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Getting In Touch With Your Senses


This exercise will bring you in touch with what you are experiencing subconsciously through your senses. By remaining aware of what you are sensing, you can tune into your body and remain grounded when feeling scattered and unfocused.

If it's too overwhelming to do all that are listed here. Choose one to focus on.

Sit quietly and do some deep breathing. When you feel relaxed and grounded, open your eyes.

Focus on each sense individually.


What is the first thing you see?

Pull your focus into your sight.


What is the first thing you hear?

Pull your focus into your hearing.


What do you taste?

Pull your focus into your mouth.


What physical sensations do you feel?

Pull your focus to the major areas of your body, one at a time. (head, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, groin, legs, feet.) Release any tension.


What do you smell?

Pull your focus into your nasal area.


What is going through you mind?

Why do you think that particular thought is there?

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