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When we begin a process of enlightenment, the world seems clearer. Colours seem brighter, and the various shades of any given colour are more discernible.When we meditate, we should allow the colours to wash over us and consume us. We do not need to consciously choose the colours for our meditation, colours surround us.

We have a colour based meditation, 'A walk in the woods' in our shared meditation section.

Walk in the Woods

We can see the colours which surround us if we allow ourselves to look. The colours which surround us are reflected in our aura. We can use the colours of our Aura as a guide to assist us to understand what we are experiencing.

Not only can we see our Aura and the colours which surround us, but we can also feel our Aura, and we can feel colours. For example, many are able to feel to colour blue on 'The Blue Page'. We need to allow ourselves to feel colour, we cannot force ourselves to feel colour.

Blue Page

When we allow ourselves to feel colour, we will realise that we have always felt colour, and the difference between the feel of various colours, even if we were unaware of what we were experiencing.

Sometimes, particularly during times of change within our lives, we are inundated by colours, as the colours which surround us change with our lives.As our awareness increases and our vibrational rate adjusts, we can see colours change around us. We increase our ability to perceive colours which we previously could not see. As the range of colours we can perceive increases, so the beauty, and the clarity of the world increases.

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Spiritual Colours.

All colours reflect certain aspects of awareness. The combination of all colours produces the colour white. God is light. White light is God.

The ocean which we are a part of is an ocean of light, colour and energy, an ocean of God.

The ocean of which we are a part

Many spiritual souls call on this white light for protection, unaware that they are calling upon God for protection. Other souls discount the concept of white light as a Pagan ritual, and call on God for protection, unaware that they are calling upon White Light for protection.

As we fill ourselves with spirituality, we fill ourselves with white light which illuminates any remaining darkness within our spirit.

When we begin to see the colour of 'heaven on earth' we initially perceive an aqua/turquoise colour, an unusual colour, which we will not recall perceiving previously. We do not only see the colour of 'heaven on earth', but we initially sense and then feel the colour of 'heaven on earth'.

As our perception increases, the colour of 'heaven on earth' becomes a pale blue, a bright blue, and also white at the same time. The colour of 'heaven on earth' is a light which we cannot describe in a way, that would do the colour of 'heaven on earth' justice.

The light which is the colour of 'heaven on earth' is incredibly beautiful, but the colour of 'heaven on earth' is beyond beauty. The term beautiful simply does not do the colour of 'heaven on earth' justice.

As we continue to increase our perception we allow ourselves to see more of the colour of 'heaven on earth'. The colour of 'heaven on earth' is perfect, a perfect colour, a perfect beauty, a pale blue, bright blue, white light with a faint tinge of gold and silver. The colour of 'heaven on earth' is a light which feels total and complete. When we allow the colour of 'heaven on earth' to wash over us, we experience total and complete peace, we experience total and compete wellbeing, and we experience total and complete love.

The light, which is the colour, and the essence of 'heaven on earth', can only be observed at a high vibrational rate. The colours which combine to form the colours of 'heaven on earth', are an accurate reflection of what exists within 'heaven on earth'.

Until we allow our vibrational rate to increase, we can look at a candle's flame. The colour at the bottom of the flame represents the colour of 'heaven on earth'.

The colour of 'heaven on earth' is outside of our perception until we have increased our vibrational rate sufficiently to register the colour of 'heaven on earth'. When we are able to perceive the colour of 'heaven on earth' we see the colour of 'heaven on earth' wherever we look, even though the colour of 'heaven on earth' had been previously unknown to us.

We can visit the spirit plane, and bring the light, the colour of 'heaven on earth', back to the earth plane with us.

The colour of 'heaven on earth' is created by the combined auras of the souls who reside in 'heaven on earth'. The light of 'heaven on earth' is produced by the sum of cosmic energy streams or universal energy. Cosmic energy streams and universal energy produce the essence, the light and the colour of 'heaven on earth'.

The third spiritual colour is that of the fabric of existence. When we increase our vibrational rate sufficiently, we are able to see the thread which binds existence together, initially on the spirit plane and subsequently on the earth plane.

