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Dealing With Uncertainty


We all have periods in our lives where we face the uncertainty of our future and this usually brings the emotions of anger, fear and insecurity. Once these emotions are set in place and we allow them to take over, we find ourselves in a power struggle. This power struggle is inside us, forcing us to try and control the issues of our lives. It's a survival instinct. We simply have to know what's going to happen so we can be prepared. But life doesn't always work that way.

When we constantly worry about our future, we aren't staying focused and centered in the events taking place 'right now'. The decisions made today are what the future is based on. So if you send out worried thoughts on a daily basis, tomorrow will bring you nothing more than worried thoughts.


The human mind is easily programmed. It repeats what it already knows, thinking this is the only way to handle situations. To change this takes conscious effort Remaining in the present and dealing with each thought individually, gives us the opportunity to change the thought patterns and programming that no longer move us forward.

It's easy for us to fall into the habit of the way things were, but this will lead us down the road of living in the past. We can't change what happened yesterday. We can only learn from it and apply it to the events of today. So if it didn't work yesterday, chances are it won't work today. This tells you it's time for a change.


Uncertainty is a part of life. Learn to deal with it because it's part of the lesson of life. Blind leaps of faith and pushing through the unknown will bring tremendous personal growth if it's approached with the right attitude.

Fearful thoughts will get you nowhere. Anger and stress will eventually make you ill. Trying to control the individuals and situations around you will only lead to more anger and fearful thoughts when it doesn't meet your expectations. It's a circle of circumstance you can't afford to get stuck in.


The one thing you have control over is yourself. Your emotions and the way you react to those emotions is entirely in your hands. Your life will unfold according to your reaction to it. So stay present.

Remain focused on the emotions of right now. What are they telling you? Why are they present? What happened in the past that makes your programmed mind react in the way it does? Does it still serve you? Chances are, the answer is no. So let it go. When you let go, fearful uncertainty has lost control.


The heart of your attitude brings you everything or nothing. The choice is yours. A new emotional reaction today, means a new way of life tomorrow.

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