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Healing The Past


The past. It's something we all have in common and while each individual's experience is different, they accumulate collectively to effect humanity as a whole.

Individually, we create our own reality by the actions we take, as well as the way we emotionally react to the situations we put ourselves in. When we have control over our reactions, we set an example for others to follow and this will lead to the reprogramming of the habits we've outgrown. But these changes cannot take place until we make the changes within ourselves first. This is how we successfully lead by example.


When we face our shadows, we are being given an opportunity to overcome them. This in turn, will change our habits and the way we react to situations.

By living this truth, we send that out to others, who in turn, send it out to even more individuals. This is how, over time, our actions effect the whole. Sometimes, it's difficult to remain positive in a world that seems to have lost it's mind. But if we want to succeed in healing the past, we have to make sure we aren't repeating the same habits.


It's time for a change and we're the ones writing the script. Soul groups are being reunited and each will experience the power of it's groups collective projection.

It's important that each individual within a group remembers their part. Individually, we may cycle through a number of soul groups. But keep in mind that as this happens, we are gaining knowledge and in the end, this knowledge will benefit the collective whole.


By healing our individual past, we are healing each other and even though soul groups are sometimes on different vibrational levels, it's important we don't segregate ourselves with an 'us against them' attitude.

All soul groups are where they need to be and they should be accepted, recognized and respected for who they are and what they represent. Remember, God doesn't segregate, humanity does and it's time for us to change that.

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