Truth of Reality Part Three

Today's Insight


16.1 A prayer is a communication, a direct and conscious request of the God within, or our higher-self.

16.2 Conscious communication with the God within, or simply God, allows a conscious question to be asked.

16.3 A prayer is not repeating words of others, oblivious to their meaning, which is ceremony not prayer, and means little.

16.4 A prayer is heart felt.

16.5 A prayer is personal.

16.6 A prayer is a conscious request of God.

16.7 Repeating words without any consideration to their meaning has no purpose.

16.8 Standing in groups, or kneeling alone repeating what are in effect the prayers of others, without thought is not praying, it is worshiping, but who is there to worship?

16.9 Repeating words blindly will achieve nothing.

16.10 The meaning and the sincerity within our prayers are the key.

16.11 When we read the Bible, we must look below the surface, we must search our souls for the true meaning within the Bible.

16.12 The truth is contained within the Bible, but the Bible is not the whole truth.

16.13 We must look at the principles within the Bible, not at the words.

16.14 There are no rules, but to categorically state that there are no rules would effectively make the fact that there are no rules, a rule.

16.15 If we choose to have rules to live by, whether our rules are spiritual, physical, philosophical or otherwise, it is our choice.

16.16 Rules, like everything else are individual.

16.17 Maintaining our patience is important, because maintaining our patience allows us to maintain our peace.

16.18 Doing nothing is always the safest course of action, whilst our soul is away.

16.19 The adjustment of our vibrational rate is relative. As our vibrational rate increases, the experience of increasing our vibrational rate becomes less intense.

16.20 Whatever awareness our soul seeks and obtains, increases our vibrational rate slightly.

16.21 It is on the spirit plane that all of history is recorded, and it is within the spirit self, also called the subconscious, that the memories of our existence are recorded forever.

16.22 Within our spirit self is where the memories our existence are found.

16.23 Within the spirit self is where the truth of each individual is found.

16.24 A rebirth in itself, is a death.

16.25 The only way for us to know God, is to look within our own souls.

16.26 We must look within our hearts, because it is our heart which houses our spirit self, not our mind.

16.27 We must follow our own path.

16.28 If we want to know the truth, we should look within.

16.29 The truth can be found within us.

16.30 We can visit the spirit plane, and we can draw strength from the spirit plane.

16.31 If we doubt that it is time for our new love based existence, we should look around us. We will see the shear weight of questions being asked in every form possible, personal and public. The questions are being asked throughout all religions, all cultures, and all philosophies. It is the sheer weight of these questions which have themselves created the answer, and the answer is within.

16.32 We must look within because, within ourselves, is where the answer will be found.

16.33 We must be patient, we must be persistent, we must not worry, and we must have faith in God.

16.34 The reality is that ‘heaven on earth’ is physically tangible.

16.35 ‘Heaven on earth’ can be felt and touched, and therefore experienced.

16.36 ‘Heaven on earth’ is ‘on earth’ and therefore by definition physical.

16.37 ‘Heaven on earth’ is not a ‘state of mind’. ‘Heaven on earth’ is a complete fact.

16.38 We cannot complete the circle of our experience, until our experience is complete.

16.39 We need to explore and experience for ourselves.

16.40 The importance of visions is in the fact. The detail is irrelevant.

16.41 A twin soul is exactly what it sounds like.

16.42 We are never misled, but sometimes we are led to where we do not expect to go, or to where we do not want to go.

16.43 We cannot hurt anybody, but anybody can hurt themselves.

16.44 No person is responsible for the feelings of another.

16.45 We each choose our own experiences.

16.46 We retain our feelings for another person, whilst we need our feelings for another person, even if our feelings for another person seem to be having a negative effect on us.

16.47 Our feelings for another person could be allowing us to experience that we do not need another, or that we cannot rely on another for happiness.

16.48 Negative earth plane love, our desperate need to be with someone, or to have a particular person in our life, is based on our insecurities.

16.49 Earth plane love, is not a love that can be described, identified and avoided.

16.50 Nothing should be avoided.

16.51 We must do what we feel, and feel what we do.

16.52 We cannot hurt another, unless they choose to be hurt, and if another chooses to be hurt, there is a reason for their choice.

16.53 When we are given a message, we must not to analyse the message to determine the meaning of the message. Knowing that we have received the message is enough. We will understand the meaning of the message, when it is time for us to understand the meaning of the message.

16.54 How events impact others, is in their control, not our control.

16.55 Our twin soul is a twin to our soul, a parallel, a copy.

16.56 Our needs are the same as our twin soul, because we are the same as our twin soul.

16.57 We are not the same soul as our twin soul, but we are a copy of our twin soul.

16.58 The term soulmate is one term of the earth plane that has been very much misunderstood and misused.

16.59 A soulmate is not a life partner.

16.60 A soulmate is not a learning partner.

16.61 A soulmate is not a connected soul.

16.62 A soulmate is not the other half of our soul.

16.63 A soulmate is a reverse image of us.

16.64 We will rejoin with our soulmate, because everybody will rejoin with their soulmate.

16.65 Rejoining with our soulmate is something that must happen, when we have almost completed our physical existence.

16.66 Many confuse twin souls with soulmates. A twin soul is a copy, the same.

16.67 A twin soul is not a soulmate, but sharing time with our twin soul is a very special and joyful experience.

16.68 It has been said that everybody has a twin. This is meant physically, but the reality is far deeper than physical. We all have a twin soul, a soul that is an exact copy of ourselves.

16.69 There is no specific or viable reason why we have a twin soul.

16.70 A twin soul allows us to experience the joy of existing in an environment of joy.

16.71 The joy which we share with our twin soul is unique, because the joy is a twin joy.

16.72 The joy that we share with our twin soul is a joy which is not possible to share with a soulmate, or with a life partner, or an experience partner, or a connected soul.

16.73 The joy which we share with our twin soul, is unique in that the joy is exactly the same for each twin soul.

16.74 The only guarantee that we have, is that what we experience is necessary.

16.75 All relationships are based on a mutual need for experience, regardless of the duration or outcome of the relationship.

