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A Mandala has been an excellent mediation and healing tool for millennia.

Today, many Mandala’s are created as colour healing tools. If you would like to learn more about healing mandala’s, you may like to visit our ‘Images That Heal’ page.

Images that Heal

In today’s society, a traditional sand or seed Mandala is not always practical. This animated Mandala is an excellent mediation tool given the pressures and time constraints which we impose upon ourselves.


Greg Ordy a co-owner of Seed Solutions Inc, has created Mandala, which is an excellent no-cost graphics program that displays animated Mandala images. A large number of options can be controlled by the user. Changing these options produces an extremely wide range of Mandala sequences.


This is how the Mandala program appears on your computer, except that the program is animated and the Mandala constantly changes.

If you would like a free copy of the Mandala software, you may download the software.

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