Truth of Reality Part Three

Today's Insight    


13.1 It is generally believed that travels to the spirit plane, whilst the conscious mind is at rest, are dreams, which is a sound explanation for those who seek an explanation from the perspective of the physical plane.

13.2 We do not recognise our soul mate from an earth plane perspective, because there is no check list, and no signs for us to look for. We are drawn together when it is time, and we 'know' who and what the person is.

13.3 To rejoin with our soul mate, it is not necessary that both souls are human, both souls may be animals, or one soul may be human, and the other soul animal.

13.4 Rejoining of souls does not necessarily have to be physical. Nor do both souls have to exist on the physical plane, one or both souls may exist on the spirit plane.

13.5 Sometimes a person will die, and shortly after their partner will die. Usually a death following death occurs when the souls are soul mates. The same principle may apply if for example someone dies, and a short time later their dog dies. However, a death following death does not necessarily mean that the souls were soul mates.

13.6 We feel love for our bonded souls stronger than we do for all souls, not because the love for our bonded souls is stronger, but because the connection to our bonded souls is direct, and therefore stronger.

13.7 When we come Full Circle and return to the higher plane, our love for all that is comes Full Circle because the higher plane is pure love.

13.8 The circles which have been created between souls to establish an environment for us to gain experience are closed, because closing these circles is a convenient way for us to gain an awareness of the true, circular nature, of all that is.

13.9 The nature and purpose of karma has been misunderstood.

13.10 The principles of karma allow experiences to become complete.

13.11 Karma is not a punishment cycle, as has been supposed.

13.12 A bonded soul may be in an animal form.

13.13 Souls do not only reincarnate in human form.

13.14 A bonded soul may be in the form of a plant.

13.15 A particular soul may be with us in many different forms in what for us is a single lifetime. A soul may be with us as an elderly relative who passes on, then as a pet, then as a plant, and then as a child. Between each incarnation, the soul may be with us in spirit form. For the soul this example is four lifetimes, but for us this example is one lifetime.

13.16 Many religions are becoming more flexible, and are adjusting to reflect society.

13.17 Religions say that their followers should obey whatever the religion's particular set of rules are, and the followers will find their way to God. However, when the religion's followers reject the religion's rules and the number of followers begins to diminish, the religions become flexible and change their rules which must be followed to find God, which is a nonsense.

13.18 The more followers that a religion has, the stronger and more influential the religion becomes.

13.19 Religions adjust to be able to accommodate all. However, if the religion's rules are the way to God, as they would have their followers believe, how can the religion then change their own rules, when it suits the religion?

13.20 There are no rules to find God.

13.21 If we look around us and see how religions are changing their rules, we will see that there are no rules to find God.

13.22 Religions have changed their rules since religions were formed, and religions will always change their rules to suit the religion's political and financial agenda.

13.23 We choose to experience one or more of our abilities in each lifetime.

13.24 Our abilities may be what has been termed spiritual, or what has been termed physical, either way they are 'natural' abilities.

13.25 How our natural abilities are experienced depends upon what we have chosen to experience in our lifetime.

13.26 If we choose not to recognise our abilities, or to recognise our abilities and not fulfil the potential provided by our abilities, we are still experiencing our chosen natural abilities.

13.27 The key to finding God within, is acceptance.

13.28 An increasing number of us are beginning to see parts of the truth of our existence, which have been discounted for some time.

13.29 Many of us are now seeking the truth, and as such we are open to receive the truth.

13.30 The earth plane is a mirror of reality.

13.31 Whilst we exist on the earth plane, we exist within the reflection and whilst we touch the higher plane, we exist within reality.

13.32 How can existing in two places which are the reverse of each other not be full of confusion and contradiction?

13.33 We are not required to like our experiences.

13.34 We are only required to experience, and to experience we must feel.

13.35 Not all experiences feel good.

13.36 Our God-self, our higher self will provide for our lower self.

13.37 Our God-self always provides the exact environment which our lower self needs, whatever that environment may be.

13.38 The will of God is the will of our higher self.

13.39 Following our instinct, will lead us to what we need to experience.

13.40 Experiencing what we need to experience, is the will of God.

13.41 Because someone is right does not mean that we want to hear what they have to say, even if that someone is God.

13.42 The joy of returning to the higher plane must be experienced.

13.43 Experiences must be felt, or experiences are not experienced.

13.44 The only way that experiences can be felt is on the physical plane, which is the reason for our existence of the physical plane.

13.45 The joy, or the reward for returning to the higher plane, must be experienced on the physical plane.

13.46 God does not really 'provide', if God were to 'provide' it would be interference and God cannot interfere.

13.47 When it is said that God will provide, what is really meant is that God will lead us to where we need to be, and assist us to create the environment which we need.

13.48 The concept of worry is a very useful tool in respect of gaining experience.

13.49 When we are told not to worry, not worrying is not always simple.

13.50 We should live on God's promise whilst we follow our path.

13.51 The illusion which is the earth plane is very necessary for our reason for our existence. However, the earth plane is not the reason for our existence.

13.52 All is choice, and that our choice is foreseen, does not make our choice any less of a choice.

13.53 If joy and happiness are not experienced on the earth plane or another physical plane, where are joy and happiness experienced?

13.54 We should look at life around us.

13.55 The very nature of the earth plane is all very convenient.

13.56 Animals choose to be predators or prey.

13.57 We should look at all of the convenient coincidences around us.

13.58 Often animals depend on another species for their very existence, and the animal they depend on 'happens' to be in their environment. The same principle applies to plant life, often interacting with animal life. Our physical existence is very convenient, but our physical existence is not by accident. Each soul is interacting to obtain the experience which they require.