The fabric of existence is a cobweb like gossamer thread which binds everything together. The colour of the thread which binds existence is a combination of silver, gold, white and blue producing a colour which we cannot adequately describe to those whose perception can not register the colour, yet.

The thread of the fabric of existence stretches across the universe, and binds all that is together like a cross between a huge ball of string, and a spider web. The fabric of existence is difficult to describe, the fabric of existence creates a perception of perfection. Perfect colour, perfect form, perfect structure.

The thread of the fabric of existence is around us and within us, when we begin to perceive the fabric of existence we will not believe that we had not seen the fabric of existence previously.

As auras, being souls, expand so does the ocean of existence, the universe. To our earth plane perception, space appears to be colourless for the most part, giving the appearance of black because of the volume of space. However, space is not colourless at all. Space is filled with the colours of individual auras, the colours of each drop in the ocean. The silvery bond which binds all things together can also be seen as an intricate web directly linking all that is together.

The colours of space are vast, as vast as space itself but except for where the light of a star reflects upon another, the colours of space are beyond our earth plane perception.

We begin to see the spiritual colours through an increased perception which is the result of an increased vibrational rate. The same principle applies to seeing the increased beauty of the world, which is possible because our increased vibrational rate allows us to perceive colours which were previously not within our field of vision.

Colour Healing Energy.

Like crystals, and natural oils from plant life used in aromatherapy etc, colours are a natural source of energy. The energy of colours can be used by us to assist the healing process. We need to allow colours to wash over us, and to sooth usThe colour of flowers which we are attracted to is important in determining the colour energy that we need.

Life our spirits

The nature of colour healing energy is such that we are able to send colours to those who need healing via the spirit plane. We can also draw colours from the spirit plane onto ourselves.

There are parallels between the colours of crystals, and the colours of the universe. Cosmic energy streams, which are deposited within crystals are carried on the light and colour vibrations of the universe.

It is not only the colours within our visible spectrum which carry energy. Colours outside of our visible spectrum, and the spiritual colours also carry healing energy. The energy of light and colour, has a physical quality which can be measured.

The use of colour healing is more beneficial on spiritual ailments, which often manifest themselves as physical ailments, than on ailments which are both physical in nature and manifest themselves physically.

We can direct and enhance colour healing energy through the use of gemstones, candles, prisms, fabrics, lights or recently developed eye wear.

If we are drawn to a certain colour, especially when selecting our clothing, it is likely that we need the energy which is carried by that colour.

We have made a colour chart available to assist in our understanding of the meaning of specific colours.
Color Chart

For more information about using colour to assist healing visit our ‘Images That Heal’ page.

Images that Heal

Colour Vibration.

Many vibrations reach the earth from the universe. Of these vibrations a small octave is registered by our optic nerves. Our eyes respond to the vibrations and register what we have labelled colour. Interestingly, tests have concluded that the vibration of colour is also registered within the optic nerves of those who are unsighted.

The different vibrational rate of colours has been registered scientifically, as has the effects of different colours on our nervous system, independently of our minds or our sight.

All matter emits vibrations. Someone with sensitive or trained sight is able to see the colour of these vibrations, which creates the physical manifestation of the aura.

When we see colour, what we see is a reflection of light. The light energy is received by us at varying wave lengths, which translates itself within our perception as different colours.

The energy and therefore vibration which is received on earth extends far beyond visible and invisible light. Vibration is created by the number of oscillations per second, which creates the frequency, and the size of each oscillation, or the wavelength. For example, gamma rays, X-rays, and ultraviolet light possess very short wavelengths, and a large amount of energy. Visible light, infrared light, microwaves, and radio waves have longer wavelengths, but lower frequencies and energy.

In addition to the wave properties, visible light also has particle properties or photons.

Colour who sell colour therapy products, have an excellent page with diagrams which helps to answer the question what is colour energy.

Color Chart

Chakra Colours.

Chakra means wheel or vortex. Traditionally, there are seven chakras in the human body, each of which is a centre of specific energy, and colour.

