Truth of Reality Part Three

Today's Insight    


14.1 The earth plane has limitations by design.

14.2 The limitations of earth plane have not been reached.

14.3 Every aspect of the earth plane is a product of cause and effect from a physical perspective, which enables ‘scientific’ explanations to be provided for everything that occurs.

14.4 Historically, when certain diseases have run their course and fulfilled their purpose, a cure has been found.

14.5 We are close to discovering the cause or cure of many previously incurable diseases.

14.6 Many incurable diseases are conveniently caused at a gene level, which enables us to choose the bodies that are suitable to our required experiences.

14.7 Solutions are close to being found for many ‘unsolvable’ earth plane problems.

14.8 It will soon be impossible for the denial of contact with those from other physical worlds, to be maintained.

14.9 The earth plane is on the verge of a new era, a ‘new age’, an age of re-discovery, a new world order.

14.10 Labels are unimportant, and meaningless.

14.11 The answers to every question are around us all.

14.12 The answers to every question are everywhere.

14.13 We do not need to look for answers. We need only accept that answers exist, be open to receive answers, and allow answers to present themselves.

14.14 Answers to all of our questions always present themselves, regardless of our level of awareness.

14.15 We need to be ready to receive the answers, which are presented to us.

14.16 We can feel the energy being restored to the earth by the rain.

14.17 We cannot only feel the energy being restored to the earth by the rain, we can also see the energy being restored to the earth by the rain.

14.18 Each drop of rain which strikes us or the earth, releases its energy upon contact.

14.19 We can become who we are, a master, whilst we retain our earth plane difficulties.

14.20 All that rules and rituals achieve is to give those who follow the rules and rituals something to ‘master’, something to focus on and feed their artificial ego that they have become somehow different, because they have mastered the discipline or studied for years and graduated to become closer to God.

14.21 All of the rules and rituals are unnecessary, because God can be found within simply by accepting and allowing.

14.22 An average person from within an everyday environment can find God within.

14.23 There are no rules to find God within.

14.24 There are no rituals to find God within.

14.25 There are no symbols to find God within.

14.26 To find God within, is as simple as accepting that God is within, and allowing ourselves to become aware of God’s presence within.

14.27 Masters do understand exactly what we experience, in the everyday normal world.

14.28 Society will change and society will change the only way that society can change, through changing the fabric of society from fear based to love based.

14.29 The fabric of society will not change through political means.

14.30 The fabric of society will not change through a crusade by true believers.

14.31 The change in the fabric of society which will occur, will come from within each soul.

14.32 As more and more of us change the basis of our individual existence from fear based to love based, the fabric of society will change accordingly.

14.33 The fabric of society is a product and a reflection of those within the society. If our existence is fear based, then society is fear based. However, if our existence is love based, then society is love based.

14.34 The change of the fabric of society will only occur through the change of environment within the majority, often referred to as the silent majority. The average, everyday person who does not have a political agenda and does not attempt, often successfully, to impose the will of a minority on the majority.

14.35 It will not be the will of minorities, however well intentioned, that will change the fabric of society. It is the will of the majority choosing to replace a fear based environment, with a love based environment which will allow the change of the fabric of society to occur.

14.36 The change of the fabric of society is not a change that will be imposed, the change of the fabric of society is a change that will occur.

14.37 Many who thrive within a fear based environment, will attempt to perpetuate the fear based environment and for a time they will succeed. However, the change of the fabric of society will occur as we come Full Circle, and this process which has now begun cannot be reversed. The result will be a love based society.

14.38 The change of the fabric of society has begun, and the change of the fabric of society will continue, as the majority seek the truth of existence and allow the change of the fabric of society to occur.

14.39 It is said that we have to reach a point where we do not need another, and that each of us is all that we really need. It is also said that a solitary existence is something which we can master. We do need time in solitude, we are a complete half, and we do not need any individual to avoid feeling lonely. However, in achieving this understanding, we can become ‘used’ to solitude, which we then mistake for not needing a life partner. Despite the fact that solitude is needed to reflect and understand our awareness level, souls are pairs. Souls are not meant to live alone or be alone.

14.40 Our need for a life partner is inbuilt.

14.41 Our need for a life partner, is a part of our underlying need to reunite with our soulmate.

14.42 Many have come to believe that we are given our need for companionship and for physical intimacy so that we will master ourselves, but this is not so. In effect, we do not master ourselves, some of us train ourselves and suggest that we can master our basic inbuilt desires.

14.43 We are not given our inbuilt desires to ‘master’, we are given our inbuilt desires to experience, to feel love physically, and we can only feel love physically on the earth plane.

14.44 We are not on the earth plane to master ourselves, we are on the earth plane to experience and through experience become a master.

14.45 We do not become a master through ‘mastering’ anything, including ourselves.

14.46 A master is not something that we become. We are all created as masters.

14.47 Every soul in whatever incarnation, even if they are not experiencing physical form, is a master.

14.48 A master is who we are.

14.49 All that we need do, is allow ourselves to experience who we are not, become aware of who we are not, and in so doing become aware of who we are.

14.50 Pure love is not something that we learn. Pure love is what we are.

14.51 We are unconditional love.

14.52 We may love someone unconditionally, but loving someone unconditionally does not mean that we must sacrifice ourselves for the person we love. Nor does loving someone mean we must have that person in our life.

