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Spiritual Icons

Most belief systems have icons and symbols. Spiritual Icons and symbols are unimportant in themselves, but Spiritual Icons and symbols do conduct cosmic energy, especially if the Spiritual Icons have been blessed. A blessing draws cosmic energy, the power of God, the universal life-force or whatever label you prefer into the object which has been blessed.

Some belief systems are not spiritual in nature. Universal incorporates all that is. We also offer icons for those whose beliefs are not spiritually based, such as justice, beauty and luck.

The Spiritual Icons offered by Eagle Spirit Ministry have been blessed, and are stored within an alter created to focus the range of cosmic energy streams.

Eagle Spirit Ministry will send you a Spiritual Icon of your choice or a Spiritual Icon (which may or may not be one of the items shown on this page) selected by the universe, if you prefer, on request. If you would like a specific prayer or universal request to accompany your Spiritual Icon please include this in your request.

  You may request any of these items by using the e-mail link at the bottom of the page. All we will need is your name and address.

Medium Gold Plated Cross with Gemstone Cab. Black Onyx is shown but Gemstone may vary.



Small Black Glass Stone with inlaid MOP Cross.



Small Black Glass Stone with Gold Engraved Masonic Symbol.


Diamond Cut Praying Hands Pendant.


Small Pewter Cross with Gemstone Cab. Black Onyx is shown but Gemstone may vary.

Small Gold Plated Crucifix.
Diamond Cut Star Of David Pendant.
Small Gold Plated Cross with Vine Design.
Medium Gold Plated Cross with Basket mounted Gold Plated Virgin Mary on MOP.
Virgin Mary Pendant.
  Small Tibetan Flag Sticker
  Gold Plated Buddha Pendant
  Gold Plated Ankh charm
  Gold Plated mummy Charm
  Gold Plated Small Lace Cross
  Gold Plated Cross with Praying Hands on MOP.
  Heaven Bank Note.
Used as a sacrifice.

Saint Anthony Brooch

Cross With Diamond Cut Inlay
  Small Bronze Ying Yang Pendant
  Chinese Beauty Symbol
  Star of David Diamond Cut Star of David Pendant
  Indian head charm Scales of Justice Charm

Molded Zodiac Cameo Pendants

(blue or black)


'Worry Stones" Hand cut and polished 30mm x 40mm (approx) worry stones with thumb groove.


St Christopher Medal


Gold Plated cross earrings


Gold Plated Eagle Spirit Ministry Cross

Holy Water Vial

Eagle Spirit Ministry Blessed Holy Water Vial


A black glass Queen Nefertiti cameo brooch


A frosted glass silver Queen Nefertiti
reverse intaglio brooch

Whats new

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