16.76 Our mutual need for experience is the reason that we seek relationships, and in truth the only reason that we seek relationships.

16.77 How can two halves of one soul fit back together, when there are things that do not belong, clinging to one, or both halves of our soul?

16.78 The two halves of our soul will not fit together, unless both halves of our soul are free from any impurities which may be clinging to the soul.

16.79 We cannot help everyone.

16.80 If we knew the exact details of our journey, our journey would become a chore instead of an adventure.

16.81 We seek the company of others, to hide from ourselves.

16.82 The awareness that we achieve, and the experiences that we have are often very different to what we expect.

16.83 A relationship that does not seem to work and is very difficult, can often be, and usually is, exactly what we need.

16.84 Our instinct can be in conflict with our higher-self, even though our instinct and our higher-self are the same.

16.85 A conflict between our higher self and our instinct occurs when our higher self leads us to an experience which is vital for us, but at the same time our instinct warns us that the experience will be difficult so that we will be prepared for the experience. A conflict between our higher self and our instinct can be very confusing, because we need to accept the direction, and listen to the warning.

16.86 Whenever we need to increase our energy levels, we simply need to put our hands together.

16.87 The energy from the earth enters through our feet, and the energy in the atmosphere is absorbed into our pores. Universal energy is channelled through us, and released primarily through our hands.

16.88 We did not need to retain energy, because we can allow ourselves to consistently draw from the universal energy around us. However, whenever we have a decision to make, or a difficulty to face, we can place our hands together and increase the energy level within ourselves. In so doing, we increase the level of our contact with the universe.

16.89 A commitment to another in respect of the future is not possible.

16.90 All that we can ever offer someone is now.

16.91 The ease of our journey is our choice.

16.92 How we responded to each situation will make our journey either easy or difficult.

16.93 There can be no impurities in the ‘heaven on earth’ which is found on the other side of the bridge to our soul.

16.94 We travel through rapids on our way the ocean to knock what does not belong out of us. Consider a soiled piece of clothing. The surface dirt comes away easily, but the clothing must be hammered vigorously on the rocks to remove the in-ground dirt.

16.95 Reflecting on our past experiences and clarifying what we have experienced, is an important part of the awareness process.

16.96 The inner happiness and peace which we receive from a spiritual path are such that we could ask for nothing more.

16.97 The rewards of a spiritual path must be tangible, the rewards of a spiritual path must be physical, so that the rewards of a spiritual path can be seen and felt, and therefore experienced.

16.98 When we find ‘heaven on earth’, the ‘on earth’ means that heaven is tangible.

16.99 We only need to justify ourselves, either to ourselves or to others, if we are responding to our own insecurities.

16.100 We must allow the events of our life to happen.

16.101 Attempting to rationalise how the events of our life will transpire, is a futile exercise.

16.102 There are many circles in our lives, including circles of karmic relationships, and circles created by not understanding that a specific experience is not who we are, requiring us to repeat the experience over and over again.

16.103 The relatively short time which remains for this incarnation of the earth plane is demonstrated by the number of circles that we repeat in one lifetime. An experience that would, at one time, have been repeated in the next lifetime, is now being repeated again and again in one lifetime.

16.104 The best and only way for God to help us, is for God to provide the key for us to see the circles that we are repeating.

16.105 All that we can offer is today.

16.106 We cannot offer tomorrow.

16.107 Honesty does not prevent hurt if hurt is something that needs to be experienced.

16.108 We feel whatever and whenever we need to feel.

16.109 Our higher self observes and understands, our lower self feels and experiences.

16.110 Our existence should be a balance between the three planes.

16.111 We observe, experience or draw upon past experiences, as each moment requires.

16.112 We are not required to ‘master’ anything.

16.113 We are not required to force ourselves to become anything.

16.114 We are only required to open ourselves to the reality of existence, and allow our awareness to occur. Awareness really is that simple.

16.115 We should not lose sight of the importance, and the ‘reality’ of the earth plane.

16.116 Astrology and numerology ‘work’ because astrology and numerology are an integral part of choosing our birthplace and circumstances.

16.117 It is said that every soul travels through the zodiac for example, and that younger souls are the early zodiac symbols. We do ‘travel’ through the zodiac, in an effective circle but an old soul can be an early zodiac symbol or a low number. We do not experience each zodiac symbol or even each date of birth and then we are finished, we choose the circumstances of our birth which most suit our needs.

16.118 When we are stuck in a hole, the only way out is to climb.

16.119 The creation of a monetary system has been very convenient as a tool of experience.

16.120 Some describe money as the ‘root of all evil’, but money is not evil. Money is a convenient tool to aid in our experiences.

16.121 ‘Hounds from hell’ follow all of us on our journey, but the hounds from hell are not negative. The hounds from hell manifest themselves as our recurring difficulties, and represent the fears and insecurities, which are attached to our souls at the deepest level. Without the hounds from hell, our journey would be much easier. All that we need to do to free ourselves from the hounds from hell, is to stand and face the hounds from hell.

16.122 Souls are created in pairs, which is reflected in the physical gender of the earth plane.

16.123 We are created in God’s image, and God is, from our viewpoint, a large number of pairs of souls, both joined and unjoined.

16.124 The act of physical and emotional joining, underlines the reality that souls are created in pairs.

16.125 If we place our hands together, we create a circle of energy and the energy of existence circulates within us, instead of passing through us, which increases our energy levels.

16.126 We are never forsaken, regardless of what we experience.

16.127 God is within us, a part of us, our higher self or our God self. How then can we ever be forsaken, regardless of what we experience?

16.128 The more that we reflect upon our life, the more that our difficulties make sense.

16.129 With increased clarity, we can understand why we have experienced everything that we have experienced, and why each of our experiences has been necessary. However, our moments of clarity fade from our consciousness whenever we need to continue our journey.

16.130 When we need to increase our awareness, our clarity will fade into the background and confusion will surface. Our confusion will draw us to seek clarity, as we are drawn ever deeper into the depths of awareness, and towards the completion of our circle.