13.59 If all souls achieved pure love, no soul would do another harm.

13.60 There will always be souls who do not understand pure love.

13.61 In time all souls will achieve pure love, but souls will not achieve pure love at the same time, which from the viewpoint of gaining needed experience, is very convenient.

13.62 On the higher plane, time has no meaning.

13.63 Time does not exist.

13.64 It is via the higher plane that we are able to travel to both the past and the future.

13.65 Everything is occurring at one time on the higher plane, because time does not exist.

13.66 What is the future, from the perspective of our physical or lower self, is happening at this moment from the perspective of our higher self, as is everything that has happened in our past, regardless of our incarnation.

13.67 Existence is a circle and our higher self can move to any point of that circle and in so doing, wherever our higher self is on the circle becomes 'now' for our higher self.

13.68 If our higher self moves to a point of the circle which is in our future, our higher self is effectively seeing our future, which is how our instinct leads us to what we need to experience.

13.69 Our instinct knows what we will experience because for our instinct, everything that we experience is occurring now, which is how, for example, our instinct can guide us to draw out the exact Tarot cards which are used to tell our future.

13.70 To our higher self, everything is now, which is how our soul is able to travel to either the past or the future.

13.71 Sometimes it is not possible for us to fully understand what is occurring, until after whatever it is, has occurred.

13.72 A master who embraces that they are a master, is not a master.

13.73 A master retains humanity and humility.

13.74 A master cannot retain humanity and humility, if a master embraces that they are a master, and by definition, a master who embraces that they are a master, is therefore not a master.

13.75 A master does not embrace that they are a master.

13.76 It is through not embracing that a master is a master, that a master accepts that a master is no different.

13.77 Through accepting that a master is not different, not superior, and not special in any way, a master can accept that they are in fact a master.

13.78 We are all are masters.

13.79 Those who are known as masters have realised and accepted that we are all are masters, and those who are not known as masters have not realised or accepted that we are all are masters, which is the only difference.

13.80 We block the truth of existence from our awareness, which is necessary for the earth plane to be fully experienced.

13.81 Whether we choose to believe anything is not relevant, because belief does not alter reality.

13.82 Reality is reality, regardless of belief.

13.83 We exist within the multi-dimensional maze.

13.84 We exist simultaneously regardless of which level of the maze we are experiencing, because the maze is multi-dimensional.

13.85 The multi-dimensional maze is awareness.

13.86 The multi-dimensional maze that we exist within, is our level of awareness.

13.87 It is through making our way through each level of the maze which is awareness, that we are able to climb the mountain which is the same awareness.

13.88 Every wrong doorway in the maze which is awareness, is also a wrong turn or a dead end on the path of the mountain which is the same awareness.

13.89 The path which must be followed up the mountain, is the same path which leads through the multi-dimensional maze.

13.90 The mountain of awareness is a multi-dimensional maze, and the multi-dimensional maze is also the mountain of awareness.

13.91 We are in human form and whilst in human form, the earth plane and all of the difficulties which are encountered on the earth plane, must seem real, which is the purpose of the existence of the earth plane.

13.92 The joys of the earth plane are magnified, when the joys of the earth plane are experienced from a position of total awareness.

13.93 What we see as tests were really opportunities to experience placing ourselves in God's hands, or trusting our instinct, which is the same thing.

13.94 Each step on our journey represents our level of awareness at any given point in time.

13.95 We need to take each step on our journey, and as we take each step on our journey, we expand our awareness.

13.96 We must put ourselves in God's hands, regardless of our doubt.

13.97 Retaining doubt does not prevent us from placing ourselves in God's hands. In fact, placing ourselves in God's hands perpetuates doubt because God will take us places where we would not have the courage to travel on our own.

13.98 The process of understanding how people and events fit into our life is in three parts. Firstly by reflecting on our lifetime, secondly by drawing on past life memories, and thirdly by discussions with the God within. We must follow this process at our current level of awareness, and we must repeat this process each time that our awareness increases.

13.99 All answers are contained within.

13.100 All answers are contained within the lifetime of each person, within the existence of each soul, and within the higher self.

13.101 All answers are contained within each trinity. Our lifetime reflects our lower self or conscious self. Our existence reflects our spirit self or subconscious self. Our higher self, super consciousness or God self, contains all knowledge.

13.102 God knows what is going to occur, which by definition means that whatever is to occur, will occur anyway.

13.103 By answering a prayer, God is able to direct our conscious self to follow the path which will lead our conscious self to what needs to be experienced, via the easiest path.

13.104 Following our instinct is exactly the same concept as praying, and listening to the answer.

13.105 If we do not follow our instinct, what is going to happen will happen anyway, but the experience will be more difficult to endure.

13.106 When we seek and receive guidance, we seek and receive guidance exactly when God knows that we will we seek and receive guidance.

13.107 If a soul is dying, and we pray for God to save the life of the dying soul, the soul which is 'dying' will either die, or not die, subject to what they have chosen to experience. We will have our prayer answered based on what we have chosen to experience. Let us assume that we have chosen to experience the death of a loved one. Obviously our loved one has chosen to experience death, in the manner that they will experience death. We share a life as a matter of convenience. God cannot alter chosen experiences, but God could, for example, lead us to, say this work so that we may understand that death is not real. In so doing God has not altered the experience which has been chosen, but God has made the experience easier to endure by providing us with the opportunity to understand the true nature of death.

13.108 Our spirit self is our bridge to our soul.

13.109 Our spirit self is the bridge between our lower self and our higher self.

13.110 Our spirit self is also the bridge between each of our incarnations.

13.111 Our spirit self contains the memories of all that we have experienced.

13.112 All memories from our existence can be drawn upon as and when needed, often we draw upon the memories of our existence without us understanding exactly where the experiences are being drawn from.