14.53 Love is love. Love has no rules, no requirements and no boundaries.

14.54 Whether our love is returned or not, is irrelevant.

14.55 Unconditional love does not require us to love a soul, and want nothing in return.

14.56 There is no sin in wanting to be loved in return for our love.

14.57 Wanting to share, to give and receive love is as natural as breathing.

14.58 To suggest that we should love and want nothing in return is unrealistic.

14.59 Love for an individual needs balance.

14.60 When we love another, we will not always receive love in return, which does not change our love if our love is ‘real’ and not a product of our fears and insecurities.

14.61 We can feel love, without giving our love to another, which does not change the love that we feel.

14.62 If we are forever giving our love and receiving nothing in return, we are not being true to who we are.

14.63 We should not give our love without sharing love. Sharing is two ways.

14.64 We should not allow love to manifest itself as hate, if love is not returned.

14.65 The true ‘test’ of our love for an individual is whether we can feel that love, without desperately giving our love away, or allowing our love to become hatred if our love is not shared.

14.66 Unconditional love is love. No more and no less.

14.67 Love should not be given away, love should be shared.

14.68 The purpose of love is to share.

14.69 If we feel love for an individual, we should share our love. If the love which we feel cannot be shared, we should not give our love away. If our love is genuine, our love will not alter, our love will remain, even if our love cannot be shared.

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The Truth Of Reality cannot be explained without a point of reference.

14.71 The reality of existence has to be experienced to be understood, and the only place that anything can be experienced is on the earth plane.

14.72 ‘Heaven’ needs to be experienced, and heaven needs to be experienced on the earth plane, or heaven is not experienced.

14.73 God is a friend, and God does understand.

14.74 We are all a part of the fabric of existence, and as such the fabric of existence is a part of each of us.

14.75 Whether we feel the fabric of existence within us, or whether we do not feel the fabric of existence within us, does not change the fact that, the fabric of existence is a part of us.

14.76 The only way in which a master is different, is that a master is aware.

14.77 Souls trapped on the spirit plane are not evil.

14.78 Souls trapped on the spirit plane are for the most part, lost and scared.

14.79 Souls trapped on the spirit plane are ‘hurting’ and no different from many in physical form who are unaware. When souls trapped on the spirit plane hurt, they lash out at others because they want others to hurt as well.

14.80 Souls trapped on the spirit plane are no different from a child, and spiritually, that is exactly what souls trapped on the spirit plane are, children.

14.81 There are a large number of ‘lost’ and ‘trapped’ souls on the spirit plane, who influence the lives of many on the earth plane.

14.82 Often a soul in spirit form will influence the life of a soul in physical form, because there is a special and direct link between the two souls.

14.83 The influence of souls in spirit form, is not always negative.

14.84 A ‘karmic’ relationship is not necessary for a soul in spirit form to influence us.

14.85 The influence of souls in spirit form is far more prevalent than we realise, but such influence is always convenient for both souls, physical and spirit who share the experience.

14.86 There have been many societies which have ruled for centuries, and then disappeared.

14.87 When a specific society’s a way of life no longer needs to be experienced, the purpose for the society’s existence is complete.

14.88 All societies are created by the collective choice of those within the society.

14.89 When the collective choice ceases, there is no means to maintain the society and the society therefore ceases to exist. It is by this principle that the fear based society will end, and the love based society will be chosen to become our existence.

14.90 Occasionally a spirit can enter our physical body which is one ‘cause’ of multiple personalities, but mostly multiple personalities are caused by drawing on ‘personalities’ from previous incarnations.

14.91 Sometimes, when the current personality cannot cope with the chosen experiences, previous personalities are drawn from the subconscious or spirit plane where memories are stored. The soul is attempting to draw on a personality which can cope with the experiences. Sometimes one ‘additional’ personality will be sufficient, but often a number of past personalities are required, and different personalities deal with different aspects of the environment, which the soul has been unable to cope with.

14.92 All past life memories are contained within the spirit plane, so it could be determined that we all have multiple personalities. We draw on our previous personalities, and our past life experiences when needed, but typically we draw upon our past life memories below the ‘surface’.

14.93 Drawing upon our past life memories, is often described as ‘dreams’ or ‘imagination’.

14.94 It is suggested that we have ‘multiple personalities’ when we draw on our previous personalities on the physical plane rather than on the spirit plane, or on the surface, instead of below the surface.

14.95 If we discount the extreme cases, the reality is that most of us will draw upon a previous personality to ‘deal with’ a specific situation, which is sometimes referred to as acting ‘out of character’. Mostly, we are unaware that we have drawn upon a previous personality, but if we choose to consider our own lifetimes, we will be able to see, in hindsight, when we have drawn upon a previous personality.

14.96 The key to seeing the reality of existence is to be open, and allow ourselves to see the reality of existence. Reality is that simple, but existing within the mirrored illusion of the earth plane, can make it difficult for us to see the reality of existence, beyond the mirror.

14.97 Most of what we encounter is in reverse, because of the mirror effect of the earth plane.

14.98 If we can accept that much of what we see as reality is in reverse, we have a point of reference, which will allow us begin to see the reality of existence.

14.99 There is an element of ‘luck’ which applies to everything that occurs within our lives.

14.100 The element of ‘luck’ may be good or bad, and the element of ‘luck’ is an extension to the principle that everything is as everything is meant to be. The element of ‘luck’ is an element of the principle that there are no accidents, no coincidences. The element of ‘luck’ is an element of the principle that we experience what we have chosen to experience.

14.101 The element of ‘luck’ is the hand of God. God cannot interfere with chosen experiences, but God does assist us to experience what we have chosen.