16.131 A vague promise of heaven after death, is not enough for us whilst we exist on the earth plane.

16.132 God does not ordain what will occur, God foresees what will occur.

16.133 Events seldom occur in the way in which we expect events to occur. Therefore, we should discontinue having expectations.

16.134 The love which is the basis of relationships, is often focused on our need to feed our insecurities, and as such the love which is the basis of relationships is often negative.

16.135 Positive love does not feel the same, as the love which is the basis of relationships.

16.136 Positive love is a love which is not fed by insecurities.

16.137 Relationships give us the best opportunity to be ourselves whilst interacting with others. However, the ourselves that we can be, remains a combination of who we are, and who we are not.

16.138 If we repeat an experience, it is time to remake a point.

16.139 We must not blindly accept the words of another.

16.140 We must look within for our truth.

16.141 We must feel love for all.

16.142 We must have faith in God, regardless of what we experience.

16.143 We must not harm others, but if we do harm others, we must not hold on to our guilt, needlessly punishing ourselves for our actions.

16.144 The truth and happiness are within us all.

16.145 We must accept people as they are.

16.146 What we are, is what we have chosen to experience.

16.147 We should find a vessel created from natural resources such as clay or stone. We should allow our instinct to guide us to the vessel which is right for us, and we should use our vessel to drink from natural water sources such as rivers, waterfalls, or springs.

16.148 We feel what we need to experience.

16.149 Even when we are experiencing a spiritual quest, we retain our humanity.

16.150 We may observe the earth plane most of the time, but whenever we need to experience something, we feel the earth plane.

16.151 We must do what we feel.

16.152 We need not concern ourselves with what is right, or what the effect of our actions may be on another.

16.153 We need not concern ourselves with why we feel this, or what does that feeling mean.

16.154 We must do what we feel, and feel what we do.

16.155 If we do what we feel, we will experience who we are, now.

16.156 Our experience occurs exactly as our experience is meant to occur.

16.157 That we are consciously unaware of what is to occur within our lives is necessary for us to experience.

16.158 If we knew what we were to experience, we would act differently and distort our experiences.

16.159 We cannot find what is created in heaven, by looking on the earth plane.

16.160 We must not loose sight of the circular nature of our journey.

16.161 We repeat the basic events of our journey, each time that we reach a new level of awareness.

16.162 We repeat the basic events of our journey as we pass through the three planes, and return to the earth plane.

16.163 We have to experience from an earth plane perspective, because the earth plane is the only place where we can feel our experience.

16.164 Souls are made in pairs.

16.165 Often, it is wisest to forget about an issue, and allow events to develop as they will.

16.166 As real as our emotions are, or at least appear, and regardless of the joy or the despair which our emotions can bring, the simple fact is that our emotions are a tool, a very important tool, but a tool to provide either experience or protection.

16.167 Our emotions from an earth plane perspective are a tool, which does not mean that we should not experience emotions, nor does it mean that our emotions can be avoided, or even that our emotions should be avoided.

16.168 We need to understand that emotions are a tool of our higher selves.

16.169 We should feel emotions, and we should experience emotions, because our emotions exist to be felt and experienced, but we need to understand the true purpose of our emotions.

16.170 Understanding the true purpose of emotions does not mean that we will not feel emotions.

16.171 Understanding the true purpose of emotions means that we will be aware of what our emotions are.

16.172 Understanding our emotions is a part of living within awareness.

16.173 The attitude and manner of some people, who may be strangers, is such that they lift our spirits and cause us to forget about our troubles.

16.174 When we meet our soulmate, we know with no doubt.

16.175 When we dogmatically apply our beliefs to the environments that we have created, we are not flowing with whatever occurs and we prevent new understanding, and new awareness from surfacing.

16.176 Much of the myth, legend, or fantasy, however it is labelled, has been born from the nature of the spirit plane.

16.177 We experience events that are very real spirit plane experiences, but which are from the earth plane perspective, fantasy.

16.178 The spirit plane is as much real and as much an illusion as the earth plane.

16.179 The spirit plane exists at a different level of consciousness than the earth plane.

16.180 We must allow ourselves to receive the awareness which is all around us.

16.181 We can seek God’s guidance, but we are still required to make a choice.

16.182 God can foresee our decisions.

16.183 Whilst we remain attached to the earth plane, our lower-self is as much a part of the earth, as our higher-self is a part of the universe.

16.184 Whilst we are attached to the earth plane, we will continue to receive messages from a variety of sources.

16.185 Messages or keys delivered by earth plane sources are as much a part of the earth plane as we are. That we also receive guidance from the higher plane through our higher-self, or from the spirit plane either through the experiences of our existence, or from those on the spirit plane, is because we are equally a part of all three planes.

16.186 The flowers in the garden of the spirit plane manifestation of heaven, manifest themselves on the earth plane as messages, and keys. Whenever we are given a message on the earth plane, we have effectively stopped to smell a flower along our spirit plane journey. The flowers, the beauty which is the spirit plane manifestation of heaven, are also the truth of the existence which is all around us.

16.187 The planes of existence, are also our levels of consciousness.

16.188 The Truth Of Reality exists throughout all levels of our existence, and manifests itself subject to the nature of each plane.

16.189 God is, because God is. Is that not enough?

16.190 The aspects of reality which manifest themselves on the earth plane, are the aspects of reality which are necessary for our journey.