13.113 Our spirit self is also called our subconscious.

13.114 A spirit lowers its vibrational rate to be seen on the earth plane even when that spirit does not want to be seen, because the spirit is experiencing its ability to lower its vibrational rate and take on physical appearance, whilst the spirit is between incarnations.

13.115 Thoughts from our conscious mind focus only on what we believe that we want.

13.116 Thoughts from our subconscious mind draw on memories from various lifetimes, including our current lifetime, as we need our memories.

13.117 We use our negative thoughts to fuel our fears and insecurities, until we remove our fears and insecurities.

13.118 A master in physical form, consciously exists on all three planes simultaneously and in unison.

13.119 God knows all that will occur.

13.120 God knows that we will experience existing within the joy of awareness during our physical incarnation, which is how God is able to both make, and keep God's promise.

13.121 Our confusion is usually a result of a lack of understanding, when we had believed that we had understood.

13.122 Everything is exactly as everything was meant to be, and everything is exactly as everything is meant to be. Everything can be no other way.

13.123 We must not concern ourselves with 'if only …'. 'If only' is futile, and a waste of time. One thousand 'if onlys' cannot, and will not change what has occurred, because everything was as everything was meant to be, as everything was foreseen, and as such convenient for all who shared the experience.

13.124 Our higher self knows what we need to experience, and therefore our higher self creates the environment to provide the experiences which are both needed and desired. The choices which we make within the environment created by our higher self, are conscious choices.

13.125 Our higher self knows what choices we will make, which assists our higher self to create the environment which we need, but it is our conscious self which makes the choices.

13.126 Allowing our higher self to take control of our life, must be a conscious choice.

13.127 We experience physical symptoms in response to 'spiritual' events.

13.128 Our Instinct always leads us to what we need to experience.

13.129 Being led to an experience is effectively a subconscious experience.

13.130 Even when we become aware that we are being led by our instinct, being led by our instinct is a subconscious awareness.

13.131 When we are led to an experience through a 'verbal' discussion with God, we are effectively consciously aware that our instinct is leading us to an experience.

13.132 We need to experience that we are consciously aware, that we are consciously aware.

13.133 We consciously apply our conscious awareness.

13.134 All is illusion, but all must seem real to be experienced.

13.135 If an experience is not felt, it is not experience.

13.136 When we have felt an experience, it is then important for us to reflect on, or meditate on, or review that experience.

13.137 It is important for us to understand what each experience was for, and why each experience was necessary.

13.138 After we are aware of each experience, we may then move on to the next experience. However, unless we become aware of an experience, even if we are unaware that we are aware of an experience, we will re-experience.

13.139 All experiences, even joy and happiness are illusions, but all experiences need to seem real.

13.140 If experiences do not seem real, experiences are not experienced and without experience, we cannot return to the higher plane.

13.141 When we becomes aware, we do not feel the experiences which are for others.

13.142 We are all masters, although we have not yet realised that we are masters.

13.143 Those who choose to judge us are neither right nor wrong.

13.144 Those who choose to judge us are simply experiencing judging another, which is their experience, not our experience.

13.145 We can experience worry, we can experience desperately attempting to find a solution to no avail.

13.146 We can almost rip ourselves in two, attempting to solve a problem.

13.147 We can place ourselves in God's hands, and allow God to guide us to act positively as God leads us to our solution, instead of desperately searching for a solution, which we will not find.

13.148 God can guide us to a solution to our problems without the need for us to worry, and without us almost tearing ourselves in two.

13.149 All experience is effectively the same, in respect of the end result, because the end result has been foreseen.

13.150 When we follow our instinct or listen to our higher self, our journey is easy.

13.151 If we choose not to follow our instinct, our journey is very difficult. In fact, we will travel in circles.

13.152 We are not supposed to feel anything, we are only supposed to feel.

13.153 It is not necessary for us to enjoy our experiences.

13.154 That we do like or we do not like an experience, is irrelevant.

13.155 A master knows that all experiences are an illusion, but a master also feels experiences.

13.156 A master is no different, and a master is beyond nothing.

13.157 A master may understand what is being experienced and why, this is awareness. However, a master must still feel the experience.

13.158 Knowledge applied to experience equals awareness.

13.159 A master can become tired of hearing God's assurances.

13.160 It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect us to survive on God's promise; that we will receive salvation after we die.

13.161 Whilst we exist on the earth plane, death seems and therefore is real.

13.162 Nearly every mainstream religion has a mournful and solemn funeral service. If the religions truly believed that we find salvation after death, would they not have a joyous celebration when a body died?

13.163 Even those who truly believe in salvation after death, believe that death is real, which is not a criticism, because death is meant to feel real.

13.164 Death does not feel real for the one who dies, death only feels real for those who care about the one who dies.

13.165 The average person believes that those who became a master need spiritual training, need to spend time in the wilderness, need to own nothing and have nothing to lose. Who amongst us average people could become a master? We all can, even if we are not aware that we can become a master.

13.166 Many within the religions tell us that we must follow a book of rules which are judgemental, and hypocritical. Many within the religions tell us that we must attend a meeting of petty, self-important people each week, and listen to a preacher give a sermon that the preacher seldom truly understands. Some within the religions will have us find God through fear of eternal damnation. 'God is love and if you do not find God's love, God will cast you into the flames of hell for eternity.' Some within the religions would have us join a monastery and spend our time contemplating our navel, which provides knowledge but not true awareness because there is no opportunity to apply that awareness. Some within the religions would have us shave our heads and dance meaningless dances in the streets. Perhaps we should sell all that we own and give the proceeds to a religious sect so that we can live in a compound in awe of the new messiah, and be one of the chosen few?

There is nothing wrong with any of these religious choices, each choice is experience. Many of us have experienced all of these religious options during our existence. When we have experienced all of these religious options, we are left with one simple conclusion, the path to God is within.