14.102 The influence from the hand of God, is around us all of the time.

14.103 We seldom notice the hand of God, but if we open our eyes and look, we will see that the hand of God influences our lives, not by the will of God as an abstract third party directing our lives, and not in a subjective manner of rewarding the ‘good’ people, or punishing the ‘bad’ people. The will of God is the will of our higher self, or our God self knowing what we have chosen to experience, and assisting us to realise what we have chosen to experience.

14.104 The hand of God or ‘luck’ as it is commonly known, is effectively God the ocean, and the fabric of existence assisting us in what we need to experience.

14.105 A slight traffic delay lasting minutes may influence events for years, decades, or centuries.

14.106 There are no coincidences, souls are brought together for mutual experience.

14.107 The element of luck goes far beyond souls co-operating to gain needed experience. The element of luck invokes the very fabric of existence. The fabric of existence which is within all that is, and which is God in the collective sense of God. God the ocean.

14.108 By definition the fabric of existence is everywhere, and so is the influence, or the hand of God.

14.109 We can chose to see the hand of God.

14.110 What is known as luck exists whether we choose to believe in luck or not.

14.111 Belief does not alter reality.

14.112 The perception that luck is either good or bad is not accurate.

14.113 Luck is neither good nor bad, despite the fact that luck may appear to be one or the other.

14.114 Luck is the hand of God assisting us to experience, what we have chosen to experience.

14.115 All experience is necessary, whether we enjoy what we experience or not.

14.116 Luck exists as an extension of the external factor, or to provide the missing link.

14.117 ‘The external factor’ is co-operation with another soul to share an experience.

14.118 The ‘element of luck’ is assistance to experience from the very fabric of existence.

14.119 Like the truth of our existence, the hand of God is all around us.

14.120 We can see the hand of God, if we choose to see the hand of God.

14.121 The element of luck is within everything that we do, but the element of luck is not ‘luck’ as in some random force. The element of luck is very specific, and very much by design.

14.122 The difference between ‘the external factor’, and the ‘element of luck’ is that an external factor involves another soul or souls. God the drop. The element of luck involves the fabric of existence. God the ocean.

14.123 All souls are the son of God.

14.124 All souls are from God, the fabric of existence, so all souls are the son of God.

14.125 All souls are a part of the fabric of existence, so all souls are God.

14.126 The fabric of existence is love, and all souls are love.

14.127 Jesus’ role was to change our perception of a God of wrath, to a God of love.

14.128 The peace of a master is a total peace.

14.129 The peace of a master is not an outer peace, which is based around the lower self and therefore artificial.

14.130 The peace of a master, is not the inner peace from spirit self.

14.131 The peace of a master is a peace emanating from the higher self, and radiating through each part of our soul.

14.132 The peace of a master is accompanied by an incredible sense of well being. A sense of well being, which transcends the physical body.

14.133 The third component of the peace of a master, is an expanding aura which can be felt.

14.134 The beauty of the world increases, every time that our vibrational rate increases.

14.135 The simple reality is that unless we experience, we cannot return to the higher plane and if God interfered with our experiences, we would not be able to experience.

14.136 If we do not feel our experiences, regardless of how horrific our experiences seem from an earth plane perspective, we cannot eliminate the aspects of who we are not contained within the experience, to become who we are, and return to the higher plane.

14.137 Unless we experience we cannot return to become a part of the love, which is the very fabric of our existence.

14.138 A combination of God, the masters, spirits and ‘temporary bridges’ assist us to create the environment which we need.

14.139 The earth plane is the only plane where we can experience, and the earth plane is physical in nature.

14.140 For us to experience anything, what we experience needs to have substance on the lower plane.

14.141 Emotions have substance on the lower plane.

14.142 The nature of existence is circular.

14.143 All knowledge, all explanations, and all awareness, ultimately comes from God the ocean.

14.144 That we choose to ‘receive’ information from God in different formats, is a reflection of our awareness.

14.145 There is no correct format in which to receive information from God.

14.146 The method which we use to recall knowledge, does not alter the reality of the knowledge which we recall.

14.147 Many have questioned God’s inability to their help loved ones, or those in need, or any who are ‘suffering’. However, God cannot interfere with our chosen experiences.

14.148 A philosophy that all events are ‘the will of God’, and that we cannot interfere with the will of God, has developed across nearly all known religions, and is a product and probably the most significant example, of the mirror effect of the earth plane.

14.149 God does not interfere with the will of the individual.

14.150 What has been termed ‘the will of God’ is in fact ‘the will of the individual’.

14.151 When it is said that ‘the individual cannot interfere with the will of God’, the truth is that ‘God cannot interfere with the will of the individual’.

14.152 The true will of God is that all souls return to the higher plane, and that all souls return to the higher plane is God’s only will.

14.153 ‘Will’ means exactly that, ‘will’ does not mean ‘want’, if will did mean ‘want’ the term would be ‘the want of God’, regardless of the reversing effect. The will of God is for all souls to return to the higher plane, and all souls will return to the higher plane.

14.154 Everything that we have experienced has been by our ‘will’, which is very different from our ‘want’.

14.155 Want is a very necessary a part of experience. We must want if we are to create new experiences.

14.156 Will is a step beyond want.

14.157 Will is a concept of the higher plane, and want is a concept of the earth plane.

14.158 Will is a more powerful concept than want.

14.159 When the our will and our want are in conflict, our will is the dominant concept. However, when our will and our want are in agreement, nothing can prevent the realisation of the creation of whatever our will and our want are jointly focused upon.

14.160 How many times have we wanted something, often desperately, and we have been unable to obtain the thing that we wanted? We are unable to obtain what we want, when our want is not our will. However, when what we want coincides with our will, there is no barrier that we cannot overcome, to obtain what we want.

