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Every colour has its own vibration, which can enable to the blind to sense different colours. The vibration of colours interacts with our physical and spiritual existence at all levels.

Colours can make us feel uplifted or downhearted. Colours can lighten our mood or lead to depression. Colours can also assist to heal us through the effect that the vibration of colour has on the vibration of our body.

For more information on colours, you may like to visit our colours page.


Colours can be used in combination to produce a variety of effects on us including the removal of heavy or negative energy, filling us with positive or light energy, calming or relaxing us in times of stress, and healing of illness etc.

On this page we demonstrate some examples of colours, which have been combined both intentionally and unintentionally to create healing images.

If you would like to work with individual colours in isolation, understand more about individual colours, or understand the meaning of individual colours to assist you to create your own healing images, you may like to view our colour chart.

Color Chart

Before working with the images on this page, you may like to try our heavy energy removal exercise, so that you have cleansed your energy, before opening yourself to the colour energy images on this page.

Heavy Energy Removal Ph 1
Heavy Energy Removal Ph 2
Heavy Energy Removal Ph 3
Heavy Energy Removal Ph 4

Scroll down, and view the images in isolation. Allow yourself to dwell on each image for as long as you want. You may even want to make a note of how you feel whilst viewing each image.

When you view the following images, take your time and allow yourself to soak the images in. View each image for as long as you feel like viewing the image. It is not important that the view all of the images on this page in one session, or at all.

As with all that you do, allow your instinct to guide you and if an image makes you feel uncomfortable, or does not feel 'right' for you, discontinue viewing the image immediately, either by scrolling down to another image, or by leaving this page all together.

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  healing mandalas

Healing colours are often combined in the form of mandalas combining colours to produce different effects upon those using the images.

Whilst Healing Mandalas are often designed to produce a specific outcome, they will have a different impact upon those who use the Mandala based upon the individual needs of the viewer, which will supersede the motivation of the Mandala’s creator.

The following Healing Mandalas were created by Richard Bonk, and are excellent examples of Healing Mandala. If you would like to view more of Richard Bonk’s beautiful healing Mandala’s you may click on the following banner to go to Richard’s site.

  Richard Bonk
  Crystal healing mandalas

Healers will often use healing crystals in their work. Peggy Jentoft on her ‘Soul Star Adventures’ site has created a series of Healing Mandalas which reflect the colour energy of specific crystals. The following are some examples of Peggy Jentoft’s Crystal Mandalas.








Fire Opal.


If you would like to view more of Peggy Jentoft’s Crystal Healing Mandalas, or Peggy’s purpose created Mandalas in the following section, you can use the following banner link to visit Peggy’s ‘Soul Star Adventures’ site.

  purpose created mandalas

Some Healing Mandalas are created for a specific purpose. You may use these Mandalas, or the other purpose created Mandalas such as those on Peggy’s site, for the purpose for which they were created. However, do not be surprised if the Healing Mandalas have a different effect on you than the creator of the Mandala intended.






If you would like to learn more about Mandalas, and perhaps download a Mandala program you can visit our Mandala page.

  healing pictures

Healing images do not need to be Mandalas or Abstract images. Pictures, can be healing images, based on the combination of the energies in the colours used, and sometimes enhanced by the image itself.

Sometimes pictures are created to be healing images, but other times pictures are pictures which happen to be a healing image, although not specifically created with the intention of being a healing image.

The following examples of Pictures that heal are from the ‘Absolute1’ website, which can be visited using the following banner.
  your own healing image

Images which can be created for individual souls are known by a variety of labels, such as ‘soul portraits’. Individual images which may or may not be created for the purpose of healing, are created by the artist ‘tuning in’ to a soul on a spirit level and creating an image which reflects the soul’s vibration.

It is the synergy between the soul’s vibration and the image which has been created for the soul, that ensures that the image will have a balancing, healing and fine tuning effect on the soul for whom the image was created.

