Truth of Reality Part Three

Today's Insight


15.1 When we live within awareness, we allow our instinct to attend to all that we are faced with.

15.2 When we ascend, we ascend into heaven or the higher plane.

15.3 The only place where we can feel our experiences, is on the earth plane. Therefore, we can only feel and truly experience heaven, or the higher plane, whilst we are on earth.

15.4 We do have a choice, we always have a choice.

15.5 That our choices are foreseen means that everything is always as everything is meant to be. However, because everything is always as everything is meant to be does not alter choice. It is because choices are made, that everything is as everything is meant to be.

15.6 When we die, we leave our body and we are caught in the oncoming light. At first we are startled and we do not know what has happened. Fear consumes some souls, and they run from the light, only to become lost in the darkness. These souls become lost spirits.

15.7 What is rebirth, any rebirth, if it is not resurrection?

15.8 The Bible contains the truth, but the Bible is not the truth.

15.9 The Bible has been altered many times for many reasons. The Bible has been altered due to lack of understanding. The Bible has been altered due to a need by those who compiled the Bible for consistency. The Bible has been altered due to misguided translation. The Bible has been altered to serve the motives of those with the ability to alter the words with the Bible. That the Bible has been altered is fact. A fact which many researchers are now discovering. However, the truth is contained within the words of the Bible, and we can see the truth within the Bible if we choose.

15.10 We can read the Bible, and we can see the truth for ourselves.

15.11 We must allow our own understanding of the Bible to surface. We must no not rely on the interpretation of others, regardless of how good or how well motivated the intention of the interpreters is.

15.12 It is the principles which are contained in the Bible that are the truth. It is the rules which are contained in the Bible that have been added.

15.13 Jesus’ message was simple. God is love, God is within.

15.14 Jesus did not deliver rules, the rules were added later by those who sought to impose their will on others and used the Bible, as the means to impose their will on others.

15.15 When we read the Bible, we must consider the principles within the Bible. It is the principles within the Bible that are correct.

15.16 When the rules within the Bible conflict with the principles within the Bible, we must look past the rules, and see only the principles.

15.17 The difference between the principles within the Bible, and what has been added to the Bible is very distinct, and very apparent if we choose to see.

15.18 God did not create the universe, God is the universe.

15.19 The universe is not an inanimate, random group of matter, rocks, gases and antimatter. The universe is a consciousness in itself, and the universal consciousness is God.

15.20 Viewing the universe, viewing God, as a collection of random objects, is like viewing man as a random collection of water and organic material.

15.21 Superficially, describing man as a seemingly random collection of water and organic material is correct, but such a description does not allow for the consciousness which is the very essence of man. The same principle applies when the universe is described without any consideration of the consciousness of the universe, which is the very essence of the universe.

15.22 Every philosophy, every science, every belief is in its own way, correct.

15.23 Many consider the universe to be random, but the universe is perfect for its purpose. It could also be considered that the substance which makes up man is also random, and just happens to be perfect for man to exist. We must view the universe as we view man.

15.24 A random collection of the physical does not make any allowance for the spirit, the consciousness, or the very essence of man.

15.25 The power of the spirit is generally accepted, but consider the power which would be unleashed if the spirits of every human in existence were combined into one spirit. Can we even begin to imagine how much power that would unleash? When two people work in unison, the power to achieve is often greater than the sum of the two parts. Apply this equation to a million people and consider the resultant power. Imagine then the power created if all souls on earth were combined. The power that all souls on earth combined would produce is but a fraction of the power of the universe.

15.26 If we consider the physical attributes of a man, we must accept that man is far greater than the sum of his parts. So it is with the universe. However, the universe is continually growing, and the parts which make up the universe are infinite.

15.27 A test of faith that is easy, is not a test.

15.28 For a test of faith to be a test, a test of faith must be difficult.

15.29 How can we find peace when we hold on to the past, and the past is based on conflict and violence.

15.30 Whilst ever we hang on to the past, we will not find peace.

15.31 It is the past that we will not release, which prevents us from obtaining peace in the present.

15.32 What is known as ‘the peace process’ has a very simple solution, release the past and peace will become possible now.