16.191 We cannot look for ‘heaven on earth’.

16.192 We must allow ‘heaven on earth’ to manifest itself.

16.193 It is not a sin to want.

16.194 That we shall not want, is God’s promise and God’s promise will be kept.

16.195 It is all right to want.

16.196 If we did not want, we would not experience.

16.197 If we did not seek experience, we would not want.

16.198 We will not want.

16.199 When we cease to seek experience, we cease to want.

16.200 Not all experiences are difficult.

16.201 We are not supposed to do anything.

16.202 We live today, which is all we can do.

16.203 Wanting leads to experience.

16.204 We remain attached to the earth plane, and the sole purpose of the earth plane is to experience.

16.205 That we want is because we are attached to the earth plane.

16.206 We are not less than perfect because we want.

16.207 Will one more martyr achieve anything?

16.208 We would follow a different path, if we lived within the love at the end of that path.

16.209 What is ‘heaven on earth’ if it is not love?

16.210 Heaven and the higher plane are alternate terms for love.

16.211 When we seek ‘heaven on earth’, we seek ‘love on earth’ or more accurately ‘pure love on earth’.

16.212 What is pure love? Love without fear. Love without insecurities. Love without ego.

16.213 What is the ‘kingdom of God’ if it is not pure love?

16.214 When we become aware, we will still want.

16.215 Why we want, will change when we become aware.

16.216 When we become aware, our want becomes pure.

16.217 We must not be afraid to maintain our humanity, and to experience our humanity.

16.218 It is not a bad thing to be human.

16.219 Being in human form is something to be experienced, and something to be enjoyed.

16.220 The simple gesture of placing our palms together in prayer is not an accident. The gesture of placing our palms together in prayer originated from the focusing of energy within ourself, when we are seeking to answer a question. The gesture of placing our palms together is a gesture which many of us perform in prayer, without understanding the significance of what we were doing, or why.

16.221 Awareness does not prevent experience.

16.222 If we knew precisely what was to occur, experience would not be, experience.

16.223 We should view our spirit plane mountain of awareness as a learning curve.

16.224 Our spiritual learning curve is no different in principle to any learning curve.

16.225 When we reach the summit of our learning curve, we believe that we know all, but as we apply what we have learned, we add experience to what we have learned and we realise that we have much to learn after all.

16.226 Travelling to the summit of our spiritual curve is a relatively quick process, but after the curve plateaus, it takes much time to add experience to our knowledge, as we apply our awareness.

16.227 Our subconscious or our spirit self will reopen the files of our experiences, whenever there is awareness to gained from our past experiences.

16.228 We must allow ourselves to review the subconscious files of our experiences, when the subconscious files of our experiences are presented to us, and we must allow ourselves to follow where the files of our experiences lead.

16.229 Our  spiritual journey really occurs on the spirit plane.

16.230 All that we experience is an earth plane manifestation of our spirit plane journey. However, we are attached to the earth plane and we feel our experiences, so it is easy for us to lose sight of spirit plane nature of our journey.

16.231 Whenever we face a dramatic inner conflict, we are missing a vital piece of the puzzle. When we obtain the missing piece of the puzzle, we can link the pieces together, and free ourselves from our inner conflict.

16.232 The earth’s energy transfers into plant life, and through plant life into animal life, in respect of both natural energy, and minerals and nutrients for sustenance, all of which is returned to the earth in a circle.

16.233 The circle of the earth plane, like the circle of our very existence is very much by design and certainly not an accident.

16.234 The circle of the earth plane is something that we can see if we choose to look.

16.235 Our earth plane existence is too neatly balanced to be an evolutionary accident.

16.236 Everything that God or our higher self does and says, is to keep us on our correct path.

16.237 God answers our questions without interfering with our path.

16.238 There are those who have chosen to be ‘God’s messengers’.

16.239 God’s messengers are given very specific messages to pass on, but the specific message is all that God’s messengers are given. God’s messengers are given no knowledge that would interfere with our path.

16.240 We must allow events to occur, and we must experience the events that occur.

16.241 If we are grateful to God for what we receive, are we not also entitled to blame God for what we do not receive?

16.242 There is no need for us to be grateful for anything.

16.243 We experience exactly what we have chosen to experience, and no more.

16.244 Each time that we reach one of the plateau points which it is said that we should aim for, such as not wanting anything other than what we have, being grateful for what we have, or accepting that our difficulties could be deeper, as valid as these points may be, we have only reached a point on our journey. If any of these points were our destination we would have finished our journey when we have reached these points.

16.245 We must accept that we have created each environment for a reason, and that once we understand the reason why we have created our environment, our environment changes.

16.246 There is compassion and compassion. Much of the compassion in the world is what could be termed hypocritical compassion.

16.247 God feels for us when we are enduring a difficult experience, but God allows us to endure the experience, because God knows that we have chosen a difficult experience.

16.248 If the God self, the God within the person who is enduring the experience, allows the experience to occur, who are we to interfere?

16.249 We can assist to create an environment for others to help themselves, but we must allow others to help themselves.

16.250 True compassion, is allowing souls to help themselves, and not attempting to interfere with their experiences.

16.251 ‘Heaven on earth’, is within our reach.

16.252 We should not attempt to determine what is going to occur, attempting to determine what is going to occur leads to confusion.

16.253 All of the conjecture in the world will not help us.

16.254 All of the confusion in the world will not help us.

16.255 All of the worry in the world will not help us.

16.256 Whatever is going to happen will happen.

16.257 It is within relationships that we are most able to experience who we are.

16.258 We must not underestimate the importance of relationships.

16.259 It is not the reality of God, or that we are all a part of God which is the real issue. That we are all a part of God is in itself a fact. The difficulty that we have in accepting that a God self exists within us, and that we are therefore a part of God, and God is a part of us, is the perception of God as we understand God to be, or as we choose to understand God to be.

For most of us, the concept of God conjures up an image of an all powerful being, which in some respects is true, in that God is the universe itself. God has the power of creation, as we have the power of creation. We have difficulty accepting the concept that we are God, because we attempt to accept that we are our image of God, instead of accepting that we are the reality of God.

16.260 We are God, as the drops are also the ocean.

16.261 Our real difficulty lies not with the fact of God, the difficulty that we need to overcome is our perception of God.

16.262 For us to truly accept the reality that we are God, we first need to accept that the reality of God is far removed from our perception of God.

16.263 We are all as Jesus was, but we are like Jesus the man. We are not like Jesus the myth and there is no point in us attempting to be like Jesus the myth. Jesus himself was not like Jesus the myth.

16.264 The nature of the mineral known as gold, is love.

16.265 After we have entered the gates of heaven, we are not special.

16.266 After we have entered the gates of heaven, we remain a soul who is no different from any other soul.

16.267 After we have entered the gates of heaven, we no longer have three perspectives, we have one perspective which incorporates all three planes.