14.161 It is the combined power of want and will, when applied in unison which delivers the power of creation.

14.162 The key to removing the reversing effect of the earth plane, which is a mirror of reality, is to allow ourselves to look through the mirror, instead of into the mirror.

14.163 We must look past the reflection of reality, to see reality.

14.164 We can look past the reflection of reality, by allowing ourselves to look past the reflection of reality.

14.165 We need to look around us, and see reality.

14.166 We need to apply our knowledge of the mirror, to what is commonly accepted as; the will of God.

14.167 We need to apply our knowledge of the mirror, to what is commonly accepted as; the path to God.

14.168 Consider for example the concept of self-sacrifice as the way to God. God does not require a sacrifice, and the only person affected by self-sacrifice, is self. We are not required to sacrifice ourselves for others. We only need to love to experience and to be who we are. If we attempt to use self-sacrifice as the way to God, we are saying that we are not good enough for God. We are saying that we need to sacrifice, to deprive ourselves, for us to be good enough for God, which is a nonsense.

14.169 If we choose to help others, we should allow ourselves to experience helping others.

14.170 If we choose to sacrifice ourselves, we experience sacrificing ourselves. The only point to the experience of sacrificing ourselves is for us to understand that we are worthwhile, and that we are not something which can, or should be sacrificed.

14.171 Self-sacrifice is not the will of God, self-sacrifice is the will of self.

14.172 The path to God is within self, so to believe that self-sacrifice is the path to God is a nonsense.

14.173 A soul who chooses a path of self-sacrifice is effectively saying, that the path to God, is to sacrifice God.

14.174 Unless our will and our want are in unison, what is wanted cannot be achieved.

14.175 It does not matter what we do, it does not matter how hard we work, and it does not matter what options we attempt, we will not achieve what we want, until our want and our will work in unison.

14.176 Anything that is done prior to achieving the unison of our will and our want is a waste of time, because the result cannot be what we want.

14.177 It has been said that we should be happy with whatever we are faced with, and appreciate that our experiences are not ‘worse’. However, ‘worse’ is very much an earth plane word. Our experiences would only be ‘worse’ if what we need to experience is worse. If we apply this earth plane word to the principles of experience, our experiences get worse, when we fail to understand that an experience is not who we are. We need to repeat each experience, until we become aware that what we are experiencing, is not who we are.

14.178 There are no rules.

14.179 We do not have to be happy with our experiences, some experiences are not happy experiences.

14.180 We do not have to accept our environment in that we can change our environment, but we have little choice other than to accept our experiences.

14.181 All that we can do, is flow with whatever we experience, and allow our instinct to guide us through.

14.182 The intensity of the pressure being brought to bear on us throughout the fear based society has grown to the extent where an entire industry has developed to manage stress.

14.183 Stress is a very real experience. However, stress is not the negative experience that stress is believed to be.

14.184 Stress is like a pressure valve, when we have accumulated too many experiences, stress releases which forces us to rest, and prevents us from accumulating any more experiences.

14.185 Stress is created by unreleased experiences.

14.186 We need to experience and then release the experience by flowing with our experiences, and allowing our experiences to wash over us and pass through us.

14.187 It is not an accident that stress has become an issue, and a part of our lives. The volume of experiences in each lifetime is increasing. We are effectively packing more experiences into each lifetime. The earth plane reasons for packing more experiences into each lifetime are many and varied, but the reality is that we know that we need to increase our level of experience, which will increase the opportunities that we create to become aware of who we are not.

14.188 Previously, lifetimes gave us the ability to experience one or two environments, but our current lifetimes provide us with the opportunity to experience many environments.

14.189 The development of concentrated experiences has occurred throughout all aspects of our lives, including our employment, our relationships, our family and our living environments.

14.190 When we are experiencing the environment which we have chosen and created, we live in an environment of peace. However, when it is time to understand that what we are experiencing is not who we are, we lose our peace. It is at this point, that we are given an opportunity to enter one of the three doorways contained on each level of our maze of awareness.

14.191 The best way to release stress, or to prevent ourselves from accumulating unresolved experience, is through love.

14.192 When we consider our own lifetimes, we see that whenever we exist within an environment of love, we do not feel the stress regardless of what occurs around us.

14.193 When we are filled with love, there is no room to retain any other experience.

14.194 If we look to our own lifetimes, we can see within our lifetimes how the principle of being filled with love, if applied to all souls will create a love based environment for us to exist within.

14.195 Individuals choosing to be filled with love, is how the fear based society, will become a love based society.

14.196 We need to allow our experiences to run their course.

14.197 We need to allow ourselves to review and reflect on our experiences, and we need to allow our thoughts of our experiences travel where they will.

14.198 It is through review and reflection that we understand that an experience is not who we are.

14.199 Review and reflection of our experiences can be painful, and we may choose to suppress, or to file an experience in our subconscious, but the ‘file’ will be presented to us again and again, until we review and reflect on our experiences, and understand that the experience is not who we are. Leaving a file in our ‘pending tray’, until we are ready to deal with an experience is not a negative action, but until we accept that an experience is not who we are, we will continue to repeat the experience, until we accept that the experience is not who we are.

14.200 It is only through understanding that an experience is not who we are, that we may truly release the experience.

14.201 ‘Want’ comes from the lower self. ‘Will’ comes from the higher self and as such, will is effectively the will of God.

14.202 A test of our love is whether our happiness that a loved one has moved on, outweighs the self pity we feel for our loss.

14.203 The truth of the reality of our existence is within us and surrounds us.

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The Truth Of Reality is everywhere, except within our conscious mind.

