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Some meditations, have steps or a procedure: the visualizations, the breathing, the mental acts, the focus and so on. Other meditations are self dictating and have no 'procedure'. The meditation wonderfully and magically happens, if we allow the magic to occur. The Meditation of the 13th Buddha includes both, the procedure and the magic.


The use here of the term 'Buddha' is not necessarily intended to refer to the person Gautama Siddhartha. The use here of the term 'Buddha' is primarily intended as the universal spiritual principle of Wisdom


This meditation releases the constraint on the Genesis Pattern or the Flower of Life, and brings the Flower of Life into it's full blossom as the Flower of Being.


A Divine Prescription for the Creation of our Cosmic Nature.


To explore these meditations, we will need to open our heart, and allow ourselves to be guided my the knowledge within. The 13th Buddha meditation is dedicated in part to the opening and flowering of our heart. We have made the choice to move to a loved based existence, and as a result of our choice, we are opening ourselves to our inner knowledge.

We should explore as much or as little of The 13th Buddha meditation as we are comfortable with. There is no right path, and each path is individual.


The 13th Buddha meditation is presented in modules, each module is a meditation within in itself. We should take our time, and do only what modules, if any, we are comfortable with. There is no time limit, and there is no set time required to complete 13th Buddha meditation. The 13th Buddha meditation takes as long as it takes. The 13th Buddha meditation is not governed by linear time.

  The 13th Buddha meditation in seven parts. Each part is a meditation within itself, and may be practiced as such. The 13th Buddha meditation is ceremonial as well as ritual. Ceremony is open to guidance, and the directions of Spirit at any point in the meditation. Ritual is made up of exact steps which are guides in themselves. A Path which leads somewhere. We should follow the path, and allow the path to guide us, and to carry us along. There is no right path, and each path is individual.

Hand in hand with the practice of meditation is the study of Sacred Geometry, also known as Ancient Wisdom, and by a variety of other labels. We will not be considering Sacred Geometry in any detail, but we will begin the 13th Buddha meditation with an introductory Sacred Geometry based module.


Chapel Tibet is another human being who happens to pursue the Divine. Chapel Tibet has had a presence on Earth for many cycles of time. The name "Chapel Tibet" was given to Chapel Tibet, by a feminine aspect of the Divine.

  The Genesis Pattern  
  6th/7th Stone Meditation  
  Affirmation and Breath  
  Breath and Sound  
  Mudra and Breath  
  Blossoming Mudras  
  Flowers of Being  
  Celebration of Heart  
  Meditation of Creation  
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