13.167 We are asked to believe nothing.

13.168 We may go forth and study every spiritual text and religious doctrine that we can locate. After we have completed this task, we will reach the conclusion that God is within.

13.169 Some of the 'alternatives' to established religions which are now surfacing under the collective misnomer of the 'new age', have encompassed the concept of effectively worshiping the body. 'Live this healthy holier than thou lifestyle, only eat certain foods and drink purified water and do this and do that'. There is a pattern to what is happening within the 'new age', which is beginning to parallel established religions with rules and judgements, which already exclude many of us.

13.170 There is one basic message that has encompassed nearly all dogma regardless of the dogma's form. We must fit within parameters, we must live within rules, we must be who the dogma says we must be, not who we are.

13.171 We are faced with so many spiritual alternatives, that we cannot find God.

13.172 The principles within each spiritual alternative contain the truth, but the rules within each spiritual alternative exclude many of us from finding the truth, because the rules within each spiritual alternative, often obscure the principles within each spiritual alternative.

13.173 The truth is within, and the truth is within all.

13.174 When we know who we are, how can we be satisfied being who we are not?

13.175 We cannot become who we are, until we receive our salvation from who we are not, but we cannot receive our salvation from who we are not, until we become who we are.

13.176 How can we become who we are, when our environment has been created to allow us to be who we are not?

13.177 The environments which we create are physical, albeit illusions.

13.178 If a physical environment is necessary to experience, regardless of that experience, then the environment needed to experience, to feel who we are, also needs to be physical, and at the same time feel real.

13.179 If an experience does not become experience, unless the experience feels real, then the experience of who we are, must also feel real.

13.180 From a higher plane perspective, where time means nothing, the future is happening now.

13.181 Doubt is necessary because doubt produces questions, and questions provide answers.

13.182 Answers produce awareness.

13.183 The path from one world to the next, is seldom easy.

13.184 The mountain which is our awareness, is also our learning curve.

13.185 When we reach the summit of the mountain of awareness, we also reach the point on our learning curve, where the curve begins to plateau and rise gradually.

13.186 We must each experience our own path.

13.187 If we are not in someone's life, it is because we are not meant to be in their life.

13.188 If we are not meant to be in another's life, we will drift apart.

13.189 If we attempt to change what is meant to be, and remain with somebody when we are destined to part, we will be forced apart.

13.190 Our only obligation is to ourself.

13.191 We do not have an obligation to any, other than to ourselves.

13.192 Following our own path. is all that we can do.

13.193 If we follow our own path, we are not being selfish.

13.194 Expecting another to follow the path which we want them to follow, is being selfish.

13.195 The only responsibility we have for our own actions, is to ourselves.

13.196 We are all gaining experience and assisting others to gain experience, which is the purpose of the earth plane, so in effect we are all doing God's work.

13.197 There are some who choose to hide behind God's work, to provide themselves with artificial fulfilment.

13.198 There are some who choose to experience a life of sacrifice for the sake of others, which is an experience, but ultimately no different from any other experience that we may choose.

13.199 Those who are destitute, experience receiving or not receiving assistance.

13.200 Those who are given an opportunity to provide assistance, either experience providing or not providing assistance.

13.201 All is experience.

13.202 We are drawn to assist others to experience what they have chosen to experience, which may be by way of doing nothing, or doing 'something' and that 'something' may change, from one soul whom we are assisting, to another.

13.203 The ability to breed certain characteristics into animals, plants or even people was not discovered by accident.

13.204 If a soul chooses to experience specific characteristics, what better way than to choose a body or vessel which has been genetically altered to have those characteristics.

13.205 Genetic engineering can go 'wrong', or other than intended.

13.206 Genetic engineering can only go 'wrong' from the conscious perspectives of those who are conducting the genetic experiment. Genetic engineering is right from every other perspective regardless of whether the genetic engineering produces a result other than was intended. Those conducting the genetic engineering have experienced getting genetic engineering 'wrong' which was what they chose to experience. Getting genetic engineering 'wrong' was therefore 'right'.

13.207 A soul who makes use of a body which has gone 'wrong' during genetic engineering, is experiencing the physical characteristics which they have chosen to experience.

13.208 If someone we love is killed, we need to understand that death is an illusion and respond to the death of our loved one with love, but the death of our loved one must be felt, to be experienced.

13.209 If we view death from the perspective of one who's loved one is killed. We have chosen to experience a lifetime where our loved one is killed. When our loved one is killed, we have experienced our choice, or the cause. We are then faced with a variety of effects or results which we may choose to experience. We may decide to retain bitterness and self pity, but if bitterness and self pity are chosen we are the ones who suffer, because we have chosen to embrace and experience our artificial loss. However, if we mourn the loved one, and understand that it is our own loss that we are mourning, not the passing of the loved one, and then accept that the death of our loved one is the experience which we have chosen, and that death is not real, we are experiencing what has been chosen, without retaining the experience.

13.210 We must accept that if any person leaves our life, regardless of the circumstances of their leaving, it is because that person has fulfilled their purpose in our life.

13.211 If a person dies regardless of their age, it is because the person has experienced all that they needed to experience, and all that they chose to experience, in this lifetime.

13.212 If we experience the loss of a loved one, we are supposed to feel our loss.

13.213 Feeling is experiencing but after experiencing, we need to release the experience and move on to our next experience.

13.214 God is instinct.

13.215 No one soul's instinct is stronger than another.

13.216 Our instinct appears stronger as our awareness increases, because as we become aware, we are becoming aware of who we are not, and therefore we become closer to becoming who we are.

13.217 Our instinct is a part of who we are, so as we remove who we are not, what we are removing is much that blocks our connection with our higher self, which is also our instinct.