15.33 Plants and animals cannot increase their vibrational rate, but souls carry their vibrational rate with them. Whatever vibrational rate souls had achieved in their previous human or other ‘conscious mind incarnation’, souls carry with them as a plant or animal.

15.34 Being human, or similar on another planet, is very important, because it is only during a ‘conscious mind incarnation’ that we can make a conscious decision to become aware.

15.35 After we have become aware, we experience another lifetime to enable us to experience an existence within awareness. For this final physical existence, there is no need for a conscious mind. Therefore, there is no need to be human and as such, many choose a final lifetime in non-human form.

15.36 When we use our imagination as a tool of the earth plane, we use our imagination as a means of fuelling our doubts and insecurities.

15.37 When our conscious mind uses our imagination, we consciously choose the scenario that we imagine, and its course.

15.38 The reality is that imagination is a product of the spirit plane, and imagination used by the spirit plane to provide understanding of what would have occurred if we had made alternative choices. What we imagine is chosen by our subconscious mind, and therefore what we imagine is not a conscious choice.

15.39 The confusion in respect of imagination, is a product of the grouping together a number of aspects of reality under one label, which has occurred due to a lack of understanding.

15.40 By putting our faith in God, we are putting our faith in our higher-self.

15.41 The reality that ‘if people are not meant to be together, people cannot be together, regardless of how hard they try to be together, and if people are meant to be together nothing will keep people apart.’ is more than a throw away line or a ‘cop out’ answer, it is a simple fact of our existence.

15.42 Living within our own awareness is easy, and living within our own awareness is all that we can do. However, when our awareness is at a different level than most of those around us, it seems very difficult to live within our own awareness.

15.43 There is not, there never has been, and there never will be a saviour.

15.44 The truth may have been delivered on many occasions, and many keys may have been provided, but ultimately the choice whether to accept the keys, and to see the truth within, is our’s.

15.45 By seeing the truth within, we will each be our own saviour.

15.46 Why do we need to blame anybody? Why not simply accept any situation for want it is? Experience.

15.47 We can give up and choose the door which leads backwards, we can rationalize and choose the door which leads in a circle, or we can trust our instinct and choose the door which leads to the next level of awareness.

15.48 Astrology is based upon a combination of our chosen date and time of birth.

15.49 Astrological forecasts are a convenient way to deliver a message, when we are seeking guidance.

15.50 True astrology is a very exact and individual process, so general readings are just that, general.

15.51 Astrologers will choose a generalized reading, and the meaning of the reading will change, based on the preferences of the individual reader.

15.52 We are drawn to read the specific astrological information that we are required to read, if we need to receive a message.

15.53 As with many generalized messages, the meaning of astrological forecasts is individual to the person who reads the message, and the same words can mean different things to each person who reads the words.

15.54 The interpretation of the astrologer is unimportant, it is the message received by the individual who is drawn to consult the astrological reading that is important.

15.55 Most of the difficulties faced by the world are caused by the belief of people, whether the belief is spiritual or otherwise, at the exclusion of all other beliefs. We have a sense that if our belief is true, all other beliefs must be false. The reality is that all beliefs are true.

15.56 The question that we should ask ourselves, is; ‘What if every belief is true?’

15.57 Making the decision to follow our instinct is not enough, we need to follow our instinct.

15.58 We must not attempt to force our instinct to give us answers, because it is not possible to force our instinct to give us answers.

15.59 We need to allow our instinct to provide answers or guidance, as and when we need answers or guidance, which is not always when we want answers or guidance.

15.60 We shall not want.

15.61 We cannot force ourselves to be reborn.

15.62 We can only allow our rebirth to occur.

15.63 The earth plane is a part of reality.

15.64 The earth plane is no less important, than the other plane.

15.65 We experience the reality of the earth plane prior to awareness, when the earth plane is our only reality and therefore artificial. However, we also need to experience the reality of the earth plane, from within awareness.