16.268 What we want, does not change reality.

16.269 We need to review our experiences, until we understand our experiences fully.

16.270 If we do not understand our experiences fully, we will repeat our experiences.

16.271 We feel our experiences more deeply, each time that we repeat our experiences.

16.272 The only reason that we continue to experience difficulties, or to feel that the events which we experience are difficulties, is because we are experiencing who we are not.

16.273 We do not need anyone else to be happy.

16.274 We can only be happy within ourselves.

16.275 We do deserve to share our happiness, and to experience the joy which shared happiness will bring.

16.276 We are God.

16.277 We need to become balanced at all levels of our existence.

16.278 As each drop needs to be balanced, so too does the ocean need to be balanced. God, the ocean of existence, maintains balance through each drop maintaining balance.

16.279 Our difficulties are for our spirit, regardless of how minor or major our difficulties seem.

16.280 If we are experiencing difficulties, the difficulties that we are experiencing are for our spirit.

16.281 The earth plane is an illusion.

16.282 Our experiences are necessary.

16.283 Our earth plane difficulties are for our spirit.

16.284 We are not required to like our difficult experiences, nor are we meant to like our difficult experiences.

16.285 Why would we continue our journey, if we had already reached our goal?

16.286 That we may not be what another person wants, relates to what the other person wants, and has no impact on who we are.

16.287 Whenever we allow ourselves to be, without any analysis or comparisons, we experience a joyful existence.

16.288 If we are able to allow ourselves to simply exist, we will be able to share a joyful existence.

16.289 It is difficult to release a personality, carried from a previous lifetime.

16.290 When we begin to understand the purpose of our relationships at a higher level, we are able to see through the illusion of our earth plane relationships.

16.291 If we did not need to experience, we would not exist at a lower or physical self level.

16.292 If our spirit plane and higher plane experiences were enough for us, we would not exist at a lower plane level.

16.293 We need to review between the circles of our experience, to understand the aspects of our experiences, which are not who we are.

16.294 We are able to recall past life memories to assist us to understand what we are experiencing in our present life.

16.295 Nothing is hidden.

16.296 The truth is available for us to see, if we choose to look.

16.297 For us to break whatever circle we experience, we need to accept that our experience is not who we are, and then release the experience.

16.298 We need to let go of our past, whether that be our past in our current lifetime, or our past in respect of our existence.

16.299 All that we need to do is release an experience, and we will be free of the experience. The same principle applies to nations, or groups of souls who continually experience persecution or conflict. Whilst the group of souls retain the past, whilst they hold on to the experiences that as a group they are persecuted, as a group they will continue to be persecuted.

It would be far better if that group of souls collectively accepted that persecution was not a part of the group’s identity. To accept that persecution is not a part of the group’s identity, each soul must accept that being persecuted is not a part of their individual identity. If the souls who exist within the group accept that being persecuted is not a part of their individual identity, the group would no longer be persecuted and souls who sought an environment of persecution, because an environment of persecution is the environment that they have chosen to experience, would look elsewhere, because they would know that they would not find an environment of persecution within that group.

16.300 All rebirth is a death of our old incarnation.

16.301 When our body dies, our spirit takes time between lifetimes to draw on our experiences, to understand what occurred with our lifetime, and to understand the meaning of our experiences.

16.302 When a soul is reborn, all conscious thought of the previous incarnation is removed, and the spirit adapts to the new character that has been selected. It is at the point of physical rebirth that the old character dies, not at the point of physical death.

16.303 All that we need to complete any task, is awareness.

16.304 If we become consciously aware that our difficulties are not a part of who we are, and truly accept that our difficulties are not a part of who we are, at a conscious level, we will not need to experience our difficulties again.

16.305 The reality is that we experience what we have chosen to experience, and there is no right or wrong.

16.306 When we are told about the future, we are being given a seed of information which we must allow to germinate as events provide that seed with the nourishment which the seed requires to germinate and grow.

16.307 The only way in which it is possible for us to experience heaven is on earth, because earth, or one of the other physical planes, is the only existence that enables us to truly experience anything.

16.308 Heaven must be experienced on earth, because it is only on earth that we can really feel heaven.

16.309 Each time that we obtain a new level of awareness, we need to review, reflect and re-experience.

16.310 It is necessary to want.

16.311 If we did not want, we would have no reason to continue searching, no reason to continue our journey.

16.312 Even when we do not want, we still want. We want to experience not wanting, which means that we want.

16.313 We have to act based upon our faith in God.

16.314 Whenever we put our faith in God, God will not let us down.

16.315 Whenever we have faith in God, God will keep God’s promise.

16.316 Whenever we do not have faith in God, we do not allow God to keep God’s promise.

16.317 We cannot ask God to keep God’s promise, until we maintain our faith in God and accept God’s promise.

16.318 We out grow the need for a security blanket.

16.319 The key to receiving God’s promise, is to put our faith in God.

16.320 As we reach each ‘awareness plateau’ we must review our journey and locate all of the missing pieces, which will increase our awareness sufficiently to enable us to continue our journey to the next ‘awareness plateau’.

16.321 We must allow ourselves to be led to where we need to be, and to what we need to do.

16.322 We must trust God.

16.323 We must not forget the reversing effect of the earth plane.

16.324 We should look beyond the earth plane to free ourselves of our fears and phobias.

16.325 Our existence is not complete, if our circle is not complete.

16.326 We are made in pairs, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

16.327 The collective vibration of those who exist within an environment changes the environment.

16.328 We can feel the collective change in vibrational rate, if we open ourselves to feel the vibrational rate of our own environment.

16.329 Past experiences need to be left in the past, or past experiences will interfere with our future.

16.330 We cannot rationalise our instinct.

16.331 Being concerned about anything, will achieve nothing.

16.332 Conflict has but one purpose, and only one purpose. We seek conflict to obtain energy from another.

16.333 Obtaining energy is the only reason for conflict, regardless of whether the conflict is personally or environmentally based.

16.334 Our earth plane experiences are symptoms of our spiritual journey.

16.335 It is not the events of our lives in themselves, that cause us difficulties. It is how we view the events of our lives, that causes us difficulties.