14.205 Our conscious mind effectively blocks and filters the truth of our existence, by design. It is the filtering process within our conscious mind which allows us to exist and experience within the illusion of the earth plane. The conscious mind is so effective in its role, that we can only see reality, whether reality is within or all around us, by consciously choosing to see reality.

14.206 The conscious choice to see reality, is also the conscious choice to remove our conscious mind from the equation.

14.207 When we choose to see reality, we are effectively telling our conscious mind that we no longer require its services, and the very nature of our conscious mind ensures that our conscious mind fights this process.

14.208 By consciously accepting reality, we are asking our conscious mind to discontinue doing the very thing which our conscious mind is designed to do, and we are asking our conscious mind to stop fulfilling its purpose.

14.209 It is not possessions in themselves that are the issue, it is the level of importance which we place upon our possessions that creates our difficulty.

14.210 We need to experience that importance should not be placed on any artificial aspect of our lives.

14.211 We place importance on something even if we make whatever it is, artificially unimportant.

14.212 We make things, or attempt to make things firstly artificially important, and then we experience the other side of the coin, because we attempt to make the things artificially unimportant. It was only when we remove the ‘artificial factor’ and accept that something is neither important nor unimportant, that we allow ourselves to accept whatever occurs.

14.213 We should not apply either artificial importance or artificial unimportance, to our environment.

14.214 Wanting something is necessary to lead us to experience, but wanting something is very different from placing an artificial importance on something. However, wanting and artificial importance are often combined.

14.215 Artificial importance will often confuse want.

14.216 We have all experienced, on a number of occasions, that we did not really want something, that we desperately wanted.

14.217 Desperately wanting anything is artificial.

14.218 Desperately wanting is not a product of what we really want. Desperately wanting is a product of the artificial importance which we place upon something.

14.219 The concept of artificial importance is particularly noticeable in respect of relationships. When a relationship ends one party will often believe, truly believe that they ‘cannot go on without the other’, and as such they have placed an artificial level of importance on that person, and on the relationship. It is this artificial importance which leads to a desperate wanting, because often if they are able to recommence the relationship, they learn that the continuation of the relationship is not what they wanted.

14.220 Do we think that God, the fabric of existence is aware of all things except credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit and the like? Such developments on the earth plane have been conveniently useful in allowing us to experience.

14.221 Nothing is too mundane for God.

14.222 After God had rested and it was time to explore and expand God, God stretched. It is said that when God awakened is when God created the universe which is both correct and incorrect. God created the universe by stretching, but God is the universe, the very fabric of existence.

14.223 It has been established that the universe is expanding, as the ocean expands with each drop.

14.224 The expansion of the ocean, which is the universe is the very purpose of existence.

14.225 God exists.

14.226 God has always existed.

14.227 God will always exist.

14.228 If we treat the ocean of existence as an entity, and apply our understanding of an entity to the ocean of existence, we will assist our understanding of God.

14.229 When God sleeps, God effectively contracts. God becomes what has accurately been described as a ‘singularity’. After resting or sleeping God awakens and God effectively stretches. It is this process of stretching that is what has been termed the ‘big bang’. God then expands, or if we prefer, God grows.

14.230 God grows through creation of worlds or environments and through the seeding of these environments with drops. As these drops experience and grow they expand, creating more drops. As the drops have gained sufficient experience to know that they are a part of God, the very fabric of existence, they become a part of God, and God grows.

14.231 The process of expansion and growth tires God, and God reaches a point in God’s growth where it is time for God to rest again. When it is time for God to rest, the universe collapses in upon itself, as God effectively curls up to sleep, and the universe again becomes a singularity.

14.232 After God has rested, God awakens and the process begins again. In principle, the physical existence of God is not unlike one of our days, but the physical existence of God is also like one of our lifetimes, and one of our existences. To begin to come close to understanding the physical existence of God, we would effectively have to imagine that our whole existence occurred in one day. One of these days for God is effectively billions of our years, so our ability to really conceive God’s existence is limited.

14.233 We are created in God’s image, but we have reversed the process and attempted to create God in man’s image.

14.234 We can apply the principles of the reversing effect of the earth plane to our awareness of the existence of the drop, and then we can apply our awareness to the existence of the ocean, to give ourselves a beginning of understanding.

14.235 What we are aware of in respect of the earth plane is not important.

14.236 Awareness comes not from reading, or watching, or listening. Awareness comes from experience.

14.237 Whilst we are in physical form, our earth plane perspective remains.

14.238 We experience because we are on the earth plane.

14.239 We will continue to experience, because experience is why we are on the earth plane.

14.240 Our awareness moves beyond awareness.

14.241 Without experience we cannot grow, and by extension without our experience, God cannot grow.

14.242 Our experiences are important, not artificially important, and not artificially unimportant.

14.243 Our experiences are God’s experiences.

14.244 Crystal healing draws ‘positive’ energy in, whereas healing with hands draws ‘negative’ energy out.

14.245 The ’new age’ is no different to religions.

14.246 New age practitioners use basic concepts and develop their abilities, to enable themselves to feel special, in the same way that the religious attempt to feel chosen.

14.247 When we consider ourselves to be spiritual, we still see the mirror of the earth plane.

14.248 When we consider the term ‘spiritual’ at face value, the term ‘spiritual’ refers to the spirit plane.

14.249 The variances in the philosophy of those who consider themselves to be spiritual have one thing in common, one factor which links the philosophies together, those who consider themselves to be spiritual are products of the spirit plane.

14.250 Those who are considered to be spiritual have awareness which reaches the spirit plane, and sometimes touches upon the higher plane.

