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The most important point to remember, is that we should be guided by our instinct.

This meditation has no rituals, no codes nor formulas. We simply meditate upon/with/to/from our heart chakra.


Having entered our sacred site, or a quiet place for meditation, we are ready to begin.

We remain open to receive guidance, and we follow the guidance which we receive.


The ultimate of all meditations is when we awaken the divine energy within our consciousness.

Divine energy is formless, timeless, ineffable and indescribable. We need only be conscious of the divine energy within.


We Breathe at least three breaths, focusing on code number 13, the thirteenth Buddha, our center or heart sphere.

We focus within where we now are. To focus we breathe, be, feel, see, allow, and evolve as we feel from time to time.

We may be given, an idea, a concept, or a thought may enter our consciousness, and draw our focus.

We may conclude our meditation when we are ready to conclude our meditation.


Chapel Tibet is another human being who happens to pursue the Divine. Chapel Tibet has had a presence on Earth for many cycles of time. The name "Chapel Tibet" was given to Chapel Tibet, by a feminine aspect of the Divine.

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