15.66 We need to experience the earth plane as the earth plane applies within the big picture, and we need to understand that the earth plane is very much a part of reality, which is also a part of God, because without experiencing pure love on the earth plane, we cannot experience God, and in so doing become God.

15.67 Every answer that we need, is contained within our awareness.

15.68 To reach our answers, we only need to apply our awareness.

15.69 Most religions, new age concepts and spirituality, have the same basic belief that it is a sin to want, no matter how the concept of want is described. To want is not a sin. To want is a necessary part of experience.

15.70 Without choice, experiences cannot be complete.

15.71 The nature of existence is circular.

15.72 We must look after our soul, because our soul will look after our body.

15.73 Awareness is infinite.

15.74 The knowledge of the universe is not the privilege of the few.

15.75 The knowledge of the universe is open to all souls, because all souls are of the universe.

15.76 The universe is God.

15.77 The timing of the events at the beginning of the Old Testament have been confused. Events which were a part of the previous incarnations of the earth have been recorded within the Old Testament, and have been confused with this incarnation of the earth.

15.78 This is the third incarnation of the earth.

15.79 The existence which was known as Atlantis was in reality the second incarnation of the earth plane.

15.80 The references to Adam and Eve recorded within the Old Testament relate to the first incarnation of the earth plane.

15.81 The one known as Noah survived the destruction of the previous incarnation of the earth plane, and the story of Noah represents that change from the second of the earth plane to the third incarnation of the earth.

15.82 History from three incarnations of the earth plane was greatly abridged and adjusted to fit with a single incarnation of the earth plane.

15.83 This is the third incarnation of the earth plane, in total there will be ten incarnations of the earth plane prior to the time when God, when the universe again rests.

15.84 We need only to allow everything to occur, and everything will occur.

15.85 If we need to force something to occur, we are not ready for that something to occur.

15.86 We must experience the human experience, from a position of awareness.

15.87 Awareness without experience is incomplete, as is experience without awareness.

15.88 Experiences must feel real on the earth plane, which is why the earth plane exists.

15.89 Awareness beyond experience is not enough, awareness beyond experience is incomplete. What we must achieve is awareness, within experience.

15.90 Awareness is a process of experience, and to experience after awareness is to come Full Circle.

15.91 If years spent studying in a monastery or such was the way to the higher plane, those who have studied in a monastery or such previously, would not be on the earth plane now.

15.92 Studying theory lifetime after lifetime, is not the answer.

15.93 Time is not important.

15.94 What is soon? In who’s terms do we apply this word soon? Yours? Mine? Does it matter? Soon is relative, that is all.

15.95 The properties which relate to our healing or other such abilities alter in respect of each of the physical planes.

15.96 Awareness of our abilities must be achieved on each physical plane, to be effective on each physical plane.

15.97 Applying our abilities is like ‘tuning in’ our vibrational rate, with the vibrational rate of physical plane which we exist upon.

15.98 Each physical plane has a different vibrational rate.

15.99 Pyramids are conductors of the natural energy and elements of the physical planes.

15.100 The construction of Pyramids is such that Pyramids focus the natural energy of the physical planes, and draw energy to their location, which is the principle of ‘pyramid power’.

15.101 Pyramids are conductors of energy, no magic, no mystery.

15.102 An inverted Pyramid has the reverse effect, and diffuses energy, instead of focussing energy.

15.103 Pyramids constructed from crystal are particularly powerful, because crystal Pyramids add the amplification effect of the crystal, to the conducting power of the Pyramid.

15.104 For Pyramids to be at their most effective, Pyramids need to be exposed to the elements. It is the power contained in the elements, sun, rain, wind and earth that Pyramids conduct. Sun may be replaced by fire such as a candle light.

