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Searching for My Soul
Book Two Seeking the Knowledge Within
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I believed that I had understood all of the knowledge that was given to me when I was Searching For My Soul, I did not. As I continued my journey, my awareness continued to increase, as did the depth of my understanding.

As I began Seeking The Knowledge Within, the depth of my knowledge continued to increase. That God spoke with me began to feel both natural and normal, which it is. In fact, events occurred which were even more difficult to believe than the reality that we can all not only talk with God, but also listen to God.

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The true reason why I needed to complete whatever task I am completing are revealed in this book. At the time, and for many years after I believed that these events, memories which I had difficulty believing or accepting, carried a significance which I could barely comprehend. However, I now understand that the events, which are the reason why I needed to complete my task, carry no significance and are unimportant beyond answering the ‘why me’ question.

You will no doubt find, as I found, that there is much apparent contradiction in my words. However, read on, persist because before my story is finished all contradiction is removed.

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I have learned that the truth is contained, in part, in many places, but as a whole only within. We only see that part of the truth, that we are ready to see. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the truth is within all of us.

I ask nobody to accept the truth in my words. I ask everybody to accept the truth within themselves. If those who choose to read my words choose not to accept my words, it is not important. All that is important is that we look for the truth within ourselves. If my words are the catalyst for others to look for the truth within themselves, then my destiny is fulfilled.

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Those who choose not to accept my words, cannot be convinced of the truth by me. Those who accept my words blindly, have missed the point. The message that I am delivering is simple, accept that all things are possible, find the truth within, and most importantly have no emotion but love for all people and all things.

I am not seeking to convert anybody to anything. I ask nobody to believe my experiences. The belief or disbelief of any will not alter the reality of all I experienced.

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This is a true and accurate account of my journey and my experiences. I have altered the names of many of the people who I encountered, to protect their privacy.

Tsúnyöta Köhe't


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