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Learning to forgive is an issue everyone has had to encounter. Whether it be with an individual person or a situation involving many, we’ve all been there. Hurt feelings, disappointment, anger and frustration are all emotions we deal with when it comes to forgiveness.

But what keeps us from forgiving another? Is it our ego? Our pride? What if the other person is not willing to forgive and move forward? Should we continue to hold resentment simply because the other person isn’t willing to let it go? Unfortunately, this is usually what happens.


Our first response is, “Fine! I won’t forgive you either,” and the battle is on. What both parties don’t realize is this resentment will effect their health in the long run, not to mention feed an overactive ego. The ego needs to be right and no matter what, it will always find a way to justify itself.

So how do we overcome the ego and learn to forgive? Simply saying the words, “I forgive you” may not be enough. True forgiveness comes from the heart. Otherwise, they are empty words and words spoke from an empty heart will not heal a situation.


We have to fully open our hearts to be able to forgive. When you find yourself in a situation that requires forgiveness, the first thing to do is put your ego in the back seat. Hog tie it and duct tape its mouth. Turn your back on it, close your eyes and feel your heart expand and open.

Fill it with healing light. When the ego begins to mumble and thrash about, acknowledge it, but continue to expand your heart. Ask yourself why this situation is so upsetting to you. It most likely has to do with you not getting something you wanted. Keep in mind, the other individual feels the same way.


They are hurt and disappointed and battling their ego as well. Find compassion in your heart for the other person and the struggle they have with their pain. Once you do this, you will be able to identify with your pain as well, as both individuals are most likely feeling the same emotions on some level.

A shift will take place in your heart and whether the other individual is willing to forgive or not, you will be able to see the pain behind their tired eyes. You will understand and you will feel forgiveness.


Don’t be afraid of who you are and don’t fear your ego and emotions. Face them head on. Learn to understand why you react the way you do and recognize how the ego controls emotional responses.

The other trick is to learn not to fear another person’s emotional reactions. Their emotions are their's to deal with, however, you can learn to feel compassion and understanding, even if they can not. Allow them this lesson. If you do, you will find that you’ve grown emotionally and forgiveness has filled your heart.

Your journey is an individual one, but the example you set will touch the lives of many.

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