15.105 For a Pyramid to be most effective in a room, the Pyramid should ideally be placed near a slightly opened window, and form part of a crystal fountain. The placement of the Pyramid is not a rule, or a trick, but exposes the Pyramid to energy which can be drawn upon.

15.106 For awareness to be complete, awareness needs to be obtained from within our environment, not separate from our environment.

15.107 Obtaining theoretical awareness is far easier, than obtaining experienced based awareness.

15.108 Awareness is not complete, until awareness is applied, and awareness cannot be applied without experience.

15.109 Experience is only experience if experience is felt, and experience can only be felt on the earth plane.

15.110 Time does not matter, only experience matters.

15.111 It is only through experience that we can truly become aware, and it is only through experiencing awareness, that we can truly experience.

15.112 Existence is circular.

15.113 Solitude is an illusion.

15.114 We are never alone.

15.115 We are surrounded by spirits, and souls in various incarnations such as plant life and insects.

15.116 We only feel alone when we close ourselves off from everyday life, and from our own existence.

15.117 Whilst we are surrounded by others in human form, we focus on those souls, and it is only through solitude that we discover that solitude itself is an illusion.

15.118 The only way that we can feel alone, is to close ourselves off from existence.

15.119 We must create our own magic.

15.120 We cannot create, or pay for, someone else’s magic.

15.121 We can read where the earth’s energy is at its strongest, if we allow ourselves to read the earth’s energy.

15.122 Magic is personal.

15.123 We create our own magic in our own way.

15.124 What is magic to us, maybe nothing to another.

15.125 We must not try to be who we are, we must allow ourselves to be who we are.

15.126 Tones of music can reach within and balance our chakras.

15.127 When we allow music to wash through our soul, we feel the music instead of hear the music.

15.128 When we allow music to reach within and balance our chakras we feel renewed, regardless of whether we are aware of what has occurred or not.

15.129 The ability of music to balance our chakras, is the principle which is behind various religious chants and mantra.

15.130 There are so many souls looking for answers that we have produced a tangible vibration. The vibration of collective creation. The vibration of the large number of souls seeking the truth, which is being provided by a number of teachers and others. A vibration which is certainly gaining strength, A vibration which will change the earth plane from a fear-based environment, to a love-based environment.

15.131 We can feel the vibration of souls seeking the truth, if we allow ourselves to feel the vibration of souls seeking the truth.

15.132 We do not need to lock ourselves away in a monastery, or go to live in a cave to obtain awareness.

15.133 Awareness can be achieved in an everyday environment, whilst performing daily employment and balancing all of the problems associated with living on the earth plane at this time.

15.134 Our awareness expands with the universe.

15.135 Collectively we become the one, and the awareness of the one never ceases to increase, which is why we exist.

15.136 Our very existence increases the awareness of the universe, which is the one.

15.137 All things that exist within the universe, are a part of the universe, and all things exist within the universe.

15.138 The universe is the vast ocean of existence, and we are all drops within that ocean. A part of the ocean, but individual drops at the same time. The mass of the ocean increases slightly with each drop, as the universe continues to expand.

15.139 It is only after we have completed all of our chosen experiences that we can fully become a part of the ocean, and add our experiences to the fabric of existence, and to the awareness of the universe.

15.140 What prevents us from becoming fully a part of the ocean prior to completing awareness, is that which is attached to our soul. Each soul in physical incarnation is effectively God, which is who we are, plus whatever has accumulated on our soul, which is who we are not. Only ‘who we are’ can become who we are, so we must experience that ‘who we are not’ is in fact ‘who we are not’, before we can become who we are. All that we have experienced, and all that we will experience is ‘who we are not’, until we are left to experience who we are.

15.141 With each incarnation of the physical planes, the truth becomes lost, and through experience the truth must be rediscovered.

15.142 The truth is discovered not by accident, but through experience.

15.143 As each incarnation of the physical plane shatters so does the truth, and each time that the physical planes start anew, those souls who carry the truth with them from the previous incarnation cannot put the truth back together, until a conscious choice for the truth is made.