14.251 Our awareness moves beyond spiritual.

14.252 We exist on the earth plane.

14.253 Our earth plane existence is not a mistake, if we were not meant to be here on the earth plane, our earth plane existence would end.

14.254 God did not make a mistake when God created the earth plane.

14.255 The physical planes are necessary for us to feel experience, which is why the physical planes exist, and why we exist on a physical plane.

14.256 The earth plane is no less important than an other plane.

14.257 To us who exist on the earth plane, the earth plane is real, which is why we exist on the earth plane.

14.258 Do we think there is something wrong with money? Do we think that by allowing monetary systems to develop that God made a mistake? If so, God has made a very convenient mistake. Consider for a moment all of the experiences which may be assisted by money. Money is not a mistake.

14.259 Does a monetary problem, not require a monetary solution?

14.260 Earth plane issues may seem basic, because earth plane issues are at the surface of the awareness process, but is the tip of an iceberg, not part of the iceberg?

14.261 Whilst we exist within the physical planes, the physical planes are a part of our existence.

14.262 We exist at all four levels, including the earth plane.

14.263 We can simultaneously experience at four levels of our existence. The higher levels provide us with a tremendous sense of well being, with a sense of creation, and with a sense of all that is, but a ‘sense’ is all that the higher levels provide. The higher levels do not provide a feel. Only the earth plane can provide a feel, which is why the earth plane exists.

14.264 We must not discount our earth plane experiences, because our earth plane experiences are as real and as important as any other experiences.

14.265 Earth plane experiences are illusions, but earth plane experiences are also real. An apparent contradiction, which is not a contradiction.

14.266 The earth plane in itself is a dimension, not the only dimension by any means, but the earth plane is a dimension.

14.267 The earth plane is no more or no less important than any other dimension.

14.268 Without the physical planes, such as the earth plane, God could not grow.

14.269 The demand for physical fitness has attached itself to spiritual matters with a ‘wellness’ industry attaching itself to the new age.

14.270 Despite society’s demand that people be fit and healthy to be accepted within the ‘in’ people, fat people can become aware.

14.271 When we stop looking for the key, the key will be presented.

14.272 It is important that we only take one step at a time.

14.273 We need to increase our awareness in a way which will allow our vibrational rate to adjust slowly. A sudden increase in our vibrational rate will unbalance us, because our vibrational rate would increase too fast for our physical body to endure.

14.274 We are able to travel to the past or the future because of our own connection with the past and the future.

14.275 We are all capable of travelling to any point during our physical existence.

14.276 We can travel to the origin of our own existence, but we cannot travel beyond our physical existence.

14.277 Another can draw us into their future, if we establish a connection in our lifetime.

14.278 Scientists have proven God’s existence, although most Scientists are reluctant to accept that God’s existence has been proven.

14.279 The creation of the universe and the power of creation is proven, but still viewed by many as a convenient accident.

14.280 God is the universe.

14.281 Our path begins like a wide plateau, but as we reach the end of our journey our path narrows.

14.282 We reach a point where even the slightest step off our correct path, can alter our experience dramatically.

14.283 Every experience which we’ve had, regardless of how traumatic the experience has felt at the time, has been necessary to ensure that we follow our path.

14.284 God is not a cosmic accident.

14.285 God is a cosmic reality.

14.286 There will be no second coming heralding the end of the world.

14.287 What has been determined to be the second coming, is a completion of what was started.

14.288 The only way that the world will end, is that the fear based existence will end.

14.289 The basic truth within Jesus’ message was a love based God, to replace the fear based God.

14.290 What will end is a fear based existence, and what will begin is a love based existence, which has been interpreted as ‘the world will end and that those who have accepted what Jesus said, will reside in heaven’. The basic concept is correct, but the literal interpretation in itself, is a nonsense.

14.291 Consider what many have determined will happen. God in the physical form of Jesus, the God of love, will return to earth, punish those who have not accepted God’s love, and take those who have accepted God’s love to live in a paradise. How could the God of love, the God who is love, punish those who do not return God’s love? What do those who have chosen to believe that God will punish those who do not return God’s love think that pure love is? The very concept of punishing those who do not return pure love, is in itself such a gross contradiction, that the concept of punishing those who do not return pure love, is a nonsense!

14.292 Those who accept that a love based society is possible, will exist within a love based society.

14.293 We will reach a point where all souls share a love based existence.

14.294 The fear based existence will end.

14.295 The end of the world is the end of the fear based existence.

14.296 Heaven is the love based existence.

14.297 Punishment and destruction cannot possibly fit into the equation of heaven.

14.298 The earth plane effects caused by drugs and alcohol may be a chemical imbalance, but the effects caused by drugs and alcohol extend much further than the earth plane. From a spirit plane perspective the imbalance caused by drugs and alcohol makes the aura ‘fuzzy’ and un-focused. The true effect caused by drugs and alcohol, from the higher plane perspective is that the vibrational rate becomes unbalanced.

14.299 What has been termed ‘the will of God’, needs to be balanced.

14.300 The will of God, is will of the individual.

14.301 Unless will and want are synchronised, we cannot achieve what we want.

14.302 We need to learn to wait patiently, but we also need to act when it is time to act.

14.303 The will of God can be, and often is taken to extremes, including religions which have been built on the ‘will of God’ piece of the puzzle, and discount the existence of the whole puzzle.

14.304 We will experience what we have chosen to experience.

14.305 If we watch a child die from an illness which could be cured, on the basis that the child’s illness and death is the will of God, we are discounting that it is also the will of God, that a cure is available. If we choose to allow the child to live or die, it is our chosen experience, and the chosen experience of the child. Other than that it is the will of God to allow us to experience what we have chosen, the child’s death is not the will of God.

