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This is the age of rediscovery. Many truths have been rediscovered and labelled 'New Age'. Labels serve no purpose, and false labels lead to confusion. Existence and truth cannot be labelled. What is so, is so and that is all it is.We have lost our way, and we cannot find our way until we find the light which burns within us. We must open the door to our soul and allow the light within to guide us.


One by one we can seek the pieces of The Truth Of Reality that will complete the circle of our existence. Only when we find all of The Truth Of Reality will our circle be complete, and only by completion of our circle can we come, Full Circle and once more become one with all that is.

  These insights will take us Full Circle, from the earth plane, through the planes of existence and back to the earth plane

These insights are not a guide. These insights are seeds of awareness, keys to unlock the knowledge within and awaken our ability to trust our instinct, and live with our soul. These insights are multi-dimensional. The meaning of these insights changes with our awareness. These insights are not rules, and the meaning of these insights is found within the reader and is individual to the reader. There is no correct interpretation and every interpretation is correct.


Everything that we understand reflects our current level of awareness, whatever our level of awareness may be at any given time. Some aspects of reality are repetitious, and other aspects of reality seem contradictory, which reflect the circular nature of reality. Each time that we encounter an apparent contradiction within The Truth Of Reality, we will see that the apparent contradiction is only a change in the depth of our awareness.


I ask no one to believe a word that I have written. I am not attempting to convince anyone of anything. We should search our own soul in respect of every concept that we encounter, regardless of the source where we encountered the concept. We must search our own souls and accept what our own soul tells us.

The truth is within us all. The truth can only be found by looking within.

  Tsúnyöta Köhe't
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