Crown Jewels . . . STRANGE Properties of Stones

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GALENA - An important source of lead. Galena promotes healing, calmness, communication, efficiency, receptivity, sensitivity, competency, intelligence, discernment and insight.

GARNET - A Silicate mineral. A variety of colors, the most popular being red or green. RED GARNET inspires romantic Garnetlove, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self confidence. Helps us become more productive and achievement-oriented. GREEN GARNET augments peace, serenity, meditation, creativity, healing, purification, patience and clarity of thought. Also see Almandine, Pyrope, Speseartile and Grossularite.


GEODES - Foster intellectual insight, awareness and community. Geodes help us attract compatible friends and lovers and teach us to live in harmony with each other.

GOLD - Gold is associated with virtue, moral excellence, nobility of mind, purification, happiness, honor, wealth, strength of will, generosity, positive thoughts, energy, good humor, courage, stability, luck and opportunity. This metal stimulates action and ennobles the character.


GOSHEMTE - A clear Beryl. Promotes practical wisdom, moderation, intellectual curiosity and well-thought-out decisions. Helps those who have a hard time making decisions.

GRANITE - Encourages us to go with the flow, and helps us find our highest path. Teaches us to live in a state of grace.

GROSSULARITE - A type of garnet.. Clear, brownish, yellow or green. This stone enhances energy, prosperity and career success. BROWN GROSSULARITE encourages balance and serenity. It also helps us acquire land or property. CLEAR GROSSULARITE is associated with spiritual attainment. GREEN GROSSULARITE promotes healing. YELLOW GROSSULARITE enhances calmness, meditation and relaxation.

GYPSUM - A sedimentary rock. Usually colorless or white. Gypsum augments prosperity, good luck, resolve, purpose, steady effort, career success, strength of character and will. Gypsum inspires us to make our dreams come true.

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