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Searching for My Soul
  Book One Searching for My Soul

My journey began with one word, one question asked with the power from the very core of my being; ‘Why?’.


When I began my journey, I did not know that I had began a journey. I did not seek the answers to our existence, only some answers for my own life. I did not believe in God. I was not on a spiritual quest, and I had no inclination or intention to write books.


I did begin to find the answers to my life, and I found much, much more.


Before my journey began, I felt that something was occurring around me, but I had no concept of what that something was. When I did begin to understand what was occurring in my life, I questioned my sanity, but in time I began to accept the truth of reality.


I make my experiences available to all who choose to share them, but I ask for nothing. I am not selling anything. I do not seek to convert anyone to a belief system. I do not seek to create a new religion. I ask no one to believe my experiences, and I have no intention of debating or proving my experiences to anyone.


Do not look for the truth within my words. Look only within yourself. The truth is within us all and the truth can only be found by looking within.


My books are a true and accurate account of my journey and my experiences. I have altered the names of many of the people who I encountered on my journey, to protect their privacy.


Tsúnyöta Köhe't

An Ordinary Man
Changing Direction
Trying to Adjust
Battle for Survival
Restoration of My Soul
Rediscovering the Light
Stumbling Into the Chasm
Climbing Out of the Chasm
Back in the Light
Shining the Sword
Discovering Bridge to My Soul
Joe's Story
Clearing the Entrance
Looking Across the Bridge
A Few Tentative Steps
A Few More Steps
Some Loose Ends and Gaps
Exp't Nothing Exp't Anything
With God's Help

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