept that an experience is a part of who we are not.

17.372 We start a spiritual journey seeking what is effectively a better life for ourselves, but we often find that our life gets worse, and worse again and again, before our life gets better.

17.373 Physical difficulties are good for our spirit, but so too are physical joys.

17.374 It is through getting our spiritual house in order, that we will get our physical house in order.

17.375 We cannot move into the structure of a new life that we have created, by holding onto anything, or anyone that clearly does not fit into the structure of the new life that we have created.

17.376 We have a central reality. A reality which is our reality, and from our perspective, our only reality.

17.377 Our reality, is the reality that we exist within.

17.378 Our alternate realities are not our reality, and our alternate realities are not the reality in which we have chosen to exist.

17.379 There is nothing to be achieved by regret.

17.380 All of the regret that we can muster together will not alter even one of our experiences.

17.381 When we draw the energy of existence into ourselves, we feel strong and invigorated.

17.382 Awareness can be obtained whilst we are experiencing joy. However, a spiritual journey is often difficult.

17.383 We must feel the difficulties associated with our spiritual journey.

17.384 The only place where we can feel is on the earth plane, and therefore our spiritual difficulties must manifest themselves as physical difficulties.

17.385 When our spiritual difficulties have manifested themselves as physical difficulties, our physical reality does not feel quite real, because our physical reality is not what we are really experiencing. We are really experiencing our spirit plane journey.

17.386 Our physical environment exists solely to enable us to feel our spiritual journey.

17.387 How can we move forward, when we hold onto the past?

17.388 By maintaining our interest in a soul who has fulfilled their purpose in our lives, we are holding on to the past. Our interest in another soul may change when our relationship with them changes, but in this instance, the soul remains in our life. If a soul leaves our life, the soul has no place in our life. If a soul has a place in our life, we will be brought back together in one form or another.

17.389 On what terms do we allow someone into our lives? On their terms or on our terms?

17.390 If neither party to a relationship can provide the other with what the other needs, the relationship serves no purpose for either party to the relationship.

17.391 The awareness process usually needs two elements from an earth plane perspective, difficulties and solitude.

17.392 We feel our earth plane difficulties, and our earth plane difficulties feel very real.

17.393 Our wants are used as a tool to assist in our awareness process.

17.394 We must do what we feel.

17.395 We must apply our awareness.

17.396 We cannot be who we are, even if we are aware of who we are, if we choose to hide from who we are.

17.397 We are drawn to the aspects of reality that we are ready to understand.

17.398 Most of our experiences arise from our relationships.

17.399 What may not be a great lifetime for us, will be a great lifetime for our spirit.

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