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Eagle Spirit Ministry has created a series of free A4 sized Mini Posters containing some quotations from Tsúnyöta Köhe't.


If you would like to view the Posters which are currently available, please scroll down.

To print a Poster, click on the image. A printable page will appear.

Click the image to go to the printable version of the poster, and then push the 'Print this Card' button below the poster.

Press the Back button on your web browser to return to this page.

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Eagle Spirit Ministry Posters

Double check that the description matches the poster.

Click the image to print the poster.

Press the print button on the bottom of the page.

These posters are high quality and may take a longer time to display.

You may print, laminate if you want, and freely distribute these cards without limit provided that the posters are not distributed commercially, sold or given in exchange for any donation, promise or offering of any type.

Eagle Spirit Ministry Posters are also available as Greeting Cards and Pocket Quotes.

Greeting Cards
Pocket Quotes
Mini Posters
Special Requests

If you would like Eagle Spirit Ministry to create a Pocket Quote, Mini Poster or Greeting Card, using any of the Insights contained within The Truth Of Reality, please use the link below to e-mail your request to Eagle Spirit Ministry. Eagle Spirit Ministry will usually be able to provide the Pocket Quote, Mini Poster or Greeting Card on request. Eagle Spirit Ministry will not request a fee or donation of any type to meet such requests.

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