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Live And Let Live


There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in situations where we have to form an opinion and choose a side on which we are to stand. By doing this, we are involving ourselves in a process that allows us to define who we are, but at what point during this process do we accept the validity of the opinions and views of others?

Our personal path is not always the path another chooses to follow and this needs to be respected. There is no one way that is perfect or has all the answers. They are all a piece of the puzzle. If we spend our time focusing on defining ourselves and working on our own lives, we wouldn’t have time to concern ourselves with what others are doing.


Please don’t misunderstand this statement. I’m not implying we should alienate ourselves from humanity, but we need to worry less about the validity of another’s path and focus more on ourselves. By doing this, we become an example of the path we follow.

How we represent our path, gives other individuals a view of the path itself. So it’s important to set a good example. Nothing says you have to convert to another’s way of thinking, but compassion for all paths is necessary. Everyone is exactly where they should be. Accept your path, live it fully and allow others to do the same.


You may ask...."But what about paths that breed segregation and project fear?"

Simply allow these paths to unfold and evolve on their own. Again, you only get involved if you allow yourself to.

What about paths that attack others who are not like them? Who state you’re an occult that is negative or evil in nature?

Then set an example to prove it’s not. How you react to their claims is the key to bringing understanding to the surface.Eventually, people will say, “That is not the impression/perception I was left with.”


“What about individuals or paths that won’t listen to reason or refuse to see the example being set?”

Continue to set an example anyway.

There may come a time when you choose to walk away. Don’t view this as giving up. View it as allowing all parties involved (this includes yourself) to learn the lessons necessary in their own individual growth.

Whether or not you feel the other individual is applying their lesson is not your concern. Continue to apply yourself and set an example.


Walk away, if you must, but do so with compassion, not a judgemental attitude. Allow the situation to help you continue to define who you are and what you’re willing to stand for.

Live and let live is not always an easy statement to define, but at some point, the process will define itself through individual examples. It all begins with the self and one day, individual by individual, we will truly be able to say...Live and Let Live.

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