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Many belief systems have a form of Prayer Beads within their belief system, regardless of the label which is applied to the Prayer Beads.

Perhaps the most recognised of all Prayer Beads within Western Society is the Catholic Rosary.

Regardless of which label is used, Prayer Beads are an excellent and traditional meditation tool.

The use of the Rosary Prayer Beads is not restricted to followers of the Catholic faith. The Rosary may be either be used for formal Rosary prayer, or for our own, personal prayers.

Some choose to carry a Rosary on their person or in their car for spiritual protection.


The mission of the Holy Cross Family Ministry, is to encourage family prayer, especially the Rosary. To fulfil their mission, Holy Cross Family Ministry, distributes rosaries in a continuation of the work which was began by Father Patrick Peyton, CSC.

"To share with families of the world that peace, the prayer, the love and the togetherness I experienced in the Rosary home, would be my thanks. This would be my mission. This would be my priesthood's power and energy. And so was born the Family Rosary Crusade."

Father Patrick Peyton, CSC from "MY STORY"


The Holy Cross Family Ministry provides Rosaries to be distributed freely. Our Rosaries have been additionally blessed by Eagle Spirit Ministry.

If you would like to request a free Rosary, find out more about The Holy Cross Family Ministry, or understand how to pray the Rosary, please use the buttons below.

Holy Cross Family Ministry
How to Pray the Rosary Email to request a rosary
  Psalm 61:1-4
  Virtual Rosary

Michael Monteleone has made a Virtual Rosary freely available for download to your computer.

  If you would like to download a
Virtual Rosary, use this link.
Virtual Rosary Online
Virtual Rosary Online!
  Virtual Prayer Wheels

Some cultures, notably Tibetan or Mahayana tradition Buddhism use Prayer Wheels to carry their prayers.

  Dharma Haven have a large variety of Virtual Prayer Wheels freely available for use either on your computer or on your web page.
Use this link to obtain your free Virtual Prayer Wheel.

Virtual Prayer Wheel

  It does not matter whether we choose to use a Rosary, Prayer Beads, virtual tools or simply our own thoughts and feelings to carry our prayers. The power of prayer is within the intent, which is why virtual tools to assist our prayers are possible.The benefit of the use of tools within our process of prayer, or universal request is that tools help to focus our mediation, our prayers, our universal requests.
  Prayer or Universal Requests

If you would like Eagle Spirit Ministry to offer a prayer, or make a request of the universe on your behalf, please e-mail your request to Eagle Spirit Ministry.

Eagle Spirit Ministry does not accept payment for Prayers or Universal Requests, regardless or whether that payment be labelled a donation, offering, blessing or whatever.

  Prayer Request
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