Chakra chart

The colours which we see in a rainbow, mirror the colours of the chakras. The Chakras also resemble flowers.

There is much information available in respect of chakras which are based on the Hindu belief system, but what is important, is that if our chakras are out of alignment or balance, then we are out of balance.

In addition to the traditional chakras, there are new Chakras developing at this time, and an additional six chakra points have been recognised.

If we would like to learn more about the new chakra points, or view a chart of the new chakra points, we may use the following links.

Healing Hands
Healing Hands Chart

In addition to the traditional chakras and the new chakras, there are a series of upper chakras. If we would like to learn more about the upper chakras we can use the following link.

The Upper Chakras

BioResonant have developed a 'chakra shirt', which focuses colour. The link below will take us to the BioResonant site if we would like to learn more about the theory of the chakra shirt.


Aura Colours.

ESA Chakras

Aura Seeing Exercise 1
Aura Seeing Exercise 2
    Aura Seeing Exercise 3  
    Aura Seeing Exercise 4  

It is our vibrational rate which determines the size, colour and nature of our aura.

The aura itself is our true self. Our aura is more than our spirit. Our aura exceeds our body. Our aura is the part of us which connects to the higher plane. Our aura is who we are. Our aura is our soul and a combination of light, colour and energy. The energy which is in fact the very fabric of existence.

Our aura is our soul, and our soul is who we are. Our soul is not contained within our body. It is the other way around, our body is contained within our soul.

Our aura reflects our awareness. Our awareness dictates the size and the colour of our aura. As our awareness increases, so does the size and colour of our aura. All auras are the same mass, when we first clean our aura, our aura is packed tight around our body. Through removing the tarnish or dirt which binds our aura, we free our aura. We can see our aura expand as we remove the tarnish which had bound our aura.

The mass of our aura is no different when our aura is freed, than when our aura was tightly contained around our body, but instead of being packed tightly, our aura is free to expand. As our awareness increases, our conscious awareness expands our spirit, and our aura or our soul. In effect, our awareness occupies the space contained in our aura, and our awareness expands our aura.

Consider as an example a balloon. If we fill that balloon with air the balloon expands, but the balloon is still essentially the same. An inflated balloon is similar to what happens to our aura, when our aura is filled with awareness.

See auras

Our aura is a combination of energy and light. The colours produced by our aura are often spiritual colours which are difficult to perceived on the earth plane. The fabric of the universe is a combination of energy and light. The energy and light of the individual, is a part of the energy and light of the fabric of existence.

Kirlian photography, which was invented in Russia, enables pictures of our aura to be taken. A healthy aura includes all the colours of the rainbow. When there is a physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance our aura appears to be dirty. Examining our aura can allow us to identify and treat spiritually based illness before they manifest themselves physically.

If we would like to learn more about Kirilian photography we may like to visit the Kirlian Research Network website, using the following link.


Dream Colours.

Colours usually appear in our dreams to heal us, or to guide us.

When we encounter colours within our dreams we are often being given the colour that we need via the spirit plane. Colours within our dreams may also be used to draw our attention to experiences within our lives which require our attention.

Color Chart

Rainbow Colours.

When we sit quietly gazing into a rainbow we feel firstly the colours of the rainbow, and then a great peace will wash over us. Rainbow gazing is a pastime which can uplift our spirit immeasurably. We should not allow ourselves to become so busy, that we miss an opportunity to gaze at a rainbow.


A Rainbow is a special blessing. The rainbow represents a balancing of chakra colours, hope, renewal, new beginnings, and spiritual illumination.

  Make a Rainbow Viewer  

In A Rainbow.

In a Rainbow by Alex Del Zoppo (Sweetwater)

I'm in a rainbow
And I'm feeling mighty good

Color vibrations passing me by
Some going through me not telling me why
Some slow and some fast
and some teaching me how to fly

Noises to see and colors that sound
Voices from nowhere and yet so profound
Naming off colors and places that just can't be found

Constantly moving but not knowing where
Gazing at hypnotic things here and there
And always thinking ahead
Cuz the past couldn't care

Color Chart

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