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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny

Understanding My Destiny.

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When I began Understanding My Destiny, I believed that Understanding My Destiny would be the final book in a trilogy. I believed that my journey would end with the completion of Understanding My Destiny.


Many times throughout my journey, I have reached a point of spiritual awareness which has produced a peace that I believed would be the end of my journey. However, my journey continued beyond each level of awareness, and at times I felt that my journey would never end.

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What I had come to believe was a journey to awareness, became a journey beyond awareness. I have travelled through, and beyond the earth plane, but instead of reaching a conclusion, I continued my journey through, and beyond the spirit plane.

You will no doubt find, as I found, that there is much apparent contradiction within my words. However, before my journey is complete all contradiction is removed.

I make my experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant, available to all who choose to share my experiences, and I ask for nothing. I do not seek to convert anyone, nor do I seek to create a new religion.

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Do not look to me, for the truth within my words, and do not look to anyone else either. Look only within yourself, because the truth is within us all, and the truth can only be found by looking within.


Tsúnyöta Köhe't

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    The Beginning of the End  
    Tuning In  
    The God Within  
    Allowing Everything To Be  
    Q &A I  
    Q & A II  
    Wisdom From Within  
    Q &A III  
    A Little More Reflection  
    Q & A IV  
    Reaching for the Summit  
    Q & A V  
    Q & A VI  
    Slipping Out of Phase  
    Asking the Masters for Help  
    Easing Back Into Phase  
    Q & A VII  
    Stepping Onto The Summit  
    Q & A VIII  
    Final Penance  
    The View From the Summit  
    Q & A IX  
    Exploring the Summit  
    Q & A X  
    Putting the Pieces Together  
    A Time Of Reflection  
    Q & A XI  

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