14.306 A few decades ago a pacific islander spent weeks in a canoe travelling from one island to another, unable to even conceive that in his lifetime it would be possible for him to travel to the other side of the world in a matter of hours, or that a large heavy metal object would be able to fly.

14.307 Less than fifty years ago, the concept of humans living on a space station orbiting the Earth, was only a product of science fiction.

14.308 There are more than 900 ‘inhabited’ worlds. Many of us have existed on each inhabited world, and we have all existed on some of the inhabited worlds.

14.309 Without a point of reference, there can be no understanding.

14.310 The awareness equation from a ‘spiritual’ perspective is, awareness = experience + knowledge 2. Higher plane = earth plane + spirit plane2.

14.311 Awareness is a product of the higher plane.

14.312 Knowledge is a product of the spirit plane.

14.313 Experience is a product of the lower plane.

14.314 Awareness is gained by applying knowledge to experience.

14.315 Awareness is required to become a part of the higher plane.

14.316 When we apply the experience of the earth plane, to the knowledge of the spirit plane, we create the awareness of the higher plane.

14.317 Unless we become aware of how to draw energy from natural sources, we are not able to increase our vibrational rate sufficiently to communicate with our higher self, the God within.

14.318 Unless we become aware of how to draw energy from natural sources, we are not able to increase our vibrational rate sufficiently, to draw energy directly from the fabric of existence.

14.319 Increasing our vibrational rate in itself, increases our vibrational rate.

14.320 Increasing our awareness in itself, increases our awareness, which is the product of the squaring effect of the awareness equation. The squaring effect of the awareness equation, is a multiplication effect, not an additive effect.

14.321 If the awareness equation is followed to its natural conclusion we reach a point of infinite awareness, because as awareness increases, so awareness increases.

14.322 God the ocean, God the fabric of existence, God the universe is infinite awareness.

14.323 Awareness increases awareness, and if awareness comes suddenly without allowing us to adjust, awareness will overwhelm our physical body, and our conscious self.

14.324 When we communicate with the higher plane we become tired and effectively incapable of receiving too much awareness at one time, which enables us to manage our awareness.

14.325 God is awareness, and awareness is infinite.

14.326 By definition infinite is never ending, and the process of awareness never ends.

14.327 The creation of souls enables experience to be gained, and experience is necessary to be applied to knowledge to create awareness.

14.328 Souls exist, because awareness is infinite.

14.329 Infinite awareness is why God continues to grow, and the universe continues to expand.

14.330 The need to rest, and to adjust to increasing awareness applies to God, as the need to rest and to adjust to increasing awareness applies to individual drops, to souls, to us who are created in God’s image.

14.331 God is awareness, and awareness is infinite, therefore by definition, God is also infinite.

14.332 Experience applied to knowledge produces awareness which provides more experience to be applied to ever increasing knowledge, which produces more awareness in an ever increasing circle.

14.333 Souls have always existed, and souls will always exist.

14.334 Experience must be felt to be experienced, and the only way that experience can be felt is in physical form.

14.335 God is everywhere, because God is everywhere.

14.336 The butterfly could not understand why it had believed that the insignificant leaves on a single tree had been so important. However, without these insignificant leaves the caterpillar could not have sustained itself, and grown to become a butterfly.

14.337 Knowledge comes from within, to be applied to experience and to create awareness.

14.338 Props such as the religious props of alters and churches, or the new age props of candles, oils and incense etc are unnecessary.

14.339 If we choose to use religious or new age props, the religious or new age props do no harm, but the religious or new age props are unnecessary.

14.340 If we feel comfortable with wearing a gold cross or burning incense, such religious or new age props do no harm. In fact, there are properties in religious or new age props which assist with providing or focusing energy. For example, gold is a conductor of ‘love’ energy.

14.341 Religious or new age props will not bring us closer to God.

14.342 The gold in a cross conducts love, regardless of our motivation for wearing the cross.

14.343 Much of what has been provided by teachers has been interpreted, analysed and altered. Meanings have been drawn into what has been said, and so called ‘higher’ meanings have been developed.

14.344 Our conscious mind is not physically removed, because our conscious mind is a part of our physical existence. By removing our conscious mind, what we are in effect doing is removing control from our conscious mind, which must be a conscious decision. By removing control from our conscious mind, we are removing our conscious mind. However, our conscious mind is not a bad thing, it is our conscious mind which both provides and enhances our experiences.

14.345 The reason why we remove our conscious mind, is to enable our soul to take control of our actions, which in itself intensifies our experiences.

14.346 When we remove our conscious mind, we do not remove our conscious mind from our body, we remove our conscious mind from the equation.

14.347 If we allow our conscious mind to take control of our life again, we would effectively allow our conscious mind to grow. The seeds of our conscious mind that remain, are effectively seeds of control. If we allow our conscious mind to take control even for a moment, the seeds of control that remain, begin to grow.

14.348 Whenever we attempt to take control of what we are experiencing, before it is time to take action, we are in effect feeding the seeds to our conscious mind, and we have to battle our conscious mind to prevent control being transferred back. to our conscious mind.

14.349 Gaps in our path, are gaps in our awareness.

14.350 Without experience, we cannot expand our awareness.

14.351 Experience is a part of the awareness equation.

14.352 God is ever increasing awareness, and awareness is infinite.

14.353 We are all perfect, because we are all both a product of, and a catalyst for awareness.

14.354 Everything we experience is both a product of, and catalyst for awareness.

14.355 Every time that we react to a situation we are gaining experience, and experience is a part of awareness. Therefore, we effectively handle every situation perfectly, regardless of how we respond to any situation.