16.336 We do not need to attempt to rationalise past events, and we do not need to attempt to understand why everything has occurred. If we need an explanation for something that has occurred, we will be given the explanation. We only need to allow ourselves to receive the explanation.

16.337 Holding on to the past prevents the future.

16.338 The combination of cosmic energy streams at numerous sites throughout the earth, focuses the energy of life.

16.339 The energy of life is disbursed throughout the earth plane, wherever cosmic streams of energy meet.

16.340 It is the meeting of the cosmic energy streams, that enables the cosmic energy to dissipate.

16.341 When two or more cosmic energy streams meet, each stream is effectively broken. When a stream of cosmic energy is broken, the energy flows from the cosmic energy stream, which releases the energy contained within the cosmic energy stream.

16.342 Streams of cosmic energy are effectively the veins and arteries of the universe, distributing what is needed for life in the same way that our blood carries what is needed for life through our body.

16.343 When we say that the universe is not living, we are in effect saying that God does not live.

16.344 The negativity of our fear-based existence has begun to lift.

16.345 Soulmates reunite and experience reunification in their final lifetime.

16.346 Soulmates do not need to be aware of what is occurring to experience the joy of reunification on the earth plane.

16.347 If Soul A becomes aware, and Soul B becomes aware five lifetimes later. It is at this point before the final lifetime begins, whilst both souls are on the spirit plane, and between lifetimes, the souls reunite on a spiritual level. Then consciously unaware of what had occurred on the spirit plane between lifetimes, the souls meet, fall in love and share a lifetime of joy together as they unite, to once again become Soul AB. The choice that was made not to again become consciously aware, does not alter either the experience or the process.

16.348 It is only those souls who have chosen a path of a teacher, who need to become fully aware whilst they exist on the earth plane, and their awareness is what leads those souls to be known as masters.

16.349 It is possible for a soul experiencing a physical incarnation, to be sent to the light.

16.350 We can effectively walk from the darkness to the light on our journey.

16.351 Not all of the souls who we encounter on the spirit plane are between lifetimes.

16.352 We should not seek that which we have found.

16.353 What we believe, does not change the truth.

16.354 If we are truly spiritual, even if our spirituality is based upon a religion, there is no reason to wear symbols or badges to display our spirituality.

16.355 If we are truly spiritual, regardless of our chosen path to our spirituality, our very existence is advertisement enough of our spiritual nature, be that nature religious, tribal heritage, new age or another.

16.356 We must trust God.

16.357 One simple action can trigger memories from many of our previous lifetimes.

16.358 Death is not the way out of the circle of a difficult life.

16.359 Unless we choose to leave the circle of a difficult life during that lifetime, the circle will continue to exist after our death, and into our next incarnation.

16.360 We should not look for signs.

16.361 Signs seldom mean anything.

16.362 We only call on past life memories, as and when we need the past life memory.

16.363 Sometimes spirit guides are spirits who are helping us for some reason.

16.364 Sometimes spirit guides are masters, in spirit or in body.

16.365 Sometimes spirit guides are angels.

16.366 The Truth Of Reality has become many truths, altered and adjusted for a large variety of reasons.

16.367 Many souls have lost their way, and have begun searching for their way again.

16.368 Souls who seek the truth are within all cultures and across all beliefs.

16.369 All societies, all beliefs have exactly the same mix of truths, regardless of the labels that are used.

16.370 All that we need to do, is look below the surface, and we will see the truth.

16.371 What does the colour of our skin matter?

16.372 The colour of our skin is no more than a choice of birth, which is a choice based on the experience that we seek within our lifetime.

16.373 Wisdom is wisdom regardless of how wisdom is labelled.

16.374 We must look within for the truth.

16.375 God is truth.

16.376 We must respond with love to all that we experience.

16.377 No belief is wrong or false, belief is belief.

16.378 Knowledge surpasses belief.

16.379 There are no rules that we must follow.

16.380 There are no ceremonies that we must perform.

16.381 Regardless of belief, regardless of background, regardless of science, regardless of experience, and regardless of labels, the basic truth is that if we find our answers within, and respond to all with love, we will find ‘heaven on earth’.

16.382 We retain our connection with the places on the earth plane where we have existed in our previous lifetimes.

16.383 If we exist in a place we ‘tune in’ to that district, and we remain ‘tuned in’ to the vibrational rate that exists, and is unique to all places on earth.

16.384 Whenever we travel to an area where we have existed in a previous lifetime, we immediately tune in to the vibrational rate of that region. We experience the feeling of visiting somewhere for the first time, and feeling at home and that we belong, even if we do not understand why.

16.385 The way, the truth, and the light, are present within us all.

16.386 The way, the truth, and the light, are God.

16.387 The wisdom of God is within us all.

16.388 Being one with God is not something that is exclusive to one individual, or even to a few individuals.

16.389 The change when we become one with God is spiritual, not physical.

16.390 We can all become one with God, if we choose to become one with God.

16.391 We all may be reborn.

16.392 Rebirth is a personal event.

16.393 Rebirth is a transition between lifetimes.

16.394 A rebirth can occur between physical lifetimes, or a rebirth can occur within a single physical lifetime if we so choose.

16.395 Our rebirth can occur after a single moment of realisation.

16.396 The key to rebirth is simple. We must look within and accept what is within.

16.397 Rebirth is not a process of becoming less human, our human needs remain after our rebirth.

16.398 The fear based world will soon die, replaced through resurrection by a love based world.

16.399 The new world order that has been spoken about, and the so called ‘millennium factor’ that has been interpreted in many ways, and for many purposes, is indeed upon us, and is a world based upon love.

16.400 The new world order is love.

16.401 The millennium factor is love.

16.402 If we ask for any master to come, that master will come.

16.403 Masters come to us on the spirit plane, in meditation or on the edge of sleep when our conscious is closed, and ceases to block our access to the spirit plane.

16.404 If we ask for guidance from any master, that guidance shall be provided.

16.405 The key to receiving guidance from a master is a simple one. Accept. We must accept that receiving guidance from a master is possible, and we must accept the guidance that we are given.

16.406 Even if we are unable to know that we have received guidance, we will recognise the guidance that we have been given.

