Crown Jewels . . . STRANGE Properties of Stones

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HALITE - Helps us transcend our problems. Encourages perspective and contentment.

HAMBERGITE - Colorless or white. Helps us stick to our beliefs. Fosters idealism, character and truth.

HAUYNITE - A transparent blue. Helps us gain respect, honor, esteem and admiration.

HAWK'S EYE - Quartz. Bluish green to bluish gray. Hawk's Eye fosters serenity, peace, perspective, discernment, abundance, prosperity, healing, riches and a love of nature. This stone teaches us to come to terms with the imperfections of the earth plane.

HELIOTROPE - See Bloodstone.

HEMATITE - An iron ore. Reddish, gray or black. Hematite enhances focus, concentration, will-power, reliability, Hematitecourage, confidence, optimism, trust, balance and stability. This stone has been traditionally considered to have a beneficial effect on legal situations.



HEMIMORPHITE - Also known as Calamine. Blue, green, clear. Fosters enthusiasm, optimism, high energy and the ability to stay excited about a project right through to the end.

HERA CRYSTALS - Also known as self-healed crystals. Clear quartz crystals that have been broken off at one end and grew one or more terminations over the broken area. They promote renewal, birth, rebirth, immortality and self healing powers.

HERKIMER DIAMONDS - Tiny quartz crystals that are found only in Herkimer County, New York. They are usually Herkimer Diamondsdouble terminated and sometimes have three or more terminations. They promote creativity, smooth energy flow, uniqueness, dream recall, originality, imagination and psychic abilities. They are considered energizing and enlivening.



HIDDENITE - A yellow-green to green member of the Spodumene clan. Grants spiritual attainment, enlightenment, universal compassion, transcendence, and peace.

HOWLITE - Snowy white, sometimes with brown or black veins. Rarely clear. Fosters appreciation of beauty, inspiration, Howlitecreativity and artistic expression.



HYACINTH - See Zircon.

HYPERSTHENE - Blackish brown, blackish green. Enhances self-esteem, emotional expression and overcoming shyness. Helps put us at ease in all social situations.

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