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When people think of healing, most think of the physical body. But hiding behind the physical pain is usually an emotional issue that needs to be addressed. The mind and body work as one, each doing what the other dictates. We must heal our ‘inner’ levels first, for the spiritual body must be cleansed before physical, emotional and mental healing can take place. In other words, we heal from the inside out.

To clear our spiritual bodies of toxic energy requires deep soul searching shadow work. When we face the darkness inside, it opens us up and allows light to illuminate all corners of our being. It's easier to deal with an issue when we can see it clearly. Beneath the pain, disappointment, bitterness and anger is a love that heals all wounds. This love lies inside the very cells of our physical body, hidden away until we learn to access it.


It is a love for self and others, but the love for yourself must come first. Otherwise, the love for others can remain hidden under the emotions of negativity. The healing of our own emotions, our own minds, will bring us back into the love carried within our cells. It expands from there, effecting everything it touches.

Only then, can we extend that love to others. We need to make our ‘home’ one that is open and accepting for others to want to step into. The heart is the home of the mind. Healing this heart will bring the emotional changes necessary and this will effect your reality.


What is reality? Are we ‘living in reality’ or simply living in the ‘reality of our mind?’ Which one is real? I feel they are one and the same. We choose what kind of experience we will encounter everyday. Our attitudes (emotions) dictate our experiences. This is how we live in the reality of our mind. What we think, we project. What we project, we become and what we become is dictated by the reality we’ve created in our minds. This is where we live.

Every moment, we are choosing our experience. Most of the time, we create a frightening image that projects onto our world. We have to understand that when we do this, that is the experience we will receive. Whether it’s ‘all in our mind’ or not, it’s the mind that dictates how we feel and what reality we choose to live in.


Again...the reality of the mind is where we live and it's time to get our house in order. Face the dark corners and light them up. Adapt a gentle acceptance of what you see, knowing that once it's been illuminated, there are no shadows left to create a frightening reality. The angry, loud voice has become a still, quiet one. One that is easier to hear and understand despite it's low volume. This is the voice of healing. This is the voice that will set you free.

If life is about loving yourself first, doesn’t that make us selfish? In a way....yes. Our purpose is to grow and evolve. We do this as individuals, however, our individual lives do effect others around us. So where do we draw the line between ‘my’ life and how that life will effect others?


One way is to think of others as a part of yourself. By doing this, ‘they’ become ‘you’ and once we recognize this, we realize life is about ‘us’. Humanity as a whole. Individuals seeking independence, yet bringing those ‘single’ experiences back to the whole by effecting those around them. Seeing ourselves in others also teaches us compassion and understanding. It's like walking a mile in their shoes.

The trick is to maintain your individuality and not hold on to the ‘reality’ of another. That is the key to healing and becoming a master of self. Remain a part of the whole, yet maintain your individuality. This would be easy to achieve if we were all on the same page, but we are not. That's part of the 3-D experience. Being separated by the illusion of the mind, yet a part of the whole that is forever bound.

  It’s time to heal and remember who we are.
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September 2004
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