16.407 The Second Coming is here.

16.408 The Second Coming is when many will see Jesus and talk with Jesus, not in physical form but on the spirit plane.

16.409 The Second Coming will be a period of great love on earth. A period of ‘heaven on earth’.

16.410 The second coming will last a millennium.

16.411 The Second Coming will resurrect existence into a love based existence.

16.412 The love based existence is not for a chosen few, but for all who choose.

16.413 We need only choose a love-based existence, to know that the second coming is true.

16.414 There is no sin, and least of all sex.

16.415 There are few more purely enjoyable experiences, than sex based on love. Regardless of whether that love lasts for a few moments, or for a lifetime.

16.416 Why would lovemaking have such a lasting afterglow of joy and contentment, even after the ecstasy has passed, if sex was evil?

16.417 Why would sex, the act of physical love be used to create a new body, a new life, from the perspective of the physical world, if sex was evil?

16.418 Even sex without love, sex because a soul is lonely and craves a few minutes, an hour, or a few hours of affection sharing sex, is not evil. Such an act of affection can be the difference between life and death, between hope and despair. How could such an act be considered evil?

16.419 It is true that sex without love often leaves those involved unfulfilled, but sex without love is not a sin.

16.420 All seek love, all seek to feel the nurturing which love provides. If having sex leads to finding love, how can sex be considered evil?

16.421 By placing masters in an exalted position, we have all but made our task impossible. We need to level the playing field and we need to accept that it is possible for each and every soul to become one with God.

16.422 Certain people on the earth plane are meant to be together.

16.423 If we put our faith in God, we will have nothing to worry about.

16.424 Mary, who is known as the Virgin Mother is a master. Mary, is known in many countries, and by many names.

16.425 The Bible has been altered and interpreted many times, which is not to say that in the Bible’s present form, messages could not have been placed, hidden in the words for us to find and interpret in many different ways.

16.426 The end of our fear based existence could be considered the end of the world. However, our fear based existence, will be replaced by our love based existence.

16.427 Our generation is both the last generation of a fear based earth plane, and the first generation of the love based earth plane.

16.428 The death of a fear based existence and the birth of the love based existence, has been interpreted as the end of the world.

16.429 The term chosen has been reversed. The real meaning of the term ‘chosen’, is ‘those who choose’ to become one with the God within.

16.430 That those who have interpreted ‘chosen’ in reverse, would then apply the term to their own circumstance and environment is a logical step.

16.431 We must not look for the truth within these words.

16.432 We must look for the truth within our own hearts.

16.433 We can accept the master Jesus, or the master Buddha, or whatever means we prefer as the way to finding God within, if we so choose.

16.434 What is important is that we find God within, and we respond to all that we encounter with love.

16.435 We cannot answer all questions, so we should not try.

16.436 ‘Heaven on earth’, or a love based existence will be the end result of all that has gone before.

16.437 There will be a new understanding of God.

16.438 A way is being opened for us to find God.

16.439 The preparations are being made for God’s return to earth, not physically, but in the truth which is God.

16.440 It is time for us to return to God.

16.441 It is time for us to return to the truth.

16.442 The way back to God is being prepared.

16.443 If we chose to see we will be shown the light.

16.444 The way has been prepared for God to return to earth.

16.445 The way has been prepared for heaven to be experienced on earth.

16.446 The choice that we have, is to accept a God of wrath and a prediction of wrath, or to accept a God of love, and the prediction of love.

16.447 Instead of focusing on wrath and judgement, we should focus on joy and salvation.

16.448 The ‘new world order’ is the love of God accepted on earth.

16.449 We have asked God to reveal the truth of existence.

16.450 The truth of God is now being provided.

16.451 The truth of God will be the world of the next generation.

16.452 This is both the last generation of the fear based existence, and the first generation of the love based existence.

16.453 All people can find God.

16.454 All people can find ‘heaven on earth’.

16.455 The Bible as The Bible was first written, was based on a point of reference which no longer exists.

16.456 The Book of Revelation is personal.

16.457 The Book of Revelation refers to a personal battle within each soul. A battle, which when won will open the door to heaven for each soul.

16.458 We can read the Book of Revelation, and view what John experienced from the spirit plane perspective, or with our heart. We can apply John’s experience to ourselves. John’s prophesy does not tell us what the world must face, John’s prophesy tells us what we each must face.

16.459 The points within our soul which connect us with all things in the universe are our chakras.

16.460 Our chakras are the points within our soul which connect us all together.

16.461 Our chakras are the points within our soul that need to be balanced.

16.462 The alpha and the omega, is the beginning and the end, or a point on the circle of existence.

16.463 The end of one existence, is the beginning of another existence.

16.464 Our need to experience is a double edged sword.

16.465 We must listen to the spirit within.

16.466 The devil that has resided on the earth is fear, and this has created a fear based existence.

16.467 The devil is also the deceiver in that fear, and therefore the devil does not really exist.

16.468 The devil does not exist.

16.469 God will lead us to the experience that we need.

16.470 When we put ourselves in God’s hands, no harm will come to us.

16.471 The false prophet does not really exist.

16.472 There are many conflicting beliefs, religions, philosophies, and theories, but what if they are all true?

16.473 Conflicts only appear to exist whilst there are pieces missing. If all of the pieces were available to us, our complete existence from start to finish could be mapped. This map of our existence is what God and the masters have to work with.

16.474 Time does not exist on the higher planes.

16.475 All things are known. Choice remains, but because time does not exist within the circular reality of the higher plane, all choices are known.

16.476 A contradiction only proves that pieces of the puzzle are missing.

16.477 All things are known to God.

16.478 God is an all knowing being.

16.479 All are God. The ocean and the drops.

16.480 We know all that will occur in respect of our own journey, even if we do not consciously know that we know all that will occur in respect of our own journey.

16.481 We provide the keys to unlock our own awareness, even if we are not vaguely aware that we have given ourselves the keys to our own awareness.