‘Soul Portraits’ such as the examples from the ‘Soul Portraits’ website that follow, will also have the ability of healing other souls who view the images, because of the combination of colour energy used.

To see more examples of Soul Portraits, or to obtain a Soul Portrait of your own, you can use the following banner to visit the ‘Soul Portraits’ website.

  Soul Portraits
  energised images

After the Energised images are printed, they are energised with the Multi-dimensional healing symbol, with the command to 'transform any negative energy in the environment to positive energy'. Energised images are blessed for the Highest good.

Energised images are designs based on the spiral, the archetypal and ancient symbol for energy. For example; the Abundance Symbol is based on the true, clockwise swastika, which occurs naturally within the Crab nebula. The Abundance Symbol has represented good luck for over a thousand years within the Buddhist tradition.

Energised images can be purpose built or personalised, similar to the 'Soul Portraits'.

If you would like to learn more about energised images, or view more images you can use the following banner to visit the 'Healings Symbols' site.

  Multi-Dimensional Healing Tool

The Abundance Symbol

  Chakra Energy Cards

The following are examples of Chakra Energy Cards by Carol Herzer.


Chakra Energy Cards include beautiful and vibrant paintings of the seven Chakras, full of life and energy to inspire you in your meditation and healing.

If you would like to view more of Carol Herzer’s Chakra Energy Cards, or Carol’s Chakra Mandalas in the following section, you can use the following banner link to visit Carol’s ‘Soul Guidance’ site.

  Soul Guidance
5 Throat Chakra 9 The Hermit

Chakra Mandala Cards


Each Chakra Mandala card is a mandala of two Chakras.

21 Inner Eye - Crown 8 Sex - Throat
  spiritual healing images

Spiritual Healing Images combine the use of colour energy with the power contained within images of masters, which invokes the energy that is channelled by the master.

An example of energy channelled by a master can be experienced with the Calming Energy channelled by Eagle Spirit.

Calming Energy

Examples of the use of Spiritual Healing Images, can found by visiting the following two pages.

Healing Medicine Buddha
Blue Medicine Buddha

The following examples of Spiritual Healing Images are from Marianna Rydvald’s ‘Sanctuary of Transformative Art’ site which can be visited using the following banner.

  Sanctuary of Transformative Art
  Other Healing Images

Not all healing images are created as healing images. The following images which use a variety of colours to produce a range of combined energies were created as ‘optical illusions’ and are from the ‘Strange Cosmos’ site which can be visited using the following banner.

  Strange Cosmos
  Colour Exercises

We will now provide some experiments using bi-colour, and multi-colour screens. It is important to be aware of the effects of the mixture and direction of colours, especially if we are creating our own healing image or page.

We will also show the difference in the energy generated by horizontal or vertical lines. Horizontal lines are generally passive and soothing, whereas vertical lines are active and energising. Angled lines are even more active in their effect.

More examples of bi-colour and tri-colour screens can be found at the Colour Therapy site, using the banner link below.

  Color Therapy

Bi Colour


Click on the boxes to open a full screen.

Multi Colour

  Click on the boxes to open a full screen.
  Colour Massage

The concept behind the Colour Massage is that when our energy fields are exposed to all the pure colors, then they automatically instinctively absorb whatever colour frequencies they are lacking or needing.

Consequently, in an effortless, pleasant, and fun manner, your energy fields become much more of a balanced rainbow of all the pure colours.

The following image which includes the use of a void, is from the Iasos site, which is where we find the colour massage by using this banner link.


Important Warning…. The following image which is also an Optical Illusion from the ‘Strange Cosmos’ site, is an extremely powerful image which some of us may not be able to view, because the image can be overpowering.

If we find viewing this final example of the energy of combined colours uncomfortable or disconcerting, we must ‘scroll up’ immediately and do not view the image.


Finally, the universe itself is full of healing colours and energy as can be seen in the background of this mini poster.

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