15.144 In this incarnation of the physical plane, the truth has been chosen, and the vibrational rate of our collective choice can be felt.

15.145 A number of souls chose to become guardians of the truth, and these souls mostly remain scattered throughout the earth plane, each reincarnating and experiencing, until their task is complete.

15.146 The souls who chose to become guardians of the truth are souls who have retained the truth deep within from previous incarnations of physical planes, and have chosen to experience being guardians of the truth.

15.147 The souls who chose to become guardians of the truth are not special souls, the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth are not chosen ones, the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth are simply experiencing a choice.

15.148 At certain points in existence, the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth are brought together, and the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth souls will continue to be brought together throughout the incarnations of the physical plane to which they have chosen to be attached. Two points where the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth have been brought together are the Moses lifetime, and the Jesus lifetime, and there have been other times when the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth have come together.

15.149 The souls who chose to become guardians of the truth are being brought together now, because it is time to begin the final preparation for the love based existence.

15.150 Some of the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth have no place in what is occurring in their present incarnation, but they will continue the work as the guardians of the truth in the next incarnation of the earth plane.

15.151 The experiences of the souls who chose to become guardians of the truth, is no different than the experiences of many, because all experience is two-sided and must be balanced.

15.152 All known masters visit souls to provide support and guidance from time to time.

15.153 Masters visit souls far more frequently than we realize.

15.154 Mostly the experience of receiving support and guidance from a master, is written off and discounted as our imagination, but those who have received support and guidance from a master, know that the experience is real, even if their conscious mind convinces them, that the experience is their imagination.

15.155 The experiences of Abraham and Noah are from the previous incarnation of the earth plane, changed in their interpretation through a lack of understanding.

15.156 There are no chosen ones.

15.157 All are chosen, all are equal.

15.158 Those who chose to carry the truth from one incarnation of the earth to the next incarnation of the earth, chose but were not chosen.

15.159 In the reality of the universe, there is no ‘now’ and yet all is ‘now’. Consider a distant star. The star’s reflection may take a millennium to reach earth. Which point is now? When the light leaves the star or when the light reaches earth? Are they not both now, and at the same time are neither now? What is now? Is not all now?

15.160 We deplete our vibrational rate when we attempt to make more now, than is now.

15.161 Whilst we retain our humanity, or our physical incarnation which is necessary for experience, we also retain the limitations of our physical incarnation.

15.162 We must not attempt to be other than human.

15.163 There are many chasms on the path which leads up our mountain of awareness, which is also the multi dimensional maze. Each time that we put our faith in God, we leap a chasm. If we do not put our faith in God we stumble into the chasm and we have to find our way out of the chasm again. It is infinitely easier to place our faith in God, and to allow our faith in God to effectively form a bridge over the chasm, than it is for us to stumble into the chasm and crawl out again.

15.164 It is almost impossible, and certainly extremely difficult, to undertake a journey to awareness without faith in God. Without faith in God, we are required to travel through each chasm instead of travelling across each chasm. Travelling through a chasm is a very difficult process to survive.

15.165 Each time that we take the circular path, we encounter the same chasm on our mountain of awareness.

15.166 Each time that we are born into a new incarnation, some of the characteristics from our previous incarnation remain, until the characteristics from our previous incarnation are allowed to dissipate, and are replaced by our new characteristics.

15.167 Cosmic energy streams cross the earth in seemingly random patterns.

15.168 Wherever two or more cosmic energy streams cross each other, much cosmic energy is dissipated.

15.169 Each cosmic energy stream draws a different form of cosmic energy, and the energy of each of the sites where the cosmic energy streams cross, varies depending upon what energy is carried by the specific cosmic energy streams.

15.170 The first incarnation of the earth plane lasted for several hundred thousand years, and the second incarnation of the earth plane lasted for around forty thousand years. This third incarnation of the earth plane, is by far the shortest incarnation of the earth plane.

