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Masks Of Humanity...Self Created Shadows


If there is one element of our lives we are truly in control of, it's the masks we wear...the faces we show to humanity. We can change these masks at the drop of a hat, depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in.

We seem to have a large variety and every single one has been carefully crafted by it's owner. Over time, these masks become a part of our personality and we hide behind the comfort zones they create. Why do we do this? Because it's easier to put on a mask than deal with the reality of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Removing our mask will reveal us as we truly are and most individuals aren't comfortable in their own skin, let alone showing all to the rest of the world. So how do we rid ourselves of these masks and stand before others as-is? I believe the first step is healing the shadows that hide within us.


When we leave these shadows unattended, they grow and become habits for our subconscious mind. Subconscious shadows do not enjoy being called out in the open where they will be exposed, because once our conscious mind becomes aware of them, it's up to us to heal and release them once and for all.

When we do this, they no longer control our actions/reactions and we are free, because most shadow aspects are hidden in the subconscious, we aren't always aware of 'why' we choose a certain mask to cover it with.

We simply know we don't like how 'that' makes us feel and fear comes into play. So we hide from it. The masks we wear are not only projected onto humanity, but to ourselves as well and over time we become so comfortable with our shadows, we don't realize the power and control they have over us.


To say, "We need to heal our shadows" looks good on paper, but it's not always that easy. Issues that have been deeply buried by the subconscious mind can take years to heal, even after we have come to terms with their existence.

Coming to terms with 'What is' is the first step to healing that part of our inner-self. When we continue to deny and hide behind the mask of an issue, it grows and takes on a life of it's own.

We have to be patient with ourselves and know it's going to take time to fully release and heal. We will occasionally suffer from set-backs, or 'tests' as I prefer to call them, but as we pass each 'test' we come that much closer to complete healing.


Each test brings knowledge that will assist us with the next one. Eventually, tests will no longer be necessary because we have passed them all with flying colours and our mind will move forward.

These shadows that once held us in their grasp, will disappear and we'll be left to stand on our own two feet. This is another reason shadows become so comfortable.

Standing on our own, without the assistance of a shadow to lean on is unsettling. We become comfortable in our self-created suffering. Comfortable behind our masks. Safe and secure in our comfort zone.


We need to make a habit of asking ourselves what mask we are wearing and what benefit really comes from it?

We need to remove the mask and truly look at ourselves. Then look at the mask again and ask if we truly want/need to put it back on.

Eventually, we will be able to leave the mask on the table and walk around it should be.

To the successful healing of all humanity's self-created shadows.

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