16.482 Conflicts within our awareness are only conflicts, whilst there are pieces missing.

16.483 Our spiritual journey is personal.

16.484 We each need to use our own key to unlock our awareness.

16.485 There is no solution for humanity as a collective, and there will be no solution for humanity as a collective, until we each understand the puzzle of The Truth of Reality, as The Truth of Reality appears to us.

16.486 The truth is within, and we must find the truth within.

16.487 Some have prophesied the end of the world since before the time of Jesus, and the end of the world has not occurred yet. Many will continue to prophesise the end of the world, and the end of the world will continue to not happen. If we continue to choose to look for the end of the world, it will do no harm, because the end of the world will not happen, and because the end of the world does not happen, we will look for an answer elsewhere.

16.488 We will only find the answers, within.

16.489 The devil does not exist.

16.490 The devil is a label for fears which are self imposed and unnecessary. Nevertheless such fears are real to us, who impose fear upon ourselves.

16.491 The devil is no more than fear.

16.492 The Bible was written in a different time, with a different point of reference.

16.493 Even when the New Testament was written, God was still the God of wrath, and not the God of love introduced by Jesus.

16.494 The point of reference for those who wrote the Bible was a God of wrath. However, if we consider all that is within the Bible, viewing the God of wrath as a God of love, the prophecy within the Bible will change dramatically.

16.495 The Holy Land is where God exists, and God exists within us all. By definition then, we must be the Holy Land. If the devil or fear encircled the Holy Land, or each soul, then each soul is within fear. If we exist within a fear based existence, has not the devil indeed encircled the Holy Land?

16.496 At first it was believed that unless we obeyed all of God’s rules, God would judge us and punish us. Thus it was determined that we must love God to avoid punishment. This is not love. We are prosecuted for practicing this form of love. ‘Love me or I will persecute and punish you.’ Is this really what the God of pure love would say or could say?

16.497 Love is love, unconditional.

16.498 True, unconditional, and pure love would not, and could not, do harm to those who are loved. God loves all souls in this way.

16.499 God does not prevent us from experiencing what we need to experience, but nor will God allow any harm to be done to us.

16.500 If we truly love, we will not attempt to prevent those whom we love from experiencing what they need to experience, to return to the ocean which is love, and which is God.

16.501 We have become lost, consumed by self imposed fear.

16.502 We cannot be found unless we find ourselves.

16.503 Has all that has occurred in the twentieth century alone, not been enough hell for us?

16.504 Have many of the events of the twentieth century not been caused by fear, a fear which is also the devil?

16.505 Is it not time for the beginning of the love based existence, which will prevail until the end of this incarnation of the earth plane?

16.506 The Armageddon is based on a God of wrath, not a God of love.

16.507 Many have prophesised a forthcoming Armageddon, and have done so for millennia.

16.508 All that the world has needed, is one to reveal The Truth Of Reality for all to see.

16.509 Experiencing ‘heaven on earth’ is the final event on our spiritual journey.

16.510 This is the last generation to live in the fear based environment, and the first generation to live in the love based environment, which does not mean that there will be no more natural disasters, or no more war.

16.511 What was hidden within the Bible, is the point of reference, which is personal. We need to forget the detail, the surface, the words. Instead, we need to look within ourselves for the meaning within the Bible.

16.512 There is no ‘true’ meaning within the Bible.

16.513 The meaning within the Bible is individual.

16.514 We must each look within ourselves for the meaning within the Bible, and not wait for others to tell us the meaning within the Bible.

16.515 Whilst the truth was hidden within the Bible, the truth was available to any of us who looked within ourselves.

16.516 The end of the world, is the end of our fear based existence.

16.517 Why would a God of love, a God whose very essence is the love which binds all things together destroy the world in judgement?

16.518 The day of reckoning, the day of judgement is a personal issue. The day of judgement is not a day on which God will judge the world. In fact, the day of judgement is not one day. The day of judgement is a day when each of us will look within for the truth.

16.519 Each of us will choose our own day to look within for the truth, but each of us will choose a day to look within for the truth.

16.520 The Ten Commandments are God’s promise to us all, not God’s rules.

16.521 God is within and we will find God within.

16.522 If we respond to all situations with love, we will find God within and in so doing, God will keep God’s promise, and we will enter the Kingdom of God.

16.523 The hidden seal of the Bible; is that we must look within our own hearts.

16.524 Everyone has access to the truth, because the truth is within everyone.

16.525 The end of the world will not occur from a physical perspective.

16.526 The end of days, is the end of our fear based existence.

16.527 The truth, the end of days, and the end of fear is within.

16.528 The will of man has been hidden under the disguise of the will of God for too long.

16.529 We should ask who is God?

16.530 We should ask what is God?

16.531 We should ask what is God’s will?

16.532 Is God’s will; love or destruction?

16.533 We have the answers to all questions within us.

16.534 If we truly are created in the image of God, then we truly are love. Is not death and destruction attributed to God, an attempt to make God in the image of man? We must remember the mirror at all times, and we must look at all, as though we look in the mirror.

16.535 We should Consider the words of God, and we should consider our own experiences, our own lives. Is it not love which binds all, and fear which destroys all?

16.536 How could God, the love which binds all things together, threaten annihilation and in so doing say; ‘come to me in fear of the end of the world’?

16.537 If there is a devil, is that devil not the fear which paralyses all?

16.538 Is not love the one power which can overcome fear? Is not God therefore the one power, which can overcome the devil.

16.539 If we believe that anything is the work of the devil, then that which is the work of the devil, is fear. However, fear itself is an illusion, and the devil is an illusion.

16.540 Only love is real.

16.541 The words with the Bible are the words of man, altered to establish rules and control for a few. However, the meaning within the Bible is intact.

16.542 We must look within our own hearts, for the meaning within the Bible.

16.543 There is no point in comparing the words of one teacher, to the words of another teacher, regardless of whether the words have been altered, or not altered.

16.544 If we are confused, we have not failed.

16.545 If we are surrounded by conflicts, there are missing pieces within our awareness.

16.546 If we are suffering because our nerves are on edge following a difficult experience, it is not the negative experience which it appears to be. That our nerves are on edge is a positive experience, because our vibrational rate is adjusting.

16.547 If we become vague and lost, our soul is searching for awareness.

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