15.171 A certain amount of experience must be obtained during each incarnation of the earth plane. When that certain amount of experience is obtained, and what could be described as the cup of experience is full, it is time for God to drink from the cup of experience. The process then starts again, and the empty cup is replaced.

15.172 There is no specific timeframe for each incarnation of the earth plane. Each incarnation of the earth plane is only complete when the cup of experience is full.

15.173 True experience can only be obtained whilst a soul exists in a physical incarnation which has a conscious mind. If a soul does not have a conscious mind, their experience is incomplete, because they lack the ability for conscious choice.

15.174 There have been incarnations of the earth plane when souls existed without conscious choice, and were therefore unable to fully experience, or to choose their experiences.

15.175 The ‘cosmic forces’ which apply to all that is, are not magical forces to be mastered by a few, but effectively the circulatory system of the universe, which is God the ocean of which we are all part.

15.176 No magic, no secrets, no rules, no dogma, no rituals, and no religion is necessary, acceptance of the truth is enough.

15.177 When people lived around an open fire, it was a time of looking within. When people lived around an open fire, it was a time when all souls meditated whilst looking at the flames.

15.178 The experience which we have gained through technology has been at a cost of looking within. However, it is this same technology which will enable us the time to once again look within, if we so choose.

15.179 We may spend just an hour a day gazing into a candle’s flame, and in so doing into our own inner flame, our soul, if we choose. It really is that simple to look within.

15.180 Many rules and dogmas have grown to shroud the truth.

15.181 The truth is, and that is all the truth is.

15.182 If we choose to see the truth, the truth is all around us.

15.183 The truth is even within ourselves.

15.184 We must accept what is within us.

15.185 Accepting the truth within is enough.

15.186 Accepting the truth within, is all that we need to do, there is no more. All else has been added to shroud the truth in mystery when no mystery exists.

15.187 All that buries the truth is illusion.

15.188 To look beyond the illusion, and to look at the truth, is a choice which is open to us all, and a choice which we may all make, regardless of our circumstances.

15.189 If we choose not to accept the truth, we have made the choice of experience, a choice which will, in time, lead to the truth.

15.190 All roads lead to but one place, the truth. All that varies is the route which we take.

15.191 A path which leads us through hell, eventually leads to the truth which is within.

15.192 The aura of buildings is thin, because buildings themselves do not have auras as such.

15.193 That buildings appear to have an aura, is because buildings conduct the aura’s of the inhabitants of the building, be they human, animal, or plant.

15.194 A life of suffering, is for our spirit.

15.195 Much of the harsh existence of man during the previous two thousand years, the starvation, the persecution, the genocide, the wars, the suffering, the circles of destruction, occurred because souls needed to experience what was for the most part the negative side of the coin of experience. Without experiencing the negative side of the coin of experience, souls would not have been prepared to experience the positive side of the coin of experience.

15.196 Collectively, our negative experiences are all but exhausted, and it is now time for us to collectively experience the positive side of the coin of experience.

15.197 One hundred and twenty souls, guardians of the truth carried The Truth Of Reality from the second incarnation of the earth plane, to the third incarnation of the earth plane. These souls split into groups and spread around the world to seed the third incarnation of the earth plane, and to seed The Truth Of Reality, sometimes referred to as ‘ancient knowledge’ within the new civilisations which they created.

15.198 The age of rediscovery is here, heralded by a number of the one hundred and twenty guardians of the truth who are recalling the truth, and making the truth available to us by a number of means, and from within a number of environments.

