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Surviving Human Emotions


When we return to this world, we forget how much human emotion plays a role in our mundane experiences. From a spiritual perspective, we know the experience we're about to encounter will be a difficult one.

One that will plunge us head-first into a pool of self-discovery and personal growth. If we could take that knowledge with us, it would make our journey easier. However, the purpose of our journey and the role our emotions play would not be as effective. We are here to learn.

Our emotional state usually dictates how we live our lives. It plays into our thought process and those thoughts manifest in some way. If we could get a handle on our emotions and reaction methods, life would be less stressful. Actually doing that is the difficult part.


How do we learn to survive our own emotions?

Recognize them for what they are.....emotions. Emotions=feelings. Why do we feel a certain way? What makes us react to specific stimuli the way we do? It's all based on our personal programming.

Figuring out why we react in certain ways assists us in healing if we pay attention to the clues. We need to ask ourself why that made us angry or why this situation frustrates us.

When we figure out why we react in a certain way, we take a step closer in figuring out the programming. We then have an opportunity to change our emotional reactions. By reacting in a more positive manner, we do not experience the emotions we label as negative.

Reacting positively in all situations, keeps the emotion of love, compassion and happiness always on our side.


It's alright to allow other individuals to create their own reality in negative emotions. You are not going to change them anyway. Their emotions are their responsibility.

When you react in a positive manner, you project positive emotions. This is like throwing water on a fire, instead of feeding it more fuel. Not only can you defuse the situation, but you do not get worked up in the process.

Not all individuals are going to react kindly to your positive (passive) reaction. They want a fight and when you do not feed that, they have nowhere to project but on themselves or (unfortunately) others around them, until they find someone willing to feed their anger and frustration.

Eventually, they will find one since energy attracts like energy. Let it go and allow them the pleasure of their own outburst. They will figure it out eventually.


Human emotions are picky and personal. As long as souls continue to take human form, emotions will take a front seat. It's our responsibility to use these emotions in a productive way.

To survive our emotions, we have to learn to react in a more positive manner. Focus on putting the fire out, not feeding it. It's about learning to control and survive yourself, not others.

They are simply the opportunity being presented. Recognize it for what it is. We need to take responsibility for our own emotions. An individual (or situation) cannot force us to feel a certain way.

We do that to ourselves based on emotional reactions.

Life is about learning to control yourself.

Your emotions.
Your reactions.
Not those of others.

Free will is a gift...use it wisely.

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