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Within our Heart is a universally sacred configuration….


The Seed of Life, aka The Genesis Pattern, aka Metatron's Heart (Two-dimensional representation)


Each of the 7 rings, seen in the figure above, is representative of a sphere. The generated (outer) spheres are a perfect replica of the sphere in the exact center, the heart (First Creation, aka Metatron's Sphere). In The Genesis Pattern, we can see the 7 day story of creation.



As we view The Genesis Pattern, there are 6 additional spheres which are not seen in a two dimensional representation, because the 6 additional spheres are situated directly behind the 6 that we see in the graphic representation, a total of 12 outer spheres.

In terms of straight-line geometries, when viewed from within the heart or center sphere the outer spheres, when generated, radiate along a 60-degree axis from the exact center. If we draw a line from the center of the central sphere through each of the outer intersections of the spheres, at the tip of each petal, each axis, radiating in 12 directions, does so at 60 degrees.


The Seed of Life, aka The Genesis Pattern, aka Metatron's Heart
(Three-dimensional representation)


None of this geometry, sacred or otherwise matters because The Genesis Pattern seems interesting but meaningless, until we view The Genesis Pattern from inside of ourselves, with the center being our own heart.

We can view the spheres radiating out from ourselves. Creating a connection from ourselves to the spheres. In other words, we need to imagine or feel ourselves sitting in the centre, with the connected spheres reaching out from us.


The Flower of Life


The Flower of Life as it is often found in many places around our world usually looks like this:


If we meditate upon this figure we will see that the petals in the outer perimeter, are arcs of whole circles which are not seen. This is a representation of the fabric of existence.

If we continue to picture ourselves in the center sphere we can see how we are connected to all that is. We can see that as the number of inner spheres increases, so the outer spheres (the large circles) expand.

  Completing the Flower of Life we arrive at the true sacred nature, the Flower of Being. When we feel ourselves at the center, and we begin to feel the connecting spheres, we begin to step into immortal, or universal consciousness. We begin to feel our flower of life bloom.
  The Blossom and Completion of the Flower of Life.
  The Flower of Being within us is multi dimensional.

Much has been written about sacred geometry, and the possible and fanciful applications of sacred geometry, which we may or may not feel drawn to investigate.

We may choose to become immersed in the mathematics of the Flower of Life, but the mathematics and geometry of the Flower of Life are in themselves unnecessary, we may simply choose to feel the Flower of Life.

The Flower of being is used here in the context of allowing us to begin to feel our connection with all that is, and with each other. If we are at the center of our sphere, then each of us is at the center of our own sphere.

As we feel comfortable with our visualisation, we can continue to expand our visualisation, infinitely.

We can either expand our visualisation two dimensionally, if we are more comfortable with a two dimensional representation, which is easier for us to understand, and grasp.


Or multi dimensionally if we want to be technically correct, but not more advanced in our perception. If we are more comfortable with a two dimensional representation, it means only that we are more comfortable with a two dimensional representation, it does not mean than we are less advanced.

Chapel Tibet is another human being who happens to pursue the Divine. Chapel Tibet has had a presence on Earth for many cycles of time. The name "Chapel Tibet" was given to Chapel Tibet, by a feminine aspect of the Divine.

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