14.356 Our awareness feeds upon itself, and our awareness grows as our awareness is fed, infinitely demonstrating the infinite nature of awareness.

14.357 We need finite lifetimes, because without finite lifetimes, infinite awareness cannot be achieved.

14.358 It is the finite nature of our lifetimes which leads to experience, and without experience there could be no infinite awareness.

14.359 It is the finite nature of our earth plane existence, which drives us to want to achieve in each lifetime, and it is this drive, this want that leads to experience.

14.360 If we know that our existence is infinite, we would have no desire to achieve, we would simply drift without experiencing, and without experience we cannot become aware.

14.361 Without awareness, there would be no awareness.

14.362 It is our finite lifetimes, which make our infinite existence possible.

14.363 Without our infinite existence, our finite existence would not be necessary, and without our finite existence, our infinite existence would not be possible. These two conflicting, and seemingly directly opposed concepts are co-dependent in a circular relationship which is why our very existence is circular.

14.364 If we were to interfere with the co-dependent relationship between the finite and infinite, between experience and awareness we would shatter our very existence. In fact, we are designed so that we cannot interfere with experience and shatter existence.

14.365 We are not insignificant, we are a necessary part of existence.

14.366 Plant life gives energy.

14.367 The purpose of plant life is to give energy, to give life in many ways. Scientists understand that plant life gives energy, but Scientists view what occurs only from the physical perspective.

14.368 When a soul is in plant form, they are experiencing conducting energy and transmitting energy to others. Simply by drawing on their energy we are nurturing plant life, because we are assisting plant life to experience conducting energy.

14.369 Plant life radiates energy constantly, but when we draw energy from plant life, plant life must replenish that energy from the earth. By drawing the old energy from plant life we are drawing energy which has been weakened by the energy which radiates from plant life. When the plant life replaces the energy which they have given us, the plant life draws new energy which had not been weakened by what is effectively ‘seepage’.

14.370 The process of transferring and replacing energy makes plant life stronger, because the plant life is constantly drawing new energy from the earth.

14.371 Experience does not need to be difficult.

14.372 Experience does not need to be unpleasant.

14.373 Our Awareness can be expanded, whilst we are experiencing joy.

14.374 It is important for us not to give our energy away, because we are not plants, and we need our energy for ourselves.

14.375 We are constantly using and replacing energy, as a natural part of our existence in human form.

14.376 The pursuit of artificial fulfilment has created the environment which has enabled us to intensify and increase the number of experiences that are available to us, in one lifetime.

14.377 Whilst the pursuit of artificial fulfilment has taken us away from the light of reality, the pursuit of artificial fulfilment has also taken us closer to the light of reality, by allowing us to increase our experiences, and become closer to the light.

14.378 The increase in our experiences has assisted us to become dissatisfied with artificial fulfilment, and to look for true fulfilment, effectively consuming artificial fulfilment in the process.

14.379 Artificial fulfilment leaves us frustrated with our inability to become truly fulfilled, which has led many souls to commit suicide.

14.380 The increase in our experiences within a single lifetime allows souls to experience committing suicide, without slowing their ability to experience.

14.381 As the pursuit of artificial fulfilment consumes itself, we will again reach a point where we have limited experiences in any given lifetime.

14.382 The need to have what is effectively multiple experiences in one lifetime will diminish, as what is for all intents and purposes, a ‘catch up’ phase of our existence, fulfils its purpose and we become effectively caught up.

14.383 If we are not ready to find the key to awareness, we will not see the key to awareness, even if the key to awareness is dangled in front of our nose.

14.384 There is nothing beyond the universe.

14.385 The universe is infinite.

14.386 The universe continues to grow, and what may be termed the edge of the universe, does not exist.

14.387 There is no edge to the universe, because the universe is infinite and circular.

14.388 Looking for the edge of the universe, is like looking for the edge of the earth.

14.389 The universe is a sphere, circular and if we follow a course from a given point and travel in any given direction, we will eventually return to the point from which we started.

14.390 The universe is all that there is.

14.391 The universe is always expanding.

14.392 We cannot travel beyond the universe, because there is no beyond the universe. There is only the universe. If we attempt to travel beyond the universe, we arrive at the universe.

14.393 When the universe is at rest, the universe still exists, and everything in the universe still exists.

14.394 There is nothing beyond the universe except the universe, regardless of whether the universe is expanding or contracting.

14.395 When we first enter the body which we have selected in a womb, we are content. However, we become impatient to be reborn. Mostly, we accept that our new body is not yet ready to be reborn, and we wait. However, we become restless, squirming and kicking, anxious to enter our new world.

14.398 As an unborn baby, we have chosen our environment, we have completed all of the reflection on previous experience, and all of the awareness of the higher plane that we need. In fact, our preparation is complete, but we are not quite ready to take the final step and enter our new world physically. Entering our new world physically, is our final step between lifetimes.

14.399 As an unborn baby, we know that we are close to being newborn, and we know that we will enter our new world soon. We can hear our new world, we can sense our new world. We feel so close to our new world that we can almost touch our new world, but we cannot quiet reach our new world.

14.400 When we die and are reborn as another person, we leave the earth plane, and travel through a period of rest and review of what has been. We then travel through awareness and understand what is to be, and then we are reborn. We have effectively come Full Circle.

14.401 The earth plane is equally important as the higher plane.

14.402 Money is not the root of all evil.

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