13.217 God is within all souls.

13.219 No soul is closer to God than another soul.

13.220 That which blocks our connection to God is within.

13.221 As that which blocks our connection to God is removed, our connection to God is closer, because there are less things in between ourselves and God.

13.222 Someone with a higher level of awareness could be termed 'close to God', because there is less between themselves and God.

13.223 Animals become extinct when their form of existence no longer needs to be experienced.

13.224 Many now work very hard to prevent animals etc, from becoming extinct, but all is a chosen experience. If a species, a form of existence, is no longer required, souls simply choose not to incarnate in that form of existence and the species becomes extinct. That some choose to attempt to prevent extinction of a form of existence, is a convenient way for them to experience all that goes with fighting for a hopeless cause.

13.225 There are many who dispute everything, because they chosen to experience a lifetime of disputing everything.

13.226 The God within is God. God the drop which forms a part of God the ocean. Does it matter where does each drop starts and finishes? Each drop is the ocean.

13.227 Many of the teachers have allegedly performed great deeds, and some of the 'great deeds' have been proven to be natural phenomenon. However, the teacher 'happened' to be in the right place at the right time, and 'happened' on many occasions to know what was to occur. Perhaps God had foreseen the events, and God led the teacher to be where the teacher needed to be, when the teacher needed to be there, because God knew what was to happen.

13.228 The earth plane has limitations.

13.229 Some miracles were originally analogies, and other miracles were the result of convenient timing.

13.230 It was foreseen that Moses would free his people from slavery, in response to their collective choice to create a new environment. However, Moses was required to wait many years in exile, until it was time for the events which had been foreseen to occur. It was those events that allowed Moses to lead his people to freedom, and not to their death. There are many such examples of convenient timing throughout history. We only have to study history to see examples of convenient timing. An individual's destiny was often foretold, because it was and is known what would occur. However, nothing occurred until the timing was right, not because God made the event happen, or an individual's faith make the event happen, but because the event was foreseen, and therefore convenient.

13.231 We will receive both salvation and heaven on earth, when it is time for us to experience salvation and heaven on earth.

13.232 The details of both salvation and heaven on earth will be different for each of us, because we each need to experience something slightly different, something individual.

13.233 Before salvation and heaven on earth are experienced, all else must be experienced, so regardless of the outcome of any individual experience, we will want for nothing.

13.234 All must be experienced within the earth plane.

13.235 Both salvation and reward must be experienced on the earth plane.

13.236 To fully experience being aware of who we are, we need to experience being aware of who we are, from with an environment of who we are not.

13.237 Time is an illusion, but time does exist on the earth plane, because the earth plane and time are both linear.

13.238 Everything, the very nature of the earth plane, is illusion.

13.239 We create environments within the illusion of the earth plane, as and when we need to experience.

13.240 We will experience who we are for as long as we choose to experience who we are, and then we will return to the higher plane and exist totally within the higher plane.

13.241 When we return to the higher plane we will be who we are, but we will have already experienced or felt who we are, on the earth plane.

13.242 The physical plane is the only plane where we can experience, who we are.

13.243 Wisdom is relative.

13.244 The wisdom of existence is within us all.

13.245 The difference is awareness, not wisdom.

13.246 The misconception that a soul with whom we are closely linked is our soul mate, is a common misconception on the earth plane.

13.247 We cannot experience who we are not, when we are aware of who we are.

13.248 After we became aware of who we are, we continue to experience who we are not, but we see through the illusion so we do not really experience who we are not, we cannot experience who we are not.

13.249 When our life is on an incorrect path, our instinct and our subconscious both tell us that our life is on an incorrect path.

13.250 When we attempt to fight to remain on an incorrect path, we cause a conflict within our soul which makes us suicidal.

13.251 Every message which we receive either externally, or internally, assists us to create an environment to experience.

13.252 Whether an experience is as we anticipate or otherwise, the experience is still experience.

13.253 Whether we enjoy an experience or not does not alter the fact, that the experience, is experience.

13.254 Wanting heaven on earth is not selfish.

13.255 Looking for what has been foreseen, will not make what has been foreseen arrive earlier.

13.256 Our unworthiness clings to our aura like a 'scum' or a ring around a bath tub after the substance of who we are not, has been washed away and gone down the drain. This scum of unworthiness is an illusion, but the scum of unworthiness does exist, and the scum of unworthiness prevents our aura from expanding.

13.257 We have the ability to avoid the little everyday frustrations.

13.258 A smooth journey, such as gaps in traffic appear if follow our instinct, which effectively tells us when it is the best time to commence our journey.

13.259 We have already experienced many lifetimes, and we have reached a level of awareness, but we are not aware that we are aware.

13.260 We must become aware of our awareness.

13.261 It takes time for our vibrational rate to adjust to our awareness.

13.262 As our vibrational rate increases, it is easier for our vibrational rate to increase.

13.263 We must have faith in God, we must have faith in ourselves, and we must have faith in the future.

13.264 Religion has become an institution or more appropriately an industry.

13.265 Church organizations do much good for the community, because the structure of church organizations provides an environment for those who choose the assist others, to experience their choice.

13.266 There are individuals within every organization, and within every walk of life who choose to assist others.

13.267 It is the individual who chooses to provide the assistance to others, not the church.

13.268 Is a church minister who assists homeless children, automatically a better person than a homosexual prostitute who assists homeless children?

13.269 The age of rediscovery is a product of souls having experienced much, and looking for what else they need to experience.

13.270 The so called 'new age' which began from our need to experience, has become an industry in itself with rules surrounding each of the 'new age' concepts.