15.199 It is time for us to rediscover the truth.

15.200 Our character is the product of our lifetime, our spirit is the product of our existence.

15.201 Reality is often the exact opposite to what we believe.

15.202 We must do what we feel, because doing what we feel is the only way to experience.

15.203 The truth is, and there need not be any point beyond the truth.

15.204 Nothing will change The Truth Of Reality.

15.205 God does not have a point. God is the truth, and the truth is.

15.206 The earth plane feels real, whenever we need to experience.

15.207 Most people on the earth plane have no other reality within their awareness.

15.208 Whilst we exist on the earth plane, the spiritual nature of our existence is not enough.

15.209 Unless we can transfer heaven to earth, we cannot really feel the experience of entering heaven.

15.210 When we find deep spiritual peace and happiness, the earth plane does matter.

15.211 The earth plane is not something that we need to overcome.

15.212 The earth plane is not something that we need to rise above.

15.213 Our true nature is spiritual, and we are in a physical incarnation for a reason.

15.214 We are in a physical incarnation to feel our experiences.

15.215 Our experiences should be joyful.

15.216 Life should be easy not difficult.

15.217 Difficulties strengthen the spirit, but the spirit still needs to feel the joy of life, which can only be felt on the earth plane.

15.218 The earth plane is, as the earth plane is today for a reason, and that reason is experience.

15.219 We must follow our instinct.

15.220 We must communicate with our soul.

15.221 We must understand our existence.

15.222 Spirituality and total peace has its benefits, and regardless of how difficult our life is, our experiences are very much easier after we have achieved spiritual awareness. However, if at the end of our journey, all that we can look forward to is a vague, ‘spirituality and total peace’ we cannot experience and feel the culmination of our journey.

15.223 It is earth plane happiness, or ‘heaven on earth’, which is the culmination of our journey.

15.224 Contradictions, conflict and confusion are a part of our journey.

15.225 Experiencing joy and peace spiritually is not enough. We need to transfer joy and peace to the earth plane so that we can really experience joy and peace, because we can only truly experience joy and peace on the earth plane.

15.226 It is the magic of ‘heaven on earth’ that we seek.

15.227 Experiencing ‘heaven on earth’ is the point of our existence.

15.228 ‘Heaven on earth’ is the elusive environment of total and pure love.

15.229 An earth plane love, even in its purest and deepest form pales into insignificance when compared with the love which transcends all three planes.

15.230 Seeking an existence within pure love is something which we have to do, and a quest which we cannot abandon.

15.231 The very point of our very existence is to live within the experience of pure love, which enables us to become pure love, and in becoming pure love expand the universe.

15.232 Living within the pure love which is God, is an experience that was much easier to achieve, when we enjoyed a simpler existence.

15.233 Clarity leads to observation, confusion leads to experience.

15.234 God exists within us.

15.235 when we ‘ascend’ we exist within God.

15.236 The only way that we can experience, is on the physical plane, so the only way that we can experience living within God is on the earth plane, heaven on earth.

15.237 Not all spirits are between incarnations.

15.238 The spirit self of the living, those in physical incarnation, can and does far more than we realize, leave the lower self, or the body.

15.239 In all things, in all that we see and all that we read, we need to look beneath the words, and see what we are truly being told.

15.240 It is now time for the world to live within the love which Jesus advocated.

15.241 The world is now seeking the truth.

15.242 The world is finding the truth which is being provided from a number of sources both directly, and indirectly everywhere that we look, if we choose to see.

15.243 We will choose to live within the love that Jesus advocated.

15.244 During the following millennium the number of souls who live within the love which Jesus advocated will increase, until we reach a point were most souls live within a love based existence.

15.245 Effectively and collectively ‘heaven on earth’ will be created, not for a chosen few, but for all who choose.

15.246 Existing within a love based existence, instead of a fear based existence, is not for those who are chosen. A love based existence is available for all who choose. The term ‘chosen’ in itself is a product of the mirror effect of the earth plane.

15.247 We will release ourselves from our earth plane difficulties, when we are ready to release our earth plane difficulties.

15.248 A warning about an upcoming experience, does not always mean that we are meant to avoid an experience.

15.249 A warning means that we are headed for an experience which we will not enjoy.

15.250 A warning does not necessarily mean that we can, or we should avoid an experience.

15.251 No one can harm us, other than ourselves.

15.252 The worst that any can do is take our life, but our physical life is finite.

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