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Becoming Aware


Humanity asks many questions, while overlooking the immediate problem. We ask about the past and future, but leave out the present, even though we are living in it. One of the first lessons we should be taught is to live and make decisions in the now. For that is what our future will be based on.

One of the things we should be focusing on is that we did, each and everyone of us, come here with a goal to help humanity achieve the next level of consciousness. But in order to make this happen, we have to let go of all the old, outdated methods and views. When we encounter conflict, these situations are forcing us to pay attention to the consequences of our actions and decisions.

We get assistance from the people around us to ignite this new energy and bring a new awareness forward to share and pass on to others. Our lives will follow the flow of our thoughts and it's important to become aware of the people and circumstances that enter our lives.

Do not get stuck in the black and white areas of life. Look at the experience you're encountering in your life and ask yourself if the situation is moving you ahead on your journey. For this is at the core of your experience.


It is sometimes necessary to have everything fall apart before it can come together again. This falling apart can be a bit scary and fear can cloud your perspective. Being aware can release this fear and if you trust what is in your heart, you have nothing to be afraid of.

It is important to remember that if our thoughts assist us in creating our reality, then we have to keep our focus on the positive. Do not simply focus on the literal events, for if you do, you will miss the deeper purpose or message behind the event. Remember to search for the lesson.

Fully embrace your current situation and be aware of the positive intention or lesson that is playing out behind the scenes. Trust that the Universe is supplying you with the lesson you need at this moment in time. Your purpose will unfold from this and you will be required to ask yourself what you need to let go of.

Our purpose of incarnating is to learn from our mistakes, to make choices and to grow from exercising our free will. Becoming aware also means letting go of judgments of others and ourselves. This is probably one of the highest spiritual accomplishments we can achieve.


According to James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecy books, "We are most prone to failure if we lose sight of our life's purpose, make choices from an anxious state of mind, try to steal energy from others, resist change and automatically blind ourselves to the new information because it does not fit our patterns or beliefs. But we can move past this, if we trust our intuitions and align ourselves with courageous and wise individuals who inspire us."

He also believes that, "Change will occur over the next few decades as a result of people working together, rather than isolating themselves and forging ahead on their own."


When like minded individuals come together to create a shared vision, magic occurs. Doors previously closed to you, are suddenly opened and natural evolution takes place.

No leader is necessary when the people involved are following one vision. For the common vision they share, the intention behind the vision, will bring the opportunities needed for success.

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