13.271 The way to God is individual.

13.272 We must each follow our own path.

13.273 The way to God can be found within any religion, or within no religion.

13.274 Neither religion, nor any specific religion, is the only way to God.

13.275 The only way to God is within.

13.276 The way to God is within the individual, so there are as many ways to God as there are individuals.

13.277 A homosexual prostitute may choose to find God within, as may a church minister.

13.278 Finding God is open to all souls.

13.279 The way to God is not an exclusive club.

13.280 The way to God does not exclude any.

13.281 God is not a religion, or an institution.

13.282 God is love, and love is available to us all.

13.283 It is not the concept of God and love that has driven many away from the churches. It is the application of love, or lack of the application of love, that is causing people to question their religion.

13.284 We have a strong desire to control other souls and to exercise power over other souls, because we need to experience that who we are, is not having control over others.

13.285 We need to experience having control over others, so that we will become aware that having control over others is who we are not. Imagine if a soul became aware of their God self without knowing that having control over others was not a part of God.

13.286 It is ironic that as we become aware, we understand that we have never had control over others, regardless if we have experienced the illusion of having control over others lifetime after lifetime. We can only have control over those who have chosen to experience being controlled. If a soul is controlled by choice they are not really controlled. The experience of having control, is in itself an illusion.

13.287 There is much starvation and poverty in the world when it is apparent that starvation and poverty is unnecessary, because souls continue to need to experience that living in squalor, and poverty, that dying from starvation, that an existence which is a struggle each day to survive, is not who they are.

13.288 When we no longer need to experience starvation and poverty, starvation and poverty will no longer be experienced.

13.289 In principle, no longer needing an experience such as poverty, is no different to the extinction of animals when we no longer need to experience a type of existence, poverty will become extinct.

13.290 This experience of hopelessness, has not always existed. There was a time when we all lived a happy and contented existence. That the world will once again take the form of a happy and contented existence is a reflection of the circular nature of existence.

13.291 When we are in animal form we do not have a conscious mind, and therefore we do not become stuck on a point. Having experienced existence as an animal we can easily move on.

13.292 Often an experience in animal form will occur between lifetimes in human form, to conveniently assist us in becoming aware of who we are not. For example, we may experience a hopeless existence without becoming aware that a hopeless existence is not who we are. We may then experience a contented existence in one animal form or another, before we again experience a hopeless human existence. The animal experience, if applied, allows us to understand that the hopeless existence is not who we are.

13.293 When a new plant is grown from a 'cutting' taken from an existing plant, initially the new plant is the same soul, but once the 'cutting' develops a life of its own, a new soul enters and experiences being a plant.

13.294 The experience of cloning, at least in principle, is not as new as cloning would appear.

13.295 The experience of cloning is similar in principle, to the creation of new souls.

13.296 We cannot have faith simply because having faith is the only option left.

13.297 We can only have faith, because we have faith.

13.298 A journey to awareness and through awareness is personal.

13.299 As we pursue our journey, we receive help along the way, and each time that we receive help, the help is provided by conscious choice of another.

13.300 Conscious choice is personal.

13.301 Our personal journey may overlap another's personal journey for a time, but we are each experiencing a personal journey.

13.302 Our journey to awareness is personal, and our journey to awareness is also a result of conscious choice.

13.303 The increase in the suicide rate is a direct result of souls searching for a meaning in their lives. There has always been a number of souls who finish their life prematurely because of some event or series of events. Suicide like all things is experience, and like all experiences suicide is repeated, until we become aware that the experience is not who we are. That some souls seek meaning through prayer, and others seek meaning through suicide, is a symptom of the 'what is the point of existence' issue.

13.304 The secret to becoming who we are, is to allow ourselves to become who we are.

13.305 When we are experiencing who we are not, allowing ourselves to become who we are, sounds like the most difficult endeavour in the world.

13.306 How do we allow ourselves to become who we are, when we are not aware of who we are?

13.307 We must continue to experience who we are not, because it is through experiencing who we are not, that we become aware of who we are, and we are then able to allow ourselves to become who we are.

13.308 A master may adopt a specific role, to assist us with an experience that we need.

13.309 As we eliminate the inner circles of repeated experience one by one, we start on the smallest circle, and each time we complete a circle, we move to the next circle, which is a little larger.

13.310 'Imagination' is a description given to a multitude of what is contained in our subconscious, which is our spirit self.

13.311 A range of experiences which occur on the spirit plane from foreseeing future events, to past life memories, and experiencing alternative paths to better understand who we are, are all collectively and inaccurately described as our 'imagination'.

13.312 The need to quantify that which is not understood means that the spirit plane, has been categorised and explained as a fantasy world of imagination and dreams. However, such descriptions are a product of the mirror effect of the earth plane.

13.313 That which is effectively seen as a fantasy world, is the spirit plane, and the domain of our spirit self.

13.314 Understanding which part of our physical existence allows us to experience the spirit plane, does not alter the fact that spiritual experiences are a product of our spirit self, and are designed to assist in our physical experiences.

13.315 As we become more aware of the true nature of our spirit self, much of our journey and our experiences which have continued to confuse us, begin to make sense.

13.316 It is not always possible to distinguish which part of our spirit self we are experiencing at any given time, which is a result of our need not to interfere with our own experiences. However, as our need to experience reduces, with the increase in our accumulated experiences, we do begin to understand exactly what is occurring within our spirit self.

13.317 We should search our own soul in respect of every concept that we encounter, regardless of the source, and we should accept what our soul tells us.

13.318 Every soul, every living thing is linked together through the thread of God, which is the very fabric of existence.

13.319 Every event that occurs, is ultimately linked.

13.320 One simple event can touch the lives of a vast number of souls, and provide experience for a vast number of souls.

13.321 The experience which each soul gains from a given event, is unique to each soul.

13.322 Not one thing occurs by accident, all things occur by design.

13.323 Every event, every single event which occurs is connected with every other event.

13.324 An event may seem minor, an event may seem inconsequential, but each event does have an impact on the fabric of existence.

13.325 We can look at the various grapes around us, and in so doing reconstruct the bunch.

13.326 Our journey parallels the multi-dimensional maze which illustrates the principles of awareness.

Each level of the multi-dimensional maze parallels the one before, with subtle differences as we make our way though the multi-dimensional maze. Sometimes we go in circles. Sometimes we reach a dead end and we have to double back. Sometimes we move on, believing that we have found the exit to the maze when all that we have found is the next level. Each level, each pathway, each dead end is linked together to form the multi-dimensional maze. Every part of the multi-dimensional maze is connected. It is not easy to see that every part of the multi-dimensional maze is connected when we are standing at the bottom level of the multi-dimensional maze, but that every part of the multi-dimensional maze is connected does become very clear as we near the top of the multi-dimensional maze. At the top of the multi-dimensional maze we find heaven on earth, which is linked not only to the multi-dimensional maze, but also to the higher plane. Heaven on earth is the direct link from the multi-dimensional maze to the higher plane, and the very structure of the multi-dimensional maze is the fabric of existence, which links all that is together.

Our journey up the mountain of awareness has a similar structure. Even after we have reached the summit, we still need to travel a path which plateaus, and winds around the mountain top as we gradually make our way to the centre of the plateau. At the centre of the plateau is heaven on earth. We are able to see this oasis of peace on a number of occasions, as we travel around the mountain top, but the only way to reach heaven on earth, is to continue to follow our path.

13.327 Heaven on earth exists at the top of the multi-dimensional maze, and at the top of the mountain of awareness.

13.328 Heaven on earth is the peace and tranquillity between the rapids and the ocean.

13.329 Heaven on earth is the link between the earth plane and the higher plane.

13.330 Heaven on earth is a different environment for each soul.

13.331 Heaven on earth is the environment which allows us to experience heaven or the higher plane.

13.332 We create 'heaven on earth' on the earth plane, because a physical plane is the only plane where we can really feel, and therefore really experience.

13.333 We need to experience the higher plane, we need to experience touching the fabric of existence, and being one with all that is. We need to experience living within the light and the pure love which is the higher plane, before we become a part of the higher plane.

13.334 Our need to experience is circular.

13.335 It is not the concepts which are part of existence, that we have difficulty with. It is how the concepts which are part of existence apply to us, that we need to experience.

13.336 We need to experience the concepts which are part of existence, each time that our awareness increases.

13.337 We need to experience how each piece of reality applies to us, which is a process that is individual to each of us.

13.338 It is the part of us, which is who we are not, that requires us to repeat experiences, not the part of us which is, who we are, because the part of us which is who we are not, becomes confused.

13.339 The part of us which is who we are not, believes that who we are, is the sum of who we are, plus who we are not. Each time that we experience who we are not, and become aware that the aspect of us which we have experienced is who we are not, we change the equation. It is the change in equation which causes both confusion and doubt. Who we are not, needs to adjust its belief of who we are, because the sum of who we are has altered.

13.340 Such is our search for the truth that we are not only seeking alternate religions, and alternate concepts collectively known as the new age, but we are also studying the established religions from every possible angle.

13.341 We do not have any concept of the number of souls who are searching for the truth, but for all who are now searching, and all who will search lifetime after lifetime, the truth is within.

13.342 We cannot influence the experiences of others.

13.343 If we are drawn to provide guidance, or assistance to another in any way, our actions are a part of their chosen experiences.

13.344 We will not become aware of anything which will alter the chosen experiences of others, any more than we are able to become aware of anything, that will alter our own experiences.

13.345 The truth is contained within the origins of most religions, and may be found by any who seek the truth.

13.346 If we are seeking the truth, we must seek the truth from a position of an open mind, and not rationalise what we find.

13.347 Much of the confusion surrounding religions and the truth, has been brought about through rationalisations, assumptions and interpretations.

13.348 Many times the truth has become lost because of a lack of understanding, and those who began a search for the truth have lost sight of their search, and spent their time justifying and interpreting not the truth, but their own assumptions.

13.349 Our assumptions do not alter reality.

13.350 The assumptions of all who have contributed to the religions, have not altered reality.

13.351 All that the assumptions which have been made by many has achieved, is to cloud reality.

13.352 The truth is within. It is far simpler, far more practical and far more realistic for us to look within, than it is for us to become scholars of every religion, and every concept and to find the truth through study of all spiritual and philosophical belief systems.

13.353 Regardless of the fact that the truth has been built upon, and altered many times, the truth of the existence of each is individual to each of us.

13.354 Those who believe with all their conscious being in one spiritual text or another, are believing in the interpretation of others, who are no different than the person who needs the belief.

13.355 It is easier for us to believe in what is provided externally, than it is for us to believe what is contained within ourselves.

13.356 Many of us who now seek the truth through one source or another, have already found the truth within, and are now seeking not the truth, as we believe, but confirmation.

13.357 There are souls who do not accept that the truth is within, souls who choose not to see the truth within, which is their choice, and their choice will lead them to whatever they need to experience.

13.358 When we are travelling the 'rapids' on our spiritual journey, the events which surround us on the earth plane lead in a multitude of directions at one time.

13.359 Everything has been, and everything continues to be, exactly as everything is meant to be, even if this appears unlikely at times.

13.360 We repeat events time and time again, until we understand that what we are experiencing is not who we are.

13.361 The further away we are from awareness, the larger the circles that we experience.

13.362 Circles can take a lifetime to complete, only to be repeated lifetime after lifetime.

13.363 As we near the summit of the mountain of our awareness, the circles which we travel are smaller and shorter in duration.

13.364 Consider the mountain of our awareness. Firstly the path may wind its way around the bottom of the mountain of our awareness over and over again without any way to commence the climb, presenting itself. As we start to climb the mountain of our awareness the path winds around and around the mountain of our awareness. The closer we are to the top of the mountain of our awareness, the shorter the path around the mountain of our awareness.

13.365 As we climb the mountain of our awareness we continue to travel the circle, but the circle which we travel is smaller each time we move up the mountain of our awareness.

13.366 The circles of our existence converge, and key events from key lifetimes come together which combine and conflict to form the 'rapids' over which we must travel.

13.367 There are three issues which are the key to our environment. Our employment, our home and our relationship. These three issues are the very foundation of each environment, that we create.

13.368 Each time that we create a new environment for ourselves, we need to build the foundations of our new environment over a period of time, before we realise the environment, and everything falls into place around us.

13.369 An 'outside' event which may vary for each environment is required to act as a catalyst for our new world, or our new environment.

13.370 An outside event demonstrates and allows us to experience that salvation is provided by having faith in God, which occurs because the outside event has been both chosen and foreseen. However, for salvation to be salvation, salvation must appear to be from an 'outside' source.

13.371 We can experience the principles of salvation before we acknowledge the existence of God, by following our instinct.

13.372 By following our instinct, we are having faith in God, because God is our instinct, and our instinct is God.

13.373 That we choose to follow our instinct, and not believe in God does not change the reality that having faith in God leads to salvation.

13.374 The labels which we apply have no bearing on reality.

13.375 An outside event is a part of reality. God the ocean, effectively assists God the single drop.

13.376 Those who fulfil a spiritual role, do not fulfil a spiritual role to be appreciated.

13.377 When we accept the reality of any situation, our peace returns.

13.378 We will not want, if we create the environment that we want.

13.379 Often we want, but we do nothing to obtain what we want.

13.380 We need to stop wanting, and start creating.

13.381 Creating an environment can take time. We may need to develop a skill, or realise an ability.

13.382 There will be times when we will create an environment, and need to be patient before we realise that environment, because the timing is not quite right.

13.383 How would we experience creating a new environment, if we did not want to change our existing environment?

13.384 If we did not want, how would we be motivated to experience changing our environment?

13.385 If we like our environment we would not want to change our environment. It is through not liking one or all aspects of our environment, that we want to change our environment, or a part of our environment.

13.386 Many would have us believe that we should not want, and others would have us believe that we should like whatever happens, because everything which occurs is experience, and whether we like the experience or not is irrelevant. When we have returned to being who we are, we will not want. However 'not liking' and 'wanting' are more than all right, 'not liking' and 'wanting' are absolutely necessary. Unless the twin emotions of 'not liking' and 'wanting' are felt, there is no motivation for experience.

13.387 Increasing our vibrational rate is physically difficult.

13.388 We cannot interfere with the experiences of others.

13.389 The past has but one purpose, which is to provide experiences to be drawn upon to assist us in the awareness process, regardless of whether that awareness is but a single step, or an entire journey.

13.390 Each circle has to fulfil its purpose, and close before we can move on.

13.391 We create whatever environment we need.

13.392 The environment that we have created, is exactly the environment that we need at this point in time, which is why we cannot force our environment to change.

13.393 When we have created our new environment, we need to allow our new environment to come into being.

13.394 We create our own environment.

13.395 We can change our own environment, but if an existing environment has not fulfilled its purpose, our environment will not change.

13.396 We can create our new environment, but be unable to realise our new environment, because we still need the environment which we had previously created.

13.397 We need to build a world based on who we are, not a world based on who we are not.

13.398 The truth is contained within all that is.

13.399 There are no rules, there is only truth.

13.400 Many are now asking if Jesus was man, or if Jesus was God. The answer to the question is contained within the question. Jesus was no different from those asking the question. Jesus was both a man and God. Jesus was, and Jesus is no different from all souls.

13.401 It is not necessary to live a life of nothing, of abstinence and of poverty.

13.402 Sometimes we experience a life of nothing, of abstinence and of poverty, but a life of nothing, of abstinence and of poverty is not the path to God.

13.403 A life of nothing, of abstinence and of poverty is a part of our path, in that a life of nothing, of abstinence and of poverty is experience.

13.404 Finding God does not require self-sacrifice.

13.405 To find God we need only allow all to be.

13.406 The purpose of the earth plane is to feel real.

13.407 Even after we attain spiritual awareness, we retain an earth plane perspective whenever we need to experience something.

13.408 Retaining an earth plane perspective does not mean that we have failed, or that we have lost our awareness. Retaining an earth plane perspective means only that we need to feel an experience.

13.409 Most of the perfection associated with masters, is a result of erroneous reporting.

13.410 A master retains their humanity.

13.411 A master experiences difficulties.

13.412 A master feels their experiences.

13.413 A master does not have to be perfect.

13.414 A master has no rules, and no ceremonies.

13.415 A master is required to do nothing, other than to allow themself to be themself.

13.416 A master does not need to make a self-sacrifice.

13.417 A master is simply a master.

13.418 We can become a master from within our own environment, even if our environment is difficult.

13.419 Our difficulties do not need to be extreme.

13.420 We may all become a master, and we will all become a master.

13.421 The last thing that we are ready or willing to accept, is that we can become a master within our own environment. However, this is not a coincidence, because that we can become a master within our own environment is the last thing that we will accept.

13.422 Every master has had periods of solitude.

13.423 Every master has a period of difficulty.

13.424 The difficulties faced by a master are not extraordinary.

13.425 Difficulties are not necessary for us to become a master.

13.426 To become a master, we need only consciously decide to become a master.

13.427 To spend all of our time in solitary mediation is one of the most difficult tasks that can be asked of us.

13.428 We can become aware, spend time meditating in solitude, and maintain